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Is... is that the first hints of Maul/Obi in IamBen? Please don't tell me if it isn't, I'm enjoying the thought.

Face turned up to the sun, Ben let out a soft breath of relief as he felt the rays slowly heat his pale skin with gentle touches compared to the burning sun of Tatooine that had taken a toll on his aged body during the long years he had stayed on Tatooine.

Taking a deep breath as the stale wind of Coruscant ruffled his hair, Ben tilted his head slowly. “What do you want Anakin?” He murmured softly.

Slowly the child joined him, sitting down on the edge of the roof sparring arena. For a few minutes he said nothing which caused Ben to open his eyes and look at him.

“Anakin?” He murmured more softly.

“Is Maul courting you?” Anakin whispered, swinging his legs slowly back and forth.

Musing over that for a few seconds, Ben finally shook his head. “He may be interested in me but… too much happened last time for me to be able to accept him close to me without somehow worrying about him stabbing me in the back. And that would not be a healthy relationship.” He sighed softly. “To be honest Anakin, I’m not sure I’m looking for a relationship at all anymore.” He turned his head back to looking at Coruscant.

Nodding slowly, Anakin continued to sway his legs back and forth slowly. “Guess I get what you mean.” He murmured, sounding so much more mature then his age would allude to.

Ben felt a soft heartache at the loss of such childhood before quietly reminding himself that while Anakin showed maturity, he didn’t remember or understand all.

He still had a chance for a childhood.

“He gave you some nice earrings though, that’s why I asked.” Anakin continued as he peered at one of the comm spires of Coruscant, watching how the sun glittered off it.

Chuckling, Ben reached up to touch the earrings in his ear. “He wanted me to have them as added protection. Apparently his mother enchanted them.” He outright laughed at Anakin’s out at the mention of Talzin.

After what felt like fifteen minutes, Anakin spoke up again. “You’re up here a lot.” He mumbled, barely heard over the wind.

Ben hummed, feeling the concerned eyes on the side of his face. “…I miss the stars. For all of the uncomfortable things of Tatooine… the stars almost made up for it, up here I can almost see them again when I’m on Coruscant.” He looked back at Anakin to see the understanding gaze.

The two shared a knowing smile before focusing back on the slowly setting horizon.

They both knew what future was coming, both knew the darkness that laid in that direction though Ben was trying his best to prepare the Jedi Order for it.

This was just dawn before the darkness, just a few more years of light before everything was going to fade into darkness.

Ben let out a shaky breath, sending a prayer off into the Force that he was doing enough.

Please let it be enough this time.

Carrying the galaxy on his shoulders before had been hard enough.

Obi-Wan had died on a fiery bank on Mustafar when Anakin had turned into Darth Vader.

Anakin might be back… but Obi-Wan was still dead… only Ben remained.

The hermit of the wasteland who had a new chance.

Perhaps he could finally be happy?

I should be working but omfg i needed to sketch this out because i read your posts and!!!!! THANK YOU!!! Precious springle needs his rest over the holidays and doesnt need to pestered ha ha

My man manager Kevin pestering people should be a thing whilst I slowly doodle bad story shit OMG

Recruit @springledongle into customer service and i think the murders would be justified

imagine a scene of Rey with her eyes closed, standing still with Kylo walking slowly around her, stops behind and says “let the past die” looking at her back, observing her new change of hair and clothes- taking a step closer and whispers “kill it, if you have to” and Rey then turns around slowly opening her eyes looking straight at his, as he tells her “that’s the only way to become who you were meant to be”