lol too cute :3


Pokemon sun and moon - (Tiny)Team skull boss and Xurkitree

“The Xurkitrees think Guzma was one of their kind, yet they confused why he is too small/short and think he must be a newborn ub…..” 

Since I had drawn him in his ub form (Tiny Xurkitree) with the Xurkitrees so, why not in his human form too? lol and I just love when he is ub and being mistake and take care by original xurkitree  = w =

PS. I’m not sorry ; w ;

Edit : I edit the picture so it would be smoother than original! :D 

We are all born in the same month~ it must be FATE~~~!!! <3 <3 <3 <3


Kawanishi Kengo, Umehara Yuichiro & Yasuaki Takumi during their visit to Animate store in Ikebukuro, and with Terasaki Yuka after the public recording of Gundam Tekketsu radio today (12/24)

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