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Kiss me » Theo Raeken

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Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Theo Raeken X Reader

Words: 1790+

Warnings: smut

Summary: Theo saves the reader, and they both decide to admit how much they want one another

A/N: i didn’t think this would turn out the way it did tbh lol please bear with me 

You were so used to all the supernatural stuff that you started to feel weird doing normal things.

Studying, for example, was one of this things; you had always been a good student, but lately you didn’t have enough time to study as much as you would like, neither payed enough attention to your classes. As a result, here you was, 22 pm revising math problems alone at the school library, feeling slightly weird to finally be doing something as simple as that.

The silence was the reason you’d rather study at school than at home, despite being late at night; your house was a very noisy place, and you needed peace and quietness. You were almost finished, though, when that welcoming silence was broken by the distant sound of shattering glass.

Startled, you more than quickly grabbed all your stuff, very aware that this kind of thing was never nothing. It was Beacon Hills, after all, and you were only human.

As you walked by the school hallways in a rush, you kept hearing suspicious sounds from a distance, such as hurried heavy steps and things breaking. Whatever it was, was big, strong, and breaking anything on its way.

Horrified, occurred to you that the creature could be the Beast. That monster. You quickened the pace.

Please, don’t kill me.

Next instant, you turned around and saw it. The Beast; nothing more than a dark silhouette turning right, a monstrous being that quickly disappeared in the shadows, but it was there. It was there and it could come back and kill you anytime if you didn’t get out of school soon. Running, you crossed the school gym and kept your pace, desperate, hearing that monster getting closer, running and running through the hallways.

I need to hide somewhere.

As if someone heard your request, you felt a hand closing around your left wrist so quickly you dropped your things, surprised. In the next instant, you were being pulled by someone who conveniently placed another hand over your mouth to keep you quiet, otherwise, you would have probably screamed at the top of your lungs.

Your back hit his chest— and yes, it was definitely a him — and a door closed in front of you as you struggled to get out of his strong hold with no success.

“Damn, be quiet.”

You instantly stopped moving; you knew that voice all too well, and you couldn’t believe your ears.

Theo Raeken’s right arm was firmly around your waist, gently keeping you from moving, your own hand somehow resting above his. Although you couldn’t see his face, you knew it was him, and you knew he was surely hearing your poor heart pounding on your chest.

He didn’t move nor made a sound. You both just stood there, in a ridiculously small supply closet, his hands around you, his breath hitting your neck, your heartbeat going crazy, for what felt like an eternity…and still not enough. You started to get distracted by things you were not supposed to get distracted by; his warm, rough hands touching your skin, for example. Or the way your back was against his front. Or the feeling of his palm touching your lips, preventing you from speaking. Or yet, how you could feel his chest moving as he breathed in and out…

Being a chimera, he probably could smell your intentions. You prayed that the ground could just swallow you whole and save you from the embarrassment.

With his werewolf senses, he was also able to hear things you couldn’t, so when he said that the Beast was probably gone, you believed him, and although you didn’t really want to move, you did.

Theo hesitantly removed his hands of you, first the one over your mouth, then his arm around your waist loosened, and you quickly stepped forward to open the door. He followed you closely outside and waited while you picked up your things, although you didn’t ask him to.

“Are you okay?” He asked, handing you one of your books.

“Yes,” you quickly replied. “I’m just…”

“You’re shaking.”

He reached out for your hand, gently holding it in his to calm you down. The act itself was so kind, so sweet you couldn’t believe this was actually happening; it was Theo you were talking about. He was certainly up to no good. You didn’t remember when your hands started trembling, but seemed like you couldn’t stop them anymore. Theo, who noticed this, gave your hand a gentle squeeze as you turned your head to look at him, more than surprised.

He helped you get up once you were finished gathering your things, one hand on yours, one around your waist, and you didn’t find the strength on you to refuse. You could stand on your on, so Theo let go from your waist.

“I will take you home,” he offered, his hand still holding yours. His tone let clear  he was not going to take no for answer.

“I can’t leave my car here,” you uselessly argued.

“You won’t,” he informed. “I’ll leave mine.”

“What? No! I’m fine, I can totally drive.”

“Quit it. I’m taking you home,” you could tell by the tone of his voice he was getting annoyed, so you decided to agree. Just one ride home couldn’t hurt, right?

You handed him the keys to your car, and together, hand in hand, you ran towards the vehicle in the parking lot. It wasn’t weird holding Theo’s hand anymore; it felt like something you were meant to do.

The ride was silent, but not awkward at all. Even thought all your friends warned you about Theo, you felt somewhat safe with him, like he made you stronger or something. Pathetic, right? But you kind of liked him.

And you knew you shouldn’t. So, just as he parked in front of your house and you two awkwardly stood by your house’s front door, the words left your mouth unconsciously.

“Why are you being so nice to me?”

The question came out of nowhere, breaking the somehow comforting silence, and Theo instantly stared at you as if considering what he should say.

“Why wouldn’t I?” He simply asked.

“I-I don’t know. Maybe…”

“You’re over thinking,” he once again reached out for your hand, and you let him hold it. “I know you don’t trust me, but I would never hurt you. I…”


“Are you alone home?” Theo let go of your hand, and you opened the door. You didn’t even noticed he was changing the subject as you both stepped inside.

“Yeah, my parents are out of town. They do that a lot.”

Theo nodded, curious eyes studying your house. You took that as the right moment to say the words you’ve been wanting to say all night.

“Thank you, Theo,” you honestly said, nervously biting your lower lip. “For everything.”

His greenish eyes looked at yours with something you couldn’t read.

“Don’t do that.”

Confused, you awkwardly played with your fingers.

“Thank you? I just-”

“Bite your lip,” he clarified, eyes locked on yours. “It drives me crazy and I’m trying to be nice to you. So…don’t.”

Suddenly, you felt like you couldn’t breathe. You were not really shy, but you were not ready for this straightforwardness coming from Theo. Especially not in the same day you both were locked in a supply closet together.

“I-I’m sorry, I…”

I’m sorry?’ Really?

Theo smiled, placing a strand of your hair behind your ear.

“I really want to kiss you right now,” he casually said, and just then you became aware of the proximity between you two; you could lean in and kiss him if you had the courage to. Unfortunately, you didn’t, so Theo backed off slightly. “Sorry…I better go before I do something I shouldn’t.”

He turned around ready to leave, but your body reacted before your mind could process anything, and you grabbed his arm with both hands to stop him. Surprised, Theo turned his head to look at you with a puzzled expression.

That’s when you knew Theo was right. You were constantly over thinking anything and everything lately, and you weren’t happy about that. You silently promised yourself this would change from that moment on, and as if to prove that you meant it, you quickly tip-toed in front of him and kissed his lips.

He was simply shocked, hands hesitantly moving to your waist as if he couldn’t quite process what was happening, but you pushed his insecurities away by wrapping your arms around his neck with both hands, bringing him closer.

As your right hand moved to tangle in his hair, Theo groaned against your lips and instinctively pressed his body to yours. When you broke the kiss for air, he took the moment to speak, still breathless.

“Kitten, I don’t think I can stop if I-”

Kitten. You cut off his warning, cupping his neck and bringing his mouth down to yours once again. His hands ran up and down your sides, wanting to touch you properly, but clearly holding back for some reason, so you took it slow, your lips teasing his as you let your hands wander beneath the shirt he was wearing. Your fingers brushed against his warm skin and Theo gasped, backing you up to the wall.

He murmured your name as his last warning, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care.

“I thought you wanted to kiss me,” you taunted impatiently. “Or would you rather sit down and talk? Because-”

Then he was kissing you again, any hesitation soon gone. Your clothing became an issue and you both started to work on every bottom, buckle and zipper, eager to discover each other’s bodies. His lips were soft and his hands were caring, leaving goosebumps on your skin with every touch and kiss. Everything happened in a blurry; you couldn’t quite remember how you ended up in your bedroom, half naked, with your lips on Theo Raeken’s, but you had never felt happier.

He gently laid you down on your bed, eyes shining with undeniable lust, asking for permission to keep going. Unable to say anything, you simply nodded, bringing his mouth down to yours. Theo kissed you, a slow brush of lips, as he finally got rid of the last pieces of clothing on the way, letting his hands explore every part of your body with soft, tender movements that made you bite your lower lip to hold back moans. He made sure you were enjoying everything he did, took it slow as if you had all the time in the world, and by the end of the night, you slept in his arms, tired and satisfied, knowing that his embrace was the place you belonged to.


Originally I had plans on making this super realistic and everything, but lbh; how in the world would or could I– so have this instead. Whatever it turned out to be. 

I have lots of stuff planned for my boi Jackson! >:]

After finally finishing my commissions for good. Cos I’m actually bUSY AS FRICK. But I had to. I’m officially obsessed with my pre-Anti theory.

First Love

Summary: You move into a new apartment and you become enemies with your new neighbor.

Pairing: Min Yoongi / Reader

Genre: Smut

Words: 4.4k

Part 2 | Part 3 Masterlist

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Why Vmin are called the “Soulmate Couple”

Long post

Before I get into this, I’d like to say, that this will provide examples as to how amazingly close vmin are to being considered real life soulmates. It’ll also help anyone who wants to know about vmin’s relationship and how close the two actually are. But overall, it’ll definitely explain why some of the fandom refers to them as already soulmates. Whether it’s viewed platonically or romantically:)

Okay here we go. Pray for me to be able to get all of this in one post.

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Drunk cousin

Please post on anon
So I’m in a sexual relationship with my cousin. We’re both 22 years old. My names Erik and hers is lisa. I’m an average 6’ tall guy and lisa is 6’ tall, long blonde hair, tongue, nose, belly button pierced, athletic type girl with a beautiful face and a amazing body. We’ve always been really close. The first night it happened was a Friday night last year, she was at a party and asked me to pick her up because she was way to drunk. I drove the 45 minutes and finally found the house. She walks outside stumbling to my car. She was wearing these sexy heels, extremely tight blue skinny jeans, and a tight t shirt. I never thought in a million years id say “whoa” to my cousin but I did lol. She wanted to go to 711 for a drink, she gets out and I decided to actually take a look, her thong was sticking out so I told her “lisa pull up your pants before you go in your thongs sticking out” she’s like “hehehe Erik why are you looking at my butt, weirdo”. We’re driving to her house so I can drop her off and we start to talk about all the fun times we had when we were younger etc.. Things take a turn and she blurts out “I know you don’t want to hear this because it’s weird because we’re family but all this tequila I drank made me super horny, I can’t wait to get home heheh” right then my mind started to race, all these thoughts I couldn’t really contain myself anymore. I tell her “drinking all night and masturbating all night, sounds like a very good night to me” then we both giggle and she says “this is going to be the weirdest thing ever for us, Erik, let me see it, I want to see your cock, I’m drunk and horny and this can be life changing for us” I’m like “lisa, we can’t do that, we’re cousins, blood related, and besides we’ve been in the hot tub naked together when we were 10” she’s like “yea when we were 10! We’re 22 now, I know that dick of yours have gotten bigger, I just want to see it, and touch it, and play with it, pleAse Erik pleaseeeeee” I said “okay lisa here’s the deal, you’re black out drunk right now, we’re going to go to your house, I’m going to spend the night and when you’re sober if you remember what you said we will fool around, okay?” “Yes okay!” Fucking lucky my aunt and uncle were away for the long weekend. I put her in her bed and she knocks out instantly, so 5 hours go by and its 4 am now. She wakes up and see me dozing off in her chair. “Erik what are you doing here?!” “You called me to pick you up from a party because you were too drunk” “ugh thank you so much you’re the best cousin” I said “okay you seem good now I’m going to head home now, I’m going to pee and I’ll come back in” I go pee and walk back into her room and go to hug her and she pulls her sheets aside, “I know what I said in your car, you made a promise, look at my naked body and get hard and let me see it” I kind of gasp and say “it’s going to take more than just looking at your naked body to get me hard” so she undresses me and I lay next to her in bed. It was seriously weird as fuck being naked next to your cousin. It’s even weirder starting to make out with our wandering hands. I get extremely hard, I’ve never had a boner as hard and tight as this one. I’m like “my dicks hard take a look” she grabs it, jerks it a bit and says “yup it’s as big and perfect as I imagined”
Long story short: we fucked until 7 am. It was by far the best sex I’ve ever had. The feeling of my dick sliding into my cousins wet pussy was something I can’t even explain. She rocked my world. She gave the best blow job ever. Sloppy just the way I like it. I ate her asshole. Her tight little asshole. I stuck my dick in her ass. The feeling of my dick sliding into her tight asshole was unbelievable. When she was riding me I had the best way to make her squirt. The best part is we never used a condom. I creampied her pussy 2 times and her asshole 2 times and 1 load in her mouth.
I have many many stories to share with her and I. A 3 sum with one of her best girl friends and a 3 sum with a tranny, to disgusting kinks. I’ll gladly share of everyone wants to hear more

a bit weird since I’ve never drawn Mikasa before lol and i had to google mama Ackerman! I forgot what she looked like! 😭
anw I do like how it turned out! I HONESTLY think its waaay better than my other Ackermans and the Jaegers lol huhu


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anon: Is there a collective gifset of Diego Luna just being wiggly/awkward dancing? I recently found out that “The Ketchup Song (Asereje)” is a song about a club-going, seductive man named Diego who jams hard to what’s basically Rapper’s Delight (I’m not a Spanish-speaker so I had no idea at first). I immediately imagined Diego Luna wiggling awkwardly to this song and now it’s turning into some weird headcanon helppppp LOL


its okay seungmin ah.. you gotta do what you gotta do. 

anonymous asked:

How was Tiger Philanthropist a jab?

im not saying it was but its possible. the entire episode was about amethyst and steven being loved for doing the same shtick over and over again until amethyst got bored and left.

steven tries to accept change by doing his own thing, and everyone except lars loves it. and when steven talks to him about the match, this scene plays out

it felt like a jab at fans who ask for changes but aren’t satisfied with them, misunderstanding exactly why people have issues with the writing to begin with. it ends with steven and amethyst teaming up one last time and ending it with lars finally satisfied, as if we’re being told “hey shut up and accept what you already had”.

at the time the episode came out, i didn’t feel like it was right to accuse the writers of mocking their fans since it wasn’t as in your face as Historical Friction.

but after seeing Matt share an unused Keep Beach City Weird post where Ronaldo complains about how he’s not satisfied with the way things are, amethyst’s puma’s design, complaining about steven tiger being unlikable, wanting things to go with back to way things were and even saying that he’ll continue to watch it to see if it turns around.

its like. sooo childish lol and Matt was really proud to post that. I found Ian’s reaction to criticism a bit unprofessional but still admirable (like he had no problem with it so long as critics weren’t harassing fans) but matt, or whoever ran that blog, acted like a complete brat over the criticism

dating nct johnny!!1!1!1!!

• “i can see why ten calls you a fatass”
• “girl wys”
• him being more of a best friend than a boyfriend, usually
• “johnny please stop”
• “who’s ur favorite nct member, babe”
• “ten.”
• you begging him to sing for you all the time oh my gosh
• to the point where all the other members go “UGH-”, drop everything, and leave the room when you ask johnny to sing.
• lotta hugs and hand holding and, idk why but squeezing like, everywhere, not like, all perverted, like, sometimes he’d just squish your cheeks and be like “lol u look like a duck”
• pointing to food, to, food, yes food, and saying “dat u”
• “guRLLLLL-”
• “johnny stfu”
• lots of weird text messages like, johnny is literally afraid to turn his phone on at the end of the day.
• he mimics you a lot
• you mimic him mimicking you and, it’s just, one thing leads to another and you two end up forgetting what you were doing
• when it’s your birthday he goes all out and he does a little, special something extra that makes you cry
• he once pretended that he had nothing planned and kissed your forehead and was like “sorry babe, practice was hell last night, i couldn’t get anything special for you” and you were like “oh- oh god, johnny that’s ok don’t worry about it. i love you-”
• and that was overall true but he still got jaehyun and taeyong to cook something special and got the baby rookies to get you cake and a pretty little birthday card
• and he made his own card for you and he got his guitar and decided to sing you a song
• all the members signed the card the baby rookies got for you
• johnny called you over bc he “felt bad and thought you should still at least have dinner w them”
• you come over ands everyone’s like “haPPY BirtHdAY.” and throws confetti everywhere and holds a cake up in your face and jisung starts laughing really hard and jaemin’s like “for goodness sak- BLOW THE LIGHTS OUT. THE FIRE ALARMS GONNA GO OFF BC OF THE SMOKE” and mark throws the card at you like it’s a ninja star
• and you’re like “a- whATT?”
• but you don’t see johnny and you’re like “where the fatass at”
• and johnnys like “iMHEREBABY!!!!!!!”
• and starts singing w his guitar
• and you’re like “someone pls explain what’s happening why is no one explaining anything” but you’re smiling bc aw this is cute and you love everyone and you love johnny so much.
• and finally he gives you a nice warm hug and kisses you and he’s like “happy birthday babe” and gives you the card he wrote and you start reading it and start crying
• “whA- NO”
• lots of cute, quiet little cafe dates
• holds your hand a lot
• holds your hand when you’re scared
• you wear his button up shirts and johnny’s either like “shit ur hot” or “what the hell that’s my favorite shirt take it off, you-”
• he’s kidding tho. he likes seeing you in his clothes bc johnny’s huge and his clothes are like blankets on you and it makes you look like a baby, and you are a baby, his baby
• he is so into meeting your family
• “are u nervous?”
• and he’s like “lol no who do u think i am.”
• but he’s a little kitty in the dark on the inside and you know it so you hold his hand the whole ride
• your family loves him
• everyone loves him. even your pets.
• but he’s still kinda awkward around them and zones out
• “johnny, where are you from?”
• “oh- no thank you.”
• he looks at you funny everytime you play pokemon go
• you wanna take cute selfies w him but he won’t stop making derps
• you scream and call out johnny’s name everytime there’s a bug
• “you don’t even scream my name that loud when we’re having sex”
• sexy time w johnny is all the time
• johnny tries to seduce you, a lot, but when he actually tries it’s just- no.
• but when he’s in a very needy position and n e e d s it, he just, goes for it and oh my mamas, that’s hot.
• “did u leave ur shirt sleeves at home.”
• but you love it
• you watch cartoons w him and johnny’s so into that, surprisingly
• you two also watch shows like pretty little liars together.
• during season one y'all are like “WHO IS A.”
• random english/korean breaks that confuse you bc it’s like “yes baby like, taeyong wanted to touch the 호랑이 when we were at the 동물원 but the 아저씨 working there was like "죄송합니다, 얘가좀 소심해서 사람을 잘 무는 경우가 있어서…”
• “johnny”
• “oh, right- sorry”
• he always grins really wide when he says “i love you” or puckers up his lips while saying it and you’re like “uGH. yES. ME toO.”
• “do you want a son or a daughter?”
• “i want both, as long as they look like you.”
• “and if they don’t look like me?”
• he sends a lot of cheesy texts but you know he cringes hardcore while sending them
• sometimes he’s so in love with you and just, the thought of you that he has no shame sending these cheesy messages
• video chats w johnny are, so… idk how to explain it but there’s a member that comes on screen that’s like “yeah so i was like "holy shit is that really an alien?” but turns out it was just ten wearing pants in the dorm for once- OH SHIT HEY (Y/N)“ every 5 seconds.
• ten is like your best friend bc you two lowkey love teasing johnny and it annoys johnny so much
• ten ships you two so much he just, cant.
• ten once told johnny that you should name your first kid after your ship name.
• "ten, shut up”
• random singing outbursts it’s just, “oh yeah so- CHEER UP BABY CHEER UP BABY-”
• “oh i love this drink so muc- CALL ME BABY-”
• johnny loves you lots lots lots lots
• you love him lots
• he kisses you so much and you always turn into mushy jelly and he knows it and he’s proud
• his kisses are super super rough sometimes and super super nice and short and sweet sometimes, you love both.
• “i love you”
• “mhm. me too.”


My Hijab Cosplays Part 1


I’m making this post just to share the cosplays I’ve done so far

I’m a beginner at cosplaying actually so these may look…..lame haha


1. Yuri Plisetsky (Yuri on Ice)

I must say, this was my first ever attempt at hijab cosplaying, and to me it turned out better than I expected

2. Armin Arlert (Attack on Titan)

I’ve had this survey corps jacket since last year but never thought of cosplaying though. I finally decided to try it out with Armin since his hair in hijab was quite easy (Yes I’m using Pewdiepie’s book as a prop lol)

3. Kyoka Jirou (My Hero Academia)

This is my latest one, which I just came up with today. I know it’s not perfect, such as the hair color( I don’t have a scarf that color at the moment), and the shirt(don’t have that color at the moment either) but I’m extremely satisfied with the results of it!

Well, that’s it actually haha

More in the future I hope

There’s not much because I’m very insecure with my body and my appearance in general, so I thought “I’m too ugly to cosplay”

But, a good friend of mine convinced me of doing it so here I am haha

Part 2: Here

Robert / Michael panel and more I remembered from the meeting room

My phone died as I was trying to talk about the panel.

Ask a question about Rumple being the ladies man on the show (big applause and approval.) Robert even let out long “On yeah…”
He was asked who was the better kisser.
Well all the ladies are here so he had to be

Emilie.. was the answer.

Because with Zelena it was weird and with Regina even weirder.
But because of what Belle meant to Rumple and their relationship his kisses with Emilie would have more meaning.

If Bae was still alive he’d be working at his father’s shop. Spending time with Henry.
Neal always meant well even if it didn’t turn out right. His heart was in the right place, hid intent noble.

The show can be unrelentingly sad so it’s good when Rumple does his antics and is comedy relief. I’m improvising but that was the gist.

More from the meeting room.

Robert said he was directing and acting in something called the pawnbroker. No relation to Gold.
I don’t remember if it’s a movie or something for TV.

When asked about who is scarier.
Robert said originally Rumple was supposed to seem scarier. But the way Robert plays his like a vaudeville person, full or mannerisms, funny, very colorful and animated. Whereas Gold is subdued. He’s the opposite. The volume, color, brightness is turned down. So Gold would be scarier.

Ok if I remember more…

Don’t Tempt Me

Sam x Reader 
Warnings: SMUT, Language, a bit of teasing, fingering, oral (fem. receiving) edging, riding, rough sex. (I’m so bad at these, i’m just gonna go hide in the corner lol) 

Word count: 1883

A/N: There is almost zero plot, pure smuttiness Haha.  It just sort of came to me earlier today. I literally have no idea where this went. My mind just went into smut mode, and decided to check out while I writing, so major apologies, if this one is major weirdness, or awful :| 

ALSO, REQUESTS ARE OPEN, please feel free to reach out if you have an idea or request. Or you can just stop by to say hey. I love herding from you guys! 


Originally posted by couplenotes

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sigridhr said to dwimmerlaiks: for the palette meme, can i suggest for galadriel in figues? only if it strikes your fancy :) <3

I meant to draw artanis-vacationing-in-alqualonde again, but it turned out kind of weird lol. I’m gonna give this prompt another go but in the meantime, here’s try n1

Some of the best/most memorable moments of the RTD era, just because:

•The devastation in Nine’s eyes when Jabe says “Time Lord” in “The End of the World”

•the Dalek being able to levitate in “Dalek”

•the stupid preciousness of Rose trying to say “Raxacoricofallapatorius” in “Boom Town” and her exuberant hugs with Nine and Jack

•the soundless “ex-ter-min-ate” outside Lynda’s window during “The Parting of the Ways” before the Daleks smash through

•In the same episode, that close-up of Rose/Bad Wolf’s face when she says “I want you safe—my Doctor” and the light in her eyes dies out for a second and there are tears running down her cheeks. And you can see that she is burning up and falling apart but she doesn’t stop, and you can tell that she knows she going to die and doesn’t care if it means he’s safe

•Jackie’s shriek of “I’m gonna get killed by a Christmas tree” in “The Christmas Invasion” (I C O N I C)

•"That, that, that is textbook enigmatic"

•Ten’s smug smile at Rose’s exasperation in “School Reunion” when she’s serving chips

•K-9’s increasingly sassy versions of “We are in a car”

•"A door once opened may be stepped through in either direction"

•The Doctor’s giggle when he finds out Rose is a dog in the parallel universe, and Rose being increasingly fed up with him

•"I believe in her"

•Ursula getting preserved as a concrete slab (w h a t)(it wasn’t best but it sure was memorable)

•The Doctor crying in the Tardis when he’s cut off during “Doomsday”

•Jackie hugging Rose on the beach

•"I’m not—I’m not—I’m not from Mars??“ said as though Ten is no longer sure whether he is or not

•Martha’s face as she looks at the Earth from the moon

•The Doctor deciding that electrocuting himself at the top of the Empire State Building is a good idea

•"Don’t they teach recreational mathematics anymore?” Lol FAVE

•"If the Doctor had never visited us, if he’d never chosen this place, on a whim…would anybody here have died?“

•The music in the background of the Master’s hunt for Martha on the streets during "Last of the Time Lords”

•"You’re not falling, Astrid. You’re flying" (I don’t care what you say, I loved this stupid episode)

•Donna waving at fat and her weirded-out look afterward

•When Rose first shows up in “Partners in Crime” like !!!!!


•Martha breaking down in tears when the Hath dies

•Donna’s enraged “What? Who did I kill?!” in “The Unicorn and the Wasp”

•River’s last words being “Spoilers”

•The Doctor’s look of utter desolation after River dies

•Donna’s frantic clinging to her children when the data core world starts falling apart

•That moment of cold horror when the Doctor questions whether the people on the train would really kill Sky and the Hostess says, “I would”

•The look of complete terror in Ten’s eyes when he starts copying Sky


•"No really, you can hug me" Donna is so thirsty for Captain Jack and I love it


•The sudden drop in your stomach when Donna keeps repeating “Binary—binary—binary—”

•That awful moment when Wilf swings the door open and Ten is holding Donna

•Rosita being more competent than everybody else in “The Next Doctor”

•Jackson Lake’s Tardis being a hot-air balloon (that episode was so adorable tbh)

•That feeling of foreboding when Ten turns down Lady Christina de Souza

•Steffi watching the video from her family as she is hit by the water on Mars

•The quiet flash of light after Adelaide enters her house in “Waters of Mars,” and Ten’s broken “I’ve gone too far"—an understated scene but no less chilling for all that

•Ten and Wilf crying together in the cafe

•Ten deciding that jumping through a ceiling was in any way a good idea

•Jack’s final salute

•"Was she happy, in the end?”

•Donna getting a happy ending

•"I bet you’re gonna have a really great year"

•The change in Ten’s expression when he starts regenerating and you can see his choice to die bravely

•Matt Smith at the end honestly what a cutie

anonymous asked:

Hello!! I absolutely love your blog!!! I was wondering if you could do RFA + Saeran reacting to an MC that can communicate with animals?? I dunno, weird idea popped into my head lol.

This sounds like an awesome idea to pop up into your head! I will gladly do this request!!


  • He found out in the most ridiculously Disney way possible
  • You were having a good morning, and those birds were just sitting there waiting to be talked to you
  • So, you started talking to them, it was Spring after all and you hadn’t had good conversation with any animals since Autumn
  • And while you were talking you didn’t notice the albino standing right behind you, a look of utter surprise on his face
  • “MC!” You turned around to see a very confused lover
  • “Oh, hey Zen~”
  • Pleasedon’tmentionitpleasedon’tmentionit
  • Yeah, guess what he does
  • “Sooo, what was that?”
  • DammitZen!
  • You told him, although grudgingly, about how you’d just been born with it, it was a part of you
  • “I didn’t plan on anyone finding out.” You grumbled
  • Zen just chuckled and gave you a kiss
  • “Why wouldn’t you tell me darling?”
  • You blushed, man he knew how to make you redden
  • From then on you sometimes talk to animals when he’s around
  • He always finds it absolutely adorable


  • He was such a cutie!
  • A very, very confused cutie
  • You had found a puppy in the bushes at the base of your apartment, and worriedly began to talk to it, trying to find its home
  • Taking it inside, you got it some food, all the while still talking to it
  • “MC who are you talking to?”
  • “Oh, um, the dog.”
  • He nearly fainted, no lie, you had to carry him to the couch
  • When he regained enough consciousness to get in a normal-enough conversation you told him
  • It was your childhood, and your parents didn’t like you
  • So, they essentially sold you out to a scientist
  • It was like you were from a comic book
  • And Yoosung loved it
  • “Wow that’s awesome! Did it hurt at all?”
  • GodYoosungissuchagreatboyfriend
  • You two returned the dog to its rightful owner, and when Yoosung became a vet you were a great help to his harder cases


  • She thought she was hallucinating
  • Yeah, maybe there was something in that cold medicine
  • Because my girlfriend is talking to a bird
  • Not in a cooing sort of way, like actual conversation
  • “MC, I think I’m sick!”
  • “Oh, my goodness Jaehee what’s wrong?”
  • “I hallucinated you were talking to a bird.”
  • “Oh. Um, about that…”
  • She didn’t believe you
  • “Are you and Seven pranking me?”
  • No,pleaseJaeheebelieveme
  • When she saw that upset you however she softened
  • “So, how did this happen?”
  • It was something weird with your genes, you weren’t even sure what
  • Your personal hypothesis was that you were closer related to now extinct relative sto homo sapiens, but you could never be sure
  • “Do you think I’m a freak Jaehee?”
  • “No MC, I think you’re wonderfully special, and this just continues to prove it!”
  • Baeheebestgirlfriend2k17
  • You were so relieved she accepted you


  • Also not a huge believer in anything vaguely supernatural
  • But it was pretty obvious you were having a conversation with Elizabeth III
  • I mean she was meowing back at your questions and statements, and you were in turn nodding at hers
  • He didn’t know what else to call it
  • “MC, why are you, talking, to Elizabeth?”
  • You jumped out of your skin, nearly spilling soy sauce and stir fry all over yourself
  • Thankfully he grabbed the bottle right before anything serious happened
  • Juminbestcatcherofsoysauce2k17
  • “MC? What’s wrong?”
  • “Oh, well, um, I kinda, well.”
  • He looked at you, an extremely concerned expression on his face
  • You sighed, you couldn’t lie to him
  • “It’s just that I didn’t want you to know that, well, that I could talk to animals.”
  • “Why?”
  • “Well, it’s the result of being kicked out of my home, when I was younger, my parent’s thought I was a freak and turned me out of my house.”
  • Jumin’s heart cracked a bit at the notion that something as natural to you as this caused you to be kicked out of what should’ve been loving parents
  • You looked pale, so he swept you up in a hug
  • “MC, you don’t have to worry, I will always love you, there’s no reason for you to be ashamed of something that’s a part of you.”
  • You loved him so much


  • It began with another escapade
  • “Saeyoung, why is there a wriggling ball underneath your shirt?”
  • “What! What ball, I don’t see a ball hahahaha- “
  • “You stole Elly again didn’t you.”
  • T-T
  • He looked down on the ground, and let the cat go
  • Elizabeth was obviously very disgruntled
  • And you didn’t want her to kill someone, mainly your idiot lover
  • “Elizabeth, I’m sorry, that was so stupid! I know he’s an idiot!”
  • Saeyoung would’ve brushed it off as you messing around, but then the cat replied
  • The cat replied?!
  • GodwhyInotalktocats!
  • Likeifyoucrieverytime!
  • LolI’llstop
  • So yeah.
  • It was more awkward than “the talk”
  • You told him that it was a family thing, something passed down generation to generation
  • When you finished talking about how as far as family records and journals go back it was there and how your family was almost all burned as witches in the 1600s he just hugged you
  • “MC! That’s so cool! I wish I had a special power!”
  • You giggled
  • “But you do Saeyoung!”
  • “Really?” He looked at you suspiciously
  • “Yes! Do you want to know what it is?”
  • He lit up like a kid on Christmas
  • “You are the only one who can make me laugh the way you do, and cheer me up when I’m upset. You have the power of changing me for the better, something brighter.”
  • He never wanted to kiss you more in his life
  • It was a good night!


  • He wasn’t sure what to do
  • He didn’t want to take you to the hospital…
  • But he sure as heck thought you were cracked
  • He just sort of froze up after that, giving you enough time to finish telling it to go away, as its safety could not be guaranteed
  • But as soon as it was gone he exploded
  • Needless to say, that didn’t make you feel good
  • “Saeran…”
  • He stopped his freak out when he saw that you were on the verge of tears
  • Shutting up immediately he picked you up, bridal-style, and carried you to his room
  • Sitting you on the bed he wrapped you in a blanket
  • “I’m sorry, MC, I, I was just surprised.”
  • You just let out a whimper, an acknowledgment
  • That caused a stab of pain to go through his heart, the memories of his mother’s hate rippling through his mind
  • Cradling you gently he whispered sweet nothings in your ear
  • “I’m so sorry MC. I was being inconsiderate, and idiotic. I’m sorry if I caused you pain, I know I’m horrible, I’m really trying, please, please don’t leave me.”
  • You nuzzled closer to him
  • “I’ll never leave you Saeran, never.”
  • From then on whenever you talked to animals, whether puppy or cockroach, Saeran didn’t say anything
  • He didn’t want you to feel down for something that you were
  • You were too beautiful for that
  • It would push him back into the void

Hope ya like! And this time I actually posted it all at once omg it’s a miracle!! Lol, hope you enjoy!

Requests are open so ask me!

Weekly update #2


I FORGOT TO POST LAST SUNDAY, so I’m just gonna post now instead.


Multiplayer fun with Jack, Ken and Mark! This game is even more fun with more people. I love doing multiplayer videos, because its not so much trying to be entertaining, its just us having fun playing.



BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE: ME PLAYING WITH THE HTC VIVE. The reaction to this video from you bros was very unexpected to be honest.It’s either “THIS VIDEO IS THE FUNNIEST SHIT” or “WTF, THIS IS SO WEIRD I CANT ENJOY IT”.Personally I think its “THIS IS THE FUNNIEST SHIT”, ya’ll should know to expect this channel is weird by now…




Quantum break is fucking cool, you bros should definitely check out this series. It’s probably the best xbox title we have seen so far.

Scare PewDiePie ends with episode 10. I was actually legit pissed when I realized it wasnt a party because there was so much drama in the show and I just wanted to chill with all the people I filmed with. Either way, I had the time of my life filming this show and just wanna say HUGE thanks to everyone who supported this show!But even bigger thanks to everyone who worked on it!

Also uploaded Dark Souls Part 3, it might seem like a throw away since I uploaded 3 episodes, but I put so much fucking time on editing this. People always say for some reason “I’m only motivated by money”. But these type of videos takes 20x times more to make rather then say…. the quantum break episode. But the quantum break episode still gives me 2x as much ad revenue. I love Dark Souls and I love editing them and I love sharing these episodes with you bros; please watch them!

THURSDAY:, this is the kinda game I knew it was gonna get popular on YouTube. Aaaaaand what do you know? - Everyone is playing it now!I love the edits in this video, some say the Paul Walker part was offensive. To me it was just about me and Vin Diesel, but either way its a great video in my opinion.



So anyway, I also uploaded another Quantum break episode, ARE YOU WATCHING THIS SHIT YET?


I died.The video is very “clickbaity”, but its also very funny so.. win-win? SUNDAY:This is the weirdest fucking video Ive ever uploaded.

I didnt realize it was so weird until I watched it.I dont know why I thought: “hey making a video where I just try out facemasks, thats a great idea, right?"It actually turned out very funny, but I think most people are still freaked out by the body suit I wore. FUNNY STORY TIME. I bought that suit in Japan, it wasnt actually for sale it was just displayed on a manikin. I had to ask for it and they first said no, but I managed to somehow convince them despite the language barrier. LOL And hey! Another quantum break!

– Im writing these post so you bros get an idea how much thought and time goes into making videos each week. Not to pry on it, but also because Im proud of the work and I want you bros to watch it with a bit of perspective I guess.



Ehehehehehehehehehehhe yesterday I played Tales of Berseria, today I doodled something weird. Oh, there’s no connection huh

I haven’t had the idea for Regis and Seira, since Regis’ hair is like th a t and Seira should be male, so I have to think about her design lmao

Ignore M-21’s weird pose, I just wanted to draw Frankenstein tbh because I wanted to see how it turned out lol. And. Uh Tao, wear a bra, please?

anonymous asked:

This is gonna sound weird but RFA + mini trio reacting to seeing MC putting cheetos on her hamburger like no mustard, ketchup, or anything. Just top bun, cheetos on the meat then bottom bun lol. But it turns out she does this bc she hates hamburgers and if offered hamburgers she doesn't want to be impolite by declining. So she puts cheetos to hide the meat taste. Lmao sorry that sounds weird but I do that a lot haha

*LOL, I find this more.. special than weird. I’ve never heard of this, but it might taste good, lmao. Thanks for the request! Enjoy!

♥ You made dinner tonight.
♥ Zen was excited to eat.
♥ It looked sooo good!
♥ You got Zen’s plate ready, and he saw that you had nothing on yours.
“Babe, you didn’t have to make my plate. Look at how plain yours is!!”
♥ You just smiled.
♥ You grabbed a bag of Cheetos from the cupboard,
♥ Zen was like ???? ok
♥ That was, until..
♥ u put a layer of Cheetos in ur burger
Zen was so confused?
“MC.. why did you put the Cheetos on the burger..?”
“I like it that way.”
♥ He didn’t question you about it again, but he always picks on you for it.

You ordered in some food!
☏ You guys got some burgers and other sides of food.
☏ You got some sides and a burger,
☏ And you scoffed.
☏ Saeyoung was complexed.
“What’s wrong, MC?”
☏ You sighed.
“I asked for a plain burger, but it’s fine.”
☏ Saeyoung just chuckled and continued to eat while you two watched cat videos.
☏ You picked all the toppings off,
☏ Grabbed a bag of Cheetos..
☏ .. and piled them on the meat.
☏ Saeyoung turned around and was interested.
“Can I have some? I wanna try!!”
☏ He loves it as much as you do!

φ The chefs made burgers that night,
φ Very fancy.
φ It had a special sauce, dashes of tasteful spices.
φ It had.. no appeal to you.
φ Jumin saw you didn’t like it.
φ “Dear, what is the problem?”
φ “I like burgers plain.. and with Cheetos on them.”
φ “Oh.. I will get what you like, my love.. but please,

what are Cheetos?”
φ bby u bouta get ur world rocked
φ You tell him the magic of Cheetos, and how when on burgers..
φ It’s as if a kitten made it.
φ He asks the chefs to make do with your request.
φ He tries it with you,
φ Jumin LIKES it.
φ “This is interesting, I think we might have it more often..”

You guys made dinner together!
★ You two then continued to get your plates.
★ Yoosung quickly sat down and dug in, because it looked so good..
★ You put the usual on your burger!
★ Yoosung didn’t notice until he heard a louder crunch from your burger.
★ He looked up and was astonished.
★ His jaw was on his plate, lol.
“Y-Yoosung? Are you okay..?”
“MC, why are there.. Cheetos?”
“They taste good.”
★ Yoosung grins.
“As long as you like it, it’s good with me!!”
★ He never forgets to put the Cheetos on your burger when he makes it for you!!
★ Doesn’t think twice about it, he immediately accepts it.

✎ You two got some burgers from the new restaurant across the café.
✎ As Baehee was getting out the food, you went to the breakroom.
You came back with a bag of Cheetos
✎ You started to pick off the toppings..
✎ And then, bAM!
✎ Cheetos!
✎ Jaehee just kept giggling.
“That’s just so.. absurd.. it’s amusing.”
✎ You laughed and flicked her, continuing to eat.
✎ You two kept going at it until it was the end of lunch-break.
✎ She won’t let you live it down.

☽ You two went out at a nice restaurant that is new in town.
☽ You ordered a burger, while he ordered spaghetti.
☽ You brought a bag of fucking Cheetos.
☽ Jihyun heard the pop of the bag.
“MC.. did you-“
☽ He laughed,
“You’re so funny.”
☽ You discreetly unsheathe the Cheetos, and apply them to the burger.
☽ You both eat happily, giggling every chance you get.
You two still laugh about it going home.

☡ You two got burgers and brought them home.
☡ You got your Cheetos.
☡ Before you even open the bag,
☡ Saeran gets on it.
“Give me some.”
☡ He fucking LOVES it.
☡ Maybe even more than you do.
☡ You guys share your favorite bizarre food.
☡ Saeran tells you how it’s the best, just like ice-cream!!
What a bean.

✖ You made dinner that night.
✖ You two sat down and started to eat.
✖ Vanderwood then saw the orange bag pop open.
✖ You were too interested in the food that you ignored him.
✖ You finished your masterpiece and took a bite.
✖ You laughed so hard,
✖ You almost choked.
✖ Vanderwood is extremely confused,
✖ You explain why it tastes so good and..
he is still a grumpy ass

*I HOPE THIS IS OKAY! I am so tired, but my power went out yesterday so I couldn’t post! I will be working all day tomorrow, though!! Btw, I get my eyes checked on Tuesday, I may get glasses! Anyways, I hope you liked this! Goodnight / day. – Admin Shayne