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Fuckboy! Park Woojin

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“In your light, I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art.”

  • Woojin is the no commitment type of fuckboy who knows he is good at dancing and takes advantage of it
  • Dances a lot not just because it’s his interest but he gets a lot of attention for it
  • He’s the one everyone has their eyes on during practice or competitions
  • Not just because he is one of the best dancers but those hip trusts and winks ???
  • He doesn’t approach the girls but will literally flirt with anyone who approaches him during or after his dance practice
  • He thinks it’s acceptable since he makes it very clear from the start that it doesn’t extend any further than making out
  • The empty storage room right next to the dance practice room that is reserve for Woojin and his flings
  • He doesn’t even remember who he made out with the day before cause he just really doesn’t care
  • When a girl approaches him, they don’t even try to extend any further than making out
  • Cause they know he just turns them down immediately
  • They can slip their numbers in his pockets and wouldn’t give two shits about it
  • It doesn’t matter if that girl was freaking attractive as he just can’t handle the commitment dating someone
  • Being the captain of the high school dance team, he has no time to send morning and night texts 
  • Or even go on dates that he sees his best friend, Jihoon, does once he met his girlfriend
  • Also because he’s generally quiet in the first place and he really doesn’t like it when someone invades his personal space
  • You were unknowingly pushed into Park Woojin’s life when you had accidentally applied for the wrong class
  • Instead of History, you somehow applied for Hip Hop class
  • The administrative would only let you change after the first monthly test
  • You weren’t allowed to skip as well as it would still be included in your overall grade
  • As a scholarship student, you really couldn’t afford to get a F
  • You weren’t a bad dancer considering that you used to do ballet as a child
  • But hip hop????
  • It required very sharp and strong movements and you were just so far from it with your graceful motions
  • You were dreading to attend the first class as you changed into your dance attire
  • When you went in, you sat at a corner, not wanting to attract any attention as you realized most of the students there were already friends with each other
  • After a quick warm up, the instructor, Daniel, started going through the basics
  • It was clear to everyone that you were the worst dancer in the room
  • You could see frowns when you had to keep asking the instructor to repeat the motion or how you took way longer than usual to coordinate both your arms and legs
  • While people did raise their eyebrows on your dancing, they never really cared since the dance class was an individual assessment
  • Until the instructor announced that the grades for the first term monthly test was based on partner routine and you were given one month to practice on it
  • You could collectively hear groans when he said that he had already chosen the partners
  • You could see a lot of people glancing your way, praying that he won’t pair them with you as it was very unlikely to get an A
  • “y/n and Woojin!”
  • The last pair was announced and you weren’t sure if you wanted to laugh or cry to be paired with the best dancer of the school
  • You could learn a lot from him but at the same time, he came off cold and scary to you
  • You knew he had a policy with only keeping everything to making out, but you didn’t even try to learn more about it as you wanted to distance yourself from the dance class as much as you could
  • You had been in the dance class for a month but you barely interacted with any of the students there
  • Many had deemed you weren’t up to their standards and ignore=d you
  • As you two started practicing, the girls in the class were extremely jealous 
  • Many had thought this partner routine could be a way to getting closer to Woojin other than seeing him
  • But to think someone who could barely dance hip hop be his partner??? That was when they starting making rude comments about you out loud when you guys trained
  • The girls also purposely did it as many were jealous of you outside of class 
  • You were well-liked & popular along with being the salutatorian and an athlete to the boot
  • They saw it as a way of being able to mock you of your weakness
  • Woojin didn’t say much when you two started watching the video of the routine you had to practiced
  • “I can’t believe someone of y/n’s standard is Woojin’s partner.”
  • “What if Woojin can’t get an A because of her?
  • While you just keep a straight face and just continue practicing, Woojin just ignore them
  • He doesn’t contribute to the verbal bullying but neither does he try to fight back their statement cause it’s true after all lmao
  • Whenever there was after school practice and the instructor wasn’t there to make sure you guys are in pairs
  • He just accepts whichever girl who offers to replace you and be his partner ((pretty much everyone lol))
  • That was when you realize you needed to work harder so you wouldn’t let him down
  • You got the keys from the instructor so you could practice for a longer period of time
  • By that I mean until MIDNIGHT
  • After your track & field practice, you did opt out of dinner and choose to practiced alone by yourself for a few more hours in the dance practice room
  • You will then walk home and finish up all your homework and going to bed and waking up early to do revision
  • While it did lead you to finally finish remembering the entire routine
  • Your moves were getting more and more sluggish from your lack of sleep and food  
  • Not only that, you had to juggle dance between your studies and your duties as the Head of Student Exchange Program
  • While Woojin is secretly impressed that you managed to memorize the entire routine in such a short time for a newbie
  • He gets progressively annoyed as your form was completely out and your moves were just lack of any power
  • One day, after ‘hanging out’ with this girl from dance, he was prepared to leave school after exiting the storage room
  • He realized there was music playing from the dance room and the lights were on
  • The girl seemed curious and pulled him over to peek at the ajar door
  • Woojin wanted to push her off but he too wondered who was staying so late to practice as it was around 11PM
  • When the girl sees you, she laughs out loud and commented what a loser you are as you can practice as hard as you can but you will never improve
  • Fortunately, the music was too loud for you to you to overhear anything
  • Woojin keeps quiet because he thought you weren’t putting any effort but here you were
  • Looking at the beads of sweat forming on your body, he figured that was probably why you were so tired 
  • Seeing as you weren’t getting enough rest and your muscles didn’t even have enough time to recover
  • As the girl left, he decided to stay and observe you
  • He saw you getting frustrated at one move that you couldn’t pull off no matter how much tried
  • That was when he popped in and fixed the move by just simply adjusting your legs
  • He then leaves coldly right away once you pulled it off
  • "You should rest or you will be too tired and sore to pull off the moves again at practice tomorrow.”
  • You were just shocked and you became more determined to practice even harder the next day 
  • You packed your bags and decided to take his advice in resting earlier
  • He becomes a lot of patient with you the next day
  • He waits for you each move unlike the last time where he just went ahead to fix his own motions
  • He will stop you when you did wrong and fix it for you
  • When you had your practice after school, you expect him to pick one of the other girls again but he rejects them and goes straight to you
  • Everybody’s like ???
  • That was when Woojin realized how hardworking and determined you are
  • It was a class you were dropping out soon yet rather than half-assing it
  • He could see how you much effort you make to go through each moves at least 3 times so it became sharp and concise
  • He falls in love with you as days go by
  • Ever since he rejected all the girls to be his dance partners
  • He had practice with you after school instead
  • Strangely he didn’t miss it but much prefer the time spent with you
  • He didn’t know what was the bubbly feeling of anger he felt whenever he saw you talking with other boys
  • Jihoon literally smacked him on the head that he was in love when he told him that he just wanted to pull you into a hug rather than making out
  • On the other hand, you blush whenever your friend’s mention Woojin
  • He spoke to you a lot more now, even greeting you when you guys were outside of dance class
  • He was so caring that you didn’t know how to make your judgment
  • While you accepted that you had a major crush on him, you were pretty sure he could any girl he wanted and that he most likely preferred dating a dancer??
  • You didn’t even try getting your hopes up but it was hard
  • Especially when Woojin did offer you one of his clean towels 
  • Or when his hands were on waist and his voice breathing down your neck as he adjusted one of the moves for you
  • Wooin decided that he was going to confess to you after the partner routine
  • Seeing as he no longer had the chance to meet you again as you were dropping the subject
  • He wasn’t going to let this chance just slipped away
  • The partner routine had been a great success for the two of you
  • Daniel had praised both of you, especially you as he could see a major improvement
  • It was after the performance when Woojin came up to you and asked you to stay back at the dance room
  • You were in shock when you went in to see him holding a bouquet of irises
  • You knew that the flower meant being faithful to a person
  • For a moment you thought he was confusing you with another girl that you nearly went out of the room LOL
  • But he pulled you by your wrist and said
  • “I will only be faithful to you so will you be mine?”
  • You accepted the flowers and blushingly, you kissed his left cheek
  • “Is this a good enough answer?”
  • Detective Conan reference asdfg I LOVE the latest chapter
  • Dating him would include a lot of spontaneous dates
  • He would drag you to random cafes after school or his favourite sushi store
  • You guys have a lot of study dates since Woojin is shit at studying so you have to tutor him a lot
  • But he gets distracted so easily that you threaten him you won’t give him any kisses that he got an A for Biology
  • He cheers for you at your Track & Field event and you are supporting him at dance battles
  • He would also show you a lot of new songs that he found
  • You guys share earbuds whenever you go to school
  • He walks you homes every day as his club dance practice ends at the same time as your athlete training
  • Dogs cafes are your favourite places to go after an exam or when either of you is stress
  • He loves holding your hand and giving you eskimo kisses
  • Whenever he’s at your place watching a movie, he likes to hold your hand to his chest
  • Instead of pizza and netflix, you both like to eat tubs of ice cream instead
  • He likes to get you various ice cream from the convenience store so you guys can try single flavour since you both have such a sweet tooth
  • So he can just drag you to his chest when he wants to and cuddle
  • You guys even danced in the rain once which resulted in the two getting sick and having the fever for two days lol
  • Whenever there’s good music, he will look into your eyes and slip his hand into yours
  • “Dance with me?”

A/N: Here’s the end of my Fuckboy! Series ^^ Thank you for all your support & do look forward to my next series which is Werewolf! Wanna One. This series was the start of my tumblr journey and had led me to gain a lot of friends, messages and encouragement along the way. I’m sad that this is over but there will be a fuckboy! au for a certain p101 group ;) Once again, thank you for liking, reblogging & commenting and I love each and everyone of you so much <3 - Iris

Requests are always open & feel free to message me anything at all :)

Little Helper

Request: “Hi! I looooove your blog, you,re an amazing writter 💕 Can i get one with bill denbrough, when he get stressed about his speech problem and you help him out and then he developed feelings for the reader because she is the only one that wants to help him with that. Sorry if my english is bad, i’m from México, but thank you:3″

Pairing: Bill Denbrough x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: Again it’s short but it gets to the point I promise I’ll try to make them longer over the weekend. Also, check out my new header it’s poppin yo lol

You had been helping your friend Bill out for the past couple of weeks. Helping him with what? You might ask. You were helping him with his stutter. It was something that brought many challenges to Bill. One example: reading, when the teacher would pick on him to read his stuttering became uncontrollable. It was so bad that he would have to stop reading and go to the bathroom to calm down.

Bullying was also a factor. Henry Bowers and the rest of his stupid gang would stutter on purpose when they talked to Bill just to mock him. Since you were the popular girl at school you used it to your advantage and stood up for Bill and his friend. Since Henry liked you obviously the moment you would tell him to stop he would listen. 

Forgetting about your thoughts you smiled as Bill spoke, his stutter had minimized and now it would only happen once or twice. It was an improvement from stuttering on almost every word. 

“I-I’m totally going to nail my presentation on Monday I’m n-not stuttering as much all that practice p-paid off.” Bill said cheerfully.

“See I told you you could do it! You just had to believe in yourself and not let others bring you down. Bill you got this!” You grinned as you held his hands.

Bill froze for a second, looking down at your intertwined hands. He could feel his face becoming incredibly warm, his palms began to sweat and he could feel his heart beating in his ears. The boy was in love with you. 

Bill Denbrough was in love with the popular girl. But that wasn’t the reason why he was crushing on you. He liked you because even though you were popular you were still nice to people, you stood up for him and his friends, helped others and cared for them. You weren’t selfish or snobby like half of the girls at Derry High School. You were different and that’s what Bill loved about  you.

“T-Thank you Y/N for everything I-I really appreciate it.” 

“No need to thank me Bill, that’s what friends are for.” You smiled. 

But Bill didn’t want to be just friends he wanted to be something more.

“Yeah definitely.” Bill smiled.

“Well I have to go it’s almost curfew I’ll see you tomorrow okay? Keep working on what I taught you you’re doing amazing.” You complimented as you walked out of Bill’s house. 

“Okay I’ll s-see you tomorrow.” 

Bill watched as you walked down the street. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of you, everything you did seemed to hypnotize him. The Denbrough boy had made it his mission, to get the girl that he wanted. You.

before i leave and whatever shit hits the fan in tonights episode. i just wanna say… aaron dingle is an amazing and strong human being. for so long he was denied choice in his own life. denied agency. this was true all through affair era. ALL HE EVER WANTED was robert. literally being with robert was the dream that consoled him all that long time they were together in secret. 

and then, he finally was given the choice. it was offered to him on a shining shimmering platter. he got everything he ever WANTED. he was giddy on it. 

but now, he has the strength to realise that, being together may be what he wants, but its not what he NEEDS. he walked away from EVERYTHING HE EVER WANTED for the longest time. and he’s learning how to choose what is right, not what he wants. and it must hurt him. he clearly still loves robert. but he’s doing his best. 

me @ aaron always…

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i just love him so fucking much…

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I love you for not getting on the Hate Jeff bandwagon. I got so frustrated with Armies I snapped and went on a blocking spree. Lost some of my fave twitter accounts. Sad I'm missing out on fast translations but I don't need that hate in my life. Especially if it's undeserved.

lol, I’m sure I can’t be the only one. I feel like anyone who hates those people from the radio only isn’t acting reasonable at all. I listened to all those picked out clips and they were clearly just opinions, and even if it weren’t, there’s no reason to gather together and hate people when there’s way better things to do out there. 

I know it’s easy to hate when somejuan doesn’t like oppa BUT let me break it down for everyone who thinks I’m like a traitor or something:

In the case of Namjoon’s appearance, the girls clearly said they just thought it was too much for this particular comeback, and isn’t that something ARMYs often say as well? I remember people saying Namjoon’s hair was horrendous in FIRE and that he could look way better etc etc and it didn’t matter–this was absolutely 100% no different!

As for saying they don’t like Jimin and Taehyung’s voices–c’mon, you’re allowed to have a preference in voices, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I’m sure you have a favourite out of the vocal line, and this was just them saying that in a blunter manner. It was so very clearly opinionated and that that’s what they meant, idk why everyone is freaking out. 

Just because you stan a group doesn’t mean you have to like absolutely everything about them, that just makes sense, because no group is perfect, and if they were, there would be nothing to left to improve on. I’m 100% sure there are ARMYs out there who have the same opinion as those girls, they just don’t want to say it out loud for fear of this kind of reaction. The reality is, at the end of the day,  they’re still a very new group, and they still have a lot to improve on…but they also have a lot of time to develop their skills. Hearing these opinions may even be good for them, because we want them to improve right? It’s always better to hear what you’re doing wrong instead of being delusioned that you’re doing fine the whole time :) 

And as for making fun of Jungkook’s English, I barely caught onto it but let’s be real–I SEE A LOT OF YOU (me included at times *cough cough*) MAKING FUN OF JEON’S ENGLISH ALL THE TIME PLX. They have as much right to claim it as being simple playful fun as you do, sadly, whether or not you’re a “real fan” or not. 

And to close it off, I don’t know what people are expecting! BTS is a big, international deal rn–but do they really expect every single person in the world to love and adore them? That just isn’t realistic, at all! I mean if fans are getting offended by mere opinions like this how will they even deal when the true, harsher hate comments come? Definitely as they become famous, more people will know of them, and some people simply just won’t like them, and there’s nothing you can really do about that. Just think “welp, more for me!” and move on. 

It’s alright. I mean, if it still bothers you, you can ignore it (and mean no one likes hearing someone say they don’t your fav’s voice but cmon). But be the better person and don’t jump on this hate train that honestly only makes everyone look very childish and delusional that anyone and everyone has to love BTS in order to be considered a good person. It doesn’t work like that XD

also feel free to disagree with me for whatever reason but I think I’ve explained myself aiight :) 

Brother Reacts: BTS version, aka how i turned him into a yoongi stan

Okay so, my older brother is fully aware of my kpop affinity and he knows BTS is one of my favorite groups (he actually got me BTS merch for my birthday it was cute lol) 

The last MV I showed him was Fire so I figured I’d show him Mic Drop bc it’s honestly MY FAVORITE, especially after that performance today like WOW

So I prefaced the video a bit, and then asked him to just think out loud and these were some of the things he said/wondered that I caught…lol 

  • “Is the stage rotating?”
  • “Yeah…the beat”
  • “That guy…he goes hard” he’s talking about j-hope omglldkjflsakdjf
  • “Who’s the blue haired guy…I like him” AT THIS POINT IM YELLING 
  • “He’s the youngest?!” when I pointed out Jungkook
  • “Him…he belongs in an anime” HE’S TALKING ABOUT TAEHYUNG 
  • “That guys hat fell did you see it!” he’s talking about Jimin lol 
  • “alright that dance is weird” @ Jin’s part 
  • “I know it’s not blue haired guys part anymore but like…where is he” 
  • “I keep watching him”
  • “100% i’d work out to this”


He liked the overall vibe of the song and I ended it all by asking him if he’d become an ARMY to which he responded “Well, even tho I’m already a Marine…yeah I’ll be in the ARMY”


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Headcannons for going on movie date with johnny?

A/N: SO I’m back guys. I had so much work this week for school, because we missed allll last week and had to make it up. But anyways! Thanks for those who sent in requests you are such doll babies <3

- I think Johnny would so excited like awww he’d be thinking about movies he’d know you would like

- He asks Dally for a bunch of tips that he ends up not taking

-”Just slide your hand down her-”

“Geez Dally! Nevermind!” lol

- He’d been saving up to take you out

- lowkey Dallas would drop in a couple dollars when he wasn’t looking

-he talked about it for daaaayyys like the boys were so happy to see him happy and excited again but golly did he gush

- He’s so nervous when he gets to your door

-But you had seen him walk up through your window that overlooked the front of the house and you bound down the stairs and threw the door open before he could turn around and leave

- he holds your hand the entire way to the theater

-if you guys saw a horror movie, aww you guys would be so cute

- after the first couple times you got scared, he just raised the arm rest and pulled you into his arms

-mentally fist pumps at how smooth he is

- though he’s normally so jumpy, he actually doesn’t get scared, like at all

- he loved feeling like the protector for once and always insists on watching horror movies

- one time the boys decided to crash your date and they all attended the same movie

- The boys spent a majority of the time cooing at Johnny, which made him blush

- he apologized for their behavior extensively, though you found it funny

- he plays with your fingers during the movie

-Dallas just watches you two, he’ll occasionally go mess with another girl, but he’d sit behind you and just watch your dynamic together

-Two Bit gushes at the two of you so much

-When you go to get more popcorn, Dallas follow closely behind so if a guy flirts with you, they already know that you associate closely with Dallas.

I went pretty far out of my way to see the sunset in the city. Even if I didn’t see your shades of pinks and oranges and blues, it made me feel connected to you somehow. And you were right. It was so much prettier than a sunrise.

TOP 12!!!

I MADE IT TO THE FINAL ROUND??? WHAT IS LIFE??? Lol There were SO many talented people and I made it to the top 12 out of 22 people from 2 qualifying rounds. 😍😍😍

I had never felt like that on a stage before. Almost like I was numb, but in a good way. I wasn’t nervous or scared, something just came over me and I knew I could do it. It was the weirdest, greatest feeling I’ve ever had. Lol So many people came up to me to say how much they loved my original song and that literally meant the world. 😭😭😭

Thank you @jinkxmonsoon for basically being my unofficial stage mother and showing me how a pro handles a performance. Lolol I tried to be funny where it fit and sentimental when it was right. You’ve trained me well 😂

Finals are next week!! Pray for me lol 🙏🏻

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Can we just talk about Jeff's new TVline interview. So, he says that reunions were the most important part (mentions Scott/Derek & Lydia/Jackson) but not Stydia, haha! Then he says he wanted the finale to be "Scott McCall's episode". Another fail, cause yikes. Then this bitch says, "There are so many different series finales out there, and most of them tend to piss the audience off. You can’t really think about the audience". And this is why Jeff's show failed. This mentality right here.

100%  And I saw him try to talk about the love/hate between Stiles and Derek, like quit playing, lol!

Am I living in Riverdale?

So funny. I hobbled my ass out of bed to answer my front door today (cause I could) and there was a local politician there, trying to secure votes.

They were EMPHASIZING that we both were from the North side of town and that as a fellow Northsiders we needed representation in City Council so that the Southside didn’t get all the power. Damn, aren’t there actual REAL political issues to be concerned about here? Guess not. LOL .This is a very small harbor town.

I felt like I was living in Riverdale while having this conversation, though. I almost spilled the beans that I had gone to high school on the Southside of town. OMG the shame! (But I resisted)


everyone on my dashboard is posting about their dreams so? in my Main Dream from last night i shaved my head. this isn’t weird bc I’ve been like, daydreaming about doing that and wondering what i’d look like so thanks subconscious. it WAS weird tho bc after I did it in my dream literally all my friends shaved their heads too

Spoilers for “No Laughing Matter” ahead:

  • It was not as feelsy as I thought it was going to be, but still I felt bad for poor Luan.
  • I did like the part where Lori and Leni were doing their makeup in the bathroom while Luna was in the shower because it reminded me of me and my sisters because we do that sometimes.
  • Lily chewing on the table
  • Lucy hissing like a vampire made me LOL ngl
  • Lynn looking like she was done with life, me
  • Lincoln looked cute but that’s probably just me being biased lol
  • Poor Lincoln was so nervous when he got on stage I thought he was gonna pass out.
  • All in all it had some cute sibling moments and it warmed my heart a lot. I give it a 8/10

ok im drunk rn but imma give a quick recap of what just happened at the bar: SOOOO i was at the bar with my sister and bff and this older man approached us and i saw him watching us like all night so when he asked our names i gave a fake name (which is completely harmless) and then he was saying he “reads energy” which i said was bullshit..guess he didnt like that bc then he said mine was dark and angry LOL i guess thats what a man says when you disagree with him for the first time in his life…ANYWAYS so he started being really creepy and wouldnt leave even though we were hinting we were done talking with him and he started being verbally rude to my friends and I so i raised my voice a bit to assert some domincance so hed leave, and him being the ugly ass man he is didnt like that, so he started like attacking me verbally and then i bitched him out and basically said like WOWE being a man in this economy must be N!CE but we dont have to pretend to enjoy your conversation or your fake energy reading and just because your a man doesnt mean your entitled to our time and we dont want to speak to you anymore like you being a man doesnt mean you get to just say whatever you want we are DONE and he got soooo mad and the rest just blurred bc i bitched him out and my friends were like :O bc i was like going off about men and how they think we owe them when we dont owe them sHIT and he was so bitter and he eventually left :) 

@rdjay the fight scenes were amazing, they always come through with those and eggsy and harry had really nice writing and dialogue but he literally did every female character dirty in this movie and im not havin it lmfao….also spoilers if anyone can see this but im so tired of brown people being the *twist* bad dude i saw it coming a mile away and it wasnt something i needed….i get so excited when i see latino rep in blockbuster movies and like of course they did pedro like that…..if it was well written out and good characterization then i wouldnt have a problem but matthew literally can choke im tired of him. but for me, eggsy was the only redeeming part of the movie and rip my dinner at that honeypot scene im dying

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im a dumb bitch tf happened with cosmea

i asked for help with $ to get to work and him and his fucking retard friends were like we know youre using tht money for drugs you dirty junkie hooker lol maybe if you werent such a crackhead youd be able to get a job!! lol you arent entitled to shit!!!!

then he was like?? making fun of my selfies or something who cares what a fucking loser freak i feel genuinely sad that everyone hates him so much for being such a retarded asshole that he had to dig that deep to pull out that shit apology in order to have friends again

kthlnmcguire replied to your post “What *is* the most crucial thing about how EGT writes Elliot that she…”

Ok, ok, ok now some things make more sense. Normally I am 100% sold on EGT pairings. But I found myself leaning more towards Elliot/Jonah than Elliot/Nicholas. And I really love Nicholas/Max! Hmmm, now I have a better sense of why I feel that way! And I love your collaborations, so I look forward to whatever comes our way next!

I think Elliot and Nicholas, in the final version that finally got posted after eleventy billion edits (Aja is probably like “IT WAS A NORMAL AMOUNT OF EDITS” lol), work, and I’m happy with them, and I find them sweet and cute. But Nicholas and Max took no edits and just flowed out of me and were in general less fraught and I’ve always wondered how much of that shows in the finished product, tbh. 

And let’s face it, Elliot/Jonah are a super-charming, hot, and romantic couple. :-)

Really so very delighted that you enjoyed the collaboration so much, and really hope you like the next thing, too!I think we’re both very excited with how it’s shaping up!

She’s the betta half of the two

They actually played this song and it’s forever stuck in my head


@thisshouldbegayer and I just began a mermaid AU, and I don’t know where it’s going, but this is how it started.