lol this was hard to color i give up

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How did you learn to draw all those different Pokemon so accurately? I can barely get one of them correct and yet here you are as though you were Ken Sugimori himself!

I learned observing the original concept of every legendary Pokémon. The original art is the best reference for you when you draw them!

Legendary Pokémon are very hard to draw, because they have many details (When I started to draw this monsters I spended many time drawing, specially with Yveltal, one of my favourites Legendaries, for me taked learn maybe 3 years LOL, to do a decent fan art of Yveltal).

Reference like this! ヽ( ・∀・)ノ┌┛Σ(ノ `Д´)ノ (ouch!) 


Don’t give up! Practice everyday, always look yours old draws and do notes about what you need to practice more.
Be very observant, always.
Observe colors, shapes, textures, shadows and even the slightest brightness.
Practice every day what you like most! 
I don’t think my art is like Ken Sugimori sensei, but thanks °(ಗдಗ。)°. Ken sugimori is a master, so you can learn much about his work too! (And other Pokémon artist of course.)

You can do it, believe in yourself ! ! !  ヾ(*´∇`)ノ
(Sorry for my bad english!)

LET ME GET THIS OUT OF THE WAY FIRST!!! LANCE’S LEFT HAND IS ON KEITH’S SHOULDER!! NOT HIS RIGHT!! The only reason I say this is because I was to late in the process of coloring I just noticed that problem.

I also can’t draw hands lol

I just realized Lance’s face is a bit off. To late now…

This also took 4+ hours.

Klance week -  Free will vs. Fate

This is a bodyguard samurai AU I made up today for Klance week. Let me give you a brief description.

Keith is a samurai who is hired to protect Lance. Lance is part of a rich family that is super important to Japan and Cuba. He can’t run around without someone protecting him around Japan. Lance and Keith  thinks all of this is fate being in love, but the only problem is that Keith is being arranged to be marred. Somehow Lance can buy him out of marriage, and so he does because he can do whatever he wants if it’s love. What if the soon-to-be-wife didn’t——-


I may write this as a fanfic with more details later on.

general art tips pt. 1: skin and facial features! ft. jimin

so recently i’ve been drawing this portrait of bts’ jimin and i just wanted to give out some art tips that i learned that i think might help. and just a disclaimer, by no means am i professional artist! im self taught and what im about to share are just the way i do things haha. but i hope it helps! so let’s start!

ok so first off, i obviously just pick a reference picture. youre going to need one if youre drawing a portrait of someone 

damn jimin lookin fine. still not over the perfect man performance ahhh. now you can use this picture but if you want to test out new waters and really work with bright, enhanced colors rather than exact reference, try referencing a filtered photo! it really helps in encouraging you to use more colors which overall, makes everything look more interesting. but you don’t have to do this.

next step is laying down the outline. now if youre new to all of this, i highly suggest printing out your reference, putting a grid on it, and then transferring it onto your paper. or if youre too lazy like me, you can just trace it. it’s not cheating trust me! it just saves time especially if youre doing realism. all the magic is in the coloring anyway haha. and when you get better at it, you can try freehanding.

for your outline, make sure to keep things light and soft. you don’t want dark, heavy marks, because they are just there to guide you. you’re going to end up erasing most of them later on when you get to coloring. try not to have solid connected lines either. remember these lines are just a guide so it can look accurate.

time to color! i usually color in little sections. doing this makes things a lot less overwhelming and easier to handle. as you can see, i usually like to start with the eyes. i think it’s just a nice starting point and also because i really wanted to draw jimin’s eye makeup hehe. 

the key to coloring, is starting off with a light base color. for jimins eye makeup, i started off with a basic red. (sorta shows up pinkish on camera):

(also note that you don’t need to have expensive, high quality colored pencils. i typically just use Crayola colored pencils LOL. i sometimes use Prang and i have some Artist Loft ones that were given to me as a gift. crayola ones are actually very nice because the colors show up more bright and intense. artist loft ones are generally lighter which is good for shading and blending) SO LAY DOWN THAT BASE BRUH. details come later. 

bam. jimins eye makeup is truly goals. i don’t have pictures of his eyes with just the base color (sorry, bad on my part) but basically, what i did to obtain this is that i worked with A LOT of colors.  

take a good, hard look at your reference, try to pick out all the basic colors first and lay them down. and then study it harder and pick out as many colors as you can see and slowly build up.

it helps if you can look at it on a computer because you can zoom in! as you can see, there are purples, pinks, yellows, different oranges and reds, browns, and even a little green. try to keep a soft touch because it makes blending these colors a lot easier. don’t think that you can’t add in colors like green and blue because they’re not “natural”. these colors are actually a lot more evident in skin tones and facial features than we think! even the whites of an eye are never completely white. try to add in purples and blues to make them more natural. 

make sure to layer colors. here, the top is just the basic red. but on the bottom, i have layered on a purple and a brown. it helps make the color look a lot deeper and it helps for shading. don’t shade with black! try shading with other colors (in this case, darker reds, browns, purples, oranges, pinks, etc.)

as for black, a lot of the time people will tell you to NEVER USE BLACK. however, i’m against this LOL. it’s totally ok to use black! just be careful with it. leave it for the end, after you have laid down all the colors. it’s hard to layer over black.

so for the skin, you’re going to do the same thing. lay down a light, base color. for jimin, i’ve chosen a peachy color. but depending on who you’re doing, you might have to use a brown, yellow, or maybe even pink. regardless, just start off light and work your way into the darker colors slowly. 

remember to color softly and lightly. as i said, work slowly. and you can also erase colored pencil if you work lightly! so if you make a mistake, you can clean that right up. it doesn’t give a completely white space, but the erasing is mostly if you lay on the color more intensely than you planned.

these are just some colors to make your drawing look more natural and realistic. but dont’t limit yourself to just these (the left side is if you press hard with the pencil, and the right side is if you shade lightly):

the bottom two are my favorite two colors to incorporate because it really helps the drawing pop! the blue is a light ultramarine blue and the purple is more of a lavender. the light green also helps in lighter areas too.

see? it really gives the drawing more life! i would recommend staying away from gray because using too much gray can end up making the person look a little sickly LOL and it ends up looking dull. try to find substitutes for grey like blue. 

i also love to use gold to help shade skin tones. weird, right? but gold is a nice transition between those intense colors and our base color. it gives a nice, natural shading.

as for areas that are “black and white” like nostrils, the inside of a mouth, or teeth, make sure to incorporate other colors into those too. its hardly ever just plain black and white. on the teeth, i mixed in pinks, that ultramarine blue, oranges, pinks, and lavender.

for dark areas, mix in dark purples and a navy blue along with black:

all in all, for realism and portraits, incorporate lots of colors to give your drawing more life! human skin tones have tons of colors. it’s never just one basic color like peach or brown. you’d be surprised what colors would help. 

so closely study your reference for the different use of colors. LOL sorry chimchim for doing this to your face:

but also note: don’t follow a reference to the grave. if you want to up the contrast between colors or the shading, go for it! do what feels right. but if you want to do it as it looks, that’s totally ok too. take risks in your art and be proud of it. 

another tip is TAKE BREAKS. it can be from a five minute break to a day. if you stare at your drawing too long, it might start to look bad to you and you’ll get frustrated. but it’s not bad, you’ve just been looking at it too long so it’ll look weird to you. take a break, and come back to it later.

so here’s what i have so far:

the face isn’t even done yet but i just really wanted to make this post to share what i’m doing. i hope it helps and i’ll be back with part two: hair (aka the most difficult part for me lololol) 

sorry for the long post but i hope you enjoyed! check out my blog for other fanart :)

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Could you explain a bit more on the sim au? I'm not sure I understand. Really pretty comic, btw

Yeah sure! Fhsjfjd honestly it’s a little hard to explain without giving too much away, but um. If you read the previous ask, I mentioned that Lance has Pidge build a simulator, and later on during the final battle against Zarkon Keith is seriously injured. Lance puts him inside the sim, which also functions as an escape pod, and shoots him out into space. To like, protect him and stuff, since some major shit goes down back at the castle, and Keith is too injured to fight, and Lance doesn’t want anything worse to happen to him.

Inside the sim, Keith meets up with an AI Lance, who is basically a computerized version of Lance with his memories, personality and appearance. Lance makes Keith believe that they’ve won the final battle and are back on Earth. (But they aren’t.) Theeen all this crazy stuff happens (spoilers which I don’t want to reveal yet) and Keith ends up finding out he’s in a sim, the sim gets damaged and so does Lance’s AI cube (which basically contains all of his data), and that comic takes place a while after Keith is pulled out of the sim and is on his way to another planet. During his time in the sim he grew quite attached to AI Lance, and in the comic he is holding onto Lance’s AI cube, wanting to see him. Inside the cube Lance is waiting to see Keith again. So yeah, they have to wait until the sim is rebuilt or a new one is made that can contain the cube!! So that’s what the comic is about, also Keith had just woken up from a nightmare, and freaks and looks for Lance. Who is in the cube.

I hope that makes some sense? I don’t want to spoil everything but that is the overall summary of what happens. (But a lot more happens in between and afterward lol.) Thanks so much for the compliment though, aaah! I’m really happy with how the colors turned out in that comic, I’m glad you liked it too ^////^

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For the artist ask meme - 1, 2,7 and 12 (if you want to) >:3c

(artist ask meme)

thank u man;;

1. What is your favourite colour to work with?

Hmmmm… I really need some practice on the colour side of things, but probably blues and greens, idk they can give such a chill atmosphere :V

2. who is your favorite character to draw?

Uhhhh….. I’m not really sure, but Ringabel, Tiz and Agnès are fun! so is APH Belarus and Lithuania :V Oboro is also pretty fun, too, but I don’t really know which one could exactly be considered my favourite lol;;;

7. do you prefer sketching, outlining, or coloring?

Oh I definitely prefer sketching, which is kind of annoying because after I finish the sketch it’s hard to build up the motivation to keep going with the colour and stuff
in fact I basically just use the sketch as my lineart that’s how lazy I can end up being;;;

12. draw one of your favorite characters in 15 seconds.

I’m gonna ignore the time limit because heck that but here’s Khint because I’ve wanted to draw him so badly for so long but I just can’t think of anything interesting

it’s Pretty Bad but I’m rusty so shoosh-

reblog and send me ur name/a (1) word and i'll show u what color i see it as on a color wheel!!

i’ll try my best bc what i see in my head is like rlly specific and it might be hard to find it, but i’ll be as accurate as i can!! also it’ll take a bit to get the screenshots/pics once i find it so b patient!! but ya lol do this im rlly bored

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then, you have to send this to ten of your favorite followers. (non-negotiable, positivity is cool~) 💗

Ummmmm, hmm. Tough one… but thanks for the ask Hun!

1) Well, I like my eyes. They are true hazel that shift to amber… I’ve had people ask if they’re my natural color.

2) I look younger than my age or at least what people expect someone my age to look like. Staying out of the sun = less wrinkles ;D

3) I’m stubborn as HELL. Once I get an idea in my head it’s hard for me to let it go and I don’t give up when things get tough. (I might whine a bit but I don’t give up, lol)

4) I’m really loyal to my friends and family. You mess with someone close to me and you’re losin’ a kneecap(I’m short, that’s as high as I can reach XD)

5) I think I’m funny, as evidenced in the last couple of answers. My sense of humor is pretty offbeat but then again seeing humor in odd situations can be a great coping mechanism ^,^

so for like 2 weeks ive been trying to draw at least one of my characters as a pokemon trainer to no avail. But yesterday while i was watching movies i decided to give it another go and… I dont know what it is about Matty, Bliss, and Ollie but?? they are so easy for me to draw? unlike pokemon… pokemon are hard to draw

Im so happy with how this lineart turned out i just wanted to share it in case i dont end up coloring it lol 

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what are your best tips for drawing realistic faces?? like tips on proportion and techniques and stuff?? i dont know..

Any tips for someone who wants to start drawing in a realistic form (?) and doesn’t know how? (sorry, English is not my first language… I hope this makes sense…)

Kappa, im a huge fan of your art. I have some experience in drawing but i dont know how to get started on digital realistic drawing. Can you give me some tips on how to get used to photoshop and how to start drawing realistically? Thank you ^^

Hi kappa im a huge fan of your art ^^ and as an artist can you give me some tips on how to get started on realistic drawing. I do practice at least every 2-3 days but i can’t get faces and heads right. I am pretty confident with bodies tho. Thank you :3

I’ve been getting a couple of questions like these so i’ll answer it here under the cut! (just a warning- it’s really long > <)

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I haven’t drawn in so long lol XD Anyway, some of you know I ship Kevedd, well I got a request from a few anons asking me to draw something and post it up. Well I decided to sketch this out. Here we have Kevin hurt from some type of accident or something and Edd (Double D) is going to be giving him a shot, however if some of you don’t know Kevin has a phobia (fear) of needles. So I decided to make it silly~! 

Now, if any of my followers or fellow shippers can draw and are interested: PLEASE DRAW A WHAT HAPPENS NEXT~! However, please keep it appropriate~!!!

PS - I am gonna clean it up, line it, and possibly add some color later

Art/Sketch © El Diablo (me)
Kevin & Edd © Danny Antonucci

Common Physical Traits of The Signs to Look Out For
  • (based on PERSONAL experience so chill x - will include who I know that's each sign x).
  • Aries: Square/rectangular/broad bodies, average height and weight, confidence, great smiles, flat noses, darker skin, shiny hair that's usually short, not very light on feet/move awkwardly, flat chestedd, nails on fleek tho. (This one nerdy perfectionist chick from my old school, aunt).
  • Taurus: Often chubby, big eyes with long lashes, curly hair or hair that stands out n a crowd, clear complexions, small mouths, heart-shaped heads, obviously insecure but still generally happy looking. (This one chick who was fab and loved astrology too but had the voice of a chainsaw in a meat grinder like leave please).
  • Gemini: Sharp/pointy/little noses, weird necks, long hair, splotchy skin, blushes a lot, generally pretty, but thinks they're prettier than they are, dull eyes, nice teeth, either athletic/slim af or chubby af, short, you will always feel like they're better than you, look intelligent even when they're not, walks around like a toddler when in a mood, otherwise moves around quietly/carefully/gracefully.(frickin sister-in-law).
  • Cancer: Thick af eyebrows, big noses, full/pouty lips, annoying laughter that sounds like crying, long necks, weird/broad shoulders, super facial expressions; they can talk to you just by looking at you, mouths are never still, awkward arms and hands, bad skin, huge smiles, big/bright/expressive eyes with heavy lids, constantly fluctuating weights, disappointing thighs, always the perfect height for you, soft yet nappy hair. (My big sister, this one guy, ME, my nonna, my gandpa, ChRiS pRattt).
  • Leo: Great hair; always an interesting color, average to tall heights, dull or just small facial features, up-turned noses, energetic/expressive eyes, great smiles, average weights/usually athletic, really small ears, washed out skin, undefined chin, super confident, white af teeth, their bodies are mainstream fitness goals, small af lips but the smirks they do make up for it. (A friend/squad member, my first ex, this one guy, this little kid, that little kids mom, my dog. Yea, I know my fcukin Leos).
  • Virgo: Short, boxy eyebrows, still cuter than u, defined af jawline, ability to spontaneously grown goat-tee, pointy head, really stand out in a crowd, hair always wavy, big flat noses, eyelashes on fleek, can be really slender or just plain boxy, full/pouty lips, af, they look lost/worried/naive - but they still look happier and more approachable than you probably. (My big brother, this one kid at school with neckflaps and runs like mario, my friend/squad member, my moon sign).
  • Libra: Looks salty, intimidating af, resting bitch-face, short, thinnn but still got a layer of baby-fat, cute cheeks, eyebrows on FLEEK, weird shriveled up mouths, photogenic af, really big fish eyes, will steal your boyfriend, fuckin amazing hair, actual not confident at all, tries to look innocent, you feel like they're always better than you (they probably are) , really good at make up, uummm UR hAIRY *cries* (this one bitch adsfkdfkdfl,also my rising sign).
  • Scorpio: Long/straight/shiny hair, usually pale skin, tiny heads, either short or skinny, low-key Regina George, prettier than everyone else but gets over looked, weird chins, short limbs, weird af noses like what why is it so small (lele that's what she said), will remind you of a sword-fish at times, did I mention shortttt? (Cousins, Girl-crush/bff).
  • Sagittarius: Smirky, squinty, fashion gOALS, undefined bodies like where are u, cuter than U, round faces, no eyebrows but lol who still has those it's 2015 loser, weird/no necks, fists that look ready to knock u tf out, have their guard up, looks good with lipstick/bright colors, you either try to hard or are too nonchalant, authority figures, you just kinda wanna go give em a high five. (Aunt,friend/squad member, my other dog [yes she no eyebrows]).
  • Capricorn: -PAUSE- y'all know that feeling just after u eat a truck load of TACOBELL and it feels like ur stomach made a 360 and you can practically feel lava dripping from your butthole, down your thighs? Yeah. That's how Caps make me feel - THEY WILL MAKE YOU NERVOUS AF. They are usually better than you even when they suck. Usually curly or wavy hair. Just general great hair. like wow. Kind/innocent/expressive eyes, Sporty AF, average to tall heights, great arms, biceps for days, thick necks, weird eyebrows, babyface/babymouth? Washed out skin, kinda potato (dumb), stocky, usually have abs, big/pug noses, nice profile, big hands, you just feel like curling up to them and talking for hours but if you have a crush on one ur first instinct will be to run FAR away before you look stupid. (my ex who I hate, this guy I liked who liked me and we dated but not officially just made out etc and then we both moved, my crush who is the biggest crush I've ever had, my favourite kickboxer who is also hot af. yea, clearly I have a type).
  • Aquarius: Big/soft/sad eyes, thick hair, freckles or moles, huggable, either really short or really tall, chubby, boxy eyebrows, skin tans easily, nice lips, cute cheeks, stronger than they look (physically nooot mentally), calm af, understanding faces, even when they're old they're nice to look at, not intimidating, how they feel inside will always affect how they look outside. (My mom, my mom's cat, Favourite singer, my first girl crush whose now a bitch).
  • Pisces: TALL AF. Usually waaaay dark, babyface, instant-beard powers, strong af, reminds you of obama, you just wanna shake their hand, sleepy af eyes, grinds teeth when angry, bad posture, always looks up when thinking, judgmental, premature gray hair, generally just a lot of hair, except on the head u bald bye. (my dad... papa if ur reading this hi im just kidding teehee).

scully being the cutest cutie in fight the future



Why I am a terrible person

All this meta has been floating around about Sherlock and everything after he’s shot taking place in his MP and he’s still in a coma and whatnot. Everyone is giving all this great commentary. And all I can think about is Sherlock’s hair slowly growing out ginger because he’s not regularly coloring it. And Mycroft makes sure to keep it regularly trimmed but it’s a bit hard to dye and unconscious man’s hair. And by the time Sherlock finally wakes up, he’s going to have a head of ginger curls and an embarrassingly besotted John.