lol they cancelled this show

Me: “Okay Google, what is Clexa?” - Google: “Canon, Legendary, One of a kind.” - Me: “Okay Google, what is Bellarke?” - Google: “Shit.” #CaseClosed

Have fun knowing that if Bellballs ever kisses Clarke he’s tasting Lexa’s pussy and it’s only because the woman Clarke said “I WANT YOU!” to is dead, so she’ll just settle for whatever’s left since she knows she’s about to die Lol 

My ship may be dead but your shit ship never even lived Lmfao :D


okay fuck off disney channel

Gmw cancellation Expectations vs Reality

Expectations by disney Channel:
*The Show is cancelled*

Fans: wow k lets watch that right hand talking Show 🙂


Disney Channel: *the show is cancelled*

Fans: lol k lets move it to Netflix or Hulu *completely spams the Internet with petitions, calling and emailing Netflix/Hulu, starting a twitter movement*

Netflix: lol we notice you guys we are overwhelmed by how many people love and care about gmw. We consider it!

Hulu: *seems to be interested too*

Vogue: *writes article about gmw cancellation and how stupid it was*

Gmw: gets nominated for two important awards the day of cancellation

Disney: lol what did we do wrong? How about we re-new that right hand talking Show for 5 more seasons. Yeah that will solve it.

Omg season 4 was so beautiful! I’m so glad they ended the series with Clarke finally being allowed to express her love for her soulmate Lexa. Sad to see this shit show end but I gotta say Abby really stepped it up in season 4 being there for her heartbroken daughter and acknowledging what Lexa means to Clarke. Welp that’s it yall, show’s over, it’s been fun, not really, but Clexa was canon <3

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