lol they're the cutest

Helena Bonham Carter and Daniel Radcliffe being extremely cute on the set of ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2′


Karasuno stage play actors ( *´艸`*)✨


Batting cages …. I have never hit so bad in my life. Who knew how quickly you get tired. @earl_carpenter was hitting great. Sadly I did not. Apart from the one hander. #246homerun #lesmisbway #lesmizbway [x]

my hands are red (i have been bleeding)

[batwing charm time. hollstein fluff. (i’m drunk & waiting for the next round.)]

my hands are red (i have been bleeding)


apologies like the birds in the sky/ & even they are falling like the tears in my eyes/ everyone’s asking where’s your child in this plan/ why you gonna ask me if i’d cut off my own hand?
—poliça, ‘amongster’


You’re not about to tell Laura what the charm is actually for, because the last time a pretty girl found out who—what—you were, well, it didn’t end well.

So instead you tell her that it’ll help her sleep, which isn’t a lie, really, and you’re comfortable enough at this point with partial truths to even believe some of them yourself.

But when you go to get the batwing charm—because, of course, those are things you can find at Silas—you examine a few of them. You’re not stupid, far from it actually, and you realize very much that none of them are really Laura’s aesthetic; you could pull them off, with your dark clothes and thick bracelets, but Laura’s walked straight out of a J Crew catalogue, and so you find the smallest one you can.

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Hi, I'm a fan of your gifs that capture such funny moments and not only and I wanted to share something funny regarding your gifs from 'She is' case when Jh teases Key about wearing 'pajamas', well the same shirt was on Jh at SMT Tokyo Dome 13 Aug, the family stage where Jh stood between OnTae. I found that so endearing.

aww thank you so much lovely <3333 yes a friend of mine actually pointed that out too xD he shamelessly made fun of key’s clothes just to end up wearing them lol