lol this scene made me laugh okay

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I have zero issues with the Jace/Maia hook up, I love it BUT I did find it hilarious that they decided to put it in a montage sandwiching a 30 sec Malec scene. The writers are either fearless or completely unaware of the bitterness in the fandom about the lack of lgbtq+ intimacy. They even panned out of the malec kiss to cut to the het sexy times! lol That being said I think because it was such a good ep overall it's easier to laugh about it rather than being angry. So more good episodes please!

Haha, yeah okay, the way they faded out that Malec scene made me all…. oh guys c’mon. Sometimes the editing/cutting is really good in the eps and sometimes… not. Sigh. I mean I get that they wante to have a nice final assembly and in some ways it did work like that. But that was a bit unnecessary to end it like that to just get more sexy Jace/Maia.

But then again, I am saying this since 2x01: Slow down the fucking plot!

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He keep the essense of the book and that's important to me but he added some scenes that gutted me there's one particular scene he added on the early part of the movie it gave me hope even though I know it's not possible.. I know you know which scene that was. Francis is not perfect but I love him and hate him, you know.

okay you worried me for a second there, lol. 

When that part came up, I hit my friend on his knee so hard everyone around me laughed. It was a really nice surprise, but at the same time, I don’t understand how it was so much more heartbreaking in that scene even though we have seen it before. 

So I love him for that, and the other additions he made weren’t fillers fillers, so that was a relief. But for a movie that’s split into two, part one still managed to leave many things out, so it kinda makes me wonder how it will all play out in MJ2. That’s where I am Francis, where are you going with this? BUT I know by now to not doubt Francis, Patron Saint of Everlark and Guardian of the Hunger Games Movieverse.