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Hello. What are your favorite Lucifer scenes.

mmY g*d here are SOME because i truly love every single episode of lucifer so

- every deckerstar scene. this is a cop out but it’s true. like i was gonna list them but it was just all of them lmfao. i think we all know the big ones but i also love the one where he calls her beautiful when she lets her hair down, and i love their emotional speeches abt each other at the trial and their cute flirting on their date!!! i love them all!!!! i can’t choose.

- all of 1x09 honestly, but i especially love the scene where lucifer talks to god cause it was so well done and bc i relate a little too much to what he was saying dsbfjshbfb. and of course the piano scene at the end but we covered that in the every deckerstar scene bullet.

- “B E C A U S E I T W A S L A B E L E D.” #mood. that’s so latinx. me too, dan. i also love luci being like “but we’re friends now!!” it’s rly cute and so funny!! 

- i also love all the scenes between dan and luci in 2x07, esp at the end when they laugh and stuff together. blessed.

- when trixie and amenadiel hugged. it was so pure. truly. not in the tumblr way, but literally… pure. i also love that amenadiel was like “i’m lucifer’s brother.” and trixie’s like yeah that makes sense bc why wouldn’t it. i actually love that no one ever questions them being brothers much. 

- when lucifer was cryin lightning the blade and amenadiel noticed and put his hand on his shoulder stop i’m cryin again thinking about it……..

- all of lucifer’s puns. all of them..

- bye when lucifer was like “it’s like you always say detective, shake the tree until the truth flies free.” or something stupid like that and chloe’s like?? i don’t think i’ve ever said that idk why it cracks me the FUCK up.

- when he keeps tryin to touch the charred crotch!! lmao

- maze n linda thru the door… gay

- holy fck when chloe thought ella n lucifer were doing it and she was demonstrating how the murder happened and chloe was seething and lucifer was so uncomf it’s so fckn funny…


- oh that scene where linda tells lucifer he’s god’s fav son, it’s so intense and well done. and i think it’s… true. lol

- all of his scenes with god johnson were so great, but especially when he’s asking him to apologize because the way he’s talking is so scary??? like not.. not his anger but the actual words he’s saying. he’s all “YOU MUST ATONE FOR WHAT YOU’VE DONE.” and it kinda feels like a glimpse of what he was like in hell. also it was hot.

- the scene with the satanists and lucifer freaqs and opens the door in chloe’s face when the dude comes out dressed like a goat. bc he doesn’t even like their cheese. i think abt this and laugh all the time.

- when maze was too gay to function about candy!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it, esp her like little stretch/shiver thing lol

- when maze kicked all those guys asses during girls night out. that whole ep actually. Girls <3 i want more of them together

- maze and trixie sleeping watching a movie!! so sweet, maze has such good dev.

- “HOW CAN I HELP WHEN I’M SUPPOSED TO KILL MY OWN FATHER??!!!” kills me legit every single time.


- oh my god i’m gonna shut up now. i didn’t forget any scenes i just need to shut up bc i’ll go on forever.