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25 and 27 (I know there's prob a lot, but obv any faves are fine lol)

favorite line you’ve ever written

Oh man. I don’t know?! It’s like my mind went completely blank & I’m sitting here going “Uh, I write? What’s that?” LOL But, okay, this is actually a passage I wrote for the last part of Werewolf Married, and it continues to be one of my favorite things ever.

“Wow. Okay. So.” Scott clears his throat and grins. “My emissary has accepted a mating bond with Alpha Derek Hale. I approve of this bond, and they have the support of my pack for so long as they both request it.”

Stiles can hear people whispering, and he squeezes Derek’s hand because, well, he’s got one last surprise. Lydia and Allison have brought Laura, Cora, Derek’s older brothers, and Derek’s parents up front by the stage, and they’re now standing by Stiles’ dad and Jackson. He looks at Scott and nods.

“This is my first time doing this, so I hope you can be patient with me,” Scott says, smiling despite his obvious nervousness. He’s never much enjoyed public speaking, and Stiles loves him a lot for doing this for him. “Stiles and Derek aren’t really traditional, but I think it’s only right to start them off towards their future together with a customary beginning. Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of Derek and Stiles.”

Derek squeezes Stiles’ hand tight as murmurings and whispers erupt behind them. He looks at Stiles and gapes at him. “Seriously?”

“What? Like either of us want a long engagement?” Stiles bites his lip. “Uh, surprise?”

“Stiles, what the hell’s going on?” His dad asks amidst the chatter from their guests.

Stiles turns to look at his dad and everyone else. “I asked Derek to marry me. Human married. He said yes. In the event of him accepting, I had a phase three to put into motion. Scott’s legally ordained, and he’s going to marry us now, with everyone we love and care about here to witness it.”

“Derek, are you alright with this?” Talia asks as she looks at him.

“Yes, I am,” Derek tells her, laughing softly. “I can’t believe…Stiles…you…but, yes, I want this. He’s right. Who needs a long engagement when we know this is what we want? Scott, please continue.”

“Sure.” Scott nods. “I assume there aren’t any objections to this marriage?” He sounds slightly threatening, not that anyone objects. “Good. There’s a bunch of formal scripts that I was given when I got ordained, but none of those seem to fit Stiles and Derek, so I’m going to wing it. Stiles never believed in soulmates, didn’t think destiny was a real thing, and thought that he’d never be loved the way he deserves. Then he met Derek. I don’t know Derek that well yet, but he makes Stiles happy, and he’s a great guy who loves completely, who gives all of himself to take care of others, and I think meeting Stiles has made him happy, too.”

“You’re doing great, buddy,” Stiles tells him, sharing a smile with Derek, who still looks pretty shocked. He knows it’s a lot to take in, that he probably should haven’t been more patient and waited, but he wants to be married to Derek now, so why not go for it?

“Thanks!” Scott beams. “These two are true mates, which is a rare and special thing for werewolves, but they also took the time to get to know each other, to not rush into anything just because of the mating thing, to fall in love in a way that could be written about in those sappy romance novels Liam and Kira are always reading.”

“I think these two are sappier than my books!” Liam calls out, grinning when Stiles sticks his tongue out at him.

“Those of us who live here have had the pleasure of watching these two stubborn assholes fall in love. Derek’s refused to let Stiles push him away, and Stiles has realized that love happens organically, that it grows and develops in ways you can’t predict.” Scott smiles at them. “And tonight, well, this morning, we’re here to witness them giving themselves to each other in a serious and life-altering way. True love really is the greatest thing in the world, and they’re proof of that.” Scott looks at Stiles and actually tears up. “Love, true love, will follow you forever, so treasure your love.”

“Skip to the end,” Stiles whispers, wiping his eyes because, damn Scott, he had to get all serious and quote Princess Bride without the silly accent.

best review you ever got

Every review is amazing. I love every reblog with tags and every comment, whether it’s a simple <3 or a longer review. Off the top of my head, the following review sticks out from more recent ones because it led me to posting here about amazing readers & what comments can mean to us writers:

I am so happy you put your series on Ao3! I was having a conversation with a friend about our all time favorite fic and this series immediately came to mind. I remember when the reboot came out in 2009 and originally reading this series on livejournal. I would constantly check for a new chapter and then stay up until the wee hours of the morning reading it- that’s how much I loved this series! You’re brilliant and I just want to say thank you so much! I can’t wait to read it again :)

*me in the shower*: one of my least favorite lines of gravity falls is Dipper saying to mabel that if he took Ford’s apprenticeship he would be cooped up in the basement with a labcoat. This has never made sense to me, and it doesn’t make sense for Dipper, to suddenly think that his dream apprenticeship would be boring? It seems like whoever wrote that somehow wanted to make the apprenticeship seem less appealing, but in my opinion that goes back on the entirety of that particular plotline. Mabel was so worried because the apprenticeship WAS an enticing and exciting offer to Dipper, and Dipper initially took it because it was everything he wanted. Plus it undermines Dipper’s sacrifice of giving something so important up for himself on behalf of his sister, but instead brushes it off with ‘it’s boring’. So why put in that line?? Did the writers forget the entirety of Ford’s wacky hijinks in the journal, plus we literally just saw him spelunk with Dipper in an alien spacecraft???  

This is still my favorite moment of The Simpsons ever, though.

Bart fucking owned those morons and pointed out what idiotic, mindless, dumbass bullies they were. How everything they said was silly and cliched. How they lacked any critical-thinking ability. 

In one line. 

The look of puzzlement on their faces says it all. 

Also can we just acknowledge the level of healthy comunication Jack and Bitty have? In 3.12 that “Let’s talk about it” line showed so much. Bitty has awful anxiety surrounded coming outs, and he knows this. Jack knows this. (Why else would he feel the need to rent out one of Bitty’s favorite resturants and be so encouraging the first time they did?) And sitting down to talk it through is such a smart, mature thing to do.

And then we see it being followed through in 3.13! Admitedly I was a little disappointed we didn’t get to see Bitty and Jack coming out together to Bob and Alicia, and instead had a mention of Jack doing it himself. But this way, it took the pressure off Bitty. Bitty knew Jack was going to at some point, but he didn’t have to worry about the what/when/where/why/how. He trusted Jack to tell his parents about their relationship when he saw fit. And Jack respected Bitty’s hang ups over this and agreed, making sure to tell Bitty after he finally did.

And just? That level of mutual respect and comfort and understanding of one another is why I love Jack and Bitty so much.

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Off topic: I was reading your tags under the Adam DeVine gifset and does he has a good body? It doesn't look like that to me but you mentioned "he takes off his clothes and DAMN" so xDDDD

Warning: me shamelessly talking about men’s anatomy.

LMAO, good to know somoene read my stupid tags. Now I’m embarrassed, lol. Okay, so… yeah. Adam is a complete adorable dork, look at him:

But then he takes off his clothes and–

Seriously, the guy is huge EVERYWHERE and idk, I just really like him.

And his killer arms.

Besides, his back?? is???? incredible????????????? The whole structure of his body is amazing, I don’t even know what part is my favorite. He even has a great ass, like his lady is one lucky woman. What I love also is that his abdomen isn’t necessary flat nor full of lines, but his entire self looks healthy and firm. SO. DO ME, DUDE.

I know his kind of body is not everyone’s cup but me???? give me 50, please.

Really, crush me in those biceps, Adam.

I want to draw Crocodile more AWESOME!

so practice… :’/ He is so awesome man… My favorite one of the best enemy character in One Piece!

I have to more practice his everyThing! LOL

(I draw it by his fantastic famous war version of figure picture from back layer LOL Just follow the line and crackle crackle of Black Black BLACK! XD awesome clothes…)

New Girl: Operation Bobcat

I really liked this episode. Yes, we didn’t get some development on the Ness side (Although there was something), but the other storylines worked so well. Winston’s proposal to Aly was just the cutest thing. They are perfect for each other. And this is also one of the reasons why New Girl is my favorite comedy show. Mixing humor with these emotional moments - no one does that better than NG. Y’all, decorating that restroom was hard, lol. And as a huge Schmece fan, I also loved their moments. Even though they are married now, I love it when we get these type of scene with Schmidt and Cece. Never getting tired of Schmidt telling Cece how much he loves her and vice versa. Nick had some funny lines (” I’m the chimney sweep. All these are Clogged. Clogged. Clogged”, lol). 

And Ness fans: It’ll get better. Stay blessed. :)


First of all, SEND HELP 


  • my ass officially belongs to Evangeline, Farley, Mare, Iris, and Cameron 
  • I need more flirty Cal in my life 
  • I need more Cal x Kilorn bro time 
  • The last thing Mare says to Cal before the book ends is probably the greatest, more heart wrenching line I’ve read in a long time 
  • Maven is my favorite problematic son. I want to protect him but I also want to lock him up and throw away the key 🙃 that way no one can hurt him and he can’t hurt anyone. 
  • NANABEL!!! 
  •  More shout outs to Coriane that tore my heart out of my chest lol that hurt 
  •  The bathtub scene did not disappoint 👌🏻
b1a4 in chicago!!!

wahhh okay i’m gonna try and write as much of this as i can remember. i’m gonna skip all of the “we had to wait in line forever” stuff b/c that’s boring and who cares lol

since i’m on my ipad (didn’t wanna carry computer w/me all the way to chicago) it’s hard to insert videos and pics and stuff so i’ll upload some of those moments separately and tag everything related to the concert under “b1a4chicago2k17”

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My favorite Teen Wolf fic summaries *note the dripping sarcasm* are the ones that make clear in just two lines that Scott’s role in this fic will be to do something dumb or poorly thought out, and its up to Stiles to save him from himself and his bad choices and general lack of planning. Because canon, obviously.

Except lol, actual transcript from the actual pilot aka our actual introduction to these characters:

Scott: Just out of curiosity, which half of the body are we looking for? 

Stiles: Huh! I didn’t even think about that. 

Scott: And, uh, what if whoever killed the body is still out here? 

Stiles: Also something I didn’t think about. 

Scott: It’s - comforting to know you’ve planned this out with your usual attention to detail. 

Stiles: I know. 

Scott: Maybe the severe asthmatic should be the one holding the flashlight, huh? 

Stiles: Wait, come on! 

Scott: Stiles! Wait up! Stiles! Stiles!

Fandom has had these two characters completely flipped from the actual, literal beginning.

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What are your top 3 favorite Edd moments and why?


Oh my goodness, this question is sooooo hard for me to answer because there are JUST SO MANY EDD MOMENTS THAT I ADORE. (He IS my favorite after all… I pretty much love everything he says/does. Lol)

HOWEVER, I managed to narrow it down to -six- moments that stand out to me, in particular. (Keep in mind, I chose some of these as just ‘personal favorite’ moments/scenes that I just really enjoy.) 

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Look at all these doodles. LOOK AT THEM! I filled up a whole page! I really need to do this more often it’s great practice. My sort of post series Atem, with and without ponytail. I could have shading in his skin, too but..meh, next timeXD These are just practice doodles anyway~ I really love every single one of them, especially the dork face one:

“You know what..? I’m tired, can you just call yourself an idiot?” is actually a quote from ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’, and it’s still my favorite line out of the whole show lol And the ‘Number 1 Fan’ is actually from a text post that is buried somewhere on my blog, if anyone finds it please tag me with it so I can reblog it again with this! All in all I really had fun with this. All Hail the Sass King! XDD

I’ll draw more later today. Heading out this afternoon for a while to get some fresh air while the weather is still nice. Enjoy!

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did you find wormtail pitiable

No lol his friends were good to him and trusted him wholeheartedly and he sold them out because he wasn’t willing to die for them like they would have done for him. He repeatedly seeks out people who are stronger and more charismatic than him so he can be under their protection and receive their attention. His loyalty depends on what he can gain from being around that person and when he’s backed into a corner he immediately tries to deflect blame or avoid punishment. Peter made his choices and proved he’s an opportunist, and well, a rat.

One of my favorite lines from the books is this:

“You don’t understand!” whined Pettigrew. “He would have killed me, Sirius!”


Luke picks his battles both out in the Commonwealth and in the heart of Diamond City.  He is very unapologetic about defending baseball’s good reputation. 

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Hey! Can you please send a love letter from Neville to @emotionalstormpilot ? He is in Hufflepuff, super sweet and really awkward and one of my best friends. His favorite colors are purple and teal, he wears glasses, is really good at chess and math, wants to be a teacher, and actually abhors nature / outdoor activities lol. A pickup line for you dear: Are you a dementor? Because I think I'll die if you kiss me. Thanks so much <3

Love Letters Are Closed!


(Of course :) And thank you for the great pick-up line!)


School’s been hectic this year hasn’t it? O.W.L.S and Umbridge alike. I’m still glad we’ve managed to find time though. I think having Greenhouse 2 be our next date might actually work. Professor Sprouts started to grow enlarged fly traps and I don’t even think Umbridge would be willing to try and cross their paths, though they wouldn’t want to take a bite out of her. It feels like it’s getting dangerous out there, even in the corridors. I want you to stay safe love, can you do that? I don’t know what I’d do if Malfoy’s gang or Filch caught you doing something you’re not meant to. Though no one would suspect the Hufflepuff would they? They don’t know you like I do. Until we can meet again. I love you.

Stay Safe,


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u: martha is dumb lol / also u: fuckin love me some jdonica Oh Yeahhh

lmao ya what’s your point??

I’ve said a million times I don’t think jdonic aid healthy, I enjoy the dynamic. And judging off my other favorite characters like Chandler, it’s really easy to see that I enjoy angsty plot lines and mean characters for entertainment reasons?? Martha is a 2D happy go lucky person thrown randomly into the plot for the sake of combining Betty and Martha into one character, someone with my tastes probably doesn’t dig that character too much?

I can’t tell if ur trying to be rude or…