lol this scene is hilarious


“You’re going to die tomorrow, Lord Bolton. Sleep well.”


Adorable & Hilarious Animal Drawings by Simpsons Illustrator

Liz Climo is a talented artist who has worked for the famous Simpsons series. Currently working as an illustrator and storyboard revisionist for the Simpsons, this artist uses minimal drawings of animals in unlikely friendships with a humorous and endearing twist to their tales. You can buy her prints on Society6.

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anonymous asked:

In episode 5 when Shintak go shopping what's that white stuff Eun Tak keeps trying to buy but Shin keeps throwing out of the cart? I feel like I'm being a lil' stupid rn but I really can't tell what it is? When I first saw the scene I thought it was pads but why would that store randomly have pads at the checkout and anyway Shin would have died of embarrassment like the mature 900 yo man that he is.

Lol… tbh… I don’t really know either xD but it looks like maybe towels? Socks? But it’s something white and packaged with plastic. 

The store is Miniso which is Japanese Designer Brand… and they sell a variety of merchandise… if anybody knows about the product, please help out Anon and I ^^

But this scene cracks me up every time… I just love how Shin got everything for her in the end! >.<  


And then the next week, Mark and I had similar relations…


365 days of rory gilmore: day 60
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The Adventures of Billuji and Paanika: How to wake the girl you (literally) slept with [while your mom screams for you in the bg] (2/2) 

(part 1 here)