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I didn't know where to put this aha but could you do a h2ovanoss fic based on like one of those cheesy romance movies where they end up having to fake date/be married for some reason and they end up falling for each other? Bc that's really cute and I'm a sucker for those 😂 much love! ❤️❤️❤️

What was he thinking? What the hell made him think this was a good idea. Evan told his friends he had A BOYFRIEND. He wasn’t even really gay and he told his friends he had a freaking boyfriend. 

What the hell was he going to do? He was texting Del would he never told about this until now, ‘What the hell am I going to do man? I said I had a BOYFRIEND! What was I thinking…’
‘Why don’t we just pretend we are dating?’

Wait Del had a point, ‘We always seem like we are ‘flirting’ anyways so what harm will it do? haha’. Evan was stoked and texted back instantly, ‘Lets do it!’

‘Do what? ;)’ Evan groans at that. ‘You know what I meant..’ 

They planed to meet up in real life with everyone and.. “Evans Boyfriend.”. The plan was all set. They just had to act like they were dating this couldn’t be that hard right? They already play flirt with each other.. How much different was this?

“Hey Evan! Wheres your boyfriend?” Craig ask and Evan laughs nervously as he goes and grabs Del, “come on..” He whispered in his ear. Del felt a chill run up his spin when he felt Evans hot breath go down his neck when he whispered to him. 

Then Evan walks out holding Dels hand and everyone was.. You could say ‘Surprised’. “WAIT REALLY? When did you guys start dating?”

Evan lies and smirks, “oh you know about a couple months..” Luke smirks at Del as he walks over. 

“Oh really. How do we know we can believe you?”

Del grabs Evans face in his hands and smashes their lips together. Evan WAS NOT expecting this to ever happen when they made this deal. Their lips just felt right together though. They got lost in it and Evan found his hands in Dels hair. The kiss went on way longer then either could of expected. 

They pulled away and looked at each other dazed by what just happened.. They actually liked kissing.. Each other but. Neither knew how the other felt and they laughed it off talking to the others about their, ‘Relationship’ for hours until they decided to head home. 

Del dropped off Evan and then just like that they were done with it. That was it but.. They would of never guessed that for the next couple months they would be pulled into double dates with friends, and visa versa and.. They were still not actually dating. 

Right now it was what would be there ‘four month’ anniversary for Fake dating and they were out with Brian and Lanai. 

“You guys are actually really cute together you know that?” Lanai says with a smile and Evan wasn’t even paying attention he was so lost in his own world staring at Del. 

He has done many things he regrets in his life but fake dating Del was not one of them. He felt himself falling for the man.. He felt Del could never feel the same way though. Del looks over at Evan and catches him staring for a split second until Evan looks away to talk to Brian. They laughed, chatted, and held hands for hours with Brian and Lanai. 

Then it was time to call it a night. Del was done with this though. “look Evan. I’m done with Fake Dating.” 

After hearing that Evan feels a drop in his gut as he feels like he just lost everything.. “O-okay..” Then Del walks up to Evan. 

“I.. I can’t do it because I know it isn’t real you know Evan” 

Del what was he saying? Evan just looks at Del as he slowly gets closer and closer to Evan. “Four Months ago we kissed in front of our friends and I have never felt anything kissing anyone but.. When I kissed you I felt EVERYTHING.” 

Evan looks up at Del as Del puts a hand on Evans face. “What are you trying to say Jon?” Then Del smiles as he glides his thumb over Evans cheek, “I’m asking your permission to kiss you again if that is okay?”

Evan nods as he pulls Del in and this kiss felt different. It didn’t feel forced or like they had to do it. or they NEEDED to.. It was because they wanted to. Evan deepens the kiss. A burning sensation ran through them as they felt their heats combining into one. They were there and they were kissing because they wanted to. They loved each other. 

“Evan. Will you go out with me.. for real?”

Evan rest his forehead against Dels as their breaths combine and they feel the heat from the other. “Yeah.. I’d like that. If it means there is more of that.”

“Oh there will be a lot more than that.” Del says as he smashes their lips together again. This time it was filled with more lust and they pulled apart here and their to catch their breaths. Then they just stared at each other. 

“I.. I think I love you Jon.” Evan says and Del grins, “I think I love you too Evan.”

They intertwine their fingers as they laugh and talk for hours about nothing really important just some games and some bad flirting.  

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