lol they were expecting him

DannyMay, Day Eighteen “Green/Nature”


There was ectoplasm everywhere, the green fluid dripping on the walls, pooling on the floor, staining the lab equipment, the beakers, and almost everything that could be touched and was not resguarded.

Danny lay on the floor, on his human form, covered with the green fluid, Sam sat on a wall, next to the portal, and Tucker was kneeling, trying to get up, supportng his weight on the metallic table next to him, a pained expression on his face, this was his fault…

“Yuck!” Danny said, sitting on his place and cleaning his face from the ectoplasm. “That’s gonna leave a stain…” He added, looking at his ruined t-shirt.

“What part of ‘It’s a Fenton prototype’ didn’t you understand?!” Yelled Sam, tsaking off the green substance from her black hair. “But nooo, the techno geek could handle it!”

“Sorry! Sorry! I just wanted to know what it does!” The assaulted geek excused himself, finally standing straigh, and cleaning his glasses with the clean part of his sweater.

“Next time, let’s wait for them to try to use it against me, ok? At least they’ll make sure to let me know they are attacking.” The halfa grouled at his careless best friend. “By the way, you are cleaning this.”