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Summary: Phil isn’t much of an adventurous uni student.  That is at least, until he goes out with a friend to the club and wakes up the next morning with no memory of the previous night and a text from someone who he apparently had “fun” with.

Word Count: 2.2k

Warnings: alcohol mentions

A/N: idk but here’s some cute coffee shop getting together fluff type of thing.  i’m still just trying to get back into writing (and get back into actually finishing fics lmao) but hope this is a good happy read (i actually have another fic that i’m gonna post tomorrow that i’m much more excited for but shhh)

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“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”

Phil had never really been much of the adventurous type.  He tended to prefer staying in to going out and anytime he tried to break a rule he ended up feeling so anxious that he couldn’t go through with it.  Instead he was content to play video games and go to coffee with his friends and not really worry about doing any of the things that kids in uni were supposed to do given that this was the time of their lives that they were supposed to be messing around.

However, last night, for some completely unknown reason, Phil had (albeit reluctantly) agreed to go out to the club with one of his good friends.  He remembered how hot it was when they had first walked into the building pulsing with music and he remembered how absolutely horrible the first shot of the pineapple mango vodka had been.  But after a couple more shots of slightly less vile alcohol and at least one beer, Phil’s memory of the past night started to go a bit fuzzy.  

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I think you & others fail to understand an important point. Those who support Gillian & Peters relationship can also be Gillovny and "hop back on the Gillovny train" as you said. Why??? Because Gillovny to us sane pple is enjoying all their flirty, fun, friendly interactions. Not believing in the delusional their of some super secret love affair lol

Oh, babe, I understand perfectly well. Trust me. Even when Gillian was with Mark, Julian, Rodney & Clyde I was still Gillovny because I was celebrating 2 beautiful people who know & adore each other. (Pretty sure I posted about that a couple months ago, btw) My point is that these specific people who are now jumping back on the Gillovny train are the ones who shamed people for even celebrating David & Gillians friendship. These are the same people who have attacked David & said that he is “bad” and “toxic” for Gillian. These are the same people who say that Gillian is only doing more XF because of the money or she was “pressured” into it, not like she’s a grown ass fucking woman who can make her own decisions in life. Those are the people that I’m talking about.

Did I Get Too Close?

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Can I have a imagine where the reader surprises Lynn on tour,but she catches her cheating. Then like break up or smut or both idk

A/N: i’m in an angst mood, so this is the one i decided to work on. not sure if this is a good idea or bad idea. hope you enjoy! pretty sure i also just give a way the ending. oh well lol


You watched from your car as the opening band walked into the venue, it was only three pm but you were sure Lynn and the guys were practicing. You didn’t want to interrupt them and you wanted the surprise to be a good one, one that solved your many problems you had tried to do on your own but failing miserably.

You grabbed your phone and sent a quick text to Brian, watching as just as you pressed send the typing bubble popped up. His text giving you the go ahead to come in since they were done rehearsing for the show. You shut off the car and got out pressing the button to lock the car behind you.

Justin and Alex waving at you as they watched the opener band do their chosen songs for the night. Brian made his way over to you and pulled you into a hug, his squeezing hurting you as you lightly patted his back, “Okay booty man. You’re gonna kill me man.”

He chuckled and let go of you, “Missed your crazy self.”

You laughed and shrugged your shoulders looking around the small venue checking it out. Justin and Alex walking up to you, pulling you into a hug as they joined the conversation. All of them telling you about the venues and states they had been too.

“I’m sure you’re looking for Lynn, huh?” Alex asked you as his smile still stayed there on his face.

You nodded and let out a nervous chuckle. The guys all laughing as they pointed to the double doors beside the stage, “Dressing room. She took off that way once rehearsals were done.” Brian told you.

“Hadn’t been herself since like three venues ago.” Justin shrugged. He walked off answering his phone. You waved and headed through the double doors.

You walked through the hallway, your eyes scanning the rooms that had read the names of the bands. Your heart skipping a beat once you reached Lynn’s name. You smiled and knocked on the door. Her laugh ringing out and your nervousness disappearing. You opened the door and looked up only for the happiness you were thinking was about to be reached, shattered in seconds.

You watched as she sucked on the red headed girls neck laughs coming from her. You cleared your throat and both of their attention turning to you. Lynn’s eyes going wide like a deer in headlights. You shook your head, your arms folding as you waited for something, anything to come from her.

She stood up to make her way to you before you took a step away from her, her hands reaching out to you but you avoided them at all costs. The red headed woman stood up from the couch and tried to exit the room but you weren’t gonna let her, this was between all three of you now.

“I’m sorry.” Lynn spoke as she looked down to the ground, avoiding all contact.

You rolled your eyes and let out a scoff. Her eyes looking to yours as she tried to search for something, anything that she could maybe even try to fix this. All signs she hoped for not even showing that she could.

“You lied to me.” You pointed to her as you held back the anger you were feeling.

“I know.” She sighed.

“Do you Lynn, do you?” You rose your voice, clearing it after you realized the momentum you had hit.

You looked to the red head who was standing beside Lynn, her foot tapping like it was an inconvenience to even be here. You scoffed and moved out of the way so she could get out. She got to the door and you jumped at her like you were gonna hit her causing her to scurry out faster.

You looked back to Lynn and let out a laugh before turning on your heels and walking down the hallway. She followed behind you, her hand trying to touch you to get you to stop but each time pulling away from it. You stopped and turned around. Your eyes locking to hers as she tried to grab your hand.

“Did i get too close?” You asked her.

Her eyebrows furrowing as she tried to understand the question you were asking her. She tried to process the question, looking at the ground.

“Didn’t mean to have your true colors exposed.” You spoke through gritted teeth as you watched the shock and hurt take over her whole face.

You turned back on your heels and walked through doors, tears rolling down your cheeks as you walked pass the guys. Their happy smiles turning to frowns as they looked through the clear window that was on the double doors. Lynn standing there in the hallway eyeliner smeared as her sobs got louder and louder.

Your phone lighting up, Lynn’s name and picture showing up. You scoffed and rolled your eyes but pressed the green button. You listened as she began to speak, it being apparent she had been crying. The guys in the background as they whispered how Lynn screwed up.

“Give me back the love i wasted now, Lynn.” You said hanging up the phone.

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Please could you draw Jacksepticeye in B8, i want that in my life so bad. 😂❤️ Thank you, and i am in love with your art, it's so pretty!

[scrolls through inbox looking for a specific ask]

oh shit waddup this is the Jack one. Well I did it! lol Hope you saw and liked! it was my most detailed fashion one yet. Its even making me think about drawing other youtubers as overwatch characters. 

Everyone is worried Lexa is going to die. I'm not, know why?
  • Because if there's anything the writers of The 100 love, it's subverting tropes and defying expectations.
  • Us: Oh ok so this Kane dude is the villain, cool this is easy I got this.
  • Writers: nope
  • Us: Psh, all those innocent people on the ark won't die. Classic high pressure scenario. The kids will get those flares up for them to see the ground is habitable just in time to save everyone.
  • Writers: nah
  • Us: Oh, bummer. Ah, well here we have a traditional love triangle. Time for dumb drama between Clarke and Raven where they hate each other. Can u say catfight? Haha
  • Writers: boring. we <3 friendship
  • Us: Oh, neato. Oh no! Raven might be paralyzed! Lol jk Abby'll get her fixed right up and she'll be on her feet by next episode.
  • Writers: nope she gon suffer forever
  • Us: Ouch. Well cool, disability representation is rad. Well hey I know Finn did a bad thing but he's one of the mains, Clarke will find a way to save him right?
  • Writers: lol u thought
  • Us: .... ok y'all don't mess around. Man, Clarke and Lexa have some pretty interesting chemistry. But psh, they would never-
  • Us: FUCK ok shit oh ok ok Jasper's going to kill Cage before Clarke has to pull that lever, they wouldn't have her kill a bunch of innocent people and kids right like she's the main character she's supposed to be the good guy that'd be super brutal-
  • Writers: we do not fuck around
  • Us:
  • Us:
  • Us:
  • Us:
  • Us: Oh shit they're going to kill Lexa aren't they the lesbians always die, something always happens and it's always tragic
  • Writers: [look into the camera like they're in The Office]