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Hey , i saw in your mind…do we really want to get into who’s more pathetic than whom?  » happy birthday jay

My aesthetic:

Red hair, green eyes, fiery personalities, taller guys, warmth, campfire smell, sea-salt ice cream, free sea-salt ice cream, guys that playfully mess with you, annoying smirks, know-it-alls, hips that don’t lie, numbers 13 and 8, former members of some organizations, loud off key singing but great dance moves, Axel as a person in general

So… I got this DGM AU where Red isn’t picked up by any normal circus, but by a freak-show circus.

Just imagine him being confused and a bit awed at first; these people look similar to him. There’s a lady with a beard, a man with scales and a forked tongue (who owns a really huge awesome snake). Another person towers over everybody else, and a man with TWO stomachs! It’s ran by a pair of twins who are conjoined.

Red’s arm stands out; it’s red and has prominent veins, it looks like it has some sort of odd armor. But it’s not something people view badly, the others in the circus find it just as normal as Emma’s horse-like face.

Imagine Red becoming friends with the other freak-show children, being adopted by all the adults (and children!) at the circus. Everybody eats dinner with each other, so there’s no passing him back and forth between tents - he gets one of his own to share with Siri, a boy with wolf-like ears and large canines.

The adults teach Red how to handle money, how to do different tricks, science, math, how to read, the whole lot. The children play with him, and they all work hard together to keep the circus running.

Red learns how to enjoy his arm, instead of hating it. He becomes part of the show, and whenever someone gasps in awe or fear of his arm, when children ogle it in shock, he loves it. He loves stunning people with his odd arm, doing tricks that he’s been taught by others, tricks he teaches himself. (He especially loves the high-wire and acrobatics.)

Red never meets Mana, nor Allen the dog. But he’s loved and cared for all the same. He does, however, meet Cross after the freak-show is attacked by an Akuma (one of their ‘guests’) and Red’s arm activates.

At first Red (just eleven years-old) is terrified that his family will shun him for what his arm has changed, and for how he killed that monster, and at first they’re a bit confused and scared, but for him. Especially after Cross (begrudgingly) tells them what Akuma are, and that Red is an Accommodator. (They also joke that they should called Red, White, now, since his hair is no longer red.)

There are a lot of tears and hugs and goodbyes and wet eyes when Cross and Red go to leave the circus. There are promises to write and to never forget each other. For the next several years Red spends with Cross, whenever they’re in Europe (which is rare) he looks for the freak-show he grew up with, his family.

When Cross dubs him an Exorcist, Red spends as much time as he can delaying his trip to the Black Order’s HQ to try and find his family; but has no luck.

Months pass, he befriends Lavi and Lenalee, and begrudgingly Kanda. At first, the other members of the BO are confused as to why Red happily shows off his arm, even when people around them shun him. When asked, he simply grins and answers, “I like seeing their reactions. Whether it’s awe, fear or shock. IT reminds me of home.”

None of the others know about Red growing up in a freak-show, so when Johnny mentions one in town, they’re confused as to why Red suddenly shows an extreme amount of interest, and why his eyes light up so brightly when Johnny tells him the name of the freak-show.

He disappears later that day, only to return with four tickets to the last show of the night to the freak-show. Lenalee and Lavi tag along willingly, wondering why Red’s so excited, and Kanda tags along somewhat reluctantly, also curious about Red’s behavior. When they reach there, they watch most of the show (the other three in awe, while Red watches them with a hidden grin) before Red quietly says he’s going for snacks and that he’ll be right back before sneaking away.

When the bright lights fade away of the last act, a surprised murmur rips through the crowd when the ringleaders (a pair of conjoined twins) steps onto the stage and announces; “Dear audience, you are in for a treat tonight. Unbeknownst to us, a former member of our show has been living near this city, and tonight they will be giving a special show - a one time event! Give it up for Red!”

Imagine Kanda, Lenalee and Lavi’s shock as the stage light pans up to the high-wire, where their Red is walking across it, grinning and waving at everybody, his arms bare for everyone to see his left arm. then he ‘slips’; screams and gasps ring out through the crowd as Red ‘falls’ before suddenly catching himself on an invisible ring of wire with his left hand. That’s when the main three notice the invisible rings of wire spread across the tent, and they watch in awe as Red does flips and swings and jumps through the air as if he were a fairy, as if he had lived in the air all of his life.

After the show a few of the circus members pull the three away and backstage, where Red is grinning and laughing with a few of the other members. Shortly after that he introduces his old family to his new one.

The four spend the night at the circus, too tired to leave and the boys bunk with Siri (who flirts with Lenalee, much to Lavi’s chagrin) while Lenalee’s with a few of the other female members.

They’re invited back (and told to bring along the other BO members, if they can) every night while the freak-show is in town. And when they leave, almost everybody is in tears, again. Promises of writing are true this time (now that the circus knows where Red lives), and Red watches with a heavy heart as the last caravan pulls away.

When Lenalee asks him if he’s okay, he smiles at her and answers truthfully. “I’ve never been better.”


so i’m whipped with Poe Dameron (and Kylo Ren (and a certain Assassin -cry-))

SO I THOUGHT, HEY. LET’S DRAW HIM IN FIRST ORDER TIE FIGHTER UNIFORM. cries everywhere because he lookssogoodinblackit’ssin

and I had the mightiest need to draw this babycakeangelface so i did.. which is the very top drawing.. then I was like MAYBE I’LL INK IT

but then it lead to like.. KILL ME NOW LET’S COLOUR IT

and then i coloured it but then i was like.. kill me.. just kill me.. because i love him so much! -cries an ocean-

so yea. Poe Dameron for you guys uvu;;

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Poe Dameron©Star Wars


Can’t Go Back to Yesterday | @narryhadalittleliam​ (Diaryofanarcissisticgayman on AO3)

Part 3 of Through the Looking Glass (I See You Staring Back at Me)

He makes his way back past the A&E, his own personal stomping grounds as a trauma surgeon, and pushes open the door to his office. If he hadn’t trained so hard not to let his emotions get the better of him in stressful situations, then he’d have slammed the door and walked away again. “What are you doing here?” he sighs.

“You’d know what I’m here for if you ever returned a phone call, Niall.” is the response that the brunet gives. He’s traded in his long flowing locks for a more mature style that hugs closer to his head, showing off the adult he’s become with time and focus. His green eyes have faded to a more greyish color, though it also suits him well. He’s not the bright-faced boy that Niall fell in love with anymore. He’s older, more mature. He’s a father and a real man now, and he wears it well, though it pains Niall to admit it.

“I’ve told you not to come here. This is my place of work, Harry.” Niall says coldly, dropping the file and his coat on the desk and opening the small cupboard that he uses to store his scrubs. “If you have something you need, then talk to me about it on Saturday.”

Fic Appreciation 12/?

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Holy crap that was fast! Thank you so much for the translation!

Lol Anon this chapter actually took me ages!

My raw provider was extra awesome today and sent the chapter super early, but halfway through the translation (at around page 16) I tried saving my document and for some reason IT JUST DELETED ITSELF (I cried).

So I had to re-type eeeeeverything out, I swear I know the dialogues off by heart *sobs*

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i need to say this: you are probably the most organised person i have ever known. i've been following your soukoku fic, later i obviously started following here on tumblr, and how come you always seem to finish every task you are working on??? i mean, for every edit, every prompt even when updating Illustrations of lying, hoW????? i mean, finishing a whole multi-chaptered fanfiction is tough and it requires so much consistency and HOW DO U MANAGE???? omg please give me life advise

ahhh, the secret young padawan is this…………….don’t have a life

Haha, I wish I could give you real advice but I literally am able to do this stuff because I have a ton of free time. I just finished my uni degree and am contracted in a professional musical through May so I work weekends and some afternoons and have time to work on my fic and blog basically every other hour.


September 2015 - a summary.


He can slit an enemy’s throat before they even realize he’s there, and slip away, never to be seen again.