lol these two again.. xd

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BRO @gayanimalfriend!!!! (cough in two days cough) Have a floofy fursona u furry dude

Yeah it’s two days early but I know you had a kinda shitty day yesterday so hopefully this makes things a little better. I give you a lot of crap but that’s just cuz you’re my little bro. Keep pushing forward, things will get better! (and pro tip don’t get too crazy on your b-day, save that for the weekend ;P)

30 Day One Piece Challenge

Day 14: Favourite Character Interactions

Another really damn hard choice, godamnit, even after I just limited it to the Mugiwaras. But as much as I like Luffy’s interactions with all of them, and the serious parts in Luffy and Usopp’s interactions, these 3 and their freaking out is just too amazing <3 <3

Even within the trio, they have great interactions, like Nami and Usopp against Enel on Maxim xD. And Chopper believing all of Usopp’s lies, especially pre-TS xD. And Chopper and Nami being super concerned with the kids on Punk Hazard <3. Never change, guise <3 <3

Also, Happy Birthday to Chopper! :D