lol those eyebrows


#the second eyebrow raise lmaoo k jughead.


This was going to be my entry for the @radiance-anthology, but, well.

So, here’s Will and his emotions through all three seasons (with Hannibal popping in at the very end).

You got that swag, boy ~ ᕦ(▀̿-̿-▀̿  )┐

If anyone’s looking for me, I’m over in that corner, lamenting my existence.

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I just wanted to draw Deacon doing finger guns…gun

that’s it that’s the only reason I made this

anonymous asked:

Those eyebrows lol...... Ever heard of grooming or proper shaping? Looks like u got two shit smudges on ur face

You leave me and my caterpillar sons alone 🐛🤜🏻💥