lol these are ugly

170219 J-HOPE FC

I am J-Hope, your everlasting hope~♡♡
When this is posted, it will probably be after we enjoyed our passionate first concert~>.<
Every February 18th has always been a happy time with you guys, but this time it had a lot of meaning!!
The first day of the ƸWINGSƷ TOUR is on my birthday~ㅠ
The concert itself is a day full of happiness, but with everyone’s (birthday) wishes and heartfelt events (fan projects) that you gave
Today!! Thank you~~~ so much
I am thankful that my birthday is February 18th!! hehe my birthday felt like a festival this year, I will cherish this unforgettable memory forever!!
I’m still amazed!!…
These wishes, these emotions, this overflowing love…
I will make sure to give you reason to always liking and loving me so much!!~♡♡
Thank you~♡♡

trans: jhope-shi

i’m making a skirt out of one of my dad’s ugly 90s dress shirts lol! i’m gonna add little belt loops and make a thick belt out of the fabric from the sleeves so it can tie into a cute floppy bow in the back or front

someone: i gave up on ajin the cgi is so bad and ugly lol

me, crawling up to them with tears in my eyes: tHe sToRy, YoU’rE nEGlecTinG tHe sToRy


I just can’t get over yandere saeyoung srry ;_;
So here just some wips and yeah there will probably more yandere saeyoung to come lol
Omg my handwriting is so ugly, i’m so sorry guys :(

if the majority of your activism just relies on mocking women who disagree with you and making smug jokes about their hair or whatever and laughing about how ugly and unfuckable they are and how their pussies smell and involves nearly 0 discussions about why you think those women are wrong - that’s how you know your “activism” is a giant pointless fucking joke and you’re doing a real bad job at hiding the fact that you can’t even back it up. and before someone coments “but we don’t hate you for being women uwuwuwu!!!1!1”, read this post again: that’s not what i’m saying. i’m saying that if you actually had something reasonable to hate radical feminists for, you wouldn’t have to attack their looks 90% of the time.
for example, people claim “TERFs” are just like alt-righters. but you barely see anyone say “alt-righters are ugly and unfuckable lol”. i mean, of course people joke about how white people are unkept and greasy from time to time, but that’s about it. most of the time, when we talk about alt-righters, we talk about the harm they have caused, and not about their looks. the reason for this is mainly because the majority of alt-righters are male, so people feel no need to attack their looks, but it also has to do with the fact that alt-righters DO actually cause harm meanwhile “terfs” don’t. if radical feminists are as bad as you say, why do discussions about them rely on jokes and never about how harmful you think they are? you claim they are just as bad as nazis. but can you imagine people talking about nazis the way they talk about radical feminists? unlike “terfs”, nazis actually do cause harm. revolving anti-nazi discussions on how physically unattractive they are would be trivializing the harm that nazis cause, wouldn’t it? it would be derailing. you don’t see people say “all jewish are prettier and hotter than all nazis!!” because that would just be silly. it would be insensitive. it would mock the people that are harmed by nazis. and yet if you scroll through the “ terf” tag, almost every post is “terfs are uglies and trans girls are prettier!!”. do you think they would do that if they actually thought terfs were harmful and dangerous?

tl;dr: if all you can say against your ‘oppressor’ is “well you’re ugly and unfuckable!”, chances are they’re not oppressing u and you probably don’t have it as bad as you think you do lmao

My friends suck. My Pisces moon can’t deal with this lack of communication. Shit, one of them only talks to me on twitter lol that’s ugly but whatevs