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Dead Man {Kylo Ren x Reader}

Request~  I just thought of this and it sounds good in my head, but could u do a kylo imagine where the reader gets taken by the first order & is in the interrogation type room (like where Poe/Rey were) & reader is kinda scared bc ur preggos with kylos baby (u got pregnant when he was Ben or something) & he’s like who’s the father? And u say Ben Solo, but he’s gone now. And I don’t know where to go from there so u take it away lol. Wow sorry this is so lengthy

A/N~ Apologies for how long this took writing has been tough for me these past couple months. Anyways I’m not really sure how good this’ll be because I have no idea how to write pregnancy and its been a good minuet since I’ve written some thing long like this. Please ignore any mistakes (I’ll fix them later. For now I need to stop looking at this) hope ya’ll like it!

If the doctor back on base could see you now you assume she’d be furious. Three balanced meals a day, light exercise, and plenty of rest. It was good advice for a woman like yourself eight months pregnant, and you followed those directions perfectly except for one. Rest. You couldn’t sit idly while the resistance moved so quickly around you. 

Yellow Squadron denied every one of your requests or rather demands to let you join them on missions, but it never stopped you from asking one more time. Out of pure luck they’d finally said yes. The rebellion had received intel of unregistered spacecraft loitering in the outer rim. There was reason to believe The First Order was behind it. An organization that had been around for quite some time but only in the past few months had they really surfaced and become a threat. Yellow squadron’s job was to go out take a look around and come right back. A scouting mission is what they called it and they must have figured the mission would be easy enough for you to come along, for the ride if nothing else. It was supposed to be easy, it was supposed to be safe.

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Walnut (Evan Hansen x Reader)

TW: SMUT, really smutty, like use of the word boobs and condom

Words: 2,176

Requested: Nope lol

Disclaimer: this is my very first smut… ever. if i am absoloutley garbage - please tell me. seriously. i will stop lol. anyways, this is a super fumbly/nervous smut thing bc lets be real… evan would not be the most confident in this region. 

Yours and Evan’s relationship seemed to fall into a format that could be related to English literature: repeated and rhythmically patterned. The moment you two start doing something, you couldn’t stop. After your first kiss, Evan would not stop pecking you on the lips. After your first time holding hands, Evan couldn’t bare not capturing your fingers and intertwining them with his. Just last month, you and Evan had your first make out session.

It was strange at first. It took a while to getting used to. It would start off with a kiss, standing up. Then Evan would have to break away to control his breathing from excitement. It took a while to find a sitting position where you were both comfortable to lock lips. A few fumbles and bumped heads later, it was decided that the best spot was if you straddled Evan’s lap whilst he sat on his bed - leaning against the wall.

The make out session would include straddling and hair pulling at the bare minimum. It was so new to both you and Evan that you had to make a code word. Every time one of you got a little too excited, you would murmur the word walnut. That would give you or Evan time to calm down before continuing in kissing. At the beginning of the month, it was quite rare that the word would need to be used. 2-3 weeks into the make out month, Evan had used it 6 times and you twice. Now, at the end of the month, Evan needed a break every 10 minutes.

           Today was like every other day of the month. Evan greeted you after last period with a kiss. You two would walk to his house, holding hands. Stepping through the door, he led you upstairs. The two of you giggled like children. Evan’s mom was rarely home. Which could give you the range of make out spot possibilities, but Evan didn’t like change. Evan liked security and being able to know what goes on around him. Because of that, each afternoon snog would be in his room, with the door shut.

           You reached up onto your tip toes and grabbed Evan’s face in your hands. Smiling widely, you connected your lips together. Evan immediately placed his hands on your hips, pulling you into his lanky frame. Smiling against his warmth, you slowly led him to the edge of his bed so he could scurry against the wall; for you to get into your regular seating position. The moment you swung your legs around his hips and sat on him, his eyes grew wide.

           “Walnut,” he whispered, as if the world could hear him.

           “Already?” you question curiously.

           He nodded quickly, swallowing hard. You nodded with a small smile, obviously respecting his wishes to take a quick breather. After a few moments passed, he gave you the nod to keep going. You pressed your lips back to his, moving your mouth in sync. Your hands brushed up his blue polo and into his sandy locks. He let out the smallest of whimpers. It left butterflies in your stomach. Evan’s hands ran up and down your sides. Pulling away from his lips, you looked into his sunken eyes.

           “We are going to try something a little different, okay?” you searched his eye for approval. He gulped and nodded slowly.

           You continued to kiss him, then slowly trailed them down his neck. About two inches away from his ear, he seemed to become weak. You applied the smallest amount of pressure, and you felt his body stiffen.

           “Walnut,” he stammered.

           You kept going. Taking his hands in yours, you slowly guided them north – up to your breasts. 

          “Walnut,” his eyes flew open and watched intensely as to where you set his hands. You held his hands there, making them apply pressure to the new destination. 

          “Walnut, ohmygod, walnut,” he pracitcally hollered. 

            You pulled away quickly, looking at your loving boyfriend. His hair was sticking up, his lips were swollen, eyes were wide, and a small tent forming in his khakis. 

             “I-It was a really close call this time,” he breathed out, blushing like a mad man. 

              “Evan, we should really talk about this,” you looked at him with wide eyes.

               “Ohmygod, you think I’m so weird, don’t you? I-I can try my best, next time? I will try and last as long as I can without saying it-”

               “No, no, Evan. It’s not that,” you chuckled. You could hear him sigh with relief. “I’ve been thinking about this whole thing. You have been saying the code word so often, that it’s just- I don’t know-”

           “W-What is it?” he scrambled to hold your hand, running his thumb over your knuckles.

           “You’ll find it silly,” you laughed sheepishly, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.

           “Me? F-Find it silly? No way…José,” he gave you an awkward, toothy grin.

           “Okay, okay, I was just thinking – God, I don’t know, - that it’s silly how we go so far and you get so worked up and then we never… I don’t know… finish?”

           “Y-You mean, you want to-“

           “Only if you want to-“

           “W-Well maybe we could-“

           “Oh my gosh, Evan, i-it’s okay-“

           “No,” he took both of your hands in his, looking up into your eyes. “I want to. I-I really want to.”

           Evan’s mom was coming home in an hour. So you and Evan decided that tomorrow evening would be the best.


It was the next morning; you had just gone to the guidance counselor to ask for a condom. You asked Evan to pick up a package of them at the corner store, but he was afraid that somehow – they would end up telling the whole town.

The entire day was filled with excitement. Yours and Evan’s face stayed a shade of firetruck red all afternoon. During lunch, Evan rested his hand on your thigh, which only made your blushing worse. Of course, Jared picked up on it and made an obnoxious comment. Something the along the lines of being “fucking gay”, and calling Evan a “weird sex freak”.

The final bell had rang and you practically ran into Evan. You giggled at each other, knowing that he had rushed to meet you too.


Evan closed his bedroom door and suddenly got nervous. You frowned when you saw him fumbling with the material of his shirt.

“What’s wrong, Evan?” you asked softly. You sat him down on his bed, sitting next to him. Running your hand up his arm, you tried your best to comfort him. He shrugged in response. “We don’t have to do this,” you reminded him. “I’m more than happy to wait. This is a consensual thing. I love you, you know that, right?” you cracked a smile, and saw him crack one too.

           “I-I want to do this. I-I’m just scared. What if I mess up? What if I…” he began to trail off. He looked up at you and whispered, “what if I cum too early?”

           Your face turned red to match his. “It’s okay if all of that happens. This is a learning experience for the both of us. We can go slow,” you kissed him gently on the cheek. You waited for him to respond. Obviously, you would never pressure him to do something like this.

           Evan turned to you, “can we still use walnut?”

           Giggling, you nodded, “Of course.”

           Evan scooted to rest his back on the wall, pulling you up onto his lap. “I-I’m ready,” he whispered against your lips.

           You two started out as per usual. Evan didn’t use the code word once. You were kissing his neck, until he pulled away, gesturing to his shirt.

           “Should I take this off?” he asked very calmly.

           You nodded, helping him remove his polo. You were breathless at the sight. His pale form was structured like a sculpture. Every muscle, vein, and freckle was beautifully scattered on his flesh. Birth marks, moles, and little chest hairs dusted his torso. You ran your fingertips along the stretch marks that had been placed there from his middle school growth spurts.

           “You, Evan Hansen, are beautiful,” you reminded him. Evan turned an even deeper shade of red.

           Taking his hands, you guided him to the hem of your sweater. You allowed him to pull it off of you, revealing your bare skin and plain push-up bra.

           “Wow…” he breathed out, absoloutley mesmerized. You began to feel the familiar tent beneath your lap.

           “You can-um, you can touch me,” you reminded him nervously, with a small giggle.

           He reached up shakily, cupping your bra in his hands. He felt you cautiously, as if he could easily break you. He was speechless. It was the first real pair of boobs he had ever seen.

           You giggled at his expression, reaching behind you unclasping your bra. As Evan kneaded your skin, he gasped as the material fell off of your breasts. His tent grew tighter and his eyes became wider. You guided his hands to your nipples, letting him touch the sensitive nubs. You threw your head back with a whimper. Evan was shaking. 

W-Walnut, ohmygod, shit, walnut,” he whispered between his teeth. 

You nodded, watching as his eyes shut tight and his hands froze in place. You could tell that he was trying to calm his breathing. You were surprised at his sudden colourful language. A few moments passed, and your boyfriend slowly opened his eyes. 

“Did you-”

“N-No, I’m still- um- full,” he mumbled back quickly. 

You giggled at his word choice and placed his hands on your hips. You pressed your lips to his, trying to give him a feeling of familiarity. Evan soon became comfortable, taking the slightest bit of control. His fingers traced down to the hemline of your jeans. He popped open the button. Climbing off of him, you laid down beneath him, watching him hover over your body. He slid your jeans down your legs, placing the material to the side. His eyes gazed over your body, drinking the sight before him. 

Walnut,” he whispered. 

You sighed, leaning your head back on the pillow as his eyes shut tight again. 

“I-I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It’s just that- You’re laying there- fuck- you just look so good. And holy hell I don’t know if I can-” 

Giggling, you stopped his rambling. “Ev, it’s okay. I will wait as long as you want me to.” 

After the second walnut calling, everything went smoothly. You were finally fully bare, and Evan was left in his boxers. 

“A-Are you okay for me to take these off?” you asked him, placing your hand on the band of his underwear. He nodded quickly, watching your every move. 

Carefully, you pulled the white cotton off of his pelvis. His length sprung out of his boxers, hitting his stomach. You looked at his newly exposed flesh, then back at his face. “You’re doing great, Ev. You really are,” you whispered to him. Slowly, you reached out your hand and stroked him once. 

“S-Stop, or I’ll-” he whimpered out. 

“Okay, okay,” you nodded, reaching over to grab the condom before he stopped you. You raised an eyebrow to give him a questioning look. 

“I-I want you to cum, too. And I… I won’t last that long,” he mumbled sheepishly. You smiled at his concern, giving him a kiss on the cheek. He was doing so well, and you really admired that he thought of you and your pleasure. 

“Is there any way to get you, um, closer before I… ya know…” he asked quietly. 

Nodding slowly, you guided his hand to your heat. You let him rub you in a repeatitive motion. Soon, Evan got the hang of things, letting you put your hand on his shoulder - rather than guiding him. His thumb found your most sensitive nub. 

“What does this do?” he asked in a whisper, lightly tapping it. 

You inhaled sharply. “That felt really good,” you admitted with an even bigger blush. 

His continuous tapping brought you closer and closer to a high. You stopped him when you were almost at your breaking point.

“O-Okay, I’m ready,” you whispered up at him.

Evan opened up the condom, rolling it on to himself. He looked at you once more for permission. You gave him a nod, smiling. Before he entered you, he whispered against your lips.

“I love you.”

He slid into you, neither of you lasting more than 15 seconds. Evan hit his orgasm first, absolutely melting in your hands. His whole body shook. Then it was your turn, grappling your finger nails into the flesh on his spine.


Hedi came home around 10pm that night. You and Evan were cuddled on the couch, bones aching and hearts swelling. She opened the door with bags full of groceries.

“Aw, my two little lovebirds,” she mumbled. Putting down the grocery bags, she pulled out a plastic container. “Do you guys want some candied walnuts?”

Evan turned red.

sisterzoned ft. kang daniel (pt. 2/end)

summary: you’re sisterzoned by your crush the moment you two meet, will you ever have a chance?

length: 2.3k

a/n: PART 2 IS HERE IM SO OVERWHELMED BC PART 1 GOT MORE THAN 100 NOTES THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! this is a lil long and i’m honestly unsure how you guys will find this :// so please please send me asks to let me know what you think or just talk to me in general heheh i really hope you guys like this!!!

Originally posted by nieltrash

please read part 1 here if you haven’t already! i also suggest reading both parts to get you in the mood!! 

  • so continuing on it’s been 5 years and you thought you were over your camp crush on daniel 
  • however this completely proved to be wrong when you came across a picture of daniel kissing this girl’s cheek 
  • and your heart felt messed up 
  • so you decided to REALLY actually move on 
  • so you started doing a whole bunch of things to distract yourself 
  • you started to take the initiative in hanging out one on one with friends to catch up 
  • you watched a lot of kdramas and shows
  • you helped your parents at home a lot with stuff 
  • you took your younger siblings on drives and tutored them 
  • you even managed to go out for a run a couple of times a week 
  • you were feeling so much better
  • more happy more refreshed and you were doing things for yourself too
  • occasionally treating yourself and also trying new things like planting and arranging flowers which you never ever thought you’d enjoy 
  • you had a party coming up and at first you were hesitant to go 
  • bc you weren’t close to the girl hosting the party as she was only someone you met through group work 
  • and secondly it was pretty fancy as it was gonna be like on a cruise and you had to dress up and you were really lazy with that stuff
  • but you decided hey why not go as there wasn’t much to lose
  • all you had to do was force yourself to wear a dress and chip in $10 for the birthday gift and you got to be on a cruise, have unlimited food and maybe even make some new friends 
  • so here you were at this party on a cruise in your dress from a couple years of back that you wore for graduation without any make up on and a purse which had your thongs that could save your feet for the night 
  • you had small conversations with many people and everyone was generally nice 
  • people offered you alcohol but you declined as you had to drive home and you also secretly hated alcohol 
  • so now anyways onto the important stuff
  • FOOD who doesn’t like free food at parties omg
  • the food was a buffet style so it was always available and you could get as much as you wanted anytime 
  • as you were reaching for the salmon i love salmon a girl also reached for the tongs thing to pick up the salmon at the same time as you
  • “omg i’m so sorry! here you can go first!” said the girl apologetically as she offered the tongs to you 
  • “ah thanks!” you replied as you took them from her and took some salmon 
  • you offered to put some on her plate and she was grateful 
  • then it got awkward as you didn’t have in mind where to go after getting your food and it seemed the same to the girl 
  • so you decided to strike up a conversation with her bc why not she seemed really friendly 
  • “hey so what’s your name?” you asked 
  • “oh my name is yoojung! what about you?” 
  • “i’m y/n! nice to meet you!”
  • “nice to meet you too! i’m so glad that you talked to me as i haven’t really met anyone new here” said yoojung 
  • “oh are you only close with chungha?” lets say its chunghas birthday party on a cruise lol
  • “no i actually don’t know her…my boyfriend bought me here as a plus one so i thought why not as i love food on cruises” explained yoojung “ahhh this is kinda embarrassing” lets all guess who yoojung’s boyfriend is lmao
  • you laughed
  • “you’re so cute and its not embarrassing i would do the same as you if i had a boyfriend that took me to parties for the food” you replied assuring her
  • you and yoojung bonded instantly due to both your love for food and you really enjoyed talking to her bc she was so sweet and genuine and cute and you guys found out you were the same age too and even swapped contact details 
  • however for some odd reason yoojung looked a teeny bit familiar but you couldn’t pinpoint from where or what 
  • you asked her and after comparing primary schools high schools tutoring places and everything there was nothing common but whatever 
  • you guys continued to chat about other things 
  • after like half an hour of just chatting suddenly a guy came and snaked his arm around yoojung’s waist and gave her a kiss on the forehead as he said “little kid where have you been?” 
  • you couldn’t see the guy’s front but his backview somewhat seemed familiar and so did his voice 
  • but it couldn’t be who you thought it was right?
  • “stop calling me that omg” said yoojung as she shoved him playfully 
  • the guy finally turned around and his eyes widened and so did yours
  • yes it was daniel 
  • who you’d tried so so damn hard for the past two months or more like 5 years to get over 
  • and here he was standing in front of you with another girl who was cute and sweet 
  • yoojung hadn’t yet caught on that you two probably knew each other as he introduced you two “hey daniel, that’s my new friend y/n and y/n that’s my boyfriend that bought me here, daniel” 
  • daniel suddenly smiled showing his bunny smile that you had not seen in five years and it was still the same
  • you realised he’d lost some weight, grew taller and had dyed his hair light brown 
  • “yoojung that’s my younger sister that i mentioned to you before” exclaimed daniel “SIS I MISSED YOU” 
  • daniel suddenly engulfed you in a hug and you awkwardly stood their frozen hoping that he did not hear your heart burst 
  • yoojung laughed “omg what a coincidence! that’s so sweet how you guys reunited thanks to me” she clapped her hands happily 
  • daniel finally let go of you 
  • “awww y/n its been ages i’m so happy to see you” said daniel 
  • “yeah me too” you replied awkwardly as you tried to avoid eye contact and keep calm
  • it was crazy you’d been going out of your comfort zone for the past two months to get over daniel because he got a girlfriend but all that effort had been wasted as daniel and his girlfriend were standing in front of you right now
  • you were on a freaking cruise so you couldn’t even escape 
  • “well i need to go to the restroom why don’t you guys catch up?” said yoojung 
  • daniel gave her another kiss on the forehead and yoojung left smiling at you two 
  • yoojung was a literal angel you couldn’t even hate daniel’s girlfriend because she was so nice and cute and you guys even swapped contact details 
  • no wonder she looked familiar as you’d seen the photo on facebook….
  • and now it was just you and daniel and he had that bright smile on his face 
  • “y/n let’s go outside to the cruise balcony its so pretty out there!” exclaimed daniel 
  • you nodded in response unsure what to say 
  • suddenly daniel placed his hands on your shoulders and started to steer you in the direction of the cruise  balcony 
  • as his hands made contact with your shoulders you literally felt electricity run up your entire body 
  • even though the straps on your dress were really thick you still felt your skin crawl up due to the contact 
  • when you guys reached the cruise balcony he let go of your shoulders and leaned against the railing looking at the ocean and the night sky above
  • you stood next to him keeping a rather large distance between the two of you 
  • you looked towards him and couldn’t help but admire his sideview and the way he shone under the moonlight 
  • but you couldn’t fall for him, you couldn’t be distracted by his actions towards you and the smiles
  • he had a girlfriend for goodness sake 
  • you wanted to escape so bad but you also couldn’t help want to spend more time with him like this
  • the wind was pretty strong and you unconsciously folded your arms in an attempt to keep yourself warm 
  • daniel glanced over at you as he asked “dont you have a cardigan or something?” 
  • you shook your head 
  • please don’t do something that will make me all fuzzy please don’t please don’t you chanted in your head 
  • too late daniel had already taken off his jacket and he wrapped it around your shoulders 
  • you felt your cheeks burn up and luckily you guys were outside so he couldn’t see 
  • “you need to look after yourself” said daniel as you ruffled your hair
  • you were suddenly getting annoyed
  • this guy had a girlfriend and he kept doing sweet things to you that made your heart go crazy 
  • all of a sudden an unfamiliar amount of courage took over you as you shook off the jacket around your shoulders and looked at daniel right in the eye 
  • “why are you doing this to me?” you asked bluntly
  • you were so out of character as you were usually the type of person to follow others and endure rather than be straightforward and bring up uncomfortable topics like this
  • “huh what do you mean?” replied daniel confused as he still had his bunny smile on 
  • you shoved the jacket in his arms as he looked at you in surprise 
  • “this, everything that you do to me and say to me. aren’t you dating yoojung?” 
  • “yeah i am but how’s that related to my actions towards you?” asked daniel still confused 
  • “have you ever considered how yoojung might feel knowing how you treat me?” 
  • “she’s fine with it because she knows that you’re my sister -” 
  • “i’m not your sister and maybe have you thought about how i feel?” 
  • “wait what…” said daniel as he tried to figure out what you meant “no way…it can’t be what i’m thinking right?” 
  • “well yes it is” you replied
  • and then you realised you had basically confessed and never in your imagination would you have expected yourself to confess to someone 
  • especially in a ridiculous situation like this where daniel already had a girlfriend 
  • daniel looked at you wide eyed as he was lost for words 
  • silence filled the atmosphere between you two and you really wanted to run away 
  • but since you had already embarrassed yourself you thought you might as well make your feelings clear
  • “look daniel i actually liked you since that camp we met on ages ago and i’ve been trying to get over you ever since i found out you had a girlfriend. i was pretty much over you but it didn’t help that you appeared in front of me like this being all sweet and nice” you let out basically in one breath 
  • he looked at you in shock “you liked me on the camp?!” 
  • you bowed your head down in embarrassment regretting everything you had blurted out 
  • “you know what just pretend i didn’t say anything bye” you said quickly about to leave
  • “no no wait y/n” said daniel “it’s just that…why do we have such bad timing?” 
  • your eyes widened at what daniel said resorting in you staying to finish hearing what he wanted to say 
  • daniel rubbed the back of his neck furiously 
  • “seriously this is so messed up…” said daniel rubbing the back of his neck “to be honest i liked you at the camp back then too…”
  • “WHAT” now it was your turn to exclaim and be shocked
  • “then why did you call me your sister and all that?” you asked
  • “well at first i noticed you and had the feeling of wanting to protect you since you were like a little kid so i made up the excuse of us having the same last names so i could get to know you better. but i didn’t think i would end up liking you and i thought there was no way that you would like me back…” 
  • you couldn’t believe it because daniel had liked you back then too…
  • “and well back then i probably could have told you that i liked you but we were so young back then i was afraid of messing up and also since you were transferring schools it wouldn’t work out anyways so i just kept it to myself and enjoyed my time with you” 
  • you were speechless you didn’t know how to respond and to take in this new information
  • you could feel your knees go weak and tears forming in your eyes 
  • “but well as you know i have a girlfriend right now and i really love yoojung a lot…i’m so sorry y/n…i’m so sorry that it turned out like this and that i misled you i should have been more careful i’m so sorry” said daniel 
  • daniel felt so terrible 
  • “no it’s okay it’s not your fault…i overthink and overanalyse everything…” you replied 
  • “no y/n it’s my fault…but i hope that you can get over me and i’m sure there is someone out there who will love you way more than how much i loved you back then and treat you with sincerity and understand you better” said daniel 
  • you felt a stab in your heart as tears started to really fall 
  • daniel took out a pack of pocket tissues from his pocket uh duh 
  • and instead of wiping your tears which would be his normal behaviour towards you he handed them to you instead
  • “y/n i know this is selfish of me but it would be nice if you could still be my sister…maybe when you get over me and find a great guy you are always welcome to come and be my sister but it’s entirely up to you” 
  • you nodded as the tissues soaked up your tears
  • daniel gently ruffled your hair one last time before walking away 
  • you watched his back view getting further and further away and he finally disappeared back inside 
  • fate was so cruel to you 

omg the ending the ending this was my first attempt at angst so i really don’t know ??? but i love daniel sm!! well this is the end of sisterzoned. i think the moral of this story is that timing is pretty important bc here if y/n didn’t have to move schools she probably got to get to know daniel better and that by the end they would be together. feelings can come and go especially when we are young so it’s important to cherish every moment! OH AND PLS LET ME KNOW WHETHER U LIKE THIS WRITING STYLE OR NOT so i know if i should keep doing scenarios in the future i love you all 


masterlist is here

Title: Friends

Warnings: None

Request: Tom Wilson one where Tom and the reader are good friends and Tom eventually realizes he has feelings for her and is very nervous to tell her. but eventually does. She gets mad and upset bc she doesn’t think he’s being serious and is only in it for one thing but then a few days later realizes she does have feelings for him and they end up together after having a talk? Friends to lovers is my favorite trope lol

Note: This request was so cute, I hope it was what you wanted. Feedback is always welcome! :)

Links: My Master List  and My Current Requests

“And you’re going to be gone for how long?” you asked for the thousandth time, popping the hatch on Tom’s SUV, watching as he dragged his final two bags down the sidewalk.

“About 3 months. I’ll be back in time for training camp.” he said, coming stop beside you, his muscle straining as he lifted one of the bags into the trunk.

“That’s such a long time.” you sighed. “I’ll actually have to go out and make friends of my own.” you chuckled.

“It’s not like you don’t have plenty of options. You’re in one of the most populated cities on the east coast.” he said, rolling his eyes. “Someone other than me is bound to find you tolerable.”

“Wow, thanks.” you replied with a laugh, lightly punching him in the shoulder. “After you’re out of high school making friends is hard. And I’ve been stuck with you as a best friend for so long I never really needed to go out and make friends before.”

“Stuck with me?” he said in mock offense. “Just come back home with me. I’m sure your parents would love to see you. We can hang out with the old high school crew.”

“Tom, not all of us have jobs that allow us to work out and do whatever the fuck we want for three months out of the year.” you said, shooting him a look. “I have a job I need to go to every day.”

“I know, I know.” he muttered. “You are coming to visit, though, right?”

“Yeah, I’ll be there the first week of July.”

“Alright, I’ll make sure I clear my schedule.” he said, reaching up and closing the door. He grabbed the backpack off the ground, walking to the driver’s side door, you following close behind. Tossing the bag into the passenger’s seat he turned to you, pulling his keys out of his pocket. He slid his extra apartment key off the key chain, handing it to you. “Just stop by every other week, make sure nothing’s flooding or broken.” he said handing it to you.

“I know the drill.” you said, taking the key and putting it in your bag.

“And just because I have a swankier place than you, don’t use it to impress some sleaze ball lobbyist or something and for the love of God, please don’t have sex on my couch.”

“Fuck you. Sounds more like something you would do.” you said, raising your eyebrows at him.

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Requested by anon: Soulmate!au for Taeyang please?? Preferably with the both of you being childhood friends too! Thank you so much!!

hi my little anon this is for you!!! im sorry if its kinda yikes i never like my writing or the product tbh and when i do i feel like it gets overlooked by my other pieces rip @ writers the struggle is rEAL but anyways i hope you enjoyed this!!! also im tearing up on how much notice vigilante!wonwoo is getting thank you guys so so much!!! remember that REQUESTS ARE OPEN READ FAQ AND RULES FIRST SEND THEM INNNN

  • au where you have a tattoo of what your soulmate is most passionate about
  • since you were little you had a small cute tattoo on your wrist of a pair of dance tap shoes
  • but what did you know you were only 4 and only thought “those are pretty shoes!!”
  • when you entered kindergarten you met fETUS TAEYANG HOW CUTE AWW
  • “hi i like your tattoo!!!!”
  • “thanks i’m y/n!!”
  • “i’m taeyang!!! check out my tattoo my dad said they’re music notes”
  • he had little musical notes trailing down his forearm and you’re just like wow that’s so beautiful!!
  • “do you know what these tattoos are for?”
  • “my dad said it’s what your soulmate is most passionate about (whatever that means LOL),,, so what your soulmate really really likes!!”
  • how cUTE smol you and tae become little cute friends just like that!!!

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Request from; @permnentvacashton: Lol hey sorry back again with another request.. just watched Bridget Jones’ Baby for the first time and got inspired lmao, one with Jack where you’re pregnant (single tho bc the dad left you) and you get locked out your house and left in the cold for a few hours and he comes over and finds you outside and long story short he comforts you and you can end it how you want to ahaha, sorry this is so long lmao

n.b. there’s a fair amount of swearing, just so ye know.  

“You have got to be fucking kidding me”, you cursed under your breath. “This cannot be happening.” You searched frantically in your bag for the keys to your apartment. You’d had the crappiest day at work; seemingly everything that could have possibly gone wrong, had done. You were completely swamped with work, your boss gave you a bollocking because you’d missed a deadline, some prick had spilt coffee on your shirt and, to top it all off, your pregnancy was making you feel like shit. You were six months, and had headaches, back ache, leg ache, the nausea was back and you were constantly tired. All you wanted to do was lie down and get the weight off your feet, curl up in your fluffy pyjamas with a soppy rom-com, a cup of tea and a heap of chocolate. But no. You were stuck outside under and increasingly grey sky, so close to your happy place but unable to reach it. You wrapped your coat tighter around your body as a chilly wind swept through you. You could feel the air was thick and heavy. It was definitely going to rain. As if the universe was mocking you, the first few drops began to fall just as the thought entered your head. Within seconds the heavens had opened and it was pouring.

You turned your head to the sky and mumbled, “Fuck you,” under your breath.

You made a call to your landlord, requesting the spare key, but he helpfully informed you that he was abroad on business and couldn’t do a bloody thing to help. He gave you permission to call a locksmith to get you in, but kindly reminded you that you’d have to pay for a new lock. The bastard. You found a number for a locksmith, your fingers shaking with the cold, and were told you’d have to wait a few hours before someone could come out. You sighed, accepting that the universe was going to piss all over you some more before the day was through. You sat down on the doorstep, chin in your hands and thoroughly fed up. The rain was coming down hard and soon you were wet to the core, with your hair plastered to your head and slowly freezing your arse off. You cursed the father of your child again for leaving you. This had to be his fault. Somehow.

You had only been with Jeremy for five months when you found out you were pregnant. You hadn’t really known what to expect from him, but it certainly wasn’t for him to assume you would get an abortion and, when you said you didn’t want to, for him to move to another continent. Sure, you didn’t want to marry him, but you thought he might support you just a little bit. He had at least had the decency to break up with you to your face, saying he “wasn’t ready to be a parent” (like you were?), but within the week you saw on Facebook that he was off having a dandy old time travelling through South America. What a gent! You were glad to be shot of him really, but it was hard doing this on your own. You had friends and family to support you, sure, but you lived alone and you’d be lying if you said you didn’t find every single day a struggle. It was only seeing the scans of your perfect little baby, and now starting to feel her move, that kept you going.

But right in that moment, sat on a grubby step on the street, in the rain, you were just about at your limit. At least the rain hid your tears.

You lost track of time, but it must have been over an hour later when a pair of stylish leather shoes stopped before you and a warm Scottish voice called down, “Ye alrigh’ there lassie?”

“I’m not a dog,” you mumbled to the pavement.

“No, no I can see that. You look pretty wet though, what are ye doing sat outside in this weather?”

You rolled your eyes, “It’s not by choice. Look, I’ve had a crappy day as it is, I don’t need some cocksure little so-and-so taking the piss alright? So if you’d kindly fuck off,” you huffed, crossing your arms over your chest.

He chuckled. Chuckled! You wanted to be indignant, but somehow the sound was so warm and rich that you couldn’t help but soften a bit.

“No one’s takin’ the piss love, it just looks to me like ye could use the help of a kindly stranger. Did ye lock yerself out?”

You puffed out your chest like an indignant child. “No,” you said stubbornly. “Maybe. I might have left my key behind this morning.”

The man laughed again, and held out a hand. “I’m Jack, by the way.” He pulled you to your feet, and it was only then that you realised he was holding an umbrella over your head.

“Y/N… thanks,” you said, gesturing to the umbrella.

You took a moment to study the man then, having not really taken him in yet. He had the most playful blue eyes, shining starkly against the grey sky. They seemed to dance gleefully as they skipped over your face. He had a mop of soft blonde hair and a rugged beard, tinged with red, and a smile curled at the corners of his mouth to reveal boyish dimples. He had a long, straight nose and a facial structure that appeared to have been carefully and lovingly carved. He was startlingly handsome. A wealth of expression twinkled beneath his skin, the potential emotion so tangible.

“It’s my pleasure, Y/N. How long ‘ave ye been sat here?” There was genuine concern in his voice.

“An hour, maybe. The locksmith won’t be here for another two hours.”

“Christ! You must be freezin’. Well, we cannnae leave you out here. My flat is just ‘round the corner, why don’t ye come in and have a shower, get warm. I’ll get ye some dry clothes and a warm drink while ye wait, eh?”

Your head told you to be wary of a strange man offering to take you to his flat, but it sounded so inviting – you were desperately cold. Something in your gut told you to trust him, maybe it was his kind eyes.

“You’re not going to tie me up and sell me as a sex slave or anything, right?”

He laughed and shook his head, “Scout’s honour,” he said, holding up three fingers in salute.

You smiled and, only a little against your better judgement, let him lead you to his place.

You walked into the kitchen of a modern, clean, if slightly plain, apartment.

“Why don’ ye take yer coat off and pop it on the radiator. I’ll just get the kettle on. Tea?”

You nodded, “Mm, please. Milk, no sugar.” You shrugged your coat off and hung it where Jack had pointed. Your jumper was wet through, and stuck to your swollen belly. When Jack turned around his eyes went wide as he saw you.

“You’re not less inclined to be kind to me now, are you?” you said, only half joking, and stroking your bump.

“Course no’! But that mob boss I was planning on selling ye too might be less inclined to take ye now,” he grinned.

“Scout’s honour, huh?” you retorted.

He chuckled. “Here,” he said, handing you a warm mug. “I’ll just go and find ye some dry clothes.”

You stepped out of the bathroom, glad to be warm. Jack had given you a pair of baggy grey trackies and an oversized jumper. It hung loosely over your shoulders and you had to roll the sleeves up, but it pulled across your belly. You saw Jack sprawled on the sofa. He had changed into sweats and a dark blue t-shirt. You inhaled sharply as you noticed the gently defined muscles of his arm. This guy really was gorgeous. 

“Feeling better?” he asked, glancing over his shoulder.

“Much,” you said with a nod and a smile.

“Good. There’s more tea in the pot if ye wan’ it.”

After pouring yourself a second cup, you went to sit beside Jack on the sofa. You cradled the mug in your hands, and took a sheepish sip as you noticed him staring at you.

“Um, thanks again Jack, for all this. You really didn’t have to-”

He cut you off, “I couldn’t leave a beautiful woman such as yerself sat alone in the rain. I’m a gentleman, ye know.”

“Even so, thank you. You’ve been very kind.”

He tipped his head to you and shrugged. “So, do you live alone? No one to let you in?”

You shook your head.

“Where’s the father?” The question was so abrupt, it took you back for a moment. Jack clearly hadn’t meant to ask quite so bluntly. “Sorry, that was rude of me. Ye don’ have to answer that.”

“No, it’s a fair question. I believe he’s in Peru at the moment, according to his Facebook. Maybe Ecuador by now actually,” you mused.

The outrage was clear on his face. “He’s in South America? And you’re how many months pregnant?”

“Six,” you said with a smile. He seemed to care so genuinely, he was appalled on your behalf, and he’d only met you half an hour ago.

“What an arse!”

“You’re telling me. He left me two days after I told him. He wanted me to get rid of it, but when I told him I didn’t want to, he basically ran for the hills.”

“Unbelievable,” Jack muttered. “You deserve better than that.”

“You don’t even know me! What if was some awful puppy murderer, and that was actually far better than I deserved? As I recall when we first met I said you were cocksure and told you to fuck off.”

He laughed heartily at that. “That’s true, but my instincts tell me you’re actually very kind and sweet and gentle, if a little tenacious. And my instincts are never wrong.”

It was your turn to laugh then, “Well that I simply don’t believe.”

“That might have been a small white lie. But I don’t think I’m wrong about you.”

For the next two hours you chatted animatedly. Jack told you that he was an actor, and that he was soon to be in a BBC adaptation of War and Peace, which you promised to watch. In turn, you told him all about your baby girl, potential names, pregnancy woes and the like. You talked about your families, your dreams, your goals. You soon discovered how funny he was, and you felt so relaxed in his presence. By the time your phone rang, signalling that the locksmith had arrived, you felt as though you’d known Jack your whole life. He insisted on escorting you home, and waiting with you in the rain while your lock was changed, umbrella and all. He put an arm around your shoulder to keep you warm, but it wasn’t just his body heat that had a fire blazing in your chest. Once the locksmith had finished and gone on his way, you stood in the doorway, lingering for a moment. You weren’t ready to say goodbye to the handsome stranger who had saved you from the rain.

“Thanks again Jack. I… um, it was nice to meet you.”

He nodded, shuffling his feet. “Honestly, it was my pleasure.”

You smiled politely, and went to shut the door, but Jack called out, “Y/N! Do you think… could I take ye out for dinner sometime?”.

A grin lit up your face, “I’d like that very much.”

Once you had given him your number, thanked him again, and he’d left, you stood leaning against the closed door for a moment. Jack’s face played in your mind’s eye and you couldn’t help but giggle. Maybe today hadn’t been so crappy after all. If your awful day had all been some elaborate scheme by the universe to bring Jack into your life, you could handle that.

“Bit melodramatic though,” you said with a huff, to no one in particular.


Monday things!!

• today has been such a great day and it’s only 3pm 👏🏼🙌🏼
• I slept in until 10:30am and relaxed in bed for a bit!
• then at 11am I went to the gym! It felt soooo good to be back at it!! My hands hate me now and my strength isn’t where it was a month ago before I took a month off, but it’ll come back to me!
• I failed sooo many routes today, but that just makes progress that much more obvious and it’s cool to get to see the progress you make each session! I did get a solid few in so that helped lol!
• then after an hour of bouldering + weights + some ab work, I stopped at Starbucks for a bit and watched some csi miami while getting my coffee fix!! A tall soy sugar free vanilla latte! Much needed!!
• and then I hit the roads and got a solid run in! 4 easy but hot miles 😅
• it’s funny bc I haven’t worked out consistently in over a month now, and I was out partying more and drinking and just doing things that I don’t normally do and it made for some great memories. And also led to some rough times. But I’m glad it happened! Life is trial and error, I liked parts of it, but coming back to this lifestyle, it makes me realize this is my true self. I love a healthy and active lifestyle much much more than a partying one. I do want to find a balance with a social life and active/workout life but I’m not willing to give up one for the other.. so gotta find that balance 💁🏻
• but damn.. it feels so good to be back at it! ❤️

No plans for the rest of the day! Gonna continue watching csi, then maybe pick up something for dinner… idk yet?! Then tonight just hanging out with the little brothers!! :)

I hope you’re all doing well!!

Fool For Your Crown (ikon x bp)

a bestfriends!au nobody asked for. 

Staring: iKON x Blackpink

pairing: bobsoo

genre: romcom

link: aff, ao3

I suggest you guys to read it from the links bc I’m strugglying with my theme rn 

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douchebag ceo pt.7 (l.h)

Luke Hemmings out drinking again?!
Luke Hemmings found smoking with former partner Calum Hood in a bar!
Does CEO Luke Hemmings settle with this girl?
CEO Luke’s girlfriend just for sex?


“Thank you so much, Ms. Y/LN!” yelled one of the cutest fans I have met. Her t-shirt completely designed by her with all of the most “deepest” things I have written, her hair colored a light brown to match mine, she says. The cutest.

“Call me Y/N.” I smile, giving her the book. She squealed and smiled, her arms shaking as she walked away. My fans were the cutest. My friends.

“Alright she was the last,” my manager said, gripping the clipboard in her hands. I stood up and smoothed out my cardigan, taking my coffee and phone in hand and followed her out of the bookstore where the same fans stood, screaming their heads off. They all repeatedly called my name and I wanted nothing more than to stay and have a small chat, but due to my tight schedule, I had to yell a goodbye and a few I love you’s to them. Getting in the car with my manager, I took off my heels off my aching feet and laid the seat back, letting out a light sigh.

“Where to next?” I said to my manager.

“That’s a surprise.”

I sat up and looked at her confused. “A surprise?”

She gave me a small apologetic smile and looked out the window when the car finally stopped at a red light. Looking out the window, I saw the familiar parks and benches that were still standing one block from Hemmings Inc.

“Farrah, what are we doing here?”

“You were in town for the signing and he asked if you—“

“I thought we agreed we would never see him.”

“Yes, but he is your publisher and he—“

“cheated on me the day I got my book confirmed.” I said, looking at her firmly.

“I’m sorry, he insisted.”

I rolled my eyes and held onto my the sleeves of my cardigan. I ran my hands up and down my jean covered legs and let out a nervous sigh as the car stopped in front of the big walkway of the building. I remembered those big glass doors, beside those big shrubs that were cut so perfectly to fit the aesthetic of the building. The door opened by my driver and he gave me a small smile, holding out his hand to help me out. I gladly took it and looked up at the tall building, admiring it the same way I did when I took the job in the social media department two years ago.

“We can still leave, you know.” My driver says, noting my scared and nervous state.

“No, she cannot.” My manager said, grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the big glass doors.

“I hate you.” I said, with my head resting on the elevator walls, closing my eyes, listening to the sounds of acoustic guitar echoing through the elevator.

“As your best friend, you have to do this,” my manager, my best friend, said. “You can’t avoid him forever.”

“I was doing perfectly till you brought me here.”

“You’ll be fine.” And finally the elevator stopped, opening the doors to the same hall that I remembered. Walking out, I looked to my left to see the same receptionist desk but with a different person working there. She looks up at our direction as we walk toward her and her eyes get big.

“Oh my god, you’re Y/N.”

I laugh and put my fallen hair strand behind my ear.

“Oh my, I’ve read the whole ‘Done’ series about 4 times. Holy shit, I was gonna go to the signing but my boss is totally strict on people leaving.”

“Yeah, he can be.” I said, sighing.

“Can I get a picture?” She said, smiling. I nodded my head and she got up from her seat and grabbed her phone and brought it to the air, the camera getting both our faces and capturing this memory.

“Y/N.” I heard. I knew that deep Australian accent anywhere. The raspy but deep voice. The girl put her arm down and quickly sat down, probably knowing she was going to get in trouble. I looked at Luke’s appearance. His clean suit covered body bow replaced with a simple white button up, a small necklace wrapped around his clean veiny neck. His business black or grey pants now replaced with a smooth pair of black skinny jeans that showed his skinny leg features.  His clean black polished shoes replaced with dirty black converse, complementing his big feet.

“Lucas.” I called him, knowing he didn’t like to be called that. I remembered my appearance, grey t shirt with a mustard cardigan with dark jeans and (now) black ankle boots. Nothing compared to how casually business he looked. My breathing became heavier, remembering the  really bad memories that happened in this very same workplace.

“Will you  follow me?” He says, quietly, his hands behind his back. I nod my head and he walks down the long walkway, where all the cubicles were now replaced with nice and sleek wooden desk and I looked as the new workers looked at me surprised. Some were even taking nearby photos. We turned the corner to the very same hallway where his office stood. Dark wood doors and all. He pushes it open and his office now complete renovated. His dark curtains now gone, revealing the breathtaking view, his grey desk now replaced with a wood desk, organized neatly.

“Why did you call me here, Luke?” I said, to break the silence. He walks in front of me, barely sitting on the back of the guest chair, looking down at his feet.

“I just wanted to see you.”

“I’m an author, my pictures are everywhere.”

“I wanted to s—know what you were up too.” He sighed. running his hand through his blonde hair. There was a short silence and I decided to break it again, knowing the kind of wuss Luke was.

“I’m touring, as you can already tell. Going to London after this.” He laughs quietly at himself and stands straight up.

“Seems like you’ve gone really far in only 6 months.” He goes behind his desk and without warning, he picks up a small statue that stood on his desk and threw it against the wall beside him.

“Luke!” I yelled appalled.

“Fuck, Y/N! Do you know how I’ve been in 6 months? Do you not read the news?” He yells, slurring his words together. I stood there, not knowing what to do and he runs up to me, only a foot away.

“I have been in the shits! I have been nothing without you! I have been so dumb and so irresponsible with my choices and I’m so fucking sick and tired! I can’t eat and sleep and I can’t focus!”


“I can’t..” he breathes and runs his hands through his hair, his blue eyes now tearing up. We both stand there in silence, both our breathing heavy and out of control.

“Are you gonna say anything?” He says, recollecting himself.

“You cheated on me.” I hesitantly said.

“I know!” He yelled, now crying. “I know! I relive that memory when I drink, when I smoke, when I fight. And I hate it, Y/N! I don’t like being that person!” He stood in front of me, his face looking down mine. I stared into his blue, teary eyes and his nose was breathing uncontrollably, as tears rolled down my face. “You. You changed that person.” And he leaned in, cautiously pressing his lips against mine. It tasted the same. Those smooth lips tasted like him, with a tiny bit of salt mixed in. The kiss was simple, almost as if he didn’t know what to do other than to kiss me. He pulled back and let out a sigh, his breath hitting my face.

“I need you in my life again.” His hands find my tear stained cheeks and rubs them. “I need you to make me whole again.” He breathes in between words and I can smell his alcohol breath behind the minty smell he tried to cover with gum.

“I…” I say hesitantly, “I don’t want to get hurt again.” I say, now sobbing, grabbing onto Luke’s shirt. His hands then found my back and pulled me into his arms, his big warming embrace comforting me. I close my eyes as I inhale his familiar cologne and he digs his head into the crook of my neck.

“I will NEVER hurt you again.”

this is so cliche bc i wanted to end it on ceo 6 but a lot of people asked for a 7 so i did lololol here is the long awaited ceo 7. lol sorry its so short because i was originally not going to make this but i decided at 8 in the morning, eh why not lololo and i apologize that it took so long. school honestly makes me wanna put a hot iron rod in my throat. i have these finals and some club shit i gotta do but im still here don’t worry lol


anonymous asked:

Hiya!! I love your headcanons for the riarkle kids (I love all your headcanons lbr here) and as a fellow theatre geek, wondered which kid is the most theatre geek-y? I know you said that they're all pretty involved, but there's a chill drama kid and then there's a Minkus-Matthews kid 😂 xxx

WHY WITH THE OC’S omfg okay

  • Penny cannot fucking sing
  • No one has the heart to tell her
  • Basically every year she goes out for shows and has an experience close to Farkle’s at the end of GM Truth
  • They do not tell her the truth lmao they just all let her believe that for some reason the drama teacher has already picked favorites and she’s just not one of them
  • She eventually just quits altogether like junior year because at this point it’s ‘disrespectful’ lmao but she still listens to/sees shows whenever she can.
  • Everyone keeps trying to get Cassie into theater professionally bc she’s A+ at dancing/singing/acting but the fact alone that everyone wants her to do it stops her from doing it lol
  • But she still really likes them
  • But to anyone outside her family, theater is like…a closeted passion lmao
  • Her daughter Tabitha gets super involved with it at school too
  • And then when they move to New York, they move in with Auggie and Ava and Ava’s a fucking Broadway actress so obviously the four of them geek out all the time
  • And one day Katie tries to sneak into the apartment when she thinks everyone’s out to set up for a surprise romantic dinner
  • She enters as Cassie is doing Mein Herr from Cabaret
  • And when Cassie finally notices she’s there she’s FREAKING OUT because she’s been exposed but Katie is about to achieve an Anime-Nosebleed over this omfg
  • Needless to say she starts looking into musicals more and they just become trash together it’s v cute
  • Cleo does not fucking care
  • At all
  • You all need to stop singing
  • She just wants to play lacrosse STOP TAP DANCING DAD
  • UGH
  • One day she caught her son Riley on and acted as though she had walked in on him watching porn omfg
  • She just. Needs everyone to stop with the theater thank you and goodnight lol
  • Tessa only admits to liking the ‘darker’ shows because she’s 9Edgy5You
  • You know like Sweeny Todd, American Psycho, Heathers, Jekyll and Hide, shows like that
  • Get this Mama Mia shit away from her, she yells, as Riley feels her heart collapse
  • Although Tessa will never admit it for obvious reasons, but she REALLY fucking loves Legally Blonde the musical omfg
  • The only time she ever did a show was her senior year when the school did Jekyll and Hide and she got the role of Lucy and she RUINED EVERYONE’S LIVES WHAT THE FUCK TESSA WHERE DID THESE EMOTIONS COME FROM
  • Also she literally didn’t mention to anyone she was in the show, Nova and Leo brought it up bc they were in it too lol
  • NOVA
  • V E R Y  S E R I O U S L Y
  • Life is a competition and there is literally nothing more competitive than auditions holy shit
  • She signed herself up for voice lessons when she was five
  • Like Riley and Farkle had no idea until they were billed for like 3 months of her lessons at a theater school and they were like WTF
  • Okay and Nova is also 900% the kind that when her best friend doesn’t get the role she wants, she’s just like “Don’t worry I can get you rat poison!!!”
  • She’s like Sharpay but nicer, do you feel me
  • If Sharpay and Gabriella had a love child, it’d be this girl
  • She’s that bitch at dance rehearsal that is like “Ugh warm up stretches are the worst!!!!” and then very easily just pulls her leg over her fucking head as you struggle to breathe without falling over and pulling something
  • She can rap Guns and Ships perfectly it’s the funniest fucking thing
  • Always running for drama club president and stuff
  • Ends up marrying a Broadway actor that she toootally hadn’t been fangirling over for years lol
  • L e o
  • Is such a mess of a human being
  • Because he really doesn’t actually care at all about theater but he feels like he needs to bc his family is so crazy about it
  • And it’s so funny like he’s sleep through shows and movies and miss important plot details and have to bullshit scenes that he liked most when his fam asks lol
  • He’ll be in his usual attire of backwards baseball cap, vintage welding googles or some shit, and he’ll be carrying like a three books and a fucking knife collection
  • And someone will be like “LEO I BET YOU CANT DO A BACK FLIP INTO A PIROUETTE” and he’s immediately like “YOU WANNA FUCKIN BET” and tries to do it without dropping anything so Farkle’s in the back yelling “sON NO” and it never ends well okay
  • Anyway so his freshman year of high school, Nova, Tessa, and his best friend/girlfriend Skyler literally fucking bully him into joining the drama club
  • Because 1) It’s always funny seeing him trying to dance but also 2) SHIT he’s actually a great singer and actor what the fuck they NEED you LEo
  • But like. They literally bully him into this omfg
  • Tessa’s decided since she’s a junior she’s allowed to make her freshman sibling’s life hell lol but she doesn’t actually do anything that will actually hurt him or upset him you know what I mean
  • But like he’ll be minding his own business and then Tessa is jokingly slamming him into a locker telling him that he’ll never stop being a dork unless he does theater
  • Or she’ll be like ‘You have to listen to me you’re freshman scum and I am the Upperclass Overlord JOIN THE DAMN DRAMA CLUB”
  • Nova will fill his locker with passive aggressive notes insulting/challenging him like ‘you must be a wuss’ or ‘I bet you won’t try out because you have no talent’ and stuff like that
  • And he mentioned them to her and she’s like ‘Oh my God who would ever say such horrible things to my dear, precious brother’ and he’s just like ‘NOVA I CAN RECOGNIZE YOUR HAND WRITING CUT IT OUT” lmao
  • “Skyler please listen to me I really don’t want to try out for the drama club!”
  • “Well Leo I really don’t want to make out with you right now! Should I take one for the team or go home?”
  • “WhAT thE FuCK”
  • So eventually after like 2 months of this he gives up and decides to audition
  • And he’s like “Maybe…I’ll just sabotage my own audition so they don’t cast me as anything”
  • And he got really excited about that plan
  • But then
  • Since he is his father’s son
  • None of his plans can ever work out for him
  • So everything he did to sabotage himself, something else happened that prevented him from looking bad
  • It was so fucking funny to the girls bc they knew he was trying so hard to suck and it just wasn’t working lmao
  • They cast him as Moritz in Spring Awakening lmao
  • And after that, everyone in school wouldn’t stop talking about how great a performer he was, so he was like…fuck I’m stuck with this until I graduate aren’t I
  • He was
  • On his last day of high school, Riley and Farkle go into his room to have an emotional ‘Oh my God our baby’s graduating” talk after they had one with Nova
  • But they open the door and
  • Leo’s got a fucking sacrificial alter or some shit set up, and a metal trashcan with a fire blazing in it right in front of it
  • And he’s throwing into it all his scripts, costume pieces, makeup and tap shoes he’s gathered up over the years, laughing manically
  • When he notices his parents he freezes and they just stare at each other for like five whole minutes
  • But that took his concentration away from the fire, which then got too big and catches his fucking sleeve on fire
  • So he’s now jumping around trying to put it out and that causes him to bang into the fucking alter, knocking it down and putting a fucking hole in his floor.
  • Riley’s just like “why couldn’t we have just walked in on you watching porn” at the same time Farkle  goes “why are you like this” lmao
  • They never speak of that again
  • He still gets dragged along on family musical trips tho lmao
  • riarkle kids why are you doing this to me

Lmfao, I don’t think I’ve ever done a bias list or any kind of post on Ikki despite meaning to for 800 years, but better late than never KJERNKGJEBG. I’ll consider this a thank you for all the milestones I’ve hit as well as for all the love I’ve been given on this blog in general, because goodness there is so much more of it than I ever expected. When I first starting roleplaying Ikki almost a year ago, barring like two months at this point, not many people knew what Amnesia was or who Ikki was and I was, like… the only… person… in the rp community rip, so obviously I didn’t expect much from this blog. I kinda figured he’d die off after a month or so, as is my usual curse when I pick up new muses. They rarely stick around – but Ikki didn’t just stick, man, he took over as my main and grabbed my heart and soul akjsdhfajkg.

That is, of course, due to all of you. Despite being from a relatively unknown fandom, so many of you still interacted with me and gave me a chance (in NO small part thanks to Disney World ;’)) and now here I am, almost a year later, still going strong with about 700 of you following me. I can’t thank you all enough for roleplaying with me here and even getting to know my muse after we started interacting, for those of you who went on to play Amnesia! I’m so glad the fandom has gotten a few new members and that I’ve been joined in the community by such great roleplayers. It warms my doki doki heart. I look forward to continuing to interact with you all in the future, despite you all having to put up with my sometimes abysmal reply speed. :’)

Below the cut, a quick bias list to show my appreciation and admiration to a super small group of people. See you all on the other side in 2017 ;) ♥

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Love Isn't Always Fair (Part 2)

can you PLEASE make a second part to “Love isn’t always fair” bc I’ve been dying and I wanna know what happens lol. love your stuff c:

Can you do part 2 of love isn’t always fair. With andy biersack

Part 2 of love isnt always fair with Andy Biersack

I know it was a long time ago, but could you finally post a second part to the Andy Biersack imagine where he leaves you for Juliet?

Part two of the Andy one! If your aiming for sad~The girl can see them out being all happy and stuff and basically her just moping and being sad Aiming for happy~Andy realizes how dumb he was and runs back to you. You don’t let him back so easily so he does things here and there to earn you back

Part 2 of love isn’t always fair?<3

Yeah, sorry… He gets sad because you tell him that you like someone because you want some advice to tell that person that you like him and he thinks that it’s someone else when it’s actually him… And some cute end… Sorry if it’s confusing… I actually speak Spanish. Thank you!

You should continue the Andy Biersack imagine but where he realizes he fucked up big time and wants Y/N back and she makes him prove to her that he really wants her back! Pretty please? With whip cream and cherries? C:

hey omg could you please do a second for the Andy ‘Love Isn’t Always Fair’ ??? please please xoxo

Can you do a Part 2 of the Andy one where he’s been dating Juliet for a little while maybe like 6 months and your still not over him and you go to Warped Tour with your best friend who’s maybe is in a band (Oli Sykes maybe) and you bump into Andy and Juliet and Andy can’t stop looking at you and accidentally says “I love you” and its a big fight with everyone and then he ends up choosing you because Juliet has been cheating on him the whole time?? I know this long but you wanted detail (:

Like, Andy B. Imagine “Love isn’t always fair” would be excellent if you’d write that he sees you with some other guy on the streets kissing and gets jealous. His EX (now gf he left for) is screaming on him on the street you see that and walk away. After a few days he comes back, but then you say no to him. He doesn’t give up. He tries so hard. You don’t trust him, get in another fight. But end it fluffy where they makeup! LOVE U <3

In part 2 of Andy, make it like, a few months later, Juliet dumps Andy and he realizes he never loved her in the first place. And he tries to talk to Y/N but she wont answer his calls. So he finally goes to her house and they make up and he tells Y/N that he loves her and needs her and that he is nothing without her. Just really fluffy cute and passionate. You know. Something like that? :)

Hi, can you do part 2 of “love isn’t always a fair” ? pleasee :3

For the part 2 of the Andy biersack imagine it could be like it’s been a few months since Andy left and you go out to a club or whatever you want with your friends and Andy and Juliet are there, so you like dance with a lot of guys and Andy gets jealous or something? He leaves Juliet and comes back to you and apologizes and you two get back together and just really fluffy:3 sorry if it’s really long(/).(\)

well hum okay can you make a part two to “love isn’t always fair” where y/n stays heartbroken for a while and one of the guys from the band (maybe ashley or cc??) helps her through it and eventually they start dating and omg maybe then andy realizes the mistake he’s done and you can decide what goes on from there i guess :) sorry that i didn’t specify it the first time 'round, i’ve never made a request for an imagine before so i didn’t really know… woops xxHiiiiiii! Could you please please pleeeeeaaaaase do a part two of 'Love Isn’t Always Fair’??Love Isn’t Always Fair part 2? :)Part 1" damn…lol where here it is finally!! Enjoy

*6 months later*

“Mom I’m telling you, I’m fine.” You tried to convince your worried mother. 

“Y/N no you aren’t. Look at you! You’ve been staying on our living room couch for the past 6 months.”

“I mean do you expect me to move back there? I-I just cant. Too many memories… I can’t handle it.” You faded off. As much as you tried to deny it, you still had feelings for Andy. After all, he was your first & only love. Your mother sighed & took a seat next to you. 

“Y/N listen to me. I know you’re facing a really terrible heartbreak right now, but you can’t let this control your life.”

“Too late.”

“No it’s not too late. Listen to me.You go out there, & you do something. Anything. I don’t give a shit, but you sure ain’t hell gonna sit on this couch all day everyday.” Your overly emotioned hormones took over & you started balling right in front of your mother. “Okay okay, maybe the tough love isn’t working…but sweetheart listen to me. You have to get back out there. Now I’m not saying you have to go find a husband asap, but you’ve gotta socialize okay?”

“It’s not that easy mom! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE OKAY?” You understood that your mother just tried to help, but you honestly didn’t want to listen to her positive crap anymore. 

You took your car keys & wandered off to god knows where.

*Andy’s POV*

God damn it I’m an idiot. How can I let something so stunning, so fragile, so beautiful slip away from me? And no I’m not talking about Juliet. That slut has been cheating on me for the last 5 months. Really? That was the reason we broke up the first time… To think I had the nerve to leave Y/N for this unfaithful piece of trash. Now I understand how she felt. Heartbroken, betrayed, used. 

All because of me. 

I have to get her back. 

Fuck how am I gonna do that. She fucking hates my guts. “Andy come on, our set is on in 30 minutes, we gotta set up.” Ash told me. 

“Alright I’ll be out in a sec.” I whispered in a low tone. Ash sighed & returned outside. He knew about this entire situation; along with the other guys. Should I call her? No she’ll probably just decline them. Text her? No she’ll delete them. “I-I can’t think about this now.” I breathed to myself. I hopped out of my bunk & locked the bus. I don’t know how I’m gonna go through this set without thinking about her, but I have to try. 

I made a terrible mistake. 

*Your POV*

“COME ON Y/N LET’S GO!” Your friend begged you. She had an extra ticket to go to warped & she wanted you to come with. 

“Sarah no. You know who could be there & I’m really not  trying to run into him.”

“You won’t! I promise, just please come with me.” You couldn’t resist. Plus you wanted to see how the rest of the band was doing. As long as you didn’t run into Andy, everything would be fine. 

“Okay okay. I’ll go." 

'I’m making a huge mistake.’ You thought to yourself. 

*At Warped*

You just finished watching ISSUES’ set & it was amazing. They were one of your favorite bands. Surprisingly you didn’t think about Andy once. That was about to change..

You & your friend parted ways since she wanted to see Beartooth & you weren’t a big fan of them. You were scrolling through your instagram so you weren’t paying attention to where you were going. You bumped into a tall figure & dropped your phone.

"Oh I’m so sorry!” You exclaimed. You both bent down to pick up your phone & the other’s keys.

“…Y/N?” You could recognize that voice anywhere.

It was Andy. 

You didn’t know how to respond. This entire day you’ve been hoping that this exact moment wouldn’t happen. “Hello Andy.” You said under your breath, but loud enough for him to hear you. 

“H-How’ve you been-”

“Why do you care? Go ask your girlfriend how she’s doing.” You noticed his head go down after you said 'girlfriend’. 

“We uh…we broke up-again. She cheated on me.” He admitted. You honestly felt like the biggest asshole in the world. Part of you wanted to punch his lights out for breaking your heart, but the other part wanted to console him & make sure he’s okay. 

“Sorry to hear that." 

"Thanks…Look Y/N, I can’t keep this a secret any longer. I’ve missed you like crazy. I don’t know what I was thinking when I left you. Juliet meant nothing to me. You’re the one I want. Now & always. Will you consider taking me back?" 


"Are you kidding me? ANDY YOU PUT ME THROUGH HELL FOR SIX FUCKING MONTHS! You think just because your girlfriend dumped you & you’re lonely & vulnerable I’ll be more than happy to take you back?" Oh god you wanted to slap yourself for saying that. Your mind’s telling you no, but your heart’s telling you yes. 

"Y/N, just hear me out okay? Please?” You let out a deep breathe before you say anything else you’ll regret later on. 

“Fine. Talk.” You guys walked to a more private area & sat down.

“Okay, I know what I did to you was terrible & awful. And Y/N please believe me when I say I’m so so sorry for hurting you. You know I would never want to do that to you. These past few weeks I’ve been contemplating how I ever let you go. I love you Y/N. And I don’t think I ever stopped. You are the most intelligent, amazing, & beautiful girl I have ever met. And I know it’s gonna take more than words to convince you but I…I just need you back in my life. Please stay with me.” Your eyes were lost with his & you were at a lost for words. You couldn’t believe what you were hearing! Is this really happening right now? 

“…Andy I-”

“Hey Biersack, your set’s on in 45 seconds. Handle this later.” His stage director told him & left. Andy let go of your hands & stood up. 

“I uh, guess I have to go. Please don’t leave…”

“BIERSACK!” Andy looked at his director, then to you, & left. You still tried to comprehend what had happened between you. He was right when he said it was gonna take more than words to convince you. You took a walk to try to get your mind flowing in the right direction. 

*20 minutes later*

You walked by Black Veil Brides’ set & decided to watch. They were finishing their last song. You made sure that Andy couldn’t see you so you stayed in the back. 

“OKAY GUYS THAT WAS OUR LAST SONG OF THE NIGHT!” Andy screamed into the mic. “But before we go, there’s one thing I have to say.” You just thought it was something about an upcoming tour or something. Boy were you wrong. 

“As you all know, I had a beautiful girlfriend named Y/N. I did a terrible, terrible thing & I put her through hell these last six months. Y/N if you’re listening, which I doubt you are, I’m so so sorry, you have to believe me. I’ll do anything to get you back, & I promise I won’t let you go this time. You are the most important woman to me & I need you in my life. I’m so sorry.”

The crowd was filled with 'awes’ & 'what’d he do’s’. You ran before anyone can spot you. Not too long after Andy’s speech, your phone began to blow up with twitter & instagram notifications. Fans took videos & posted them with you & Andy tagged. You put your phone back in your pocket & continued to wait for Andy near his tour bus with your final answer. 

*10 minutes later*

“Y/N what are you doing here?" 

"I heard your little speech mister.”

“…oh. Well?”

“Well? Well of course I’ll take you back. It takes balls to admit what you’ve done wrong, especially in public. I never stopped loving you either Andy. I missed you like crazy. You wrapped your arms around his neck as his arms were around your waist. 

"I love you too Y/N.” He said into your shoulder. “I promise I won’t ever hurt you again.” You parted & planted a big kiss on his lips. 

You finally had your man back, & it’ll take a while to regain that trust that you once had, but what you two have now is more beautiful than you could ever ask for.


anonymous asked:

jasper jordan wtf? can we talk about clarke griffin instead & how she's had to make hard decisions sacrificing herself, her relationships, her morals to protect ppl like jordan. but instead jasper guilts clarke, is allowed to treat her & others like crap for a whole season because the boys on this show are for some reason allowed to grieve. yet girls like clarke who already blames herself when she could blame others too has to get her shit together in an ep without being able to grieve

(cont) like who tf cares about jasper jordan lol. the double standards are ridiculous. because when he needs to heal, him being an asshole to others is defended under mental illness or ptsd. but when clarke needs to heal by literally just going off to be alone instead of taking it out on others like the guys do. you have ppl like bellamy blaming/ guilting her for leaving and fans calling that “romantic” bc apparently girls feeling like shit is a really romantic concept nowadays how fucked up

Rant about ableism, how mental illness works and the dangers of having fans who ignore all of your flaws under cut:

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anonymous asked:

“The skirt is short on purpose.” + marrish bc honestly... that sentence screams lydia:)

I wasn’t taking prompts but knowing me, how can I not write this? ;) (especially after three people asked for the same thing lol)

Lydia likes Jordan. She likes him a lot.

She likes the way he always opens doors for her, the way his hand is too big and too warm in hers, the way his eyes brighten and a smile too big for his face crosses his expression whenever he sees her, the way he listens to her and strokes his thumb in soothing circles across her palm. He’s like her knight in shining armor, always there for her and always protecting her, and she likes it.

She really does.

But sometimes, all she wants to do is break through that chivalrous persona of his, because they’ve been dating for two months already and Jordan hasn’t even tried touching her underneath her skirt, let alone have sex with her. And it’s absolutely frustrating to say the very least, because Lydia has her wants and desires and it’s not that she doesn’t think Jordan can fulfill them, it’s that she knows he will and that he’ll worship her in bed like the goddess he believes she is.

All she needs to do get them off first base and straight to third fast.

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