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Tsukki trying to be subtle about his feelings


in which Yamaguchi receives his first confession letter from a girl and tells Tsukishima he plans to accept the confession, but Tsukishima subtly tries to suggest another option.

I don’t even need anyone to date me ever again, I just need teachers to keep saying I’m a joy to have in class


First ratified quad jumps in international competition:

Quad toe loop: Kurt Browning (CAN), 1988 World Championships FS
Quad salchow: Timothy Goebel (USA), 1998 Jr. Champion Series Final
Quad lutz: Brandon Mroz (USA), 2011 NHK Trophy SP
Quad flip: Shoma Uno (JPN), 2016 Team Challenge Cup SP
Quad loop: Yuzuru Hanyu (JPN), 2016 Autumn Classic International SP


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forgive me for using ms paint, based on this text post

OKAY! This is too much! The suspense of not knowing if JK&JM will do a Vlive together since they’re the only ones left + the excitement for Bon Voyage 2 that is airing soon. Do they know this is killing ONE bird (me) with TWO stones?! This is OVERKILL!

Okay I’m calm now…Just had to get it off my chest…Nothing to see here…Run along now…

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Top 9 Sui/Han Programs (in no particular order)

Spanish Romance | Champagne | Samson & Delilah
Painted on My Heart | Stray Cat Strut | Terracotta Warrior
Francesca da Rimini | Plants vs. Zombies | La Strada

Cooking (PART 2)

“Stop dragging me away from my work, Program!” Data protested when he got dragged away from his workplace by Program, his ‘lovely’ friend.

“You have to take a rest or you’ll die!” Program replied as he drags Data away to his bedroom before he 'throws’ (actually no, he’s not that strong) Data to his bed. “Now take a rest while i cook something for you!” Program said.

Wait what?

“Did you just say that you’re going to cook for me?” Data asked.

“Definitely! Take a rest now. I’ll watch you until you’re asleep.” Program replied.

“I don’t have time to rest!” Data exclaimed and Program fell silent. Pixelated tears start to form in Program’s eye sockets and guilt starts to hit Data like a brick.

“O-okay okay! I’ll sleep, okay?! Please don’t cry…!” Data said, all flustered up and tried his best to stop Program from crying and wiped the pixelated tears away.

Program smiled evilly in his mind at the fact that his plan succeeded.

“Sleep.” Program said shortly with a pout, pointing on Data’s bed.

“Okay, okay! Geez…” Data replied as he took off his shoes and jacket before he laid down on the bed. Minutes later, Data is fast asleep; so fast that even Sonic can’t compete him.

Now Program can cook his dear friend something!

Its been a month since the first time he first cooked at Data’s place and burnt his kitchen to crisps. But! He asked UT!Toriel to teach him how to cook (properly) and it didn’t exactly do anything on his cooking skill. Though he can make proper tea with boiled no-oil water, but that’s not enough. He has to make a proper food for his dear friend!

Like, if its not him who take care of Data, who will?

Data has no other friends other than him!

(Which is actually good because Data is his)

Time to cook!

Program skipped away to the kitchen, humming cheerfully. When he arrived there, he immediately grabbed the pan and put it on the stove. He pours some water in and dumped a sachet of instant pudding he got from UT!Toriel. He turned on the stove in high temperature and left it alone for cutting some other 'ingredients’ to put it into the pudding.

“Oh wait. Should i put spices into the pudding?” Program wondered out loud before shrugging and dumped all of the spices he found in the kitchen into the pudding before stirring it a little too strong that it splattered all over the kitchen. Luckily, none of it got him and burns him on the way.

“Uhhh… Which one is sugar and salt, again?” He wondered in confusion, looking at two jars of sugar and salt before decided to put spoonfuls of both into the pudding and stirred it again, this time lightly.

Then he dumped the other 'ingredients’ into the pudding and he stirred it again before he turns the stove off. He takes a bowl and pours it into the bowl before carefully puts it into the refrigerator so it’ll cool off at the time Data wakes up.

Oooh! He’s so excited on what will Data say about his cooking!

He then dumped the dirty utensils into the sink and left the kitchen, this time without burning it into crisp.

What now?

Data is still asleep and waking him up just for tasting his cooking is a big no.


Too boring!

…and too quiet.

“Maybe i should go back into the Webs until Datty is awake.” Program said and starts climbing Data’s huge screen, entering the Webs through the screen slowly.

Now we wait!


Data groans softly as he blinked his eye sockets open. He sat up slowly and scratched the back of his skull. What a sleep. Best sleep he ever took.

He dragged himself out from his bed to grab his jacket up and wears his shoes back along with his jacket, back on working.

But when he steps into his workplace, Program lunged forward from the screen to him, resulting both of them to scramble up onto the floor.

“Program, stop doing that!” Data exclaimed.

“You’re awake! Now you should eat! I made you pudding!” Program replied excitedly and stood up to drag Data away into the kitchen, ignoring Data’s words.

“Don’t ignore me!” Data protested, but still letting Program dragging him.

But still, he also got ignored again.



“Program… You made me a pudding?” Data asked, actually in concern but it seems like he didn’t manage to burn the kitchen down like last time. Except he left the dirty utensils in the sink and he smells something 'deadly’.

He’s not so sure anymore if the 'pudding’ Program made for him is not an actual 'pudding’.

“Yeap! You should sit down and then i’ll serve you the pudding!” Program replied as he lets his hand go (Data just realized that they were holding hands just then) to the refrigerator.

Data did what Program told him so and Program came with a bowl of…'pudding’ and a spoon for him. He puts it in front of Data and 'deadly’ smell immediately fills his nasal concha.


This doesn’t seem like a good thing to eat.


Data peeked up a bit to Program, only to be greeted by Program’s bright and curious and hopeful eye light and sparkling aura around him.

…might as well try it.

He grabs the spoon and take a small part of the 'pudding’, bracing himself for the taste and his life as well. He slowly put it into his mouth and he almost lets anything inside his nonexistent stomach out when the 'pudding’ reached his tastebuds.

“So? How is it?? Is it good??!” Program asked Data excitedly.

Data tried his best to keep a straightest face he could do despite he’s screeching internally about this. He’ll say that it tasted like death, but this is Program! He can’t say that to this shrimp of a skeleton!

“I-its…g-great…” Data shakily answered as he gulped the piece of 'pudding’ down and still screeching internally.

Program immediately beamed up in happiness that it blinded Data up and he actually passed out because of the 'pudding’, which making Program to scramble up to Data in panic.

At the time Data woke up, his nonexistent stomach hurts and he’s back to his bed.

But this time, Program is here, slumped up on the edge of his bed, sleeping. He looks closer and saw the dark teal coloration under his closed eye sockets. Program looks pretty…tired and uneasy in his sleep. He also catch a glimpse of trails of dried tears on his cheeks.

Did he…cry himself up to sleep?

Oh man, now he felt bad.

“Program…?” Data called up and he almost got a heart-attack when Program suddenly sprung up, wide-eyed.

“D-Datty? D-Datty are you okay?? I-i’m sorry! I-i-i won’t cook for you anymore! I-i can’t cook! I’m sorry! I really shouldn’t cook anymore! It’s useless anyway! I-i can’t even remember a simple thing as which one is sugar and which one is salt! I-i’m sorry! Please don’t die! I don’t want you to die again!” I’m sorry!!“ Program immediately sputtered out, bursting in pixelated tears on the way.

"Program.” Data called him again calmly.

“Please don’t die…! I don’t want you to die…! Please don’t leave me here…! I’m sorry…! I’m sorry…!! I don’t want to be alone again…!” Program continued up, and this time Data had enough.

“Program.” Program flinched when Data sat up and Data put a hand on top of his skull, petting him slowly.

“I won’t die, okay? I won’t leave you alone.” Data told him.

“But you did,” Program replied shakily, “you died… And i’m all alone again…”


Did Program…?

“You died… Because of me… You died… You died… You died… You died… You died… Its my fault… My fault… My fault…”

“Program! Stop it! Look at me in the eye!” Data exclaimed, shaking Program’s shoulders to make him to look at him in the eye.

“I didn’t die, okay? It’s all just a bad dream. It’s not your fault. It never is. You’re not alone, alright? I’m still here. I’m not dead. Stop saying that i’m dead and its your fault, okay?!” Data told Program, “now stop crying. I hate it when you cry… It didn’t fits you.” He continued softly, wiping the pixelated tears off gently from Program’s face.

Program is silent, sobbing quietly while Data helped him to stand up before he scoots away a bit and let Program to lay down beside him on the bed. Program curls up to Data and actually cries himself up to sleep.

Data sighed at this.

So it happened to Program too…

He shook his head and close his eye sockets, trying to forget the sight of Program pixelated away from his hands and him becoming a genocidal creature in the back of his mind.

It’s all just a bad dream anyway.


Data by @unknownpov
Program by me!

I tried to do a thing with Kara…


Wakaba Higuchi || JGP Linz, Free Skating [x]

3Lz+ 3Lo (11.10+1.10GOE=12.20)

3Lz+3Tx (11.33+1.40GOE=12.73)