lol this one is pretty bad. oh well

The Random Number Gods

So yesterday me and @aboutthreeneps were playing MegaTagmension Blanc+Neptune vs Zombies, and we went up against a pretty tough boss, and we actually won! To be perfectly fair, my boy Cody carried that match… I got in a good bit of damage, but he had to revive me like 10 times (lol I’m awful).

I feel so bad though… apparently this boss has a super rare item drop, like one that only happens around 1% of the time. I’m sure you can see where this is going: I got the drop and he didn’t. I didn’t know it was rare until I equipped it and he was like “WHAAAAAAAAA” and I just… the random number gods are so… RANDOM in doling out their blessings.

Met a fan (on the right) at the smaller ComicCon event during this month every year, “FanX” in my city. Never met a fan before, was pretty fun to meet someone that is a fan of my art! Too bad I didn’t have anything to give her! D’oh. She has a pic, that’s enough, right? hehe.
One day, perhaps I’ll have a booth at ComicCon. That’d be cool…. lol.

It was fun. Wish I had been able to get more pics tho xD;; AH WELL.