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I’ve been tagged by the absolutely beautiful and stunning Nikki @thejamesoldier to do this challenge, so here we go! Thank you, babe! <3

I love myself (haha, ok) because:

1. I want to be there for everyone

2. I can make people be happy through my writing and art

3. I can make an impact on people’s lives just by existing

4. People say that I can give excellent advice

5. I dream and believe and for some reason, that works with me

Anyway, I tag (always optional): @buckyslion, @buckys-fossil, @commvnderdamerons, @poe-also-bucky, @thenightmarebeforebucky, @imhereforbvcky, @tired-alpaca, @crappy-camel and anyone else who feels like doing this!

If I'm ever given a second chance in life, 
I wanna be able to live only for myself.

citroks  asked:

Any KOTOR fanart you've done?

Gosh, I haven’t drawn any in years but I totally should.  I tried looking for some of my old KotOR art and only found this one, which I drew like 10 years ago, so obviously it looks very different from what I draw now. 

The hard part about character customization with older RPGs is that there was almost NO character customization!  You couldn’t pick the face and hair separately, so I always ended up replaying the game with the same 2 heads on rotation.  XD

>.>  <.< …So. Apparently. For the Secret Santa…


And if anyone who doesn’t know what I mean by that, hasn’t been following me long enough. ;) But I’m pretty sure the person who this is for will know. It was kinda both easy and hard because of the subject matter… cause the sheer number of things I could do for it. XD Hopefully this’ll do.

Illustration of this. :D

…Which really should now indicate who this is for. XDDD ♥