lol this is hideous


I want to mash-up with you forever, Britt. I mean, some people love someone because they make them a better person, and that’s not why I love you, because you’ve always just wanted me to be myself. You’re my favourite person in the whole world. And we’re a big deal, you know, like no matter how many times we’ve tried to put our thing down and walk away from it, we can’t… Because I don’t want to live my life without my one true love. Brittany S. Pierce, will you marry me?

anonymous asked:

Are you still up for drawing lance in a cheer outfit?? 🙄

Oh, right! Actually, i started a little comic about it, but i left it unfinished for too long and now i think it looks hideous lol. But i did doodle Lance in a cheer outfit on my sketchbook, it’s kinda old though