lol this ep is epic

veneerofcute  asked:

XY was neither one of the best or worst series of the show. It was mostly okay.

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I’m probably not the best for this question since I’ve seen maybe….3 eps of XY? lol

I appreciate the animation and more ‘serious and epic’ route they took that fans clamored for so long. But I’m in the 3% of the population that thinks AG is The Best so sure, XY is fine ;D


Checked…and no one seem to bring up this yet, so…Personally found it hilarious though…XD

No matter how silly and creepy he is, I’ll still just love this adorable giraffe for these though…>_<”

PS. Still need to watch BanpresLab outside of Trignal’s episode and NamiDai’s episode (because tbh, NamiDai’s ep was actually just epic…LOL ) though…-_-”