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Rfa+V+Saeran. Valentines day!! how would they spend it with Mc? Fluff with a little bit *cough* steamy time *cough*

~I’ve been thinking about this since it’s coming up!

◉ Yoosung

  • You’re his first Valentine so he is like freaking out
  • Asking his guild friends what he should do but they don’t know, either
  • Asks Saeyoung but ends up getting pranked
  • Finally he calls his mom and his sister to get some advice
  • And when you come home from work you see the house is spotless
  • A candle-lit dinner is on the table
  • Music is playing
  • And he is waiting there with a bouquet of your favorite flowers
  • He feeds you a little bit between kisses
  • After dinner is a romance movie!
  • And snacking on some chocolates
  • He smiles as your hand gets closer and closer on his leg
  • It’s time for you to give him his gift! ;)

◉ Jumin

  • Of course he has an elaborate date planned
  • You guys start the morning with breakfast in bed (heuheu)
  • A little more bed than breakfast…>.>
  • Then he is whisking you away to a private vineyard
  • You guys spend the day walking around together
  • You have a very light lunch with some wine, picnic style
  • And for dinner its a formal fancy meal with a live orchestra
  • Lots of wine
  • He’s had a bottle named after you
  • And just before dessert he slides a box over to you
  • It’s an incredibly expensive diamond necklace and some matching earrings
    • “I can’t wait to see you in nothing but those diamonds tonight, kitten.”

◉ Zen

  • He wants to spend a good part of the day going out with you
  • Wants to show you off!
  • You guys take his bike up to the shopping district and then walk around holding hands together
  • Get a nice lunch and then go see a movie!
  • But you end up making out in the theater the whole time
    • “Let’s skip dinner and go right to dessert,” he smiles
  • Takes you home as fast as he can
  • You guys end up eating a lot of sweets…
  • ……off of each other
  • Before you fall asleep together he reaches into the night stand and pulls out a box
  • It’s two rings with half a heart on them
  • One for you and one for him
    • “The heart is completed when we are together”
  • You fell asleep holding hands

◉ Jaehee

  • You both worked a long day at the coffee shop
  • Of course you exchanged flowers but you’ve literally been too busy for much else
  • It’s all about relaxation when you get home
  • She draws a nice bath and you light the candles
  • You both just soak together and give each other foot rubs
  • Oil massages when you get out of the tub
  • Which leads to…you know
  • And then you both pass out cuddling each other, not even bothering to get dressed

◉ Saeyoung

  • He’s sending you files that shower your phone with hearts all day
  • Gifs of him blowing kisses and winking
  • He’s wearing so much red when you get home
  • Bouquet of flowers next to your side of the bed
  • He’s also ordered you an edible arrangement
  • And you guys end up feeding each other from it
  • In bed >.>
  • You don’t have clothes on much that night
  • He has you close your eyes
  • And places a necklace around you and clasps it
  • Its a moonstone
    • “I wish I could give you the real moon”

◉ V

  • Okay this guy is a romantic
  • He’s literally put together a book with a poem a day for a year, all written by him about you
  • Packs up a nice big basket of yummy food, blankets, some glasses and champagne and you guys go to the beach
  • He’s feeding you chocolate covered strawberries while you listen to the waves crash
  • You two are cuddling together for warmth, sitting in silence just enjoying the brisk day (it’s feb V jfc kinda cold omg)
  • You think the gifts are done but he hands you a piece of paper
    • “What’s this? Another poem?”
    • “Just read it, love.”
  • It’s a confirmation of his appointment
  • He’s getting the eye surgery

◉ Saeran

  • He is kinda lost on what to do
  • Thanks to the internet he sees that flowers and cards and chocolates are the usual
  • He refuses to do the card thing but the chocolates seem nice
  • He orders some in advance from a fancy chocolatier
  • But he wants to do something more personal
  • He spent a few weeks painting up something for you
  • It was both of you sitting together at your favorite cafe sharing a drink, each of you had a straw and your noses were touching-something you often did
  • But a real gift, just as a backup, was a must
  • He scoured jewelry stores until he found it
  • When you came home you both ordered some takeout from your favorite place and just ate together in bed, naked
  • He fed you chocolate with his mouth
  • Between bursts of doing it he pulled out the box, even though you loved all of your other gifts he wanted to give it to you
  • A charm bracelet with 3 charms
  • one heart (for V-day), one skull(representing him lol), one crown(because you’re his princess)
    • “I thought I could give you a new one every year”

A Lieutenant Duckling Tale - Part 1 of 2 |Part 2 Here|

When Princess Emma decides to ask Lieutenant Killian Jones to the annual Royal Holiday Ball, things do not go as planned. His captain, and older brother, Liam will not stand for it. There is no one else she would like to attend with, so maybe this ball wont be so magical after all… What happens next however, may surprise this sweet duckling.

For @emmascaptn, my CS SS giftee. :) 


And so the time has come when I can share my piece from the @a-little-light-zine with everyone! For those who did not purchase the zine, viola! For those who did, I want to thank you SO much for contributing to help Haiti and for your kind words complimenting my work! Your messages mean so much. <3 

Orders for this zine close on January 31st! I highly recommend getting a copy to keep because it’s gorgeous! 

And of course I need to thank @littleblackchat for organizing this beautiful collaboration for a cause that is near and dear to my heart! I truly enjoyed creating this piece. :) 

It was inspired by my fiancé’s brother who, for his entry into our local ugly christmas sweater party a year ago, threaded actual blinking christmas lights into it, and I think he also like made a facade of a gingerbread house with real gingerbread and candy and everything and super-glued it to the front?….what a sight that was! X’) 

So I thought Marinette would use her skills to make Chat a really dorky Christmas sweater that’s just as flashy and silly as he. I wanted a gift-exchange between them in the Christmas special so bad, I have toe settle for this lol! ; _ ;  

Thanks for all the recent follows, likes and reblogs! I appreciate your support and I love this fandom! I’m taking a bit of a break, but I’ll be back with some more fanart soon!


Gift 30 By Milla

Hello! :)
Getting the last gift! Finally this calendar (last year lol) is complete! I hope you enjoyed all the goodies … Btw, I loved to see them in your interior! You are incredibly talented and creative! ♥
I felt that something was missing to beautify the outside and created this together with love for you.

>> I edited the pillow knot textures in potoshop and you will have to do the same if you want your images look more real. Note that the knot detail is a texture, it is not 3D … It has parts where texture is clearer (that’s what I corrected). The smudge tool does the job. ;) Credits for Petunia Mae.

>> The hanging planters come with slots so that the plants can be placed in them. For hanging plant you will have to use OMSP’s to desired height. All credit goes to @yumesims (I converted from your conversion)…

>> The Wreath Flowers and Wreath with plaque are by Luna. I only edited the mesh and added recolors.

D o w n l o a d at sfs

>> Note: I’m using Reshade the images. The house is by @rubyred, edited by myself.

Well this took a while… (hope this hasn’t been made yet lol)

This is a small thank you to @furaitsu (go follow them if you haven’t already!) for all the amazing fanart they share with us and for being a huge artistic inspiration to me! Since I can’t express with words how much I love your art, please have this as a sort of gift. Hope you like it! 

Strong in the real way cover by -> Monkmonk Dabes

Kamigami no Asobi

And I’m back! With all the holidays we’ve been having I haven’t had much of a chance to get to posting but I’m back now and ready to rock!

So this is the show that’s been occupying my time recently and I specifically chose it because nothing beats a good reverse harem now and then. I think the last one I wrote about was probably BroCon, so I figure it couldn’t hurt to put up a post about this bunch of super good-looking guys going after/befriending that one girl. I have to hand it to these people that make these reverse harem animes because I’m not sure about the rest of you (and I’m sure I must have said this before) but female leads can so easily become the most annoying characters you have ever come across if their character is portrayed in this weak/wishy-washy way. I know a lot of people will probably think I’m crazy when I say this, but as big of a hit as “Kimi ni Todoke” was, the female lead, Sawako, almost drove me around the bend by the end of the 2nd season. Don’t get me wrong though - I did quite like that show and it had some awesome funny moments, but that’s a post for another time.. Anyway, my point here is that most of the reverse harem animes I’ve watched have female leads that are sweet, honest, kind, caring and genuine, maintaining this personality throughout and I think this is ideal for this kind of show.

Now.. Enough about the girls, I say.. Let’s get to what this anime is about (besides insanely hot guys).. So, in this anime, Zeus (the major god of all gods) decides that some of the gods (Greek, Japanese and Norse) are not up to scratch and that they’ve lost touch with humanity. To this end, he decides that these gods need to be taught a lesson… literally (although it still baffles me how he manages to control gods from other mythologies when he himself is Greek - but let’s not dwell too much on it for now). He creates a school for these gods in order for them to learn about humans and what it is to be human but strips them of their powers until they are able to successfully graduate from the school - if they don’t graduate, they will remain trapped in that “garden” (a.k.a alternative dimension) for all eternity. 

A bit harsh, but Zeus is a bit of an extremist that way. Now, it’s no use having a school about humans without having at least one human there. Enter Yui Kusanagi - a Japanese high school girl who, on the last day of school, is whisked away to this alternative dimension in order to be the “human” that these gods will learn from.. The show, in time-honoured, reverse-harem tradition, then revolves around our girl, Yui, getting to know each of these gods whilst adjusting to her new life here. Each of the gods, in turn, share a bit of themselves, their pasts, likes, dislikes etc. with her and deepen the bonds between them. But of course, this all helps with their assignment of getting to know about what it is to be human. Convenient right? There is a bit of a plot twist near the end, but I’m not about to give that away.. You’ll just have to watch these hot guys for yourself to find out - what a shame.. Hahaha! Yeah right! You know you’re going to love every minute as much as I did..

As is my style, a rundown of the characters is in order here - you know, ‘cos we need to know about the different mythologies right? ;) So without further adieu (and don’t worry - I’m always thorough, so I’ll be covering all our characters of interest here)…

Yui Kusanagi (Human)

Our main girl who gets whisked away to this strange island and is tasked with the job of teaching these gods about humanity. Hand-picked by Zeus for the task, she is initially pretty overwhelmed but decides to make the best of it and tries to get everyone to graduate so that everyone can go back to the places they came from and go back to their normal lives. She’s quite open, honest, caring, somewhat outspoken and will go to bat and defend the boys when she feels strongly. She’s determined and will not be dissuaded from reaching each of the gods and trying to get them to open up a bit. This obviously comes from a place of genuine care and is not just because she wants to graduate asap. She’s also rather talented in kendo and swordplay and is quite an active person. The people tasked to help her with her job is Thoth Caduceus (the most intimidating teacher ever!) and her dorm companion is a doll named Melissa that she vents to from time to time. Although she tries to keep it strictly friends, the guys can’t help but like her - some of them going to some pretty big extremes for her.

Apollon Agana Belea (Greek god of the sun)

Just like his name, he is bright, light and cheerful and always has a smile on his face (unless he’s facing off with his father Zeus). He has a rather innocent personality and is also open and honest with everyone, which is why he quickly gets the popularity vote and his chosen to be the student council president. It’s this openness and honesty that allows him to be quite straightforward with Yui about his feelings toward her from the start, but he never means any harm by it and is quite respectful with her and protective of his “fairy”. Yui and Apollon have similar personalities in this regard, which is why they get along quite well as friends. His lack of experience with humans shows the most though because he is always misinterpreting human customs, usually with a pretty hilarious result! Just wait until you see Santa! Lol! If you like your guys happy and carefree, then Apollon would definitely be ideal for you!


Tsukito Totsuka (Japanese god of the moon)

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that the personalities of the gods reflect their particular gift, which is why it’s understandable that Tsukito has this whimsical, dreamy, almost mysterious kind of aura around him - kind of like when you look at the moon and wonder what’s up there… A quiet type, Tsukito follows things by the book to a fault, referring to the things he does as “missions” and seeming to take no real pleasure from his experiences. He’s the one that has the hardest time trying to understand what it is to be human because he has done nothing but stare at the moon for his entire life and has never had reason to do anything else. He finds it difficult to connect but does try his best to fulfill the missions asked of him. Even when he spends the day with Yui, he never makes a pass at her and just goes about things in this super-logical way. That said, he’s not cold per se, he’s just a bit off-beat. If you like a bit of challenge then Tsukito would probably be best for you and I get the feeling that if you were the one person lucky enough to reach him, that you’d never have to worry about anyone taking him from you…


Balder Hringhorni (Norse god of light)

Converse to Tsukito, you would most definitely have to worry about competition in the form of men, women, animals, plants, nature…everything!! Balder is a particularly blessed god where all of creation loves him and nothing can ever harm him (except himself - he has a tendency to fall over a lot - rather cute really).. He is the most popular of all the gods with the students and is often treated like a celebrity, with his long, flowing hair and gentle smile. Even though this is the case, he’s actually rather lonely because of this “fake love”, preferring to spend his time with those that see him for who he is, especially Loki. Although he has a very sweet, charming, supportive personality, he also has a much darker side to him that is rarely seen. He has a jealous streak a mile wide (something you see from the get-go if you’re watching closely) and can be rather possessive -  something we see when it comes to Yui in particular. If you like your guys sweet, considerate with a bit of a possessive/jealous/dangerous streak then Balder is the type I think you’d like..




Hades Aidoneus (Greek god of the underworld)

Being in charge of the underworld one can expect this particular god to come with a lot of hang-ups, his main being that everyone should stay away from him because he is cursed with misfortune and will bring misery to everyone around him. Although these exclamations of “stay away!” are rather amusing at first, eventually you realise that this holds more sadness than anything else. Because he is cursed with a grudge that the dead hold against him, he really does bring misfortune, so he isolates himself and makes himself seem unapproachable and almost scary so that those around him can be happy without having his misery ruin their lives. Hades is actually the uncle of both Apollon and Dionysus, and is the brother of Zeus, so he sometimes takes on a little bit of a protective role among the rest of the gods. Although he’s rather stoic and sullen, he does have a gentler side and has a particular love of strawberries, rice cakes and astronomy. Almost a tsundere type (although he does it for a really good reason), if you like your guys a bit solemn and are just aching to be the ray of sunshine in his life, then Hades is where it’s at.






Takeru Totsuka (Japanese god of the sea)

Although he is a god that is associated with water, Takeru has a rather fiery personality and is usually at odds with Yui initially and has little interest in playing nice, getting along and attending classes with the others, preferring to remain close to his brother Tsukito. It takes him a bit of time to warm up (not unlike the sea I guess) but once you have his respect, you reap all the benefits of having someone like him around. He has a rather hard edge and doesn’t express himself in the nicest of ways but he means well and will always protect those that are important to him - to the point of breaking shackles in order to do so. Like Yui, he also has a love for swordplay/kendo and is always maintaining his fitness - something that they bond over, in addition to the 2 of them being of Japanese origin. Takeru really does have some tsundere in him because although he has a brash personality and can be intimidating in that regard, he can let his guard down from time to time, just long enough to see his true feelings. If you like fit, active, outspoken and typically lively guys who reserve their softer side just for a select few to see, then Takeru would be the best choice.


Loki Laevatein (Norse god of fire)

Just going on the reputation Loki has, one immediately knows that this guys is all about mischief! If the word “asobi” in the title applies to anyone, it has to be Loki. Always playing pranks and getting up to no good, he never gives up and opportunity to stir the pot while trying to claim the glory for himself, e.g. the lovers rings and the Cinderella ad-lib play come to mind.. Like Takeru, he takes forever to come around to tolerating (let alone liking) Yui and at some point you start to wonder if you’ve stepped into a boys love anime. He is best friends with Balder and usually tries to get between Balder and Yui, which raises the question as to exactly how close he wants to be to Balder (however this shouldn’t really be too surprising given that gods have actually fallen in love with men in the stories, e.g. Apollo fell in love with Hyacinthus). But I digress.. Although Loki seems totally suspicious sometimes, he has good reason for what he does and can be serious when he needs to be. A self-proclaimed “liar”, it can take some time and patience to tolerate his antics, but once you get past it you realise that he actually very genuine with a strong sense of loyalty to his friends - usually taking on heavy burdens and hiding/distracting from it under the guise of a joke/prank/smile. Loki is a handful at times but if you can see past it to the real him and the way he values his partnerships above all else, then you may quite like him.





Thor Megingjard (Norse god of thunder)

Completing the Norse trio, Thor keeps a watch over both Balder and Loki and has done so ever since the three were small, realising that Balder and Loki share a certain bond. He has a bit of a stiff manner about him (monotone voice, expressionless face) that comes across as a bit uninviting. But he doesn’t mean anything bad by it - that’s just the way he is. Rather matter of fact, logical, dependable and straightforward he is like a balancing force for the three gods with his calm personality and is usually found hanging around with Loki in the “going home club”. Want to know what I’m talking about? Watch the show! If you like that no-nonsense type who will be a voice of reason and offer you support, then pick Thor…

Dionysus Thyrsos (Greek god of wine and merry-making)

Just like his description suggests, Dionysus approaches life with a positive, carefree attitude and just wants to enjoy his time - making merry, as it were. He doesn’t stress about much and can be a bit oblivious at times, e.g. proclaiming to have a blank notebook (right before exams are set to take place) with a smile on his face.. He’s laid-back (borderline lazy when it comes to doing things he’s not really interested in) but actually rather industrious with a very green thumb - growing flowers and fruits (especially grapes) and making juice from these - although sometimes I get the feeling that’s he actually making wine. As Apollo’s brother and Hades nephew, he rounds out the Greek gods, lending his support to them and others when they need it. If you’re looking for someone uncomplicated, that enjoys life to the full and grabs opportunities for fun/happiness wherever it may be, then I think you’d have a lot of good times with Dionysus.



Thoth Caduceus (Egyptian god of knowledge)

The most intimidating teacher you will ever come across, Thoth (although he’s rather good-looking with that tan skin, light hair and the monocle) is entrusted with educating the other gods about humanity and is the person appointed to help Yui with her task. All good and well in theory but he’s actually rather difficult to approach and isn’t really very helpful, usually complaining that this isn’t his problem and he’s not really concerned. And may the gods help you if you show no interest in his classes, slack off or play games. He’s like that evil lecturer you had in undergrad that will just as quickly walk out of the classroom if you don’t pay attention. However, when he requires something to be done, he has no problem letting Yui know and has this habit of always getting Yui up against a wall and slamming a hand next to her head (you know the pose). Even when he shows a “softer” side, he does it in the harshest manner. He has that scary, sexy appeal so if you think you can handle it and you’d like to be disciplined and kept after school (yes - I totally went there), then Thoth could probably put you in your place.





Zeus Keraunos (Greek god of sky and thunder)

The father of both Apollon and Dionysus and brother to Hades, Zeus comes across as a bit of an ass in this show. A completely over-inflated sense of self (to be so arrogant as to imprison gods from not only his origin but from other nationalities), he believes that this is the only way to achieve the goal of getting the gods to understand humanity. That arrogance can be his downfall though, as Hades so elegantly proves at one point. Serving as the main “antagonist” here, the rest of our main characters band together to try and overcome the challenges Zeus sets before them (including changing seasons at a moments notice) to try and graduate and escape the shackles he’s placed on them (to restrain their powers) and to escape from the garden he has created. However, like any father, even though the methods may be questionable, there is always a reason for his actions. If you’re looking for that powerful, dominating, older-guy type then Zeus is your ideal match.


Anubis Ma'at (Egyptian god of the dead)

Funnily enough, even though Kaji Yuuki gets credited for voicing this role, he doesn’t actually say that much! Lol! That aside, Anubis is actually rather more adorable than hot - always getting into some kind of mischief whenever he’s away from Thoth-sama’s side. The most notable being his “role” in the Cinderella incident! Anubis doesn’t interact with the others much (unless he’s being chased down by Dionysus) and is usually seen wandering around in the background of off by himself in the garden somewhere - probably while Thoth tends to his classes. Being of the same descent, it’s obvious that Thoth and Anubis share a bond and in one of the most adorable ending scenes, Thoth agrees to play with Anubis, much to his delight.. If you’re looking for the ultimate “quiet type” (he won’t say much else but “balu-balu”) and perhaps want to look after someone, then I think Anubis would be a good fit for you!


Melissa (Doll)

Oh Melissa.. Even though this doll has a quintessentially english name, this doll is actually a “guy” for all intents and purposes. He serves as Yui’s companion and confidant since she’s all alone in another dorm come evening time. A gift from Zeus (and one of his creations), Melissa tries to offer Yui advice whenever she needs it (and sometimes even when she doesn’t) and has quite a laidback approach to most of the situations that trouble her, fully trusting that things will work out in the end and that she shouldn’t agonize over things so much. Sometimes his advice is helpful, other times it can be a bit off the mark but he means well and if usually just trying to look out for her in the only way he can - being a doll and what not. He has a bit of a “rough around the edges”/“street smart” kind of way of speaking and although Melissa might not be ideal in terms of wanting to find a hot date, he would probably make a nice partner considering his laidback vibe and his “don’t stress” approach to life.


The one thing that has to be said for this reverse harem is that, unlike others I’ve watched, this one seems to have a thing about showing skin! I have never seen so many near-naked anime characters in my life! What is up with that? Not that it’s a bad thing by any means, but my eyes almost fell out of my head when they decided they would go swimming at the beach! Yikes! Not to mention that even the ending theme song has these guys in some super suggestive half-naked poses.. Yeesh.. Talk about turning up the heat on the sex appeal there.. Commence eye candy parade!




Admittedly, I did some checking and it turns out that this show is made by the same people that made Brothers Conflict, i.e. Brain’s Base, which automatically means that you’re in excellent hands. Some of the voice actors used here have also appeared in BroCon (such as Ono Daisuke, Kamiya Hiroshi, Hosoya Yoshimasa and Kaji Yuuki) and then we have some of my/our other regular favourites. That kind of line up is a no-brainer in my mind and there is always additional content that you can enjoy too - like the opening and ending themes which are sung by our main 6 characters, as well as bonus cds!

Although this show has the normal “girl surrounded by hot dudes” theme, unlike BroCon where pretty much every dude has his eye on the main girl as a suitable companion, in this reverse-harem most of the guys look to Yui as a friend first which kind of reflects that fact that they are indeed gods. However, mythology is much more flexible and it wasn’t unheard of for gods to fall in love with humans and interact with them. To this end, even though all of them see Yui as a friend, there are those with some other intentions toward her - some choosing to keep it under wraps and other being pretty open about it. Watching this show also has the side effect of wanting to make you go look up a bit about the various mythologies and like I said at the beginning - it’s totally educational too, which means you should never feel guilty for watching it! Lol!


Kamigami has a bit of comedy and romance and explores the theme of friendship more than anything else. Besides the hot dudes, the storylines were fun and sometimes a little deep which gave it a nice balance. The “goal” of having this school, i.e. graduating, serves as the thread that ties the stories together and allows each of the characters and the storyline to develop as the show goes along and there is also a nice surprise twist at the end too! Intrigued by that last bit? Well then, I suggest that you take a ride on a Pegasus, head on over to the garden and join the boys (and girl) to see what games the gods are getting up to in Kamigami no Asobi!


kingofthekarps  asked:

Can we get a Dva dressed as your favorite LOL team (If it's SKTva then more of that is always a gift as well)

SKT IS 100% MY FAV TEAM OF ALL TIME!!! i like the other kr teams all equally tbh but speaking of TEAM UNIFORMS, here’s in some of ROX TIGER’S LEGENDARY OUTFITS from season 4 LOL

if u dont watch league, u might not believe me, but rox tigers legit wore fluffy cat ear headphones on stage for a Real League Game… and they also wore a very gryffindor-esque outfit too.. and their patent white fluffy cardigan…

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HEY i just got the bosslove pin that my gf ordered me as a SURPRISE (and early lol) bday gift so i just wanted to say thank u from the bottom of my heart for making such an awesome thing and amazing fics as well ;w;!!!!!!

Originally posted by littleprincesspandabear

I’m so glad that you liked your gift (and that it arrived in time for the big day)! It was a real treat seeing your GF SO EXCITED about getting it for you. <3 

And you are so welcome! I’m still chugging away over here at the old ideas factory- hope to keep the fics rolling. <3


Happy Birthday dearest magic-in-us! Here is your last gift—a cake just for you! <3

Merlin put the castle cook to sleep using a tiny enchantment, in order to commandeer the kitchen for the night to bake Arthur a birthday cake. Arthur’s wary of Merlin’s cooking (and rightly so), but he knows that it’s the thought that counts, so he’ll eat every last bite. :)

“Unexpected Gifts” Part 2

A/N: I’m sorry I’m late again I know. Meant to post a new part every day but let’s are real here:  that ain’t gonna happen lol. Anyway, enjoy part 2! And thanks to everyone who commented and sent me an ask about this! I’m glad it’s so popular already!

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You looked up at your ceiling in concentration as you hung the mistletoe from a string, Tony leaning against your doorway as you stretched precariously on your tiptoes on the ladder.

“You could help y'know,” you huffed, glancing at him in annoyance. He shook his head.

“I’m more interested to see how long it’ll take you to fall. You call loverboy up here yet?” he asked, tilting his head and you rolled your eyes, standing flat again.

“Yes, Steve,” you corrected. “Is on his way up,” you muttered, mouth suddenly dry. You should’ve never agreed to this. You growled in irritation as you stretched up again, balancing on one foot when a deep voice surprised you.

“Y/N, you said you wanted to see me?” Steve’s curious voice broke in, and you whipped around, the ladder shaking beneath you with the movement.

“Steve!” you shouted, clinging to the handle as he stepped forward, helping you off with one graceful move.

“Thanks,” you mumbled and he chuckled. “No problem. You probably shouldn’t be doing that with heels on,” he pointed out, gently taking the sprig of mistletoe and moving the ladder aside, easily completing the task you’d been struggling with for twenty minutes.

“So what’s with the mistletoe anyway?” he asked, wiping his hands on his jeans and you glanced at Tony, who winked back at you.

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I made a follow forever not too long actually but because I love kyungsoo and jongin (and kaisoo) so much, I had to make a special one for this number (I’m the zero in the middle, bc I’m a loser :))

thank you so much for following me, for talking to me, for tagging me in things and for reblogging/liking my gifs/edits/drabbles *throws hearts* you’re all precious cinnamon rolls and I hope you all get your bias’ photocard, that your otp has lots of cute moments together and that you’ll randomly find money on the street tomorrow (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ. alright, let’s get to it, shall we?

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i hate it when boys (white boys especially) make really gross statements like “ugh Asian women are soooo hot and sexy haha I’m DEFINITELY not racist its just that they look so innocent” or “white girls are gross and scrawny and disgusting EW who would have sex with THAT lmao I want a girl who’s thick ;)” or “black girls are loud and fat ew gross but they’re hot though”

those are all real things I have heard people say and like for the record… a woman’s worth is not defined by how attractive you find them or their race… do you realize how gross you are being??? like I’m not saying u can’t have your preferences, you can date/bang whoever u want but you don’t have to be a creepy misogynistic racist while ur at it lol, sexualizing someones ethnicity is not a compliment

Matthew B. Roberts Twitter Q&A

Since I’m in the holiday spirit… How about a short Q&A? #Outlander 

Q: How long has it been since you’ve read the whole series?
A: I read the books as they were published #Outlander

Q: Are you going to South Africa, Matt?
A: Yes, I’ll be in South Africa the whole time…

Q: I love your photography.  Will you every publish a book with your photographs?
A: One day I’ll do a book or exhibit of photographs but right now I’m just too busy with #Outlander

Q: Hi Matt, it’s my birthday today and it would be a real gift if you could share your favorite quote from Voyager
A: “Is that you Geordie?” #Outlander

Q: Hit Matt.  Is it difficult when you have to change the storyline a little for tv?  Besides people complaining lol
A: It’s a challenge to fit all the juicy parts of the books into 59 mins. And as you know there’s a lot of juice in these books

Q: Did you have to work the entire holiday?
A: Most of it.  My guess is you want to see #Outlander S3

Q: Whoa! I’ve never been on here when one of these starts. Where to begin? My mind is blank! #Outlander
A: What a time to have writer’s block Arrgh!

Q: Somewhere you and your camera want to go that you haven’t been before?
A: Iceland, New Zealand, Australia, Norway… and the list goes on

Q: Matt what do you do when you have writer’s block? or do you get writer’s block?
A: Reading and research is the best cure for writer’s block (for me).

Q: How many months in advance a location need to be chosen latest to start prep on time?
A: It depends on how complicated the scene is but at least 6 weeks some even more. #Outlander

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Starinia's Gift to YOU

Every year I usually buy and donate items to charity.

Due to my health, I’m only donating a monetary gift this year to the local humane society (I always donate local).

Anyhow. I have ordered USPS flat boxes to do a giveaway this year too!


1. You must be a follower.
2. Reblog to enter (easiest way for me to track). You only need to do this once!
3. No spam/giveaway blogs.
4. Be a real person lol.
5. Reside in the US (so sorry international but shipping is a bear right now). Maybe next time!

That’s it. No other restrictions this time.

Gift to YOU:

1. An adult coloring item.
2. Soft cozy socks.
3. An item of your choosing from @ouchapparel or Amazon ($25 max value on either).

I’ll be a bit busy but drawing will be in 2016… January 23rd.


(THIS IS IT. After so much procrastination planning this thing it’s finally done!

A collaboration with @smackrifaspork >w< I hope I met your high expectations lol my premiere has some bugs and refuses to delete split second mistakes curses >__<9


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An early Christmas gift for the DwD fandom <33 ENJOY~)

If you've never had an internet best friend...

I hope that you will one day get the absolute privilege of having an Internet best friend. Having one is one of the greatest experiences you will ever have. When you first “meet” you will find something in common, then something else and then ect. You’ll start texting them every day. Then after a while you’ll start video chatting. (It will be awkward at first but then it will become your second nature) Then you will probably tell them everything about you. No matter how serious, how funny, how sad. And they’ll always be there for you. I mean always. You’ll have so many amazing inside jokes, hilarious pictures of them, and amazing memories. Then one day you’ll realize there’s a bad thing about having an internet best friend. There’s way too much distance. Horrible, dreadful distance. It will get really hard sometimes, but even the thought that one day you will finally wrap your arms around each other will bring a smile to your face. You’ll start sending letters and gifts. (and let me tell you, when you touch the envelope of the first letter they send you you will probably cry.) And then one day you’ll get the opportunity to fly or drive to them, or them to you, and you’ll feel so many emotions. You’ll feel sick to your stomach, you’ll feel excited, happy, nervous, and when the moment comes you’ll feel like it’s not even real. You’ll spend every second that you possibly can together and when it’s time to leave you’ll feel sick to your stomach, you’ll cry, you’ll be nervous, and you’ll feel like it’s not even real. But no matter what you will always know that your best friend is only a text away.