lol this looks

grim-dude  asked:

Ey Wowza I gotta curious question. :Vc What's the story/inspiration for your little horned (or pointy eared?) blue persona?


im shameful to admit that it was mostly inspired by Disturbed’s mascot. I started drawing myself like this when i was in my obligatory 12 year old emo phase lol.

Early drawings of my persona were super emo it hurt omggg. It looked more or less like the disturbed mascot but drawn rly bad and with crooked horns.

so anyway crazy idea but it’s just fiction so let people run their sans from undertale rp blog and write fics where they marry the smelly rat man from overwatch

let people enjoy things and stop making unironic cringe posts that are 40 replies of pretending you’re better than those people lol