lol this scene is too funny

A fun little story to go along with tonight’s episode!

When they were filming at the CS house, Eion came out to chat with the few of us fans that were there, and he was telling us that he doesn’t have a motorcycle license so he legally can’t ride the motorcycle August has. So when he rolls up onto a scene, he has to scoot the bike along with his feet LOL. And then they have a stunt double come in to actually ride it for shot that needs it. 

Just thought that was a funny little story you guys might enjoy!


The Saga of Seungri’s shower scene [Subbed Video].


There’s somethin’ suspicious goin’ on, here....

Right at the end of Decoy For a Dognapper, the gang is explaining the spooky adventures to the police. 

Sadly, they failed to solve the greatest mystery of all, “who thought it was a good idea to paint a sheriff’s office entirely baby-food-green.”

A perfectly-ordinary scene. What could possibly-

…oh? A filing cabinet just miraculously appeared behind Velma? That’s… weird.

Yikes, and now Shaggy sees something spooky, too! What is it, Shag?

…it’s Scooby, making a silhouette… on the exact same section of wall they were just in front of? And now they’re gone?

Watch out, gang, this place really is haunted!
83 Thoughts I Had Watching The "Outlander" Season Finale
My body was not ready. SPOILERS AHEAD.
By Keely Flaherty


13. Frank DIED? Oh, thank god.

14. Brianna, look, Frank is not daddy. Literally everyone sees Jamie and says, “Daddy.”

22. Why isn’t someone taking care of Lallybroch? Where are Jenny’s garbage great great grandchildren?

40. Must be one of Jenny’s garbage grandchildren laying flowers at the Culloden Fraser rock.

41. Glad you’re not crying during this scene, Claire, cause THE REST OF US CERTAINLY FUCKING ARE.

45. Be the Chill Murtagh you wish to see in the world.

50. The turtleneck game on this show is so strong. Everyone is so hot and wearing such a flattering turtleneck.

59. Poor Roger, his dad just died and now he’s got these two biddies living in his house, arguing about time travel, and he just wants to wear his chunky turtlenecks in peace.


Carl the Animator: “Hey, we totally know how!”

Ted the Animator: “You in no way know how.”

Carl the Animator: “I’m great at smears, and smears are the best for showing motion and stuff.”

Ted the Animator: “You have a smear addiction, even in simple scenes. You’ve used them for Shaggy turning right while eating pancakes, for goodness’ sake”

Carl the Animator: “It didn’t look too crazily weird, though.”

Ted the Animator: “Well, then, two words: locker room.”

Carl the Animator: “…meh.”

Ted the Animator: “You’re an addict. A terrifying-smear-drawing addict.”

Ted the Animator: “Wow, that’s high praise, how nice of them to say!”

Carl the Animator: “Beakman’s show was a little before my time, but I actually saw him do a collab with CaptainDisillusion on the topic of free energy devices. Really incredible video, people should check it out.”

Ted the Animator: “Alright, but… why are you bringing it up now?

Carl the Animator: “…’cause it was super cool and sciencey?”

Ted the Animator: “Eh, fair enough, I guess.”

Ted the Animator: “Oh, absolutely, that would be fun.”

Carl the Animator: “You’re welcome to, as long as I save the day in the end… and fall in love, and stop some evil robotic mastermind, and–”

Ted the Animator: “I don’t think you’d be a side character in that situation.”

Carl the Animator: “Good point… in that case, we’d better be the main characters of the story.”

Ted the Animator: “…sorry, Anonymous, he’s always like this. Just do whatever you want.”

Carl the Animator: “Ok, fine, I’ll settle for just destroying the robot overlord. Is that too much to ask?”

Carl the Animator: “…huh.”

Ted the Animator: “I wasn’t aware the lunar year was so short in 2017.”

Carl the Animator: “Maybe the moon got hit by something, and it sped up so much it’s only 18 days now.”

Ted the Animator: “…oh, wait, here’s another message, looks like it was just a typo.”

Carl the Animator: “Dang, I was starting to get excited about the lunar cycle bein’ all weird. Humph.”

Ted the Animator: “Either way, do you have any goals for 2017?”

Carl the Animator: “Well… I guess I see this year as a new opportunity. A clean slate to leave the failures behind, and build on the successes. It’s a chance to enhance my artistic skills, and commit to reaching more people whose lives are enriched by them.”

Ted the Animator: “…wow.”

Carl the Animator: “I need to get my art out to people who find value in it… the world needs tiny positive impacts in its daily lives now more than ever. Actually, a photographer I follow is doing that on Instagram this year, and I want to follow suit… you never know what person you might inspire.”

Ted the Animator: “…that’s shockingly introspective of you, Carl. I’m seriously proud.”

Carl the Animator: “Oh, and in 2017, I also want to try those little bite-sized pizza things. That’s my second goal.”

Ted the Animator: “…ok, I’m marginally less-proud now.”

[Sherlock season 4] - Just imagine a scene like this:
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>John's daughter:</b> Dad! I want to come with you!<p/><b>John:</b> No, absolutely not. It's too dangerous.<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> Come on, John! Let her come, it's only a murder!<p/><b>John:</b> But she's sixteen!<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> So what?<p/><b>John:</b> Are you kidding me?<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> No, I'm serious.<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> She's your daughter, what did you expect her to say? "Oh daddy please, read me a bedtime-story"?<p/><b>John:</b> ...<p/><b>John:</b> Why the fuck am I surrounded by PSYCHOPATHS

Carl the Animator: “Ted! Ted! The boss needs this running scene done in the next 5 minutes!”

Ted the Animator: “…what? Why? That’s not possible!”

Carl the Animator: “All I know is he really, really needs it. Can you do it?

Ted the Animator: “No! There are too many leg movements! It’s a ton of frames to swap between!”

Carl the Animator: “Well, can you… like… skip some?”

Ted the Animator: “…everyone would look like they’re magically skidding along the ground, while their legs flash from side to side.”

Carl the Animator: “Oh, come on. It can’t look THAT weird, right? …Right?”


Ummmm…. Proof please. LOL!!!

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Oh also! Do you plan to post Something New here, too? That fingering scene in the car is one of my absolute favorite bits of smut ever, and it used to be (would still be, if only I'd had the foresight to save it when I had the chance) my #1 go-to in times of need... if ya know what I mean, lol. I'm sorry, I'm bombarding you with requests today! I read and love all your new writing, and it's incredible to see how you just keep getting better, but gosh do I miss some of the old stuff too.

lmao that is so funny, i love it. but yes, eventually i will have ALL of my previous writing back up! 

Bts reaction to you swearing for the first time

You: Shit

Jin: Wh…what? (you’re kookie)

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You: Damn it.

Rapmon: No, you can’t say that.

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You: Then I said fuck you.

Suga: Wait what?!

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J-hope- Yall were arguing about why you got home so  late.

You: You know what, it is way too late for this shit.

J-hope: Say that again?

Jimin- Yall were making out, that’s all lol.

(When he kisses your neck) You: Fuck…

Jimin: he was a little shocked but got used to it once yall got into the moment.

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You: V can you just shut the fuck up, I’m on the phone.

Taehyung: laughs cuz he made you mad, but stops making noise.

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(Watching a fight scene): Oh shit!

Kookie: Giggles cause he finds it funny.

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What if male seiyuu voiced goku?

i think that would be neat but at the same time, i’m a little conflicted?? 

i do love sean schemmel’s voice in the english dub, but english is a very irregular and phonic language where tone can essentially change an entire meaning of a sentence. i think his voice is very charming for the role, and for the more serious scenes, since he could go a little deeper in his range, he delivers wonderfully.

with that being said though, i think because japanese has a different set of language rules, masako nozawa’s higher pitched voice works well for a character that’s meant to be funny and innocent. she can definitely carry the weight in the heavier scenes too, but goku’s character essentially isn’t always serious. the majority of the time, he’s really goofy!! to me, her voice works because it’s funny the same way i find sean schemmel’s voice funny lol

i mean i’ve heard plenty of male voice actors be hilarious in japanese, but at the same time, i always register deeper tones for more formal and (for a lack a better word) edgy characters. and for higher tones, i picture the character being more childlike. like imagine trading vegeta and goku’s voice, it just sounds off when you consider their personalities. that’s just my opinion tho

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the january of this year i was lysander in a midsummer production! it was really fun and i loved everyone in the cast. being lysander was really funny too because i'm super gay and i had to act super straight for the role omg. it didn't help that my hermia was one of my friends so during rehearsals for that one scene where lysander tries to sleep next to hermia we kept bursting out in laughter (we nailed it in the production though!)

that sounds super fun omg!! i’m sure having to act super straight was a time and a half lmao

‘’ The way they look at each other… Lydia has feelings for him too…’’


Let’s go back to season 2,when Stiles was in love with Lydia.

‘’ Lydia never smiled at someone like she smiled at Stiles.’’ 

Interesting. Because in this scene 2x12,Lydia came to Stiles’ house to talk about JACKSON. She was sad and crying…about JACKSON. Oh and that smile is more like ‘’ Yeah…funny…’’  

Then she saw the presents Stiles bought for her and then she was like ‘’ Pfft,whatever.’’ It’s not a ‘’ I like you.’’ giggle.

Then there’s the popular ‘’ I’ll be devistated talk. Lydia didn’t even care,she was so busy with Jackson.

Let’s skip this and move on.

Definitely ‘’ I’m in to you.’’ look. Ha-ha. It’s like ‘’ I’m worried..Everything’s gonna be ok. ‘’ look.

and everyone’s saying ‘’ Stiles will be really mad at Theo for this. ‘’ Not just Stiles folks,Malia,Scott..everyone will be mad at Theo because Lydia is their friend. Not just Stiles’. 

And for those who’s been saying ‘’ Stiles and Malia is not cute at all. They are just kissing and this is not a realionship.’’

Even tho this scene wasn’t real,it was Stiles’ dream or vision whatever.

Oh and here we go. Here’s a ‘’ I love you,you are going to be okay.’’ look.

Oh but of course Stiles do not like or love Malia,she’s just a distraction. He’s just trying to forget Lydia. Yeah,yeah,NOPE.