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4. Show us at least one picture you drew or sketched recently that you did not put on a public site.

This is not recent, but it might be more coherent and amusing! I did this short comic last October, accidentally got water on it (you can still see the rippled parts…)  so I left it pressed in a book, and forgot about it until I found it again recently:

It’s about the cow costume from Niall’s skit with James Corden! Thought it would fit with Farmer Harry. Once upon a time I would have seen this cartoon to polished digital completion, but I think the optimal posting date on this one has long passed…so I will just show it as it is.  (All my drawings start out on paper like this, actually. I have this arbitrary habit of folding a printed page in half, and drawing only on that half for any particular project…the other half is sort of a brainstorming a ‘test page’ lol)

As for recent drawings…I did this sketch I did on a whim (Beware! Super messy!):

It’s ot5 cosplaying Team Rocket, yeah yeah? :D  Pink topknot Zayn as Jessie, with Liam as Jessie’s pokemon Arbok, and lavender cinnamon-roll hair Louis as James, with Harry as James’ pokemon Weezing. And of course, Niall as Meowth.

It’s in a very early drawing stage, so that’s why it looks so haphazard like that. (There are some key decisions I have not yet made: for example, whether I should make Zayn faithfully sport Jessie’s miniskirt-and-thigh-high-boots combo or should I just give him pants lol) I guess there is a gigantic difference between how my sketches look and how my final art looks….I see it as my way of bringing a blurry idea into focus gradually, you know? It is crystal clear in my mind, but my hand takes several approximations to get it right, and I don’t bother to erase much in the meantime.

I’m not sure if I should finish this drawing…when I started it was just a self-indulgent thing, I don’t know if anybody else might be interested in this. It was fun in my mind though. Zouis as Team Rocket just feels so right to me, haha!

10. Who is your favorite artist? Who/What inspires you?

Truthfully, when I first started drawing 1D in early 2015 my drawings were SO embarrassing, and all the 1D artists I encountered awed and inspired me. I guarantee you that most of the skills I learned since then, was acquired from observing techniques of this fandom’s pantheon of fantastic artists. 

Outside of this fandom, I also love the art of @c-cassandra , @iguanamouth, @cyarindraws !

14. What is your favorite color?

It’s the kind of green I have in the background of my icon! It’s a soothing color to me. My favorite types of palette to work with is that very kind of bluish-green, paired with diluted muted yellows, dark blues, and contrasted with a reddish-orange. Although, for someone who typically doesn’t do much coloring, I probably should just say black is my favorite color 😂

Thank you for asking!

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Would you ever consider posting some pictures of your bedroom? Not trying to be creepy you just seem like an interesting person and I'd love to see a little more of how your room is decorated if you're comfortable with it!

thank you :) i have too many things to fit in my room lol, so it’s always messy, i cleaned it a bit and took some pictures. i’ve posted pictures in my room before but not recently. i also wish the walls were cream, i hate having such a dark colour on the walls (but i do like the starry night painting my sister did for me years ago) 

// HEYO! :D Here’s my version of the Meet the Artist meme that’s been going around! I got several admin asks as well, so might as well knock out two birds with one stone! 

Fun Facts & Q&As under the cut!

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Lemme just... talk about the GOT season finale for a while...

It’s the finale, it deserves a separate post ok, even though I’m not even a GOT blog, but anyway…

Seeing how turbulent and messy this season was, the finale was actually better than I expected, some very satisfying moments, some great payoffs, and of course, you can’t have a GOT episode without some cringe here and there. 

Boy do I love having low standards lol.

So while it did end up being better than expected in general, I was still able to predict a lot of shit, and that doesn’t usually happen with GOT. Well, not until this season at least.

Tbh, I totally called the jumping between the boatsex and the big reveal. Like?? It was the most soap opera plot they could possibly pull, and the most predictable one. Which is why I wasn’t sure if they were gonna do it, but hell they did. I swear those five minutes of Bran and Sam revealing Jon’s heritage, combined with Jon and Daenerys doing it as Bran is having his vision and calling Jon the true heir to the iron throne? That shit puts even the soapest of soap operas to shame. Can’t wait for Bran and Jon reunion, gonna be awkward.

The Night King riding on Viserion and melting down the wall? Called that one too. I wasn’t sure if Viserion was gonna breathe ice or just blue fire, but guess they went with fire. It was a cool scene overall, just not very exciting I guess, mostly it was the visual aspect that did it. At least for me. For all the zombies and undead ice vampires, the White Walkers plotline was underwhelming this season, which I was somewhat surprised about. I mean, the Night King is supposed to be this big villain, and I’m just not feeling it? 

Other than that, some interesting minor character moments here and there. The Hound and his brother, Jaime and Brienne, Podrick and Tyrion, Bronn and Tyrion… Nice touches that I appreciated. 

All in all, it was long af.


1. Littlefinger just got MURDERED. I have waited seven seasons, and it was so satisfying to watch, it was the only scene that actually got me excited. I told y’all the Stark sisters were playing him. BUT it was still cringe to watch the sisters drama, but lol I forgive them. The way they killed off Littlefinger single-handedly redeemed the show for all the bullshit it pulled. I like don’t even care right now, Littlefinger’s dead, that’s all that matters. 
2. The Stars sisters talk at the end. Somewhere in the afterlife, Ned’s ghost is proud. 
3. Jaime is FREE! Finally, after being Cersei’s bitch for too long for it to make any sense anymore, he’s left her side for GOOD. Another thing I’ve been waiting for for quite some time now. Boy they had me scared for a moment, with that “She will be the end of you” talk, glad that one’s much less likely now.

So there, a pretty good finale it was, generally speaking. And we’re talking in GOT standards, of course. I was actually really into most of it.

But now, the long wait begins. Hopefully season 8 will be worth it, at least most parts of it.

Okay, so with all the NeyMessi going around, I felt like dissecting the levels of their relationship a bit (mainly, their hugs) (also sorry for some bad quality, these are just from random videos on Youtube or past edits of mine).

So first, we have the quick and simple arm around the shoulder/quick small hug plus some head patting thrown in occassionally, this normally happens after the hype of a goal has worn off and they’re just now getting to each other (most of the time, it’s someone else’s goal)

Then we take it one step farther with the actual hugging (there are tons of these, so I’ll just pick a few) and they occasionally have high fives thrown in and Neymar almost always kinda picks Messi up a little bit and they’re both all smiles :) This happens after one of them has scored a goal (the other assisting sometimes, though that’s not a prerequisite).

Then there’s the more exciting ones, where they can’t control their enthusiasm and someone always gets picked up (and one case of a piggyback). Most of the time, this happens in an important game, or because of a really awesome goal.

And of course we can’t forget the ones where Neymar feels left out and tries to get Messi’s attention, which in the end he always does, because what else is gonna happen? 

And it just gets better and better with every game so we always have something to look forward to! :D

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I'm sorry if you've been asked this before but how are you so good w noses??? like damn... Also, I rlly love your art!!! Thanks for ur time pal

omg thanks.. I took awhile to reply because i wasn’t sure how to say that…IDK!! IDK HOW TO DRAW NOSES!! Noses are actually the hardest thing for me to draw i mostly just mess around until it looks good UH i drew a few here tho, um its not a tutorial or good advice at all but its just how i do them I GUESS!! 

and of course when u add shading/highlight in the coloring stage it helps bring it all together .. :D 

YEA sorry this is messy and not organized (this is how i draw lol MESSY) but yea i just draw really sketchy and over and over until it looks good..  hope this helps in some way ^^;;  thank u again ;.;♡