lol they just walk off like that xd

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I went to my first concert last year on the 27th of October. It was a BVB and FIR concert. While I was out side waiting I saw a couple people go to the corner at the end of the street and that’s where the trucks are at. So I went over there because I’m nosey :p and that’s when I meet the lead singer from Set It Off . (in the photo I covered my face because its ugly) . I can’t ever remember his name.. But I do like their music. After wards.. Don’t make fun of me.. But I cried xD then I meet Ryan seaman but the pictures were on my other phone ;-; . He didn’t talk to me tho! He just took pictures then walked away.. I was like “bruh” ;n; lol. The best one was probably when I meet Danny from Drama Club xDD I hugged him , he signed my pants then I told him “Btw you are bae👌 you are so hot, I love you” and he fucking laughed at me xD. Lol but all 4 bands killed it . they made that stage their bitch xD. So dats my story. Byeeee 💙