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I can’t help but cringe when people say Brandon and Callie are “like brother and sister” during certain scenes. Like they’ve had sex and sexual and romantic feelings for each other, so it’s just kind of weird to me when people try to make it out like they’re the same as Brandon and Mariana or Jesus and Mariana. And these are usually the same people who say brallie shippers are the ones who promote incest so it’s also really ironic to me.


The Saga of Seungri’s shower scene [Subbed Video].



Some pics and goodies I found at Anime Matsuri! Also got to meet @3dbillcipher and @owlapinart which was SUPER awesome!! (if anyone sees other ppl that you know don’t be shy and tag em plz)


Young thing
Found them on August 1st, going back for them today

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a.k.a my form of stress relief in this shitty time is writing angsty hanahaki au!jongkey

the first time kibum throws up petals, he’s very aware of the fact that jonghyun is hovering outside the closed toilet door. out of concern, jonghyun had offered to go in with him, but kibum had been intelligent for once and demurred.

“bummie? you ok?”

kibum stares at the petals floating on the water in the toilet bowl. no i’m not, he thinks. because of course he knows what this is, of course he knows who it’s for.

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I love taking to my best friend at 3am cuz we’re both deadly tried but can’t sleep and just accept neither of us will be going to bed anytime so we basically just text random shit like how once I read a fanfic about Harry Styles kidnapping Rachel Berry and I don’t think I’ll be getting over that anytime soon so yeah love u chica #livelongthebreAd ‘nbnn