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for the spin the bottle drabble prompts, how about makoharu + “This is the third time in a row that you landed on me, I’m starting to think that it’s rigged.”

Sorry if this one has a lot of errors/doesn’t flow well. I was watching chopped while writing it and you know how food can totally fuck up a proper thought process

Haru quirked a somewhat impressed brow, his stare sliding up from the glass bottle pointing at him in the middle of their circle to his sheepishly smiling best friend.

“This is the third time in a row that you landed on me, I’m starting to think that it’s rigged,” he said suspiciously, folding his arms over his chest and enjoying how Makoto squirmed at the accusation.

“I swear, Haru, I’m not cheating!” He whined. From next to him though, Rin scoffed, unconvinced.

“They’re probably using their freaky mind powers to move it,” he teased with a sharky smirk, and Nagisa agreed with an exaggerated giggle.

“Mako-chan, if you want to kiss Haru-chan that much, we can play Seven Minutes in Heaven instead,” he winked.

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for anon~ hope you like it :) 

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It’s alright they said. After high school it gets better they said. 

What a load of bull shit you think bitterly, gulping down the last of this morning’s coffee run and wiping a hand over your face. The fatigue of studying for endless hours in the college’s library shows in the darkening swells underneath your tired eyes. Exams week just around the corner has you staying up late, nose deep in your textbooks studying for the upcoming finals. 

With yet another yawn leaving your mouth, you force your heavy eyes to keep open. The longer you sit there with your head resting on your palm, arm propped up on the wooden table, the words begin to mix and mend together into nonsense - becoming somewhat of a foreign language that continues to make your head hurt the longer you tried to decipher what it was you were looking at. 

Unlike you, there’s a population of students, out of the many crowding the library, that are buzzing with energy and are practically racing through each page and jotting down necessary notes.

Looking over at a certain red-headed, bespectacled, young man, you can’t help the lazy smile it brings to your face at how concentrated he is in his studying. His large, round glasses slide just slightly down the bridge of his nose as he tilts his head further downward, the tip of his pink tongue peeking out from in between his plump lips. When his fiery hair drips over and obscures his vision, his free hand, that’s not flying across his notes, rises to comb his slender fingers through the scarlet tresses and pushes the long strands off his forehead.

Park Jimin, you muse lightly in your thoughts, the pretty boy in most of your classes. The attractive male who seats towards the front of the class to see better, usually wearing a nice crisp white button up with a black tie and dress pants. And on the days he wore casual attire, you can seriously smell the increase of female hormones and notice the ravenous glares of your female classmates.

When he briefly looks up to scan the library, you flinch thinking you’ve been caught staring. However, he turns back to his books and continues on with his task.

And just like that, you’re entranced with the adorable red-head seated two desks down. And just like that, you fall asleep with the image of him continuing to scrawl notes onto his notebook.

“U-um.. excuse me?”

You’re awoken from your slumber with a jolt, a pair of deep mocha eyes staring curiously into your own. Shrieking, you push away from the table, the sudden momentum sending you backwards and tumbling out of your chair.

Heat rushes to your cheeks as other students turn to stare and snicker at your flustered state, however Jimin immediately squeaks an apology and rushes to help you up.

“O-oh sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you!” he curses under his breath, mentally scolding himself, his cheeks mimicking the shade of yours, possibly even darker. Helping you into your seat, he places a can of coffee beside your abandoned pencil.

Noticing your curious stare, his anxiety and embarrassment spikes, his fingers scratching at the back of his neck as he looks elsewhere, “Ah, you fell asleep so I went ahead and.. er..”

You giggled as his sentence trailed off, before dipping your head with a polite “thank you”. As he hesitates to return to his seat, you immediately catch him with your next question, “Do you want to study with me?”

And just like that, for the next few days you find yourself situated across from Jimin, textbooks cluttering your desk along with a few cans of cheap vending machine coffee to keep up your energy. With the perks of having the same classes, you both end up walking together after class was over to study in the library.

In all honesty, why need coffee when Jimin’s smile could bring light to your drab and tired world? You’re totally captivated in the way a melodic laugh leaves his lips, his eyes crinkling and arching into those beautiful crescents you’d come to notice whenever he smiled. 

“Are you okay?” He calls your name worriedly, snapping you out of your admiration of his beauty.

“Y-yeah, I’m fine,” you smile softly, giving him two thumbs up before forcing yourself back to studying.

“Are you sure?” he asks, his eyes squinting in that way you adore so much, “Is my charming face too distracting?”

You raise a brow at his teasing tone, flicking his forehead when he leans closer, “You’re delusional, what girl would think you’re attractive?”

“Hey, I’ll have you know that I’m well aware of the predator-like looks they burn into the back of my head in class,” he defends, although his smile is cocky and full of confidence unlike his usual quirky shyness, “And I think you’re one of them. Don’t think I didn’t catch you staring a few nights ago.”

“I think I may have misjudged you Park Jimin-ssi,” you mock, although you can’t lie that you’ve ever seen him as anything but attractive and alluring, “You’re more narcissistic than I perceived you to be~”

The pout he shoots you has you grinning to your ears at his cuteness, and it causes his eyes to sparkle in delight at your happiness. He’s simply content with seeing you smile and giggle softly because of him. 

Days of fantasizing what’d it be like to see you smile for him after having seen you on his first day in class, it’s all turned into reality now as he reaches over to tuck a lock of your hair behind your ear.

“You’re so gorgeous,” he whispers under his breath, his eyes skimming over your parted lips, “Perfect and so fucking beautiful.”

A gasp leaves you, you’re utterly speechless as you stare wide-eyed back at his hooded eyes. “J-jimin you-”

“I think you’re absolutely beautiful,” he says with a small shy smile, the sudden appearance of timid Jimin surprises you, wondering where his confidence went as he continues, “I.. ever since the semester started, I’ve always noticed you.. so I.. err.. yeah..”

“Hey, I think you’re kinda cute too,” you start bashfully, awkward and sheepish as you reach for his hand with a small smile.

And just when you thought nothing could ruin your cute little romantic moment, you’re reminded just how much of little shit Jimin actually is. And just how much you’re starting to realize that he’s not all shyness and innocence when a mischievous smirk pulls at his plump lips, his eyebrows wiggling in a suggestive way.

“So I guess you admit it then, my looks have been distracting you~ What can I say, I am a looker~”

“You’re so damn narcissistic what the hell. Where is all this sudden confidence coming from?”

“I’ll have you know, that my looks aren’t the only thing that I’m confident in~”

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GOM, Kagami, Takao, Kasamatsu & Kiyoshi watching a horror movie with their s/o, expecting them to be clingy and generally all over them because she’ll be scared but instead s/o is having the time of her life, commenting how fake the movie was and that she could do better the killer’s job and she started giving examples lol (that’s sounds so much like me~)

KUROKO thought it was great that you weren’t scared of horror movies because he was a big fan of them as well. But you kind of started freaking him out when you began saying you could do a better job than the killer…

KAGAMI looked at you like you were a completely different person. He thought, since you suggested it, that the movie wouldn’t be frightening at all. This was the infamous “Bakagami” after all, but the way you were talking made him more terrified of you rather than the movie.

KIYOSHI thought it was cute how you weren’t easily frightened and thought it was “fun” to hear you laugh and make silly little comments about the movie, but all that changed when you began chatting him up about doing a better job than the killer… next thing he knows, you’ll bring up mice and rats and that made it all the more terrifying for him.

KISE had hyped himself up to put a brave face on because he thought you would be the one cuddling up to him, but boy, was he in for a surprise. The movie you suggested was terrifying and your commentary was no better. Kise was crying at the end of the movie, and you, unaware that he was scared shitless the entire time, wondered why.

KASAMATSU decided long ago that scary movies were nothing to be frightened about. He was more anxious about the possibility of you being scared and cuddling up to him. That made him nervous. So he was definitely surprised–and a little frightened, no doubt–when you commented about the movie’s fake effects so nonchalantly. 

MIDORIMA was a bit like you: He knew the fake effects of horror movies and the like but still decided to watch it with you since you were so persistent about it. However, while watching the movie and hearing you say you could do a better job than the killer, he began to have chills running up his spine. 

TAKAO was looking forward to cuddling, too, but your silly commentary made him laugh a lot. Even if joking about killing the poor victim(s) wasn’t as funny as it was terrifying, you two had a blast.

AOMINE thought that you weren’t serious about suggesting the horror movie but here he was, seated next to you on the couch, about to watch it. Because you had selected it, he thought it couldn’t be that bad, but he was wrong. So, so wrong. And hearing your commentary only scared him even more than he was already.

MURASAKIBARA didn’t mind the scary movie one bit, as long as you let him have his snacks. He didn’t even so much as bat an eyelash when you were talking about doing a better job than the killer in the movie. It was only when you started suggesting really gory scenarios that he began to lose his appetite. 

AKASHI was perfectly content with watching the horror movie because you had suggested it. But you, on the other hand, had other ideas. You were thinking this was your time to shake your all-knowing boyfriend up a little since horror movies were your forte. However, your plan quickly backfired when he remained unfazed and even agreed on all your commentary how-to’s about killing someone better than the murderer the movie featured. 


okay is it just me or does Charming from Shrek look like Jamie Lannister from Game of Thrones???? I just noticed this???? I mean they’re both even pompous little shits???