lol these two idek

Some random stuff with Talcott and Cor I guess

  • Meeting Cor is like one of the best days of Talcott’s life (besides Noctis) because it is THE MARSHAL standing right in front of him and whoa, his dream finally comes true
    • The kid met him once when he was super young but he doesn’t remember
    • “Look! It’s him! It’s actually him!” Talcott jumping up and down with excitement as Monica and Jared welcome Cor into the house.
  • Cor stands there almost confused because it’s not often does a kid come up to him with such pure delight except all those years ago with young Noctis
    • Jared explaining to him how his grandson used to draw pictures of the prince and all the people he wanted to meet when he was younger. Cor being part of the pic too.
  • Talcott bombarding Cor with all the questions as the two sit on the couch and asking if he can hold Cor’s sword because it’s pretty damn cool
  • Eventually, Cor notices the little collection of cactuar figures on the table, and during his travels, he spots one at a small shop and buys one for Talcott
    • He comes back from time to time to check on everyone
    • Talcott shows him his almost completed cactuar collection and nice enough to give Cor one to keep because he has an extra from Noctis. Cor thinks of it as some good luck charm
  • One day, Cor and Talcott go on top of the lighthouse. Talcott asking Cor if he ever sailed the seas and Cor talks about his first trip to Altissia with King Regis and co. 
    • “Wow.” Talcott looks hopeful. “When Prince Noctis comes back, do you think we can all go together?”
    • “Certainly.”

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Random af, but does anyone else remember the time when third PV was out and there were people speculating about Chris being Charioce’s twin? (ya know, the good twin/evil twin trope)

I mean, would you think about it now? Two Charioce in the show, h a lp


Miracles week; day 4: double team; option B: BROTP; Kuroko and Takao


Guys! I just found the first versions of Aimeric and Jord i’ve ever made! This was the first time i’ve ever drawn them!!
My style was so different back then and Aimeric doesn’t even have hands lol

Sorry for the bad quality, but i had to share those I am very emotional right now


Only Yours; A Mary & Francis mix [Listen]

Draw Your Swords - Angus and Julia Stone; I’m Gonna Be - Sleeping At Last; The Weight Of Us - Communicating Vessels; Say Something - A Great Big World ft. Christina Aguilera; Nitesky - Robot Koch; Come Back When You Can - Barcelona; Turning Page - Sleeping At Last; Until We Get There - Lucius; Bloom - The Paper Kites; Hold Onto Hope Love - Amy Stroup; Wherever You Will Go - Charlene Soraia; Back To You - Twin Forks; Stay - Safetysuit; Come Back To Me - Trading Yesterday; Little House - Amanda Seyfried; I See Love - Passenger; Heart On Fire - Jonathan Clay; All I Want - Kodaline; Wait For Me - Motopony; Stay - Hurts.

robb stark appreciation month

day thirty-one: whatever you want - or: in which I catch up on some of the themes I missed this month

day 8 catch up, favorite outfit: that leather shirt plus bonus to-go robb song for me

Too much love will kill you
It’ll make your life a lie
Yes, too much love will kill you
And you won’t understand why
You’d give your life, you’d sell your soul
But here it comes again
Too much love will kill you, in the end

Random thought about The Get Down

Look how Zeke handles Mylene rejecting him.

Yeah he goes on a feels trip/bender with his boys.

And yeah he obviously hates the decision she made.

But he understands what she sees in him (or… doesn’t see, I guess).

He respects her decision, and he respects Mylene, and he doesn’t let anyone disrespect her, either.

Approximately 98.7% of the men on this planet need to follow this example.

Forgetful Sammy, 8 (S.W)

|1.1k lol what is this, it’s so bad and idek where to go after this bit lol|


Spending two whole weeks with my family was so refreshing. I originally left home so I could get away from the madness of my family and become more independent and reliable of myself, but now that I’m home, I honestly don’t want to leave. I love having my mother do all of my laundry and cook all of my meals for me and take me shopping and buy me new clothes. She’s great!

Why can’t she move to California with me?

I’m leaving tomorrow so I’m spending the day with all 5 of my siblings at a nearby theme park. In 14 days, this is the only day all of us are free and can actually see each other without parents or nieces and nephews getting in the way.

Katya and Emilie are meeting me and the boys there, so it’s my responsibility to drive us around today – that is never easy with a 16 year old, 12 year old and 9 year old. Ever.

“So, Troye, any new girlfriends?” I ask my 16 year old brother sitting in the front seat next to me. I can see his face turn beat-red. Oh, so there is a lady involved. Or maybe it’s a guy. How would I know? He never fricking calls or texts me. “Do I know her?”

“It’s London!” Ethan, the 9 year old, shouts from the back seat, him and Hugo, the 12 year old, laughing their asses off. Troye turns around in his seat, ready to go and hit them, but I push him back into his seat.

“No violence in my car.”

“This is moms car.”

“And would mom let you attack your brothers in her car whilst she’s driving?” I hum. “No, she wouldn’t so sit your ass back down, boy.”

“You just got schooled.” One of them chimes in the back. Troye slumps in the seat and rests his head against the window in defeat.

“So, London?” I ask. I never even thought of those two being together, or even remotely romantically interested in each other. They hated each other growing up.

Aw! It’s like a fan fiction in real life!

Troye sighs. “Yes, London. We’ve been talking and getting on a lot better recently and we were at this party and playing spin the bottle-“

Did I hear that right? My little brother – my 16 year old brother – is already going to drinking parties and playing these kind of games? Um, not if I can help it. Who the hell is buying these kids alcohol? Older siblings or fake IDs?

“You were at a party playing spin the bottle? Boy, if I find out you’ve been drinking, I’m going to punch you so hard.”

“Ha! You were at parties getting drunk when you were 15!”

That is very, very different. That was me, this is him. We’re two different people. Teenagers are more drastic nowadays. Fuck, that makes me sound like I’m in my fifties and reminiscing back on my teen days, when actually, I’m only 20 and it was only 5 years ago.

“Times have changed since I was 15.”

“Pft.” Hugo scoffs and makes the other two start laughing.

“Alright, alright, calm your tits.” These kids don’t let anything go, they remember every, tiny detail about your life and then they use it against you a few years later. God, I hate brothers. “Carry on, T.”

“We were playing spin the bottle and I spun it and it landed on London so, yeah…”

“Wait until Kenny hears about this!”

Wait until our grandmas hear about this! It’ll be a fucking field day! They’ll start putting together a wedding book for them!

I would know. They have a wedding book for Kenny and me from 5 years ago. And they also have a wedding book for me and Sam. I’m pretty sure they’re making one for Ethan and Capri now, it really wouldn’t surprise me. Those two are obsessed with weddings and marriage, especially when it comes to our two families legally (through marriage) becoming one.

“But honestly, I think it’s adorable. Have you gone on a date yet?”

“No, we were meant to last week but because you were home and Kenny was home, we decided not to…”

“Dude, don’t let me and Kenny stay in your way!”

“You should be honoured that I stayed home to see you!”

“You were in your room all week last week.”

“Same thing.”

I roll my eyes at Ethan. Maybe I should set up a date for the two of them, and get Kenny in on it so we can make it perfect. But, I probably shouldn’t meddle in his first proper relationship (from what it sounds like).

Oh, who the fuck cares? Of course I’m going to meddle! He’s my little brother! I’m going to do everything I can to get those two together, forever. Maybe not forever, but at least for a few months, maybe a few years, maybe a wedding, maybe a few kids… Forever, yeah.

As soon as I get a free minute, I’m calling Kenny and we’re going to make this shit happen.


I didn’t have a free minute until we got back to the house. My day was packed with hyping up Ethan to get on the different rollercoasters around and forcing Emilie to buy me a giant slushie after losing a bet that she could stay silent on the kids coaster.

She is such a wimp.

So, when I got home and went up to my room, it was around 4pm, I called Kenny straight away because we really don’t have a lot of time left to plan this out. I want to be able to see Troye and London all happy and loved up. It would be the highlight of my trip and the cutest thing ever.

All I have to do is get Ken on board and get a table at a restaurant or book some movie tickets or something cute like that.

I can tell that Troye really likes London, even if I haven’t seen them together, I can just tell that they’re going to be the cutest couple around. Literally, they’re going to be relationship goals.

There won’t be any BMW’s or Ferraris, or constant sex (hell no there won’t be), like all those ‘relationship goals’ photo sets say, it’ll be pure LOVE.




When I get to actually giving Kenny a call, I go to click on his contact but my phone starts ringing before I can get there first.


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