lol this ep = fanfiction

Kensi/Deeks  - Finding A Moment

So I wrote a fanfic. A smutty fanfic at that lol. It truly has no plot at all. Just Kensi and Deeks trying to finish what they started that morning before Hetty called them in. And they’re at the club with the Cupcake Girls. So…

It’s my first fanfic in many, many years. So let’s see how it goes lol.

Deeks could feel her staring at him. He was trying to dutifully pay attention to something that Tiffany, or was it Tiffani, was telling him. But he could feel his girlfriend’s hungry, gorgeous gaze on him. He peeked at her out of the corner of his eye and almost wished he hadn’t.

She was staring at him with that half-smile/smirk that always drove him crazy. As he watched, she slowly licked her bottom lip, then bit it. Deeks groaned inwardly.


Everlasting Party - Mystic Messenger Time Loop AU (pt 14)

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Summary: You’re caught in a time loop during the 11 days leading up to the RFA’s party unless you can do… what, exactly?

15+ for swearing. Spoilers for Days 6 and 8 of Jaehee’s route.

The sixth day. 11:52pm.

You check your watch again. Reconfirm that the door is locked. The cabinet is pushed in front of the window Unknown smashed through back when Zen… well.

You wait. This will be the true test. Is it possible for the days to continue if you don’t go to Zen’s house?

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

Jaehee messaged you a few hours ago to say she was headed to Zen’s place. Zen logged on around eleven and told you how nice it was to have her at his apartment with him.

That was me, once, instead of Jaehee.

Tick. Tock.

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