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⭐️ 2. Who’s the oldest character of yours, defunct or not?

Aight! Let me tell you guys about 10 year old me’s first OC! (redrawn here because funsies and also, for better or worse, I have NO art of this character whatsoever. I did art of her, but it’s been lost to the void of the years)

This disaster of weirdo is Tsuki, an InuYasha OC, which was the first anime I watched so therefore the one I’m still trash for. She was some sort of fire demon thing, but used fire to heal people? Do not ask me how this works I have forgotten what 10 year old me thought was a good explanation for that. 

She was Totosai’s apprentice (I know, dumb af) and had these cool fucking swords that she could summon, and honestly I’ve sort of forgotten why I gave her those because I don’t think I ever did anything with those. Probably they just looked cool af and that was good enough reason for 10 year old me. 

Her personality was… I have no idea. Probably a glorified self insert, knowing 10 year old me. She was also the first character I ever wrote fanfic for (bless). It’s long been deleted off my FFN but I think she ended up being friends with Rin and Sesshomaru? She hung out with Kagome a lot too, but honestly, the details escape me. 

And THAT is the first shitty, horribly written, OP af OC I ever made.