lol this guy will be the death of me

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(I'm so glad I'm not the only one who didn't like Big Hero 6! Why didn't you like it? I want to see if our reasons match, lol.)

ah hell like. it was just very forgettable to me?? i enjoyed it up til the point the brother died and like to me that was the most emotional part of the film. the characters were all rather boring to me and it pissed me off when they all tried to stop the kid from killing that one guy like. like that guy was responsible for the kid’s brother’s death LET HIM DIE LOL. it just didnt have anything special to me.  i only saw it once in theaters but nothing stuck with me and i was utterly bored the entire time.

TBH not appreciating the death threats I’m receiving for saying that being horrible towards Taylor swift in relation to her dating life and the rude song that belittles her is out of line and nasty lol ty there are more important things in life guys

P.S. Stop sending me messages trying to say that her writing rude songs about people is why she’s getting these threats. I never even mentioned that and you’re all bringing it up. I’m specifically referring to her belittlement, the slut shaming and bullying.

I outed myself at work as a Duran Duran fan last week because of the concerts I was going to (I’ve only worked here for 6 months), and now my boss is playing “Rio” on her computer. Everyone keeps asking me stuff about them now, except for the Norwegian Death Metal guy who has been conspiciously silent, LOL.

It’s hard to know where the line of polite answering of questions ends and the squealing fangirl begins. 

yknow that post where that guy made a list of everything his wife(or gf? idk) cried at in like a week or smth? i should do that for myself

in the past 2 days alone (and it’s only 2pm so could be more today) reasons for crying have included:

  • thinking about shakira
  • hearing wavin’ flag by k’naan 
  • reading about the spanish inquisition
    • as a result, thinking about how every time i think about language death i cry. and therefore crying
  • the woman who won on come dine with me couldn’t read out her own name (it was her night) because she was crying from shock/happiness so i cried too

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*hugs* are you eating well? getting enough sleep? are you warm? i can make you some tea if you're feeling stressed? do you want cuddles? im no namjoonie but i can cuddle pretty well~

Lol yes to all … The stress is unreal but thankfully I got you guys and my writing to help me through … To those who want to graduate early, do an abroad program, go to law/med school, or work full time over the summer, do not do all of them at once, I feel like death.

Thank you for looking after me! I’m doing just fiiiiiiiine. Quickly falling in love with Junhoe and of course Namjoon is always there.

💕💕💕💕💕 hope you’re doing well! 💕💕💕💕💕

So I revived this guy during a big boss fight Fate, right. He spawns next to me. I’m getting attacked by this small wolf thing, so I start attacking it. Then this guy - on the brink of death because he’s died twice and might I add your HP isn’t instantly fully restored after being revived - immediately tries to attack the wolf, only to die again.

Then he gets pissed that I “didn’t actually” heal him.

The life of a healer. Summed up. Oh. So reviving doesn’t “actually” count? Huh. I guess I’ll give that a miss next time son~! I’d like a bit less sass with my revives, thank you.

  • me:*is cleaning room feeling @ peace*
  • brain:okay but guess what sounds like a really good thing rn.
  • brain:death
  • other side of brain:okay fam but hear me out...
  • other side of brain:.. think about all the dogs you won't get to pet if you die.
  • brain:shit fam, u right.
  • me:i'm glad you're working things out but its 1am and you guys need to stop bc i need to go to sleep.

Earlier today I got a message on SA. It says something on my profile about how I am a siren, something so beautiful and flawless but ultimately it’s luring men to their death (metaphorically, of course…I’m not a killer). ANYWHO this guy messaged me and was like, I love that because I have a fetish for falling for a woman who takes every dollar I have. 

We got along really well and went out for ice cream tonight. We ended up sitting on a bench downtown talking and kissing for 4 hours. We went back to his apartment (in a really nice part of town) and cuddled a bit more and he wrote me a check for $500. 

Not bad for a first date with no sex. 

Even if we did have sex, he’s 28 and not that bad looking. 

What are you Listening to?

Summary: Steve wanted to know what you were listening, so you just had to teach him all about Hamilton, turned out he was Helpless.
Pairing: Steve x Reader
Word count:  3.3k
Warning: cursing and a quick death mention. anyway its fluff my god its fluff
A/N: I was listening to Hamilton and this happened idk guys. let me know if you enjoyed  !!! or like wanna be tagged when i post i guess

Another day of paperwork meant another day of you listening to the Hamilton soundtrack. Sam had banned you from playing it through speakers because you hadn’t stopped listening to the album since it was released over a year ago.

You were mindlessly tapping your pen to the beat as you read over the mission reports that everyone had to do for the latest mission. You could tell when Bucky and Sam shared notes on what had happened, their reports read almost exactly the same. So you had to change a few words here and there to make sure none of the higher ups got pissed off at the two idiots.

You sighed as you scratched out a word or two in Bucky’s paper to make it not so obviously similar. You had your headphones on full blast listening to act one making all other noises around you mute. Luckily you didn’t feel the need to belt out Helpless because you had a witness. Being so engulfed in the work you had to do you didn’t even notice Steve pacing the room. 

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Is the Arkansas medical director Fahmy Malak still practicing? The guy who did some shady work as a mortician or whatever for the Clintons, allegedly involved in covering up mysterious deaths. I can't find anything at all about the guy.

I dunno, I haven’t done any personal research into this at all. 

If you are really really curious, you can call around and look at public state/county records. If you do be sure to post it somewhere and link me, lol.