lol those peasants

EXO REACTION When the other members know that the two of you like eachother and teases you constantly (D.O, Lay, Sehun and Chanyeol).

Hey folks! I´m back with one more reaction! 



“Oh my.. please stop it guys! You’re making (Y/N) embarassed..” Yixing would care more about you and how you feel, than his own embarrassment because of the teasing.


“So it’s going to be like this? Well, be prepared, because my revenge will be hilarious!” Chanyeol would tease them back, but at the same time, he would be shy around you, especially because now you both know about your feelings towards each other. With time, he’d eventually approach you so you can talk about it.


Well, his reaction would be, at first, quiet pretending he wasn’t listening. He would catch your hand and take you out, so you can relax and stop being embarrassed. Kyungsoo would talk to you to clarify things, and finally get things going between you, for real this time.

Of course, right when he comes back, he would have a serious ‘conversation’ with the boys about teasing.


Just the usual Sehun reaction.. After all, he don´t give a shit to those peasants! (LOL Just kidding guys!)


Over~ *beep*

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~ADM Panda