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quick question: did u stop writing for a while or does the writing process take a really long time? i saw Lucky Us was posted a year ago but that it was updated recently. either way its worth the wait but if it takes u a while to update i might slow down how fast im blowing through this fic lol.

Lucky Us has had two or three major hiatuses. The first happened last July, when I went back to school and got slammed with work. The second happened in September or so, when I really began working on my thesis novel and the Winter Sonata AU took over.

I don’t anticipate anymore hiatuses since we are so close to the end and I plan to have this finished by May 24th. But I do still have a thesis novel to edit, so updates have slowed down for the time being.


Model Adrien pt. 2! I had to do this because I often think about Adrien as an IG model (like an AU where he /actually/ enjoyed/loved doing it…), it was actually one of my tags in the first post LOL

Like, he’d love using IG because he can sort of be himself since his father doesn’t care about social media (but all of Paris does) (it doesn’t get him into trouble though)

Falling - Unknown/MC College AU Fluff Fanfic

The higher you build walls around your heart, the harder you fall when someone tears them down.

Sooo… I got very distracted while trying to write the last chapter of EP and… wrote two Unknown fics instead? The first one is unfinished, and the other one is this, a strange college AU lol. I’d actually like to do more with this setting if I get time…

Warning: Spoilers concerning Unknown & Seven’s route below

Summary: College AU where Saeran and Saeyoung are roommates both studying computer science and MC lives on the same floor. 13+ total fluff lol. Spoilers if you haven’t played Seven’s route yet (if you couldn’t already tell whoops).

“Saeyoung’s not here,” Saeran tells the girl standing in the doorway of the dorm room he shares with his brother.

“I… know,” she says, shifting her weight. “I wanted to talk to you, actually. Do you mind if I come in?”

A little confused, he opens the door wider to let her in and then closes it behind her. Usually she brings her laptop with her and sits on the floor by Saeyoung’s bed to go over assignments and concepts she doesn’t understand, but today she hasn’t brought anything and instead perches on the edge of Saeran’s bed beside his laptop.

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Lights (Part 1)

Summary:  You just got your first lead actress role, opposite the famous actor, Bucky Barnes, and when the script is released it features a very lifelike sex scene. To prepare, Bucky offers to take you out on the town for drinks. He drunkenly admits that he and his girlfriend had just broken up and kisses you. (Idea by my best friend, @marvel-ash)

Word Count: 3,155

Warnings: Drinking. Drunk-kissing.

A/N: Lol sorry for another series, guys. Hope you enjoy the ride!

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Opening the door revealed a UPS worker, holding a manila folder and a tablet. He smiled and greeted you, offering you the electronic device. You promptly signed, taking the packet from him and wishing him a good day.

“Wanda!” you screeched. “Guess what came in the mail!”

“The full script?” she yelled from the other room. You could hear her shuffling about before she emerged, tying the string of her bathrobe around her waist. She looked just as excited as you felt.

“Yeah!” you exclaimed, holding up the thick stack of papers. “It’s here!”

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I know I’ve literally started my blog, but I just want to make life easier for me lol. If a link doesn’t work or something, please tell me! Here are my guidelines/rules! This is my To Do List - check it out. Please feel free to request - my ask box is always open so ask as much as you want haha :-) Also check my FAQ

Since a lot of my posts are scheduled because of school and stuff, this masterlist is not updated after every single post. I’ll try to update it as often as possible, but I have written any scheduled posts down (they’re in italic with a line through them) and maybe what day they’re coming out, so you’ll be able to tell whether or not I’ve posted them yet. If I have, just scroll through my blog till you find it!

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Since the first time they met–sparring in a ring, their swords matching one another blow for blow, the world disappearing around them as they fought– he has been her partner in a way, the only man unafraid of her crown and her sword.

He had been but her rival at first, at the receiving end of her famed wit, at the pointy end of her practise sword, at the other side of the room, on the other side of the palace walls.

But as they had grown, as the fire within them had steadied and burned strong, he had become her partner in other ways.

The Princess and her Knight Commander.

At her side in every battle, escorting her through every painful ball with a sly joke whispered in her ear, with a tentative compliment at the end of the night before he walks away, leaving her with a soft longing for something that makes her heart sigh.

But as she stands facing him now, caught in a hug goodbye that had not ended, lingering instead– her forehead pressed against his, his breath puffing against her cheek, her hand resting upon his chest– she wonders if perhaps they could not be more.

She takes a sharp breath and presses closer.

Perhaps it is time to take a leap.

Bad Boy Turned Good

Summary: Dan is a teenager who’s a bad boy/trouble maker and doesn’t get along with his parents because of his behavior. They care about their reputation around town so the summer he does turns 16, they send him off to stay at the Lester’s (best friends of his parents) where he meets their teen son Phil, who is completely innocent. They don’t get along at first because they’re total opposites. Dan’s forced to spend time with Phil throughout the summer before school starts again and they eventually get along with each other and become best friends/lovers.

Genre: AU, Angst, Fluff

Word Count: 8,014

Triggers/Warnings: alcohol/drinking, smoking, swearing, noncon kinda

A/N: This was meant to be my pbb for this year but i dropped out but since I had so much written, I decided to finish the fic. I’m sorry if it seemed rushed at the end, I just kinda wanted to finish it tbh lol. And this isn’t betad, sorry for any mistakes!

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You guys wanted a masterlist, so here it is!  (my first few posts I’ve ever made are cringe worthy) click the “x” things.


Really? (x)

I got my calvins! (x)

You tell justin you’re pregnant (x)

lol i’ll punch your ass (x)

wow way to ruin the moment bieber. (x)

are we still going to lunch? (x)

boy if you don’t get.. (x)

announcing your guys relationship to the fans via twitter and instagram (x)

Playful friendship with justin (x)

innocent girl with a hood playlist (x)

sorry i’m hanging with my bff (x)

No presents! (x)

Best friend and girlfriend issues (x)

Babe….free wings (x)

Piss off m8 (x)

Are you done? (x)

Cute Paragraphs (x)

You tell him you’re pregnant (x)

Your album drops (x) 

Swimming in money swimming in liquor (x)

You’re preggo and go on tour with him, but your water breaks (x)

April Fools! (x)

My number one pet peeve (x)

You have a tongue piercing (x)

Teasing him ;) (x)

Your nudes get leaked (contains nudity) (x) 

He gets mad because you don’t answer (x)


He misses your daughters dance recital (x)

No more makeup (x) 

Standing up for you (x)

Spoiling him (x)

He calls you a thot (x)

So you forgot huh? (x)

More messed up than my life (x)

stop pouting and grow up (x)

You irritate my soul (x)

salty ex’s (x)


You’re getting married and he’s secretly in love with you  PART 1

You’re getting married and he’s secretly in love with you  PART 2

You’re getting married and he’s secretly in love with you PART 3  (Final Part)

You’re mad at him PART 1

You’re mad at him PART 2

You guys meet at his concert PART 1

You guys meet at his concert PART 2

You guys meet at his concert PART 3







First photo shoot together (x)

He posts about your pregnancy (x)

Your guys relationship via twitter and instagram (x)

You passed the test (x)

Your daughter is lesbian (x)


Never forget You (x)

Famous Heartbreaks (x)

Bad Start, Good Ending (x)

The First Date (x)

I don’t Hate You (x)

It’s Your Day Today (x)

Do You Forgive Me Now? (x)

Yeah, okay… off (x)

Confession (x)

We’re so proud of you! (x)


You like Jack Johnson and accidentally confess your feelings for him, thinking he was your brother justin (x)


So my dear friend wrote me a really cool thing, and since I couldn’t sleep very well last night, I drew some of it…(and then added the last doodle, which took way too long to be a doodle OTL )

Fairytale AU where Reigen is a charlatan who (not so) accidentally adopted a fairy changeling, Mob. :)


what the heck is sleep

Redesigned some ocs out of self indulgence, and because their previous designs were made when I was like…13 or something