lol they cancelled this show


Whoever gets in the way of your happiness will meet my  w r a t h.

Omg season 4 was so beautiful! I’m so glad they ended the series with Clarke finally being allowed to express her love for her soulmate Lexa. Sad to see this shit show end but I gotta say Abby really stepped it up in season 4 being there for her heartbroken daughter and acknowledging what Lexa means to Clarke. Welp that’s it yall, show’s over, it’s been fun, not really, but Clexa was canon <3

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why are people so surprised that the hiatus will last until april?? that’s literally a month less than the one between season 1 and 2?? season 3 has just as many episodes as season 2, more or less the same shooting schedule and most likely a bigger production value?? so it’s actually perfectly expected and normal for it to air at the beginning of april like?? what

Me: “Okay Google, what is Clexa?” - Google: “Canon, Legendary, One of a kind.” - Me: “Okay Google, what is Bellarke?” - Google: “Shit.” #CaseClosed

Have fun knowing that if Bellballs ever kisses Clarke he’s tasting Lexa’s pussy and it’s only because the woman Clarke said “I WANT YOU!” to is dead, so she’ll just settle for whatever’s left since she knows she’s about to die Lol 

My ship may be dead but your shit ship never even lived Lmfao :D


Netflix didn’t cancel tgd lol the guy who wrote the show said he couldn’t split his time between writing tgd and producing films (which is his actual job) so he canceled

To everyone asking me if I’m continuing the weekly prompts: I don’t know. 

There’s a lot of stuff going on in my life and I completely forgot to post the prompts the past couple of Fridays (sorry). So checking tumblr, thinking of a new prompt, making a new post, keeping track of fanfics, it was kind of becoming a chore for me, which isn’t fun at all. Then the cancellation news, which was the last straw for me. 

Now the show is un-cancelled ((lol and yay), but I honestly don’t want to have this responsibility of remembering to do it every week. I’m going to think about it and decide if I continue this or not and if I do, next Friday I’ll have a new post up (but don’t keep your expectations high).

In any case, you guys don’t need prompts to write. There are sooo many plot points to write about, both missing scenes from season 1 as well as spec for season 2, that you should do it anyway. We have over a year ahead of us before a new season airs, so don’t let fanfics die down regardless of what I do.

And yay for all of us!!!! 

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I woke up laughing because I realized even though Pretty Little Liars is having their series finale soon, there will still be plot holes because they didn’t expect the show to get cancelled. Lol they THOUGHT they were getting a season 8.

okay fuck off disney channel

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Jason just signed a multi-year deal with WB. They'd have to do it really really bad and t100 is one of the most popular shows on The CW after the ones about superheros. The CW usually warns you if they're going to cancel your show so you can write a good ending. Also, t100 is profitable, as far as they keep making money they won't cancel it. It's just that rn The Cw has a lot of shows and maybe t100 starts at the end of February/early March.

Anon thank you for this. You’re message is giving me some much needed hope lol. I guess I was just worried about the show being cancelled without a proper ending. I really hate that and the 100 tends to end on a cliffhanger so the last thing I want is it to end and us to be left forever wondering (or worse for Clarke to be separated from everyone since the show LOVES to do that).

But I guess I also really need to consider netflix as well. And if their new show Dynasty is able to get a back order at a .2 because of their netflix deal then those type of deals really need to be considered in the renewal process.

Plus like you said the cw has a LOT of shows right now. And honestly if we think about it, if they are only able to premiere one midseason show in Jan/Feb it makes sense that it would be Black Lightening. I mean it’s a brand new show and it wouldn’t be smart to have BOTH midseason freshmen shows start as late as March. The 100, Izombie and The Originals all have established fanbases. The new shows do not. If anything Life Sentence is at the most risk because premiering that late without an established fanbase could hurt it the most. Then again netflix could save it.

Okay phew I’ve talked myself out of my initial panic lol. Thank you for the message anon. There are a lot of factors to consider so we shouldn’t jump to conclusions just yet.