lol this took me so long i could actually cry now that it's done

This is my traumatic birth story and I don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable so pls don’t read if you are sensitive to this stuff but I had to get it out thanks to Yukimura. 

I know no one probably cares or will read this but, man…Yukimura’s life story and current Divine Bride Epilogue really hits home for me personally. I just need to get this out for myself. And my own feelings. 

I knew from early on in my pregnancy that I would have trouble giving birth. I just had this feeling, I can’t explain it. I LOST weight during pregnancy, though my doc said “You’re my star patient! So healthy!” I couldn’t eat. I was thinning out like crazy except for my tummy and felt weak. I ate, MAYBE, a single piece of toast a day and I would probably puke that up. I wish I was exaggerating.  

I know we don’t always know…but I knew. I kept asking my OBGYN questions, “can you do an extra ultrasound” “what about a C-Section? Should I have one?” etc but she would not listen. Always brushed it off. “You won’t have a C-Section it’s very rare.” Because I was thin…I was “healthy.” *rolls eyes* 

When it came time to actually give birth it was terrible. No matter who you are, the pain is terrible. That aside, it took me close to 30 hours, with no sleep, because every few moments I had to keep switching positions because my sons heart rate would drop and the nurses were rushing in to move me into a new position. 

Bless the nurses, by the way. I remember each and every one of them, as they switched shifts. They held my hand, they talked to me and joked with me. When I got a personal card from my favorite one I broke out crying at home. Anyway…

It was a terrible process. When it came “time” to push, it just wasn’t happening. It is mostly a blur but I believe I pushed for 3 hours. 3. Fucking. Hours. ( again, my labor was over 30 hours) I cried. I wanted a fully natural birth but that had slipped from my hands a long time ago. My husband was next to me encouraging me every step of the way. They used the vacuum on my son in a desperate attempt but it only caused more damage. 

Finally, the delivering doctor admitted we were in danger. There was no other option but an emergency C-Section. In a matter of minutes we were whisked away to the operating room. I remember the fear I felt, when they asked my husband to wait outside while they prepped me in the OR. (I have been in the medical field personally and been interested in it since I was very young, wanting to be a doctor and my mother ran a clinic. I did sports medicine for years and i KNOW THE SMELL OF BETADINE.)  I felt so alone and terrified. 

When they finally cut me and began operating I could feel it. I guess they didn’t give me enough drugs but I looked to the anesthesiologist and said “I can feel  their hands digging inside me” (LOL it hurt but whatever I could deal with it) and he upped my dosage. 

They let me see my son for a moment. Less than 5 seconds…..just a glimpse of his blue face….before they took him away from me. I didn’t even get to hold him…Just a flash of his face. My husband and I will never forget the sound of his first cry and that was the greatest sound in the world! 

No one would tell me what was going on. 

“He needs some extra help so we are taking him to the NNICU” 

That was all I got. All WE got. No one would talk to me. No one would tell me what was going on with my baby. 

I got an infection and stayed a week longer in the hospital than was normal, but I don’t care because I got to visit my son in the NNICU. He was in there the whole time, hooked up to many wires and tubes…his little feet were full of poke wounds from getting his blood. I don’t want to go too much into it…

Taking him home was the greatest day of my life. 

And now, he is a healthy and happy boy who LOVES animals of ANY kind, cars, and snuggles. 

I am alive. 

The doctor told me, in the hospital, that he was just TOO large for me. I am small and he was a very large baby. “He got stuck. We got him out to his shoulders and that’s all we could do…there was no other way we could pull him out, he would not fit.” 

He explained to me, that had they not done the emergency C..we both would have died. BOTH of us…And extremely sobering thought. 

My regular OBGYN was not ‘on-call’ during my delivery. Even so. She admitted to me “had we done a 3rd trimester ultrasound I would have seen how much larger he was than what your small frame could handle (:” 



Gosh, this got long. But either way, it still hits home. Every day I thank my lucky stars that I was born in a time that modern medicine could save us both. I don’t blame Yukimura for being cautious. You should be. Birth is NOT an easy and beautiful process and anyone that has birthed a child will agree. It is SCARY. 

Reading things like that just makes me so grateful. I know we all strive for natural…but I am forever in the debt of the people that helped me along the way and kept me and my son alive. 

I could post pictures of my son hooked up in the NNICU but I have posted pics of him before on my popular blog and been paranoid so I wont. And don’t even get me started on PPD because I felt so terrible not being able to properly give birth. 

Anyway, as much as voltage upsets me sometimes with its bullshit on ‘rape’ etc…I am extremely grateful to have a character that can relate to a rough birth. I would NEVER want my son to feel bad for me passing and him living. EVER. I will give my life a million times over for my child. Hands down. And also seeing my husband being so aware of the dangers at the time and worrying about it made me cry. 

Bless this. Bless this event. I know it is more rare than anything but I am thankful that they gave me a backstory I can connect with. I can’t explain how hard this is to cope with as a mom and I know if Yuki was my son I would just want him to know that he is the only thing that mattered to me. 

And again If he was my husband. I don’t care if I die, though it IS scary, of course. I do my part for my family, I know the risks, and I want them to both live a happy life and smile. 

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Heyo~ Its Stars Anon here ! Like I said yesterday, todays request is gonna be kind of an angst one (???) So, how would the RFA + V + Saeran help MC get out of an unwanted abusive relationship? Sorry if its a bit much but I crave angst mk. Anyways I hope you have a good day/night ! Be safe and stay positive ! (Lolol thats becoming my catchphrase i guess) -Stars Anon<3

Stars Anon, I like,,, really like this request. I don’t know why, but I got so excited when I read this. i think its cause i need to practice my angst so let’s go! (⌐■_■) look its a V emoji

thanks for the daily request! good night/day to you too, and stay safe as well!! (i think it is lol <333) 

this got hella long;;; EDIT: but i rly liked this one so..i took off the cut…whoops

 v and saeran are here!  [tw: violence, abuse, language, unhealthy relationships smh] 


  • zen was highkey upset when they learned that mc was taken already
  • but as long as they were happy, well, he was too 
  • they did grow close, though! the two of them were good friends
  • zen actually met the person mc was dating 
  • they seemed nice and seemed to have a connection to mc
  • but he’d be lying if he said that it didn’t hurt a little
  • mc’s date mate kissed them in front of zen once and wow did that sting  
  • but one night, zen heard a knock on his door. and he was so confused because it was past midnight
  • he opened the door to find mc, crying and with a developing black eye 
  • automatically brought them inside and had them sit on the couch
  • “mc! are you alright? no, that was stupid, what happened? who hurt you?” 
  • they can’t answer through their tears at first so zen kneels in front of them and wipes them gently 
  • “take your time..i’m right here, mc. you can tell me anything”
  • they manage to choke out that their date mate hit them during a fight
  • zen was shocked. their date mate did that? they hit mc? 
  • what he wanted to do, was get up and punch mc’s date mate right then 
  • but he focused on mc first. pulled them into a hug and offered them to stay the night 
  • once they stopped crying, zen brought them an ice pack and some tea
  • zen told them they had to get out of that relationship, but mc refused at first 
  • “mc. they hit you.” “I know zen, but I can’t leave them..I shouldn’t even be here right now. oh my god, this is all my fault-”
  • “how is this your fault, mc? babe, you did nothing wrong.” “Don’t call me that! Please..don’t” they yelled that first part, which surprised zen 
  • he was about to ask, but there was a bang on his door 
  • mc yelped, sitting back on the couch. “they found me…” 
  • oh now zen is Angry. he opened the door and found mc’s date mate
  • “I know they’re in there! Give them back to me, right now. I wasn’t done with them.” mc is shaking in the back
  • zen, however, stood his ground. “how about you fuck off. mc isn’t going anywhere”
  • they punch zen (!) mc yelled out for him when they saw him stumble back 
  • zen is quick to recover though and punches them in return, harder. 
  • he manages to get them out of his house, but goes back to mc with a face worse than theirs
  • “zen! you shouldn’t have done that, I’m so sorry!” 
  • “they won’t bother you anymore, mc. you don’t have to apologize.”
  • “but-” “how about instead of apologizing, you stay with me instead?” “…i’d like that”


  • yoosung was happy just having mc as a friend, at first
  • but then he developed a crush on them, which would’ve been fine and all, but they were already dating! 
  • he thought he was cursed for a few hours tbh 
  • unlike zen, yoosung never met mc’s date mate, but he’s heard stories 
  • mc smiles every time they tell those stories, so he tries to smile along with them, but it’s hard
  • and it was getting harder, but today was the day yoosung was supposed to meet mc’s date mate. he was going to go over to mc’s so they could all have lunch
  • when he got there, however, they were arguing.
  • “why do we have to have his kid over? I’m sure he just wants to get in your pants. And you’re gonna let him, aren’t you?” an unfamiliar voice. “of course not! yoosung is my friend..” mc’s voice 
  • “you don’t need friends! you’re dating me. I’m all you need, you whore” 
  • ok yoosung hates language like that, so he knocks on the door
  • mc’s date mate spoke again. “fuck off! you can’t have them, they’re mine.” “i’m sorry yoosung, maybe we can reschedule?” “reschedule my ass”..yoosung kind of lost his patience
  • he takes off his hair clip and picks the lock wow someone’s a badass
  • the door slams open and he can see mc flinch, but their date mate stands up
  • “mc is coming with me” and mc tries to go over to yoosung, but their date mate pulls them back over “take them from me, if you can” they smirk
  • yoosung knows that he probably can’t fight the person, but there’s something else he can do
  • no one is exactly sure how this happened, but now mc’s date mate is laid on the table, with yoosung holding them there 
  • “let me say this again. mc is coming with me.” “yeah, ok, sure dude.” 
  • yoosung lets them up and goes to take mc’s hand, but then the other person tackles yoosung instead
  • “yoosung!” mc yells out, running after the two of them, trying to get yoosung free
  • they eventually do get him off and mc slaps their date mate(ex date mate now) 
  • they run out and when they’re far enough, mc tells him that stuff like this has happened a lot..
  • yoosung hugged mc and kissed their forehead, “it’s over now, ill protect you”


  • jaehee knew that mc was dating someone else, but that was fine, jaehee just wanted mc to be her friend, anyways. r u sure jaehee?
  • things were just fine! they all got along, everything was fine
  • until, out of nowhere, mc started hanging out with jaehee less
  • by now, they haven’t hung out with her in going on 2 weeks
  • jaehee gets a little worried, so she calls mc
  • and they pick up! but she can hear…sniffling?
  • “hey jaehee, sorry I haven’t been over lately” “I’m more worried about you, mc….is everything alright?” “oh, yeah! everything is ok, just..i don’t think i can hang out with you anymore, im so sorry-” 
  • and then mc hung up. well….that was weird
  • jaehee had a feeling there was probably more to this than mc let on
  • so she decided to head over to their place to check on them
  • but they weren’t there. their date mate’s house, then.
  • jaehee knocked on the door, mc’s date mate opened it and crossed their arms. 
  • “what do you want?” “is mc here?” “that’s none of your business” jaehee raised an eyebrow. “as their friend, it is a bit of my business…so they are here” “even if they were, you can’t see them.” 
  • jaehee takes a step forward, mc’s date mate doesn’t move. “mc?” she hears a little noise from inside. oh, they’re in there.
  • “you can’t keep them in here.” she says. “watch me.” they answer
  • “I won’t let you.” jaehee says, “i’d like to see you try.” they say in response
  • and then they spit on jaehee’s face
  • she wastes no time at all and literally flips them out on the ground outside. jaehee walks inside and picks up mc, leaving
  • they go back to jaehee’s apartment and she wraps mc in a blanket with hot chocolate 
  • “mc, love that person did not deserve you. and no one can keep you from doing whatever you like, okay? i’ll make sure of that now”


  • mc’s date mate showed up to the party
  • mc was talking to jumin while they walked up and pulled mc’s face over to kiss them
  • jumin found that both odd and unneeded, but he didn’t understand couples
  • he also found himself a bit…jealous? except he wouldn’t kiss mc that roughly in public..
  • so it was already off to a bad start 
  • things got really bad, however, when mc’s date mate decided to interrupt an rfa meeting at jumin’s penthouse
  • they made a ruckus. the guards were having trouble because it seemed like they were throwing a temper tantrum
  • mc stayed quiet when the others asked if they wanted their date mate to come in, so jumin decided to check it out
  • when he found mc’s date mate with his guards, they were drunk. it wasn’t even one in the afternoon. 
  • “you fuckers give mc back to me right now.” they said. “do you need them for something important?” he asked. “yeah, I need some sugar. now.” 
  • jumin han is…disgusted. and could only imagine how mc felt. 
  • “we’re in the middle of an important meeting. if you could wait for-” they cut him off. “i don’t wait! i’ll have mc whenever I damn well want mc.” 
  • and now, jumin han has a little brain click and he is angry
  • “hm. well, you can’t have mc at all anymore.” he tells the guards to take them outside, as well as one or two other things
  • but, of course, this drunk asshole decides to punch jumin first 
  • oh, now it’s only fair. jumin punches them back, and they are out. thanks alcohol
  • the guards are surprised, but he tells them he’s fine and to do what they’re told
  • he comes back into the meeting room, everyone but mc really surprised
  • *clears throat* “i’m afraid i ran into mc’s ex..but they’re taken care of”

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • oh, this one knew about mc’s relationship alright
  • and he knew that their choice in significant others wasn’t the best 
  • he also knew that they needed to get out of that relationship asap 
  • but how to tell them that discretely?
  • turns out, he didn’t need to. 
  • he got a call from mc, which he answered right away 
  • “seven? can you give me a ride?…and stay on the phone with me?” “of course”
  • he put it on speaker, hopped into one of his babe cars, and started driving over to mc 
  • he heard their argument over the phone
  • “you’re not leaving, mc.” “yes I am! I’m done with you cheating on me! i’m done with you acting like you’re sorry about it and then doing it again!” 
  • saeyoung was proud of them for that
  • “but, babe…you know i love you, i couldn’t live without you. i’m nothing without you.”  mc made a sound, one that sounded like they were believing that
  • “that’s bullshit, mc. and you know that. i’m almost there.” he said 
  • “don’t listen to that stupid redhead, mc. i’m in love with you…you’ve helped me with so much..i’m getting better, love”
  • saeyoung was two minutes away. “i…seven, hurry” 
  • he pushed the gas harder. “be walking outside.” 
  • he could tell mc was doing what he said, they were moving. “let go of me!” they yelled, presumably because that ass was holding them back.
  • seven pulled up, got out of the car, and took mc’s bag, using it to hit their arm off of mc. “watch your back, okay?” was all he said before taking mc with him
  • when they drove off, saeyoung took mc’s hand again. “thank you for calling me..” they sighed, wiping a tear away. “i knew you could take care of me..”
I Have a Gun in my Bag - Min Yoonji Drabble

pairing: min yoonji (fem! yoongi) x reader

genre: fluff

word count: 968

a/n: hi lol um idk I’ve been feeling the min yoonji lately like I keep looking at fanart and trying to find drabbles or one shots but there’s literally like only one ??? this is to fulfil my own needs too pls I’ve made it so that I can continue it on and honestly like I would so if you would like me to please let me know and I’ll get straight on that, sorry I haven’t been posting lolol I suck but I’m going to post more regularly I know I say that all the time but seriously I am I have so much drafted anyways enjoy this lil thing I’ll make the parts longer if you guys want more but :))

Originally posted by jihoomie

“A transfer student?”

“Yeah, she’s coming today.”

I stopped just before the classroom door, recognising the voices of Park Jimin, the class president, and Jung Hoseok, the emo kid who was into literature. I had to admit, I was a little intrigued by this transfer student. This was the first I heard about it, and as I stepped into the room, I walked over to Jimin, tapping on his shoulder. Jimin was the friendliest guy that I knew, he was friends with everybody in the class, and I was sure that he would happily share the details.

“There’s a transfer student?”

“Oh, hey, Y/N! Yeah, her name is Min Yoonji. I’m excited to meet her, aren’t you?” Jimin flashed a signature bright smile, and I nodded my head in response to his question. By this point, Hoseok had begun whispering lines from a piece of literature to himself, no doubt as practice to read them to Yoonji when she arrived. Everybody looked pretty excited, and eager to meet the transfer student, and I was no exception.

I left the boys alone to do what they needed to do, seating myself at the very back of the room, as always. A few minutes later, Jimin briefly left the room, returning with Yoonji. I looked up from my desk, locking eyes with the female at the front of the room. I watched as Jimin instructed her to sit behind Jungkook, the tsundere of the class, which also happened to be next to me. My cheeks flushed as our eyes met once again, and I cast my gaze down to my desk.

Throughout the class, it was no secret that I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. I kept telling myself to stop, but everytime I did, she would do something else that utterly captivated me. She was, as expected, flirted with by every guy in the class, and she rejected them like it was nothing. Even Kim Seokjin, who had gained the reputation of best looking in the school. I was intrigued, and a little confused by her. Everytime our eyes met, my heart jumped slightly, and it almost felt as if she could tell, given the smile making its way onto her lips each time.

When it was time for break, I stood up from my seat, packing my things away. As I was walking towards the door, Yoonji grabbed onto my hand as I passed her, almost causing my heart to jump out of my chest, and stopping me from walking any further. I turned around to face her, and she pulled me closer to her before dropping my hand.

“What’s your name?”

“M-Me? …It’s Y/N.”

“Cute. I’m Yoonji. Do you want to eat with me?”

“Eat with you? I guess so, that would be nice..”

I was sure by now that my cheeks were bright red, but there was no way to help that. Yoonji smiled at my reply, before walking past me, as I followed behind. She led me outside to a patch of grass, sitting down and pulling me down next to her. I squeaked slightly, surprised, earning a chuckle from Yoonji. She pulled out her phone and headphones, handing me one of the earbuds before we were interrupted by Jimin, trying his hand at flirting once again. I puffed my cheeks, reaching into my bag and pulling out my bottled water and taking a sip.

“I have a gun in my bag. Do I seem like a pushover?”

Well, there goes the water. I spat it out, unable to believe just how Yoonji was so carefree and came up with her words so easily. The water went all over Jimin, but I wasn’t even able to apologise immediately, as I was covering my face with my arm, trying to shield the fact that I was laughing so hard I thought I might cry.

“Jimin, I’m sorry!” I finally said through giggles, looking up to see Jimin looking completely deflated, and covered in water.

“It’s okay, Y/N.. No problem…” He sighed, before walking away, leaving me to finally laugh out loud.

“Do you actually have a gun in your bag?”

“Let’s hope you never have to find out.” Yoonji joked, and I had to double take to realise that she was kidding, earning a laugh from her, which I joined in with.

A couple of minutes later, we were both laying back on the grass, unable to hold in the laughter after witnessing Jimin’s reaction to Yoonji’s rejection.

Yoonji had a unique laugh, barely any sound came out, but she also had the cutest gummy smile. Yoonji was so cold to everybody else, and dismissive, yet she was laughing with me as if we had known each other for years. I wondered what I had done to earn this special treatment from her, but I wasn’t complaining. Quite the opposite, in fact.

When we had finally managed to stop laughing, Yoonji pulled out her phone once again, offering me the earbud, which I happily put in, turning onto my side to face her, the longer strands of grass slightly tickling my face. I wasn’t sure what we were listening to, but I didn’t mind. As I took in her every feature, I longed to know more about her. There was nothing more I wanted to do, in fact.

Before we knew it, it was the end of break, and we both sat up on the grass. She stood first, helping me up. I brushed myself off, before picking my bag up from the floor.

“After school. Here. Okay?” She spoke, her voice so much softer than when she spoke to anybody else. I nodded, and she walked off to class.

I had never wished for a school day to end faster.

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Can we also talk about how Bakugou went from "weird haired guy" to "Kirishima. Change of plans". Oh man I didn't realize how much I missed the anime *cries*

BOI CAN’T WE I just spent the whole morning crying over seeing the moment Bakugou recognizes Kirishima as an equal animated nbd at all r i p me - I think this might be the first time Bakugou calls anyone by their name, actually, and I just!!! that’s because Bakugou heard Kirishima’s words and recognized him as a good partner and a worthy hero and someone whom he could respect and I’m gonna be grateful for chapter 133 for the insight on this for the rest of my always I !!!!!! have feelings g a h

Anon said: ok ok ok ok but but listen what about BAKGOU AND OCHAKO they are the most popular couple and the most cutest , i think you should try to draw them once i would love love to see this !!! of course just if you want hehe thanx

Ahhh sorry anon but I really don’t ship that - I mean, it’s true that I ship Bakugou with a bunch of people aside from my main two, but if they’re part of Deku’s group you can fairly assume they’re not between my Bakugou ships? And I only romantically ship Uraraka with Deku, Tsuyu and Iida anyway so! You’re probably not gonna see any romantic baku/ocha from me, sorry o<-<

Anon said: Since we know what Bakugou’s parents are like, what do you think Kirishima’s parents are like?

I have a similar ask somewhere asking about Kaminari’s parents as well, so I guess I’ll answer both here?? As a general rule I don’t really like making headcanons over stuff I’m sure the manga will give me in the future, so I can’t say I’ve thought about this too much - there are a few things I work under the assumption of while drawing, like for example I’m taking for granted they both have at least functional families, considering Aizawa personally visited their homes to ask their guardians about allowing them back to school, and if anything had been weird he would have noticed

I like to think Kaminari got his quirk straight from one of his two parents with no mixing happening, and got the Kaminari surname from them as well, but that’s all I ever allowed myself to settle on as far as Kami’s family goes, everything else changes based on what I need for the current scenario I’m thinking about… I do often end back on him being an only child, though - in the same way depending on how angst or lighthearted I want it to be my ideas for Kirishima’s family change a lot, but generally I think I mostly fall back on the idea of him having a big family? In a scenario like that his parents are kind and love him a lot, but having many children and needing to split their attention on all of them might cause them to overlook him a little (it would explain his obsession with being flashy, for me) then again, who knows? I don’t know how canon you can consider the infos SMASH gives, but in one of the strips Kiri mentions working part-time, and the fact that he doesn’t seem to have problems with money kinda makes me believe he might be independent from his family like that (unless he’s a rich kid, also very entertaining as a possiblity)

I’ve seen a lot of headcanons floating around about both of these guys’ families and possibly being related to villains, that would be cool too, though I’m not sure how much I believe it

I’m sorry this ended up being little to no useful at all lol as I said, I just shift between scenarios a lot - imagine settling on one and growing attached and then having to let it go once Hori proves it wrong, that’d be terrible for me

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Responses to {Part 27} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU Asks~

 Please ‘Keep Reading’ to find my response to your ask ^^ As always, I have copied and pasted all asks into this post in regards to last night’s chapter to avoid clogging up people’s dashboards and to avoid spoilers for those who may still wish to read the chapter. Thank you ^^

(I have also included asks that I received before this IWSY chapter was posted ^^)


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Sweet Dreams are Made of This

Request: Hi! Can I request for a newt x reader imagine where newt breaks up with the reader and goes with Sonya due to what he thought was loss love but then he takes her fro granted. So when the reader and newt breaks up his gets the worst nightmares start again, Sonya tries to comfort him but fails so they call the reader and the reader is the only one who can comfort and and make the nightmares go away. Newt realizes it and apologizes and makes up for it. FLUFFINESS PLEASE

**disclaimer- i included a song in this, it goes in the plot. However, I absolutely suck at writing song lyrics off the spot, I mean it takes me a long time. And i wanted to get this out as soon as i could so you werent kept waiting. so the song is called “sea of love” and its by cat power. so ya not my song lol but if you haven’t heard it give it a listen cause its a million heart eye emojis :) 

Originally posted by flower-crowns-and-newts-ass

“Time to retire, Newton?” Sonya rested her chin on Newt’s shoulder and looked up at him. 

“Um, ya…” you swore you caught a glimpse of shear terror on his face, but the fire flickered again and it was gone. 

“Well come on then silly,” she kissed him and dragged him up. “Goodnight everybody,” she waved and they were gone.

You didn’t even bother to acknowledge her. You and Newt broke up a few weeks back. You both agreed the relationship had run it’s course and that there was nothing left. You both seemed to be on fire for a while, the “it” couple of the Glade you could say. But things changed and you were both thrust into new positions. Had to make a lot of tough choices and calls. And one of those things was, again, your relationship. 

However, you didn’t think he would rebound this fast. And it actually pained you to even see him so happy, as selfish as that sounds. You thought you would be fine at first, even when you decided to make the split. The love ran out. But your emotions now showed clearly the opposite. 

And little did you know, Newt was struggling too.

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Hello~ I love this blog! (Even though it's still new, lol.) Um, could I request the RFA Members' and V & Saeran's reaction to MC being very worried about passing their upcoming finals? For example, not eating or sleeping properly to study, crying from stress, etc. That's where I'm at right now, and I could really use some cute anime babes to cheer me up T_T Thank you!~


  • He gets it
  • Like, seriously. He understands 100%
  • But when you start skipping meals, Yoosung is not okay with it
  • And when you cry? He doesn’t know how to deal with it
  • In order to motivate you to eat, Yoosung starts cooking you homemade meals while you study
  • Yoosung can’t cook tho
  • He’s running around the kitchen, opening windows and fanning towels at all the fire alarms
  • Even though he thinks the loud noises disrupt you, you are actually put in a better mood from the comedic failures of Yoosung
  • He’s happy to have been able to help, but has to order take out
  • Both of you sit at the coffee table, studying while eating some good take out until Yoosung puts you to bed


  • Zen hates seeing a lady cry
  • As soon as you start to break down, he declares it break time
  • He sits you on his lap and holds you close, until you calm down
  • Then he helps you study
  • But when you refuse to eat, because you’re too busy, Zen takes you out
  • on a romantic dinner date
  • He only lets you work until a certain time, because he doesn’t want you to miss out on your beauty sleep
  • He doesn’t want to miss out on his beauty sleep either, but doesn’t want to sleep without you


  • It’s been a hella long time since this man has done any schoolwork
  • But work in general?
  • Boi he’s the CEO of one of the biggest Korean companies
  • He’s there to sit with you and help you organise all your thoughts, so that you can study accordingly and still remember everything
  • But when you start to skip meals? And sleep?
  • Not in his house… or penthouse. Fuck I forgot he’s rich af
  • Jumin calls in a chef to make delicious healthy foods you can’t resist, so you’ll eat
  • He also will literally pick up your stressed ass and cater you to bed when it’s time


  • Jaehee truly understands
  • Like literally her middle name is stress
  • When you cry, she quickly comes to your aid
  • You help her stress levels reduce like no other, so she’s glad to return the favour
  • She helps you study until you can handle it on your own
  • She doesn’t force you to go to bed, since she pulls all nighters all the time
  • Jaehee doesn’t want to be hypocritical
  • So she makes you both coffee, grabs cans of Red Bear, and you both work side by side all night
  • Until you guys fall asleep on each other


  • He understands stress
  • Like, great amounts of stress
  • Like literally “if you don’t finish this by the deadline ima have to take you out” kind of stress
  • Fucking Vanderwood
  • Seven is in great pain when he sees you reach unnecessary stress levels
  • He sits you on his lap and holds you until you stop crying, and shares some Honey Buddha Chips to keep you eating
  • He cracks a few jokes about schoolwork and how retarded people can be
  • Soon enough, you’re ready to keep studying
  • He lets you study until you feel as if it’s enough, and then lets you sleep on his lap
  • Basically spoils you to death


  • V usually stays calm in stressful situations, so he doesn’t really understand firsthand what you are going through
  • But, he is an understanding person, and gently calms you down when you feel like you’d lose it
  • Just being around him could make anyone calm
  • Like marijuana
  • Oh my god V is made of marijuana
  • He of course holds you close and makes you feel better until you’re done crying
  • He knows how to deal with this stuff because he took so much of Rika’s shit
  • And when you refuse to eat, he reasons with you and makes you a small dish
  • He doesn’t want to interfere with your work, so only he speaks when you need his support
  • Just kinda let’s you do your thang while making sure you’re healthy
  • Because being a bystander didn’t work out well with Rika


  • Saeran is pretty familiar with stress
  • Since he’s an unstable lil muffin
  • But when you start crying, he kinda becomes gap moe
  • He doesn’t want his princess to cry
  • So, of course, he panics a little bit on the inside before hesitantly deciding to hug you
  • And he’s not very touchy, usually, since he has trust issues
  • So that pretty much makes you feel all better
  • He threatens to force you to eat, if you keep this up
  • Of course in the attempted least scary way as possible
  • He still needs practice on this whole interacting with people thing
  • He lets you work until you’re tired, and gets flustered af when you fall asleep on him
  • He carries you to bed and watches you until he falls asleep, in the least creepy way possible

“Don’t you dare say you love me” Pt.2 -Nate Maloley

Chapter 1

*One Year Later*

(y/n) POV

I decided to leave Nate. Some girls thought I was crazy but hey if you saw the love of your life and bestfriend fucking each other in your bed, you’d probably leave him too. I let him keep the house and I decided to move about 20 minutes away. Nate got weekend visitations, but been on the Skaterade Tour for about a month now, and he should be back in time for (y/d/n)’s birthday party on Saturday at around 4p.m.

Originally posted by maloleykush

It was now Saturday morning and I decided to make pancakes for the kids. We were having having her party at the local park. (y/d/n) literally insisted, I tried suggesting other place but she had to have her way. I wouldn’t care it we had it there or not, but it’s the first place Nate had our first date. A picnic lunch and swings, the perfect date i’ve ever been on.

The kids and I got to the park about 30 minutes early so I could decorate and stuff. “Mommy, can we go play”, they both asked. “Yes, but don’t get dirty”, i said put the streamers around the little gazebo. Then my phone went off, indicating someone just texted me. It was Nate.

Nate- “Hey, I’ll be at the party today”

You- “K”

Nate- “Present ideas?”

You- “She’s your daughter too, you should know what she likes too”

Nate- whatever 

You- (read at 3:39)

(y/d/n) came running up to you and you squatted down to her height. “Mommy is daddy coming to my party”, she asked. “I think so baby”, you said. “Mommy don’t tell anyone, but that’s my birthday wish, for daddy to come to my party and come back home”, she said whispering in my ear. I just smiled at her cute little chubby face.

Family and friends started to arrive and (y/d/n) was so excited to see Nate’s parents. “Grammy and Papi!”, she screamed with excitement. She embraced Nate’s parents and kissed all over them.”Happy Birthday sweetheart”, they both said to her.  Then all I see is a sugar filled little boy tackle Monte. “(y/s/n) how is my favorite boy”, Nate’s father said. “Good Papi, lets go swing!”,he exclaimed. “All right, all right”, Monte said. I smiled and saw the joy written all over their faces. Just as I was about done putting all the chips out, I felt a hug from the behind. It was Kami, the sweetest lady ever. “Hi, honey how are you”, she smiled. “I’m good, how about you and Monte”, I asked. “We’re good, Stew got into the state of Nebraska”, she smiled. “I haven’t seen him in so long. How is he?”. “He’s good, he’s thinking of proposing to Carrie soon”. “Wow, I remember when they started dating”. “I remember when you and Nate did too, you to were so cute together”. “Oh Kami, you’re funny”, I chuckled. “You think Monte and I could take the kids tonight”, she asked. “Sure, actually yes please. I have a date tonight anyways”, I said raising my eyebrows up and down. “Get out of town! Who is it”, she asked excitedly. “His name is Shawn”, I smiled at the sound of his name. “I’m glad your happy honey”, she smiled. I could tell she really wasn’t. I mean me and Nate were together ever since junior year of highschool and finally got married after 4 years of dating. “Thank you Kami”, I said kissing her cheek.

“Okay everyone time for the pinata”, I yelled. A flood of kids ran over toward the gazebo. “Okay, okay (Y/d/n)’s first”, you smiled. While tying the blindfold around her eyes, I look around for Nate. He’s nowhere in sight. “Okay baby swing away”, you said. “Alright, (y/d/n) swing it baby!”, a familiar voice called out. (y/d/n) took off her blindfold and saw her prince charming. “Daddy!”, she cried out. “Daddy’s back”, your son also yelled and began running to Nate. They both tackled them, making Nate lose his balance and fall onto the ground. I couldn’t help but giggle. That’s when you saw a blonde figure out of the corner of your eye. You walked over to the kids and Nate, and helped him off the ground. 

“Hey Nate”, you smiled. “Hey ba- I mean (Y/n)”, he said stuttering. “Who’s your friend”, I asked. “Oh this is Rebecca”, he smiling. “Nice to meet you Rebecca, I’m (y/n)”, you said extending your arm. “Whatever, Baby when can we leave this lame ass party”, she said rolling her eyes. “Woah, watch your language, c’mon kids lets go get some cake”, I said taking the kids hands.

Nate’s POV

I was super ass late to the party. And I was bringing Rebecca my “girlfriend” as she likes to call it. She was just some random groupie with a huge ass, I just used her to try to get over (y/n) but no one could do that. And now I thought I’d use her to make (y/n) jealous. I walked toward the gazebo seeing (y/d/n) about to swing at the pinata. “Alright, (y/d/n), swing it baby”, I yelled. That’s when (y/n) eyes caught mine. My God, she hasn’t changed. She look hella good. “Them shorts, damn lil mama”, I thought. “Daddy”, I heard two little shrieks. I saw the two out of the three loves of my life running toward me. “Hey guys”, I said loving on them. “Hey Nate”, (y/n) said. “Hey ba- I mean (y/n), I stuttered.”Who’s your friend”, she asked. Was she jealous? Was this working? “Oh, this is Rebecca”, i said. “Nice to meet you Rebecca”, she said extending her arm. “Whatever, Baby when can we leave this lame ass party”, Rebecca said. “Woah, watch your language, c’mon kids lets go get some cake”, (y/n) said. 

“Rebecca, I told you you didn’t have to come. These are my kids.”, I said. “Fine”, she said storming off toward everyone. “Nate, I’m so glad to see you”, my mom said kissing me. “Hey mama”, I said. “Daddy, daddy I have to tell you a secret”, (y/d/n) said. “What’s up babygirl”, I said sitting down and putting her in my lap. “You can’t tell anyone but my birthday wish is for you to come back home”, she said smiling at me. When she told me this, I made eye contact with (Y/n). She just smiled at me. I can’t believe I hurt her like I did. I can’t believe I let her go. 

After everyone was done singing to (y/d/n) she blew out her candles and made a wish. The rest of the party went on and she open presents, played more games, and ate some cake. Everyone was about to leave, so it was just me, (y/n), my parents, the kids, and Rebecca. “Mommy, can we go play before we go home with Grammy and Papi”, she beggd. “It’s getting dark baby, ask someone to walk y’all down there”, (y/n) said. “Rebecca, will you take them”, I asked. “Umm, no its okay, I’ll don’t wanna make her do that”, (y/n) said. “No, it’s fine”, she said. 

(y/n)’s POV

Now it was Nate, his parents, and me cleaning up. “Kami, come help me clean up the plates and cups around the park”, Monte said while winking at Nate. Oh Lord they have something planned. “So (y/n), have you been seeing anyone lately”?,Nate asked. “Um, yea actually”I smiled thinking of shawn. “Do you mind me asking who it is”, He asked. “His name’s Shawn”, i smiled. “He good to you”?, he asked. I looked into his mud puddle eyes and gulped. “Yea, Yea Nate, he’s really good to me”, I said. He nodded his head. That’s when I heard a sharp scream come from the swings.

“Mommy, mommy help! I’m bleeding! There’s blood, Owww!”, (y/s/n) screamed. Nate and I started running toward the playground. Nate had longer legs so he got there a little faster than me. “Rebecca What the Hell, I told you to watch them!”, he yelled while picking (y/s/n) up and holding his head. “Sorry I was on Instagram”, she said nonchalantly. “Leave, right now”, he yelled at her. Nate handed me by baby. “Mommy, it hurts”, he hiccuped from all the crying. Looking at his head, I analyzed that he needed stitches (lol @shawn). “We need to go to the hospital Nate”, I said worried. “Hey hey hey, look at me baby. It’s gonna be okay. I’ll drive you okay”, Nate said calming me. “Mom and Dad, take (y/d/n) back to your house, we’ll come there after the hospital”, Nate shouted from my car. We got into the hospital and they took (y/s/n) to get stitches. You then called Shawn to tell him that you had to reschedule. 

13 stitches. My poor baby’s head. We put him in the car seat and drove to Nate’s parents. As we drove he fell asleep. “Thank you Nate, for taking me and comforting me”, you said. “If I wouldn’t have fuck up, this wouldn’t have happened. (Y/n) I miss you”, he said while putting his hand on my knee. We were now parked out his parents house. “Nate, don’t”, you said as he got closer to your face. That’s when yall’s lips connected and you felt the sparks. The same sparks you felt in junior year, on your wedding day, and now.

More than Friends - (M)

Originally posted by all--kill

Anonymous said:

Hello i wanna ask for a Jimin smut from bts!!! Maybe Like You are his best friend And You ended up having sex with him cause he started to eating you out… Idk just do whatever You want!! Lol happy new year!

I am so incredibly sorry it’s taken so long to post this! I have written/typed it out twice only for Tumblr to glitch and erase it when I saved it, so I got so frustrated that I kind of set it aside for a while to avoid just whipping something together to call it done.  Ya know?  Anyway, I ended up making this pretty fluffy as well as dirty, so I hope you enjoy this and I really hope it was worth the ridiculously long wait. 

Rated M for MATURE. Some very naughty things follow.

“Jimin,” you sniffle.  “I need you.”

That was all it took.  Within minutes, there was frantic knocking on your door. Relief immediately washed over you like a tidal wave of salve over a burn.  Your loneliness and heartbreak were crippling and the only cure you could think of was the company of your best friend.  He was the only person in the world you trusted to mend you from such a broken state.  

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lemonade (j.g.)

▹Short Imagine 

A/N: legit almost cried writing this! i put so much work into this single imagine. i put emotions into this thing. tell me if u guys think she should have or shouldn’t have take him back lol no spoilers :) i hope u guys enjoy, love u -i 


Request stuff here 

I hopped out of the taxi after I quickly paid the driver.  I smile at the sight of my husband’s job.  He’s been working her for at least 10 years and he’s already president.  

I open the large glass door leading to the receptionist’s desk.  

“Hi, Mrs. Gilinsky, Nice seeing you here, Mr.Gilinsky is in his office” She says politely 

“Thank you, Janet” I say walking to the elevator and pressing the up button 

My heart rate excels as I hit the button ‘22′ I haven’t seen Jack in a month since I went to paris for my job and I’m surprising him.  

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Where’s My Sweater - Kihyun Scenario

ANON REQUESTED:  hellooo, not sure if you take scenario requests but if you do, could you do a fluffy one for monsta x kihyun where he asks you if you’ve seen his jumper but he finds you wearing it? if you dont take requests for these its totally fine! :) love you blog either way its adorbs <3 love you! x

So I do not take scenario request officially, but I saw this and couldn’t help writing it. The main reason I don’t is because it takes me a long ass time to write, hence why this came out so late. I hope you enjoy! (Also I wrote sweater just cause that’s what I was comfortable writing it as, it was weird to me writing jumper lol)

Genre: Fluff

Words: 1154

Wearing Kihyun’s clothes always brought you a sense of comfort, especially during times like this. His schedule recently had been jammed packed, even more so than before as his group Monsta X had to fulfill promotion duties of their recent mini-album. In those promotions included their first ever solo concert, one that took your precious Kihyun time away from you.

The clothes themselves, however, made you feel closer to him in this time apart. You understood how much Monsta X needed Kihyun and how much he needed them. This was his dream and this was his passion, and when you’re as good as Kihyun, you have to push him towards this goal. He needed your support and you were happy to give him it. Today was no different.

When you returned home from a night out with some friends, you were disappointed that your other half still had not returned from practice. Maybe today, I’d be able to see him, you thought but with the empty, dark home in front of you, you knew it was a lie.  Exhausted, both mentally and physically, you make your way towards your shared bedroom. It was slightly messy, drawers left open and old scrapings of paper were scattered across the room; nothing surprising from a pair of busy adults.

A scent steered your attention towards a set of drawers, one that belonged to Kihyun. The scent brought back memories of love and happiness. Inside laid one of Kihyun’s sweaters, one that was a favorite to you both. Its fibers holding on to his scent as if it was afraid of flying off without it. It somehow, throughout the years, had held on to its soft touch feeling as if no one had laid a finger on it.

You fall on to the bed with the sweater pressed against your nose. No matter how much you missed him, you knew that Kihyun would be back to you in no time. His future was more important than you, and you weren’t going to get in the way of that. Nothing could beat the feeling of Kihyun around you, but his sweater was going to have to do the trick tonight.

You quickly got stripped down into nothing but your undergarments and slipped the sweater over your head. It wasn’t like Kihyun was the tallest in the world, but the sweater still fell comfortably on your body. Despite the lack of extra room, you couldn’t help but feel engulfed by him. You brought the collar up over your nose and laid down on your side of the bed. Some people need scents like lavender or vanilla to relax, all you needed was Kihyun’s. It reminded you of all the times you spent together, laughing, crying, laughing till you started crying, everything. It reminded you of mutual love, a feeling that everyone experiences in their lifetime, but one you were lucky enough to have at a young age. This gave you all the comfort you needed.  

Your brain gets lost in his scent and it starts to shut down for the night. With one last whiff, your eyes shut and sleep consumes you. Before you know it, that darkness is broken by a shift in the bed. When you turn around, your face is met with two warm hands as you stare at your smiling angel.

“You have no idea how long I have been searching for that sweater,” he says. Your eyes scan his half naked body, looking like he had the same idea as you did. He earned a small, low chuckle from you, still groggy from your slumber, “I couldn’t help myself.”

“It might as well be yours, you look a hundred times better in it than I do,” his eyes shutting with his words. He pulls you closer to him, allowing you to rest your face on his chest and wrap your arms around his waist.

“What would I do if it became mine? What would help me through these late nights? What would help me feel so close to you?” your words become closer to whispers as you finish your thoughts. Although you like to feel strong, you know that this lifestyle is hard. Living in a relationship like this could wreck anyone, anything that reminded you of him helped you through it.

His arms became stronger as his grip around you tightened and one hand moved to your hair. It’s like he knows what buttons to press and what strings to pull in order to make you relax, “Maybe I should keep it then. I know it may be hard and I may not be here all of the time, but I hope you know I really appreciate all you’ve done for me. You could have been with someone who would stick around all the time and be able to go to sleep with you and eat with you but somehow you chose me. That makes me the luckiest man in the world.”

“I hope you know I will never leave you. If I honestly wanted someone who did all those things, don’t you think I would have left already? Kihyun, it’s you who gives me all the love I need, no matter how much we actually see each other. You are insanely talented, you’d be stupid not to pursue it,” you glance up to see a small blush growing on his cheeks and his smile grow three times as wide. No matter how many times you do it, Kihyun can still not get over your compliments. “I love you, Kihyun.”

“I love you, too,” he replied pressing a kiss slowly and softly to your forehead. “Now give me back my sweater, it’s cold.”

“Way to ruin the moment dude,” you giggled. “What will I wear then? Just get a new one.”

“But I’m already in bed. You already have slept, go get yourself one,” he whined. You sigh, sometimes you question why you love this dork but you do as he says and take off his sweater. “Plus I get to see you in those cute underwear of yours.”

“KIHYUN!” You squeal as you jump out of bed and rush towards his side of the dresser to find another piece of his clothing. You grabbed the first thing you saw and quickly put it on. You weren’t gonna let Kihyun have the satisfaction for too long.

“What?! I barely get to see you at times like this, let me enjoy it while I can.” You slipped back into bed with smaller hoodie draped over your body.

“You’re lucky I love you,” you said returning to his arms. Your eyes instantly close as his breathing and yours start to slow down and synchronize. Before you fall into a deep sleep, you hear a few words come out of his mouth.

“I really did luck out, didn’t I?”

It was that night in which you got the best sleep you had in a long time.

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Again, I hope you enjoy. Maybe soon I’ll open scenario requests. ALSO I’D LIKE TO SAY FUCK YOU TO KIHYUN WRECKING MY BIAS LIST LIKE THIS. I HATE THIS ERA.

Last Dance | ONE SHOT ft. Mark

cause its raining and I’m listening to sad music LOL (study break ftw)

angst / my attempt in making y’all cry / 

cnsarangkiseu asked: where you end up at the same wedding event as your ex, Mark…

The slow and somewhat mellow music began to fill the dimmed hall of your cousin’s wedding reception party. It was that time of the night- the last dance.

Usually you loved this part of any wedding that you attended. You’d end up automatically making a bee-line to your boyfriend and he would have his arms open waiting for you fit perfectly into his embrace. You used to, anyway.

Now, you found yourself sitting awkwardly in your seat, hoping that no-one would notice your lonesome figure. It was your first wedding without your ex-boyfriend, Mark, by your side. Almost a year ago, the two of you broke up over conflicting feelings towards the future of the both of you. I guess you could say that it was irreconcilable.

What made this moment even worst, was that even though the two of you had separated, Mark remained close friends with your cousin (as guy friends usually do). So naturally, he was part of the guest list and made every effort to make it to the wedding especially since he was one of the groomsmen.

The dance floor had filled with couples; young and old. They gently swayed with the music played by the live band, as if no-one else was around them. You wanted to experience that feeling; just once more.

You tried your best to keep your eyes away from Mark, who sported an ash grey suit, his tie now loosened and his hair a little messed. Most of all, you tried to keep your eyes away from the young woman that had her hands by his shoulders, and his on her waist.

“Maybe it’s just a friend…” 

You could only pretend that that was the case, but as Mark planted a short kiss on her forehead; you were wrong.

Was a year long enough for the tear in your heart to heal? Apparently not. You could feel the wound slowly pulling open with every second that you stared at him. So you turned away before you’d let a tear even fall from your eye.

Abruptly, you got up from your seat at the large table, but before you could make a swift escape from the hall, the skirt of your gown hooked itself by the feet of your chair. You immediately stumbled, but was able to recover just as quickly, making a clean escape towards the garden area behind the building.

“You’re literally just there” You mumbled to yourself, as if you were speaking to your ex-boyfriend. “But still out of reach”

The fairy lights that decorated the garden were quite beautiful but you couldn’t find it within you to enjoy the moment. Your heart was heavy and you carried the weight with you.

“I knew it was you”

A familiar figure made his way through the evening night, his hands in his pockets and an empathetic smile on his face. It was Mark.


“The blushing pink face when the bride and groom kissed? The girl who stumbled on her chair?” Mark teased, trying to alleviate any awkwardness. “I knew that it could only be you”

“I guess so” You forced a chuckle and kept some distance as he came up onto the gazebo and stood beside you, taking in the view of the light studded trees. “Well, I figured that it was you as one of the groomsmen. You and Junior have been best friends for too long for you to not be one of them”

“Haha yeah” He gave you his full attention but you could only turn away. “So, how are you? What’s new with you?”

Was he seriously asking you that? Especially after the brief moment of heart ache just then in the hall.

“N-nothing” You shrugged off his question, wanting to take the focus off of you. “How about you, Mark?”

“Hmm. Most things have stayed the same” He answered honestly before telling you the one thing you didn’t want to hear right now. “..I’ve been seeing this girl, she’s really great. Actually, I brought her with me today. Did you see her inside?”

“Of course I did” 

You were blunt. There wasn’t any point in hiding the fact that you knew about her. Better to pull the band-aid off in one go then to delay it.

Mark slowly nodded and realised his fault. He jumped into the subject more quicker than you could cope. He knew that it took a while for things like these to sink in for you. Mark knew that.

“…The last dance” He thought he could change the subject but of course he trembled onto another touchy issue without realising. “You usually love it, but you ran off?”

You shook your head and sighed to yourself. Maybe Mark wasn’t getting the point. You gave him points for at least trying but it was like there was more damage done than good.

“I used to love it” You exhaled one long breath. “When I was with you”

“Mm” Mark hit his fist against the barrier of the gazebo, mentally wanting to slap himself. “I’m sorry. Really, I am…”

“It’s fine” Your arms were folded against your chest and you blinked several times to keep the water works at bay. “Don’t stress about it. I’ll deal with it. I’ll move on, just like you did”


He was hurt by your rash words even though they were truth. How could he deny that he hadn’t already moved on?

“If it means so much to you..” Traces of empathy laced Mark’s words as he offered out his hand. “We can have.. one last dance”

The both of you broke up without warning, so the actual last dance that the two of you had together was at the end of semester ball at Mark’s university. Neither of you knew that night, that it would be the last. Otherwise the both of you would have made sure to make it last for as long as either of you could.

You wanted to take the offer and feel every emotion that you used to feel. But you wouldn’t let yourself onto that rollercoaster again.

 “Except we’ve already danced our last dance…”

that came out of the blue LOL thats what happens when you listen to angsty music whilst making study notes xD

I hope y’all liked it! Did it make you sad? hahahaha. Let me know your thoughts!

Don’t forget to hit like / reblog / tag your feelz / message me! I love hearing from all of you :3

Stay lovely everyone! 

why i think hnr's gonna have the shizume ending

i’ve always wanted to say these things and i still probably forget some to write here. there’s the shizumeweek and it just totally triggered the shizume in me. all of the things listed are purely my personal opinions and speculations. this is just a little support for my stupid dork otp bc i am so in denial.

READ AT YOU OWN DAMN RISK. i am not responsible if i ruin your day or set your hopes high.

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TVD 7x16 - The good, the bad , the ugly !

This post will have a full fledged review for those who don’t wanna watch and for those who have watched and need another persons point of view to add to their own. This post will also contain meta, because hey, whats a review without a little bit of Steroline meta to calm your nerves; it’ll also have some predictions and a lot of tears. 

The episode opens with Stefan in the Studio.  

Rayna offers to spare him by allowing him to swap the scar with his brother, defan tag team and stefan escapes with the sword!  Great news so far. But don’t celebrate just yet, we are only 3 minutes in…

We then shift to Stefan and Valerie in what looks like the Boarding House by the fire place

 It also could be lockwood mansion, like i donno, its really late and i just got home after pub hopping (chill, I’m not drunk, i was the designated driver) and I have been up since 5:30 am (crying over SC). Point being - theres a fire place .. and this is the first of many Steroline ‘things’ that will be assaulted by SV this episode. UGH. Brace yourselves. 

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Eminem’s Concert

on this post im gonna talk about HOW AMAZING the concert was and everything i had to do to get there and all that, plus some extra pictures

by the way if you want me to post any video of him performing any song just ask, cause i literally recorded every song, some of them are a few seconds long, and others are longer, but i have over 1 hour in just videos so just ask :)

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