lol this movie is the cutest thing ever


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Nicknames: Do I have one ?? Not really.. thOUGH YASHI IS LIKE THE CUTEST THING EVER THNX ANNA 

Star Sign: Libra

Height: Around 5′3″

Time Right Now: 1:48pm

Last Thing I Googled: Jimin in the dope era >u>

Favourite Music Artist: lololol bangtan of course,, other than that, Owl City~

Song Stuck In My Head: Sleepwalker by Illenium

Last Movie I Watched: I don’t remember?? for a film major it’s been a rly long time since i watched a movie lol

Last TV Show I Watched: Hwarang! I’m so.. i’M SO AFRAID OF THE NEXT EPISODES U GUYS

What I’m Wearing Right Now: jeans and a maroon long-sleeved shirt

When I Created This Blog: Summer 2013 I think !

The Kind of Stuff I Post: literally whatever I like? anime, music, currently most BTS (sorry guys I became /THAT/ blog)

Do I Have Other Blogs: none

Do I Get Asks Regularly: not really, only by friends and mutuals when I reblog an ask thing ^u^

Why Did I Choose My URL: my son, my ultimate son, I miss him, when will he return,

Gender: female

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
 4 life

Pokemon Team: hahhhh.. I didn’t.. play,, *dodges ppl*

Fave Colours: purple !!!

Average Hours of Sleep: if I’m lucky over 8.. I’m not lucky that often

Lucky number: idk.. 3? I just like the number 3.

Favourite Characters: *looks at url* ok

Dream Job: I wanna be an imagineer for the Disney company, but also in postproduction at Pixar, but also I want something where I can travel the world, and I want—

Number of Blankets I Sleep With: just one, unless it’s rly cold >.<

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