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20 Questions~!☆

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Name: Dominique. Yikes, it feels weird to share my birth name lol 

Nicknames: Momo, Dom, Domo, Weirdo, Nicky, Boo (only my Mum calls me the last two. Nicky is also used from my ooold friends)

Zodiac sign: Hardcore Libra because of my Hardcore Indecisiveness! ♎

Height: 5′6?

Orientation: Straight..? Sometimes I don’t even know.

Ethnicity: Jamericanish. Meaning Jamaican, American, and British. Parents from Jamaica. I’m from America, Great Grandmama is from England. I DON’T CARE IF I HAVE 1 SPECK OF BRITISH IN ME! I WILL ACCEPT IT BECAUSE I LOVE EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THE BRITSH CULTURE…😊

Favourite fruit: 🍌🍌🍌🍌 😉

Favourite season: Autumn because it’s so cozy!!!

Favourite book series: Harry Potter, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and The Spiderwick Chronicles. I read more, I promise. Just not much series unless it’s a manga xD 

Favourite flower: Carnations and Camellias! 💕

Favourite scent: That vanilla and butter scent. I forgot the name but it’s sooo relaxing.

Favourite color: Shades of pink and yellow!💗💛

Favourite animal: BUNNIES! 🐇

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: I love chocolate but I find myself drinking more tea.

Average sleep hours: Oh boy…probably like 5. But I sleep in on weekdays. THANK GOD.

Cat or dog person?: 🐶 WOOF WOOF I’m allergic to cats…I always forget about this until I hold one. :/

Favourite fictional characters: Wade Wilson (Deadpool), Castiel, Sam and Dean. (SPN), Christophe and Phichit (Yoi), Connie (Steven Universe), etcetera…

Number of blankets you sleep with: Mostly 2 including a comforter/duvet. I am cold blooded *hiss*


Blog created: September?? 2016

Number of followers: 275. Oh jeeze. I am still making a 200 follower gift xD I keep starting over and doing something else. But thank you guys for following me, you love muffins!!💞 

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