lol these costumes

Ok, so, the phonograph is on the end table right by the door… but–

–then, in the closeup, it disappears… until later, in the–

–closer closeup, it’s very clearly still there, until–

–the bad guy opens the door, and–



…y’know, never mind, I have much bigger questions than that right now.


Jenna Rolan calling? Jenna Rolan calling..Jenna Rolan calling.

Well here’s my collage our Gossip Queen herself, Jenna Rolan!

First off, can we talk about Jake’s face in that one picture? What a special boy, I love him. Secondly, let’s also talk about how even SHORTER Rich looks when he’s sitting down in front of everyone. Adorable. Thirdly, Michael giving Jenna bunny ears (and that face he’s making…)

Once again, taking requests for who do next.

anonymous asked: cosplay? isn't that against your religion or something? are jews allowed to dress up

This is hilarious. LOL

Yes I cosplay. No it’s not against my religion. Purim is going to blow your mind anon. Here’s some info on Purim: LINK

Here’s some Purim photos

Here’s a pic of someone dressed up at the WW

Needless to say yes….as a Jew I am allowed to cosplay lmao

double sided charm mock-ups!! I might have them up for pre-order soon <3

i love that offical art of yuuri in the pig costume ok