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honestly it makes so much more sense that freddie mercury has been harry's influence in his performances this whole time instead of mick jagger. jagger was a lot more... seizure than sensuality lol. when you watch queen music videos(which probably the kind of footage they would've had on youtube when harry was growing up for him to actually emulate) you can see a lot of harry's moves from this tour in freddie.

hm yeah. i agree


So this is one of those projects my friend and I have been working on for the past few months. We are both HUGE Zelda nerds and we really wanted to talk about this game with other Zelda fans.

However this is video I a little late in the game and its’ basically a personal critic video, so don’t take too seriously. lol 

We both put a lot of time into making this in between out jobs. Caleb did the scripting, voice work, and video editing where as I did some script editing and all the drawing frames.

He pretty much gave me free range of the images though, so there were quite a few pictures where I put a joke in. But the go by quick so you might be pausing a bit just to see them. tee hee

here are some of my favorites:

There were a lot more I wanted to add but this post is getting long.

Sorry, I’m just really proud of my dumb drawings.

Hope you liked the video!

and if you didn’t that’s kool too. :)

-Love Amos

  • AHWU at first: lol so this is just a dumb thing where we tell you stuff about achievement hunter. maybe people will do shit in the background or smth
  • AHWU after awhile: so like, videogame updates of all sorts. mostly we just read stuff about the community and stuff, sometimes we show fanart or videos. everyone fucks around in the background,trying to distract whoever's reading. team lads action news was a thing for awhile but they toned it down a bit, and usually no one got hurt, just superficial stuff like throwing tissues everywhere
  • AHWU now: lol fuck it, this whole video is people just fucking around in the AH office. gavin wraps old cords around people in various ways. geoff and jack were choked live on camera. jeremy failed a backflip and nearly broke his neck. they gave ryan a lighter. there isnt a week that goes by where something doesnt get broken or someone doesnt get hit in the face with something. trevor is there, trying but mostly failing to avoid the chaos while lindsay does... something? what is she doing.
  • AHWU in the future: it's monday. it's not always released on monday, but it is this week. you sweat as you click the notification. "AHWU #478." you click play and wait to see who will be chosen this week. the video starts. its jack. he smiles as he tells you which AHWU it is. there is pain in his eyes. the video cuts to gavin pouring gasoline on him. a match is thrown somewhere off-camera. you watch in sick horror as he is engulfed in flames. over his shrieking, you hear michael yelling; "THIS WEEK'S SPONSOR IS BLUE APRON!" the whole office has caught fire. ryan stands on jack's desk, laughing in the chaos. in the corner, you spy a tattooed body covered in silly string. it's geoff. a nod to last week. trevor walks in, side-steps jack's flaming corpse, and calmly announces this week's community video. you tremble as the video ends. the comments shout and screech for blood. at least they know their audience

on one hand, i spent too much time doing this. on the other hand, if i didnt have to rest for a flight out of the country tomorrow, i wouldn’ve spent a lot MORE.

a fun let’s play. rip joof.

[video from here] [song from here lol]

EDIT: Now with color!! :D 

Just in case I don’t do anything with these, I’m posting them here 

This is what I’ve been doodling for the past few days, I grabbed a few dancing videos, paused them and sketched 

I wanna add some color to these, or clean them up, and add even more, we’ll see if I actually do that xD

can we all stop vilifying social media? yes, i’m a millennial, and yes, i’m on social media a lot. i like talking to my sister, five thousand miles away, on facebook, and i’ve got about 300 dog videos saved that i tag my friends in so they can smile. yes, i take selfies, and yes, i love posting them on tumblr and instagram because i love myself and i find no shame in sharing that. yes, i’m on twitter a lot, because i like seeing that people around the world think and say and feel. not only their 4am toilet thoughts, but that of the world around them. i like social media because it connects me and it’s closely related to my job industry.

and guess what? even if i didn’t have a reason for being on social media a lot, even if i just liked it for the sake of liking it, why the hell does that give anyone the right to say that i’m dumb or uncivilized or immature?

so this was what i’ve been doing the entire past couple of days. dont look at me

animating Sans was fun ‘cause he doesn’t need lip-syncing (lol) so I could focus more on his expressions instead ( -v-)b

audio/insp from here!

Klance and the Voltron Team Youtuber Au because why not???

Okay so I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and now I’m going to because why the hell not???

  • Keith and Lance share a huge house. They always have the gang over so its like they live there too basically. 
  • Lance’s username is something like BlueLance or something cute idk
  • Keith’s is just Keith Kogane. Or basically simple af. 
  • Pidge has a gaming channel. They love to go on public servers and just wreck the 28 year olds that have been doing it for years. 
  • Hunk doesn’t actually have a channel yet, but he’s always in the videos so its almost like everyone just shares their channels with him. 
  • Shiro does a lot of vlogging or a couple of good RPGs or something idek im just making this up as i go lol
  • Allura vlogs. Everyday. Everyone loves her. She has the most subscribers. 
  • Coran doesn’t have a channel either, but he’s always in the videos like Hunk. 

Back to the Klance now. 

  • Keith is that guy who does all the game theories and makes random videos like,,, who even thinks of some of the things he comes up with???
  • He vlogs a little too if he’s going on a trip or something. 
  • Lance loves to do challenges with the whole gang. He also likes those dumb DIYs that he literally has 0 use for. 
  • Lance does that bathtub full of orbiez. (Whatever they are called lol) and makes a huge mess while Keith is filming. 
  • Keith is trying to not smile because oh my god??? He looks so happy and cute sitting in a tub of little gel orbs???
  • Keith cannot stay mad at Lance. 
  • That’s a lie he gets mad when they both have no idea what to do with over 7,000 orbiez. 
  • “Lance, you should not have filled the effing tub with these little-”
  • They also do the ‘Boyfriend Best friend does my make up challenge’
  • Lance does make up on Keith. Keith does not know how it ended up like this. 
  • Lance does an amazing job because oh my god someone had to teach his sisters how make up works when mom wasn’t around. He gets into it later bc of this…
  • Lance just kinda pauses at the end because holy crap Keith looks so fricken pretty. 
  • Keith thinks he made him look like shrek or something.
  • They end up with the klance fandom soon after a year or two. 
  • Pidge ships it and always makes references. 
  • They are still not together but they might as well be. It drives the fandom nuts. 
  • It’s even worse when they collab and Lance subtly flirts with Keith and it just goes over his head and the fandom looses its shit. 

Feel free to add on these are only ideas and hehe i might just draw some of this. 

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you know what pisses me the fuck off? you act like not liking a member is awful. it's really not. when theres a group of friends and you like some of them and some of them not theres not a problem either? god fucking damn it yes I'd be happy if that particular member would leave, because I (!) also think he contributes absolutely nothing to this band. why do you act like its criminal? i mean I wont say it to him or tweet it anywhere or what ever. its not that deep

lol, at least not be a coward and put a name on such strong words. yet here you are as anon. typical.

It’s not really about not “liking” a member, my point is more really on “hating” on a particular member or a ship if this is a reaction to that other post of mine. also if you have a group of friends and you don’t like some of them, then you’re not friends. lol wtf is even calling someone a friend and you don’t like them :))))) that’s dumb. I’m not saying it’s criminal, for me, it’s just dumb.

I understand preferences but what is your basis for not liking someone in bangtan? the 5 mins of bangtan bomb we get? the 4 mins performance? 3 page magazine interview? 20 mins vlive video? My thing is that there are only a few moments we have of these boys and that we don’t know who they really are as a whole because we don’t actually spend/see them all the time, all the hours of the day. So not liking them based on selective info about who they are as a person is kind of unreasonable to me. There’s only so much we know about them and what you notice is the negative?! why? 

It goes the same for ships. Shipping for me is a part of fandom culture and an extension of our affections and adoration for bangtan. It’s a step away from reality and it’s something we gush about to each other and must always be taken in that out-of-reality context. It’s not real and to specifically exclude people that likes ships you don’t like is just a waste of time to me. because it’s not real and you might be missing-out on talking to amazing people just because you have an irrational view about things that aren’t even real. 

If you specifically really don’t like someone in Bangtan then don’t call yourself a bangtan fan. You’re just a fan of the 6 members, don’t concern yourself with Bangtan as a whole then. Also who are you to think that someone in bangtan contributes absolutely nothing to the band!??! How does one even conclude that?!

Ugh I’m so awkward lol. Anyways this is the aftg accent challenge that I decided to do because my bffs in the aftgnetwork gc told me about it. 

The Foxhole Court accent challenge

>Name and username
>Where are you from?
>Pronounce the following words: Exy, Palmetto State University, Minyard, Eden’s Twilight, Renee, Excites, Tetsuji Moriyama, Jean, Racquet, Rebound, Bodycheck, Match, Riko, Yakuza, Butcher, Stadium, Foxhole court, Sakavic, Easthaven, Nathaniel Wesninski, Andreil, Blood, Wymack, Cuts, Dashboard Lighter, Cracker Dust, Binghamton, Baltimore.  
>When did you read the series?
>How did you find out about it?
>Read a passage from the books
>Favourite quote
>Favourite scene
>Favourite character
>Name one headcanon you’re invested in
>Choose one AU
>The scene that destroyed you the most
>How fast did you guess the main ship of the story?
>Have you made friends in the fandom?
>End with the team you’d like to play for + position

Okay here it is. But there are SEVERAL THINGS YOU MUST KNOW BEFORE YOU LISTEN!!!!!!

• this is a rough draft of sorts haha it is a work in progress so it isn’t very good
•it is supposed to sound smooth and expressive, but the program is BEING DUMB and made it choppy
• this is my first attempt at composing seriously
• I am FULLY AWARE that the beginning sucks. I’m going to change it
• the long weird pauses are supposed to be fermatas but the software is BEING DUMB • if you can get past the first minute or so, it’s not So bad. The first minute is rather rough
• I couldn’t get an audio, so this is a crappy video from my phone.
• if you listen to the whole thing thANK YOU SO MUCH •please give me (hopefully constructive lol) criticism!!!!

(tyler x reader)

word count: 1,128

You were recently on one of marks video for a skit! And you were so so proud of being apart of it. You and the squad helped design this skit. People on twitter were only spouting positivity about it!

Amy warned you about not looking at youtube comments. That even though theres positive comments on twitter there is so much shit on youtube. But you thought maybe you would see advice or more positivity. You just wanted to know you were doing something right..

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dead chicken jokes are old and unfunny now, pls drop it. don’t send me any more asks about it. it was funny at first to joke about shoma having no fashion sense but it’s gotten to the point where there’s more focus on his costumes than his skating. i honestly don’t care what he wears at worlds, i just want him to skate well. i don’t agree with all his decisions but at least i can recognize he’s his own person and can make his own decisions.

also this twitter thread sums up my feelings about the skating fandom’s recent tendency to treat shoma like a little kid. it’s a good read and i recommend it for everyone. i have personally called myself his “mom” before and i think this has exacerbated the problem, and i will try to avoid this kind of vocabulary in the future. in my case, i feel protective of him because i have literally watched him since he was 12, and have followed his journey for the past 6 years. i am also some years older than him. it may be hard sometimes for me to believe he’s grown up, but the fact is that he is 19 now, a legal adult in most of the world, and should be treated as such. the fact that he looks young is no excuse to still talk about him like he’s 10 (and tbh, even if he WERE 10, that’s still no excuse to be creepy). basically just…stop infantilizing shoma. watch how you speak. remember skaters are actual people and not a collection of tropes to blow out of proportion.

this has been a PSA

ETA: i feel like i need to clarify this, it’s not that calling shoma or other skaters a “bb” or “my child” is terrible on its own, but especially in shoma’s case it feeds into this perception of him as an actual child who doesn’t know what he’s doing and can’t make his own decisions. calling him “smol” and focusing on his height also feeds into it. take the costume thing for example, i thought loco 2 was ugly to the point it was distracting from his program, and since there was a feedback option on his website i decided to send him a polite message to consider keeping the old costume. somehow “dead chicken” got blown so out of proportion that as late as last week i was deleting asks about it from my inbox. like half the periscope comments on shoma’s CDP videos were about his damn costumes. the joke turned from “lol shoma has no fashion sense” to “LOL SHOMA IS DUMB AND CAN’T MAKE DECISIONS”. there’s been a rather alarming shift from appreciating shoma as both a dedicated athlete and dorky guy off-ice to simply talking about him as a “smol confused child”. i’ve seen tweets and posts that go way too far.

i am guilty of starting some of this/unintentionally making it worse. but i feel like this kind of behavior is starting to cross the line and i’m tired of seeing it for the past few months. i am not accusing everyone, i would just like people to examine what they say and do. i will examine and check my own words as well. it should not be that hard to know when you’re just being affectionate and when you cross the line into creepy and offensive.

and ftr, none of us actually know shoma. we don’t get to see inside his head or know what happens in his day-to-day training or why exactly he makes the decisions he does. we can speculate all we want but the fact is that we don’t know him and all we can really see of his personality is from interviews. he can indeed be spacey and a little weird. he’s also extremely mature and self-aware when it comes to many things, including his skating. it’d be really nice if we could focus on the latter point, as well.

Makeup Tutorial (ROMAN REIGNS)

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He’s so happy in this gif


Roman request for anon (Gonna take some stuff from a random vid lol)


Reader is filming a makeup tutorial on her YouTube channel and her boyfriend Roman is behind the camera making sure the technical stuff goes right, but won’t shut up during the video, leading to a dumb, small but stupid argument which the couple soon makes up from: FLUFF


Warnings: NONE


“Hey guys welcome to my channel. You are on the Y/C/N channel.” I said trying to contain my laughter. “Ew, I don’t know what that intro was but we’re gonna roll with it anyway…”

I paused for second before talking again.

“…Today’s tutorial is going to be about fall makeup.”


I the middle of me putting on my foundation Roman’s phone starting going off, making me groan.

“Okay, so if you hear annoying ringing in the background it’s my boyfriend’s phone.”

Roman mumbled something under his breath before answering his phone.

“No, man… I’m just helping Y/N with this video.” He said to whoever it was. “Alright I’ll call you back later.”

I stopped blending it in to give him a glare.

“Are you done?”

He nodded and signaled for me to continue, but once I did, Roman started up again.

“Babe, why you poking your lips out like that?” I heard him ask from behind the camera.

Babe why can’t you just be quiet? I asked in my mind.

“Roman just shh, please.”


“Bronzer just makes such a difference.” I said applying some to my face. “Like look at the difference between my face right now.”

I finished up one side of my face before going to the other.

Then I heard Roman again.

“Babe, why’d you put that shit on your neck?”

I groaned, putting my makeup brush down.

“Babe.” I mocked him. “Why can’t you just shut up?”

Roman raised an eyebrow at me.

So I just stared him down with narrowed eyes.

And once again he mumbled something I couldn’t hear but this time I was going to let him get away with it.

“If you have something to say, speak up.”

He stepped a little closer. “I said you don’t have to have a damn attitude Y/N. I don’t even have to be here but I’m trying to help you.”

“Just like I don’t have to sly out just to watch you run around in the ring spearing everybody that looks at you, but I do.”

Roman shook his head letting out a laugh. “I don’t spear anybody that looks at me.”

He’s right but it just came out.

“Babe, my point is, I sit there quietly.”

Again he gave me a look but this one was more of a don’t lie look.

I bit my lip.

“Okay, okay…” I don’t stay quiet but that cause i don’t have to, but you do if you’re gonna help me with this.“

Roman nodded. “I’ll be quiet if you say please.”

A sigh came from me followed by me crossing my arms.

Why is he so difficult sometimes?

“Please?” I said smiling.

He smiled back. “Alright, I’ll be quiet.” He finished giving me a kiss.


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