lol this is my first transparency

woo my first SU fanart! totally went all out lol… this show owns my soul.

(click the pic for awesomeness btw)

Now, shooting an arrow with your feet isn’t exactly a deadly situation… But when Amethyst saw it on TV, she (with Steven’s help) managed to convince Pearl to fuse with her… for science! lol

Pearl would probably be mildly intrigued by the idea anyways heh

sidenote: i love how Opal got that yellow sash thing when Pearl regenerated


geez she finally got one of those weird glowstick-things to work

they were all transparent originally but to show up on tumblr i added a dark bg,
new year’s day/eve of 2014, 2015, and now 2017
it was actually one of the first drawings i made with a tablet, so its cool to see how much ive changed since then

Hope this Casey brightens up your day! (she’s transparent too ^^)

this is my first drawing i have ever completed on my tablet so far >3<

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When I first joined the fandom after the People pregnancy article (rip me) I started off following roughly 50 larrie blogs & tried to follow an even number of Harrie Larries & Louie Larries. I love both equally. I'm still here & my follow count is still roughly 50 but I now have only a handful of Harrie Larries because the others are all ex-larries/Hetero Holo stans and NO HARD PASS, Unfollow. I have yet to unfollow a Louie Larrie who turned into a ex-larrie/Freddie/hetero Louis stan.

Wow you really jumped head first into the mess there lol, respect ;) and yea funny how that works right? Transparent af

In Regards to Love: Agape 

(Please don’t repost or remove caption) 

(non-transparent version here)

i decided that since ive improved my art so much just this year, that i should redraw the first thing i ever drew using my tablet. 

i think the most frightening thing about the early piece is that back then i did everything on one layer (lineart too lol)

looking at this i actually feel really really good about my art… im a little self conscious abt posting the first piece here but everyone starts somewhere i guess..  


Happy Valentine’s Day from some of my biggest biases.

They are so cheesy but who cares.
Do as you please with them. (as first they were some high res nice transparent cards, and then it went to shit. 😂)


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I really love the wallpaper you made, haha^^ how did you do it?

Thank you! I’m planning to make for the other members after I done the lineart X3 I mainly use Paint Tool SAI and Adobe Photoshop for that. Also Adobe Illustrator to edit the geometric pattern I got of freepik.

I’ll explain it in more detail under the cut ^^

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Here are the first two requests!

People you really like NicoMaki right? Every time if not all my requests there’s a nicomaki one lol Also I get way too into drawing these dorks so stop sending this OTP lol jk

Anyway I’ll keep on doing the other request within this week…wait tomorrow is sunday orz…then within the following days :D

Also thanks to all of the people that wished me to get better! I’m doing my best and I guess that I’m better although not completely recovered ᕙ(@°▽°@)ᕗ

Have a nice day!

PS: Last one has transparent bg…

surely im not the only one who thinks underswap sans’ gaster blasters would have cute little scarfs that match his and little names written on them. I am? oh lol well have my first gaster blaster anyway

please do not repost or remove my watermark thank you

First of all, I just search the gif that I want to make, for example: ‘’my emotions gif’’, ‘’eat ice cream gif’’ or ‘’jump out the window’’ Just search what do you wanna put. 


FOR THIS GIF, I USE PHOTOSHOP CS5. Then you have to draw the face of your character or yours or whatever you want (For example I drew Oliver). IMPORTANT: Make sure you don’t have background, it has to be transparent.

Then paint it! 

NOTE: You can paint it better, I just paint like this.

Open the gif in another tab.

Put the face of your character! BUT HEY! Make sure that the face of your character is on the top of the other layers!

Also, make sure that the real face doesn’t show up!

Thennnnn you have it!

Sorry I don’t know If you understand it, I’m so bad explaining things! If you have a problem just ask me! (If it’s possible on Munday xD)