lol these two again.. xd


“It’s like the most dysfunctional brother and sister relationship. This is like the sister I can go to bed naked with and not worry about. And trust me.. we have.”

  • Ben: *gets promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel* :)
  • Bradford's Ghost: *whispering* you still don't outrank me
  • Ben: >:(

30 Day One Piece Challenge

Day 14: Favourite Character Interactions

Another really damn hard choice, godamnit, even after I just limited it to the Mugiwaras. But as much as I like Luffy’s interactions with all of them, and the serious parts in Luffy and Usopp’s interactions, these 3 and their freaking out is just too amazing <3 <3

Even within the trio, they have great interactions, like Nami and Usopp against Enel on Maxim xD. And Chopper believing all of Usopp’s lies, especially pre-TS xD. And Chopper and Nami being super concerned with the kids on Punk Hazard <3. Never change, guise <3 <3

Also, Happy Birthday to Chopper! :D

samdrkes  asked:

What do you think HxJ's house looks like? After that ending I was left wondering 🙈 I say house, but it's probably a mansion 😂

Good question because I actually have my own weird headcanon of wherever they live lol

I feel like it would match their overall bright and colorful style and be something kind of like these example pics :)

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ALSO, I APOLOGIZE to the followers that either don’t care about Yuri on Ice or would rather not see screaming shitposts - it’ll die down tomorrow lol. And then probably pick up again on the next two Wednesdays XD