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Hey!! I always have to remind myself of this, so I may as well remind everyone else too!

If you’re still embarrassed about something that happened years and years ago, nobody else remembers or cares by now!! The only reason you remember it so well is because you were the one at the center of it, and rehearsing the event in your head and remembering how uncomfortable you were at the time further cements it into your memory, so it’s easy to think that everyone else who was there at the time remembers it as vividly as you do to this day or that it was just as significant event to them as it is to you, but that’s not true! I’m willing to bet $99 that nobody who was there has even thought about it since. None of them care anymore (if they even cared that much to begin with), so there’s nothing to be embarrassed about anymore!

Alright well I guess this is happening. 😂😂

Ok one time this guy got in an arguement with his girlfriend at school and he threatened her so she decided to call up some dudes at a rival school and they showed up and one had a baseball bat and another had a machete and like 6 cruisers showed up and a kid got arrested so that happened.

Ummm. April Fool’s was always a fan favorite at school. I for one would go full throttle. One time I messed with the computers in all of my teachers classrooms and made it so that on Google Chrome all of the pictures turned into pictures of Nicholas Cage. Also glitter bombs were a thing that happened. (That was also me. 😂😂)

Let’s see…. There was the time I punched a kid in the middle of the cafeteria for making some ~unwanted advances~ toward a friend.

Oh! Or the time some freshmen broke into the auditorium. (My safe place. And decided to spill Sunny D and then use a costume dress to mop it up. And *SPRAY PAINT* on the lights panel. Among other things.) And when they got caught someone had to hold back a friend of mine from beating their asses.

Oh and the time that the stoners set a fire on this old stone pavilion thing by the park at our school. (Don’t ask me how they set a *stone* structure on fire.) That was fun. (I wasn’t involved just saw all the smoke and heard about it from people. No one could figure out who it was so people didn’t get in trouble but yeah.)

Ummm. I can’t think of anything else off the top of my head but if I thought about it I could probably come up with more if you guys are interested.

Anyway, enjoy!

-Mel (the Slytherin)

☆30 Days Hairstyles Challenge☆

Day 01: Short Haired Female
Day 02: Medium Length Haired Female
Day 03: Long Haired Female
Day 04: Long Haired Male 
Day 05: Black Haired Character
Day 06: White Haired Character
Day 07: Gray Haired Character
Day 08: Green Haired Character
Day 09: Red Haired Character
Day 10: Dark Brown Haired Character
Day 11: Light Brown Haired Character
Day 12: Yellow Haired Character
Day 13: Orange Haired Character
Day 14: Pink Haired Character
Day 15: Dark Blue Haired Character
Day 16: Light Blue Haired Character
Day 17: Purple  Haired Character
Day 18: Two Colors Haired Character
Day 19: No Hair Character
Day 20: Sided Hair
Day 21: Pointy Hair
Day 22: Male With Ponytail
Day 23: Girl With Ponytail
Day 24: Side Ponytail
Day 25: Pigtails 
Day 26: Braided Hair 
Day 27: Hairclips 
Day 28: Bowl Cut 
Day 29: Asymmetric
Day 30: Something else of your choice


Let’s play “Guess What’s Wrong With This Post”:

1) misogyny: evidenced by their refusal to call Eleanor by her actual name

2) outright lying: literally zero “antis” have ever suggested that Louis and Bebe are a couple so it’s highly unlikely we were screaming

3) more outright lying: acting as though he only genuinely likes Bebe and not Eleanor

If you guessed 4), all of the above, you are correct!

from the 1st of october i’m probably going on a full hiatus because exams will be in about a month and queuing stuff up is really something i won’t be bothered with but please don’t unfollow me i’ll be back in november


Keith and Shiro decide to go to the beach. During the day, Keith gets a spider-man popsicle (because is nerd af) with temporary tattoos in it. Shiro suggests to use them, he loves his boyfriend so much.

This is a request from @shanksaru about ASL brothers playing with Nami’s hair cause it looks like fire. Isn’t that idea adorable?! It killed me just by imagining it. I just have to draw it! Thanks for asking! ^_^

A drawing I made for SJM during her ACOWAR tour in Toronto :) I had it colored but I told myself I wanted to repaint it….but that was like 2 months ago and this drawing has been driving me bananas ever since so I’m not sure I’ll ever actually fix it lol