lol they would



i wanted to add a little bonus to my post for @metalosse a while ago– because i love so many soma hints and i dont think top 5 was enough for it, so i wanted to make a comic based on this prized piece:

fun fact: i did not sketch for this– it was all drawn in digital pen ft. the undo button

p.s. please do not repost/steal my comic!! thank u

Road trips - aka - a dozen story ideas I’ll never get to write.

Today’s best so far, Weiss runs away from her father to a small town on the northwest coast and sees an opening for a waitress at a restaurant. She gets the job and meets Ruby, another waitress who is sisters with the owner and main cook Yang who is dating Blake who helps them manage their money and does a thousand little odd jobs for Yang.

Insert angst and drama and soft romance with silly bonding between everyone.

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Berena fic lists?

Hi! So I wanted to celebrate somehow the fandom milestone of 1000 ao3 fanfictions, and since I don’t write yet I thought I could make fic lists! I’ve already started compiling a list of every berena AU on ao3 (yes, all of them) but then it occurred to me that maybe nobody would be interested in it and I was doing it for nothing… so I thought I’d ask! 
Would you be interested in something like this? Would you like me to make other types of lists of berena fanfics? Let me know, if this post gets at least 10 notes I’m doing it! ^-^ 

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What do you think of the new characters shown in The Force Awakens?

…Anyone specific, Anon?

I mean, if not then I’d have to say

they are all very attractive people.


Since people have been wondering when I’l be posting certain fics, I’ve mapped out a timeline of what I will be posting next. I don’t have dates but this how the order will go. So once I get the first one posted you can expect the following right after :)   

1) Why I Love - Negan x Addison -  Chapter 17 

2) I’m on Fire - Jeff x You - Part 3

3) Closer - Negan x You - Ash’s Writing Challenge* Little Red Riding Hood Part 1

4) Somebody Else - Jason x Sofia - Chapter 6

5) Tear You Apart -  Negan x Ana - Part 2 



Daenerys Targaryen
Laira Saito
Harold Stark
Hea Velaryon
Asha Greyjoy
Donna Tyrell
Arianne Martell
Myrcella Baratheon


Any interested parties are welcome to join if they would be interested!


Born in the midst of a violent storm, the first thirteen years of Daenerys’ life was spent evading those that would see her dead in exile across the Narrow Sea. Sold at the age of thirteen to a Dothraki Khal to be his bride in exchange for an army, Daenerys would walk a long and winding road in the months to follow. Losing a brother, a son, and a husband in the process, Daenerys would walk into the flames of Khal Drogo’s funeral pyre only to emerge unburnt with three hatchling dragons amongst the ashes.

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u use adobe illustrator right

nah! actually just had to delete illustrator :(

i use lazy nezumi pro (addon that attaches to any software) for my super smooth lines

or they just come out smooth because i use huge strokes, thin lines, and work on huge canvases


mama does not condone cursing (´∀`)

inspired by this that was inspired by this lol