lol though peep

i miss my boys. yes, i meant - ‘men’. they’ll forever be my boys though. my libra boy just texted me; he just woke up, and getting ready for work. so proud of him tbh. his calls me ‘beautiful’ in his morning text. he’s so sweet; he deserves all that he wants, and then more. also, my aquarius boy who lives in the north of england is cooking some crazy complicated meal/dinner. he’s updating me with it - with pictures and all. i’m very amused by it all lol.

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I find It weird how your good friends with 21tailsofwoe? Considering their anti sasusaku while your pro sasusaku..

@21tailsofwoe is my Juliet!! And I’am her Romeo!! And considering that in our past life she killed her self thinking I was dead? While I was just playing a pank with my coz? So like I own it to her to nod along everything she says. Even if I don’t agree with her….. (Man I regret that prank soo much…)