lol these are all going to look differently

buckleysims replied to your post “Ok I’m looking at skin files for something and I have a dumb question:…”

Teens don’t use the adult face mesh. I don’t think. XD I’ve never actually checked, but the neck seam is different on adults and teens so I assume the face is different too. But! They’re mapped the same or similarly enough that they can use the same makeup. I set all my adult makeup as valid for teens through elders and have never noticed an issue.


well maybe not the mesh, but the texture. I’m looking in skin files and I don’t see a teen face image is why I ask. Thanks though! I’ll go ahead and update the original packages to be valid for those ages. That makes me really happy to find that out LOL In case you’re wondering why I’m asking

Some cosmetics are in my simblreen gift queue bwahahahaha

Y’all know that moment when an OTP totally catches you by surprise?

Like it’s just two characters you’d never think would ever get it on and they just have this scene and something clicks, character a looks at character b differently and you’re just like “wait- hold on… wait wa-WAIT! WAIT!!“ and it just dawns on you that you’re shipping it and you can just feel yourself slowly turn into trash. All you know now is your life is going to be ruined by these two but you’ll love it anyway…

any of you feel that?

LGBT+ Alliance 101

So you’re a straight cisgendered person and you consider yourself an ally to the LGBT+ community. But are you, really?? Well, if you commit any of the following cardinal sins, then I would say that’s a definite “NO.” Some of these sins, if you commit them, actually make you an asshole. But you don’t wanna be seen in that light by LGBT+ folk, right?? Well, I’m gonna outline to you some very simple instructions to help clean up your act.

1. Don’t go around telling your gay friend’s sexuality/gender to everyone you know.

I already discussed this earlier. It isn’t your place to be releasing that type of information, even if they told you themselves. And there’s always the off chance that you could be telling someone who’s VERY homophobic. Just let them come out on their own terms.

2. Don’t make LGBT+ people the butt of your jokes.

We already have a tough time in this society with all the hate and violence we receive. Last thing we need is someone making fun of us. And an “ally” joining in (or initiating the joke) is adding insult to injury. And majority of the jokes made by straight people promote harmful and false stereotypes about us. If you’re serious about helping us, don’t be that person. Just don’t.

3. DON’T! LECTURE! US! On how to respond to oppression!!!

We know FULL WELL what we go through and what society thinks of us. If anything, we clearly have a better idea of how we want society to accept us than straight people. So don’t tell us how to act or respond in the face of hate. You are an outsider to the community, and this isn’t something you gotta deal with every day.

4. Don’t fetishize us.

We are normal people just like you. We are not anyone’s circus or zoo, and we DAMN SURE ain’t here to be anyone’s kink. Fetishizing mlm, wlw, or trans people isn’t “being an ally.”  It’s gross. It’s dehumanizing. It’s turning normal people into sex objects. Looking right at you, Yaoi and Yuri shippers.

5. Don’t stereotype us.

We aren’t here to serve the “Gay Best Friend” archetype. All we want is to be treated like normal people.


Don’t be the asshole that keeps mis-gendering them on purpose based on what YOU think they are. If they say they are different gender than what was assigned to them, then THAT’S WHAT THEY ARE. Respect it!

7. Don’t make jokes about how a Trans person looks better than you, a cis person.

Y’know, the one where you go “Wow, you look so hot for a trans person, and I’m cis and I look ugly lol.” By saying that, you’re implying that all trans people are supposed to be uglier than cis people. Your statement is actually a veiled transphobic insult. A simple “You’re beautiful” will suffice.

8. DON’T ask a trans person what genitalia they have.

Regardless of if they fully transitioned or not, it’s none of your business.

9. Don’t ask gay people about their sex lives.

Don’t go up to a gay person and ask them “Are you a top or a bottom?”, “Who’s the man and the woman in the relationship?”, or “What’s gay sex like?” Our sex lives are none of your business. We are under no obligation to tell you intimate stuff like that.

10. Don’t sit there idly while we are under attack.

If you see a queer person getting harassed, either verbally or physically, DON’T JUST STAND THERE. DO SOMETHING!!!! SAVE THEM! The situation is only gonna get worse. Silence perpetuates violence.

So yeah, those are the Ten Commandments of being an Ally. But one could also sum up these Commandments as simply this: JUST DON’T BE AN ASSHOLE.

not to be that person but…. hating a movie before it comes out because you THINK your favorite character might be getting a storyline you didn’t “want” is really immature and creates uncessary drama over nothing. if it happens AFTER you see the movie? make a fucking scene! but before? just….chiLL


└ Hours more to nosebleed HAPPY-ness! 😁

Cr: COUNTDOWN TV - Arashi Live Tour 2016-2017 Are You Happy Preview

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Sorry if I'm bothering you but can you share why you think avatar is bad?

hoo boy man ur asking for a lot bc that show is a complete and utter M E S S. first, heres the main phrase my tibetan ass wants u to think about: its a show using asian/indigenous ppl and their devastating histories made by ignorant weeaboo white men. I want to write about it in detail bc i’ve always wanted to say something about this but never rly got around to doing it. maybe ill send this in letter format to the writers lol. anyways im going to split this up into parts. I’ll put a readmore bc its kinda long

@bryankonietzko take a nice long look if u still use tumblr lmao

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some Baekhyun headcanons
  • Don’t get me wrong I fkin love this kid but he’s such a fuccboi™ sometimes that you wonder how you deal with him on a daily basis jfc 
  •  The teasing and playfulness is nonstop w/ him 
  •  He’ll still flirt w/ you and be cheeky after years of dating and knowing each other ???????
  •  Totally will send you shirtless pics of him after practice w inappropriate emojis 
  •  But yeah he’ll want to check in on you often and sends lots of photos updates w/ him and the boys practicing and eating 
  •  They’ll get annoyed at this tbh bc they’re like ?? You’re literally taking ugly pics of us on purpose so that y/n only keeps an eye for u , u lil sh-
  •  The boys are hella impressed by how quickly he got whipped 
  •  Like…………
  •  So one time you got into a huge fight w/ him over nothing and he stormed out right 
  •  Bc he couldn’t handle crying in front of you and being emo bc he wants you to think of happy and smiley and fluffy baekhyun and not tear-stained, ugly crying, throwing a fit baekhyun 
  •  So he’ll go over to chan’s place and oh my lord 
  •  Chanyeol is like “!!!!! Whoa,..,.,,…no one’s ever made you act like this before so you better get her ass on the phone and talk to her asap boi!!!!!”
  •  “wow you’re not even gonna pretend to be sad for me. I got fake people showing fake lo-“
  •  He’ll be forced by the giant to talk to you and apologize 
  •  And he’ll kinda not say anything and just hold you by the waist really tight ?
  •  But then you’ll hear him murmuring something against your neck and it kinda tickles so you laugh and he looks like he’s just been shot lmao 
  •  “why are you laughing ;(? I said I love you and I’m sorry that I was being a drama queen, but fine I take it back never mind”
  •  “just kiss me u fkin weirdo” 
  •  So needless to say the other members are just shocked by how much of an effect you have on him????
  •  Like he’d literally move the sun and the moon for you if that’d make you happy
  •  I’m not saying he’ll get jealous and pouty often but no that’s exactly what I’m saying 
  •  But you know dang well he can’t live without your constant attention 
  •  No matter how much that would annoy and bother other people, you’ve probably gotten used to it and can’t live without his adorable antics 
  •  Bc I mean it’s not like he’ll get all possessive and get mad when you hang around others 
  •  But totally expect that adorable murderous look to hypothetically kill at least 5 people if they ever made you feel uncomfortable or got your attention for too long 
  •  Calls you so many nicknames that you aren’t even sure if he likes your actual name lmao 
  •  His favorite is probably wifey bc it’s like……… I’m being thirsty and obvious but also I’m being low key bc it’s not like I’m saying ‘wife’ which completely has a different meaning, so, way 2 go baek,
  •  OK so like one time he saw you messing around w/ Sehun and play fighting
  •  And he called him your son ????? 
  •  “lol aw look at you two, my wifey and my son :’)”
  •  And yeah it made things hella awkward but hey its Sehun so he understands 
  •  *pats your shoulder* “I’m so sorry u have to put up w/ baek’s bs”
  •  All he wants to do on his free days is to build blanket forts w/ you and cuddle until the sun goes down 
  •  Bc then something else is gonna go down lmao ahsjdkfl I’ll sTop
  •  Yooooooooo he acts like he hasn’t seen you in 28 years when he’s been busy and finally comes to visit 
  •  Will not leave your side and acts like a puppy, literally just following you around 
  •  Pouty kisses OML 
  •  He’d mumble your name in his sleep so often 
  •  Probably the only time he’d actually call you by your real name yikes baek 
  •  Also holds your hand really tight when you’re both sleeping ???? Like omg sometimes he won’t even let go throughout the night and presses it against his lips or against his chest so you could feel his heart beat fuccccccc
  •  So many inside jokes 
  •  Bc he loves having secrets w you!!!!! It feels scandalous but also brings you closer wow the power of gossip 
  •  He’s always teasing you when in public like he just can’t help himself 
  •  You’ll find his fingers just casually  sliding up and down your thighs or even arms 
  •  And first you won’t even think anything of it bc he’s always just touching you in general??
  •  But you’ll get the hint and you’re like…………jfc he really is tryna test me 
  •  He kisses your forehead and the top of your head a lot 
  •  And he’d esp love this if you were shorter than him 
  •  He’s just hella cheesy when you’re both alone tbh 
  •  Also he just loves it when you refer to him as your boyfriend when you introduce him to someone 
  •  Like his eyes start shining and he’ll stare at you in adoration and pure love instead of shaking hands w/ the person lmao 
  •  You’ll know he’s really in love when he’s just sitting there peaceful and quiet by your side, not once shouting any random thoughts in his head bc it’s completely swarming w/ thoughts of you 
  •  When you pick up on this and ask him what’s wrong, he’ll snap out of quickly but keep a warm smile on his cute lips 
  •  “nothing baby, I was just thinking about how cute our future kids will look”
  •  Yeah so there’s that and there goes my sanity 
  •  Like his head is constantly against your chest and he’s spilling out his thoughts and secrets bc he trusts you more than anyone or anything else in his world 
  •  Bc you are his world awwww pls keep this kid safe and loved 🌷

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whats ur like ????? process ?? esp w coloring like inhales idk y i cant color for shit but ur art is so wheezes jdgivbsn g o o d

my process lately goes like this:

1) semi transparent sketch (i dont do lineart most of the time bc my sketches r clean enough and making lineart look good is just a whole other struggle)

2) fill the form in with a neutral color….like, grey

3) put down some more saturated colors with a big soft airbrush

4) add more colors, blend, render

(something i realized is that it looks better if you keep the brush size for rendering around the same size at this point…dont go into details too early, or if you’re like me, at all)

6) refine the lines by painting cleanly over them, add definition

7) hike up the saturation slider LOL this is clearly optional

Will You Be There?

A/N: I know this isn’t smut, but I wanted to do something different and write out of my comfort zone! I am not good with sad to just bare with me lol. I hope you guys like it! Feedback is appreciated. :) Oh and @nobravery​ here ya go I tagged you so don’t @ me. 

I sit on the grey ottoman by our window looking out into the empty night as I try to make sense of it all. How did we get here? When did everything go dark?  I wish we could change and go back, but it’s too late for any of that now. Everything is black and burnt. There’s no hope for us anymore.

I’m pulled from my thoughts as I hear tired footsteps down the hall headed toward the bedroom. I don’t bother to look up because I know the expression on his face will kill me. The door creaks further open as he slips inside and shuts it quietly behind him. He sits on the end of the bed staring in my direction as he lets out a strangled breath. I know his eyes are begging, his face broken. He puts his hand on my thigh, and I look away because if I find his eyes, I know I’ll break.

“Will you be here when I wake up? Please baby I can’t bare to look over and not see you there. Just one last time… I’m begging you.” He swallows hard, trying not to losing himself. I finally look up at him, his pain filled eyes blinking the tears away. He looks as if he could shatter into pieces as any moment. It breaks my heart seeing him this way, but I can’t find the right words to answer him with.

I’ve told him this wouldn’t work. Us. He’s always gone and lately he’s been so distant. He has become so infatuated with his music. Making sure everything is perfect to a T and it has put a strain on our relationship. I can’t stay here and be alone. Not on my own. I need someone who is here for me, with me. And actually present when he is here. We haven’t been us in a while, and I can’t bare the heartache any longer. We are a ticking time bomb waiting to explode at any moment.

It started with small things. Texts getting shorter, phone calls becoming less frequent, Skype calls becoming nonexistent. Then it progressed. Our sex life became obsolete. He stopped flying me out to see him. He doesn’t look at me with the passion in his eyes. The look that would melt me into a puddle inside my stomach. He doesn’t hold me anymore. He doesn’t touch me, kiss me. Nothing. I feel alone. Shawn is so wrapped up in tour that he doesn’t have time for me anymore. He’s stressed all the time. I get that, and I want him to live his dream. I am so proud of how far he’s come. He’s worked so fucking hard for this and deserves all the opportunities coming his way, but I can’t stand being alone here anymore. It’s time to accept  that we aren’t good together anymore. But for some reason something in me says to stay. For him. One last time.

I let out a deep, shaky breath and nod my head in compliance. I look up at Shawn as he nods back at me, his face hopeful that maybe he can change my mind, but the decision is final. I get up from the chair pulling up his old t-shirt to keep it from falling off my shoulders. I slip off my pants and pull back the duvet hopping into bed. I watch Shawn as he slips out of his grey t-shirt and black jeans to climb into bed next to me. He lays his head on the pillow as his brown eyes search for the blue in mine. He’s empty, and I’m the reason for it. I hate this I really fucking do, but how can two people stay together when the happiness is gone?

He tries to be strong, sending me a soft smile and wraps his arms around me as I burry myself into his chest. He pulls me tight against him, leaving a warm, lingering kiss on my forehead saying goodnight and then, it’s silent. The both of us hanging onto this moment. Knowing this is the last time I’ll ever lay next to him. I always loved falling asleep in Shawn’s arms. It felt so safe, so right to me. Like the world could be crashing around us, and it wouldn’t matter. Because he would be there to hold me and help me face whatever problem was coming our way. But not now, this is something he can’t fix.

I can tell Shawn is now asleep by the soft snores coming from his mouth. I look up and my heart skips a beat. He looks adorable, his brown curls a mess and his mouth slightly parted, cheeks flushed. He looks so peaceful when he sleeps. I slide my fingers across his jawline and leave a soft kiss. My eyes wander to his nose, watching the cute way his nostrils flare as he breathes. The first night I ever slept over at his place, I caught myself watching him sleep just like now. I fell in love with the simplicity of it. So pure and innocent. His crinkled nose, his skin covered in sleep lines from where he’s been in a deep sleep. And no matter how often he would toss and turn in his sleep, his arm always remained across my body, holding me. Admiring the sweet sight in front of me, my chest tightens at the thought of leaving him. I can’t bare to see his face in the morning, broken and distraught. He’ll try and get me to change my mind, and I’m afraid I’ll give in. I’ll decide to stay and be right back where I am now, coming home everyday trying to mask the pain and emptiness. I could stay and try to work this out one more time for the sake of us. We have so many memories together, and they are all so hard to let go of. I mean, how could I just let go of us and everything we’ve been through? The only problem is, we haven’t been us in a long time, and I don’t think we will ever get back there. Walking away from our relationship is not something I ever wanted to do. This day would never have come if he would have been there the way I needed him to.

With that, I let out a strangled breath and I pull back the covers, letting my feet hit the cold floor as I walk over to the closet and pull out my large duffle bag. I begin packing my drawer that Shawn had cleared for me in his dresser a few months back. This was a hard for him to do, considering his clothes take up so much damn room. He spent the day before rearranging all his clothes around just so I would have room for my things. The day he showed it to me, the gift of the drawer was also followed with a key to his place. It was a big step in our relationship, but we were so excited for what that change would bring us. Two kids, desperately falling for one another.

I walk into the bathroom to collect some of my toiletries. Looking over at the walk-in shower, I can’t help but giggle to myself in reminiscence. Every morning before work, Shawn would take a quick shower while I sat on our sink and did my hair and makeup. He would sing different melodies he had been working on because he knew I loved to listen to him. Sometimes he would sing off key on purpose because he loved to make me laugh. And one morning I was walking past the shower to grab my makeup bag from my purse and he pulled me into the shower with him, soaking the shirt I was wearing, but I didn’t mind. We just laughed as he held me against him, leaving wet kisses all over my face as I tried to free myself from his grip, but it never worked I just continued to chuckle at how silly he was. So in love, nothing else mattered but us in that very moment. I zip my bag and quietly tip-toe around the room, careful not to wake Shawn.

I walk around the condo, making sure I haven’t left anything behind when I see it. The photo of us on Christmas Eve last year, the day he told me he loved me. We were outside his parent’s house drinking hot chocolate, my head in his lap and his fingers ran through my hair. We sat out there cuddled close to one another for hours having meaningless conversation. I looked up to see him grinning like an idiot and I reached up to boop his nose making him let out a soft laugh. After asking him why he was smiling, the words just fell out making my heart burst. He was perfect, everything I wanted. This Christmas Eve was different. Shawn was in Japan doing an album promo, and I was at my parent’s house helping them wrap presents for our other family members. I only heard from him once that day, and it was a quick have a good holiday, then nothing. Like we were acquaintance. Like the I love you meant nothing to him now.

I walk down the hall into our room for the last time, staring down at a tired Shawn still sound asleep. I lean down and give his forehead one last kiss, wiping the tear from his cheek that had fallen before I turn and head for the door. I’ll miss this apartment and him. The laughs, the memories, the tears everything. Our love was built here and slowly faded here. I turn around taking one last look at the condo as I wipe my tears with the sleeve of my shirt. We had so many great things, but I know this for the best. I grab my bag off the floor as I turn the knob. Never looking back.

Shawn’s POV 

It’s been a month since I woke to the sound of the door closing. Looking over in disbelief at the sheets on her side of the bed that were pulled back. I remember pulling myself from bed, praying this is all a horrible nightmare. Walking around the barren condo, seeing that all of her things were no longer in their place, her drawer empty. She was gone and it was my fault. I got so caught up in work, and I fucked up. I loved her but I could have shown more to her, for her. I pushed her to her limits and I hate myself for it. I was lying to myself, saying the tough times would pass. Telling myself we were still happy—that we were just going through a rough patch with me not being home as much, but I was wrong. She was broken, a girl who used to have so much happiness burning inside her. Happiness that I burned out.

The empty feeling in my chest comes and goes. Keeping myself busy in my music helps even if all of it is about her. Being in a new condo, even better. I know I’m stronger at all the places her leaving broke me. But some days, after all the work has been done, and the clutter of the day has been cleared, I still find her in the back of my mind. Sometimes I play the old videos on my phone of her dancing and singing in the kitchen, just to hear her soft voice. I’m afraid I’m going to forget just how gorgeous that sound is, for the most beautiful moments always seem to accelerate and slip beyond our grasp just when we want to hold onto them for as long as possible.

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i've been wondering a lot about hoseok and his dance background lately. do you know when he started dancing, what style he started with and which style of dance he has most experience with? also what dance style would you classify boy meets evil as? (sidenote: dance style of lie?) i'm bombarding you bc i know you have some experience in dancing haha sorry 1/ ~F

Also, I often see people saying that hoseok’s only good at street dance/popping and isn’t a versatile dancer (often when they compare him to jimin) but im just???? Yeah it’s true that hoseok hasn’t shown as wide a range of styles as jimin has but that doesn’t mean he’s not a versatile dancer??? 2/ ~F

Sometimes (esp during group dances), he doesn’t show his full potential; however, you can’t say that it’s his limit because he’s not /trying/ to outshine the others. Similar to that, if he isn’t showing you the whole range of dances he can perform, how can you say he’s bad? (I feel like this analogy is confusing. Feel free to ignore rip) Also, were these people sleeping during the spring day choreo or… ???? 3/ ~F

ANON you will not believe the noise i just made when i saw these messages in my inbox !!!!! i’d love to answer your questions fpasdlgh. just a heads up that this is gonna be long; i’m sorry, i talk a lot and don’t know when to shut up & also like listening to my own (metaphorical) voice too much sometimes

1. hoseok’s been dancing since freshman (?) year of high school and started out with street (x) while this is a considered a short time for professional dancers, i’m only exposed to classical art forms, so i’m unsure how that factors into this style (´~`ヾ) and yes, that means this is the base of his technique !

2. i would classify BME as 100% hip hop/street. although they can be seen as widely different genres, it’s a popular style that’s taken off these past few years in the dance community. it’s got street elements in it, but it’s more controlled, more polished. (also: yeah idk what “lie” is………..urban lyrical pseudo contemporary with modern influences?????????? lmao at this point hip hop has grown so much i’d just call it that)

3. fam i’m in the same boat as you! hoseok is a very versatile dancer :o he can adapt to many different styles, given that they’re not asking him to start doing fouettes or something.

  • his main style
  • a subgenre of street called “bounce” although they are both “street”, each subgenre is really different from each other & it’s not easy to pick one up. here, you can see the difference between hoseok and jimin during practice. hoseok goes deeper, lower, lighter, smoother, etc. his arms come up to near his chin when he lunges to the front & there’s no part of the combo where he’s simply arrived @ a position and then stays there; he’s always moving, always milking every step, always engaged 
  • butterfly here, his musically is really strong bc he utilizes every part of his body in order to fill up the counts. you can really see the movement going thru every single muscle: the way his chest caves in, the shoulders, the hands, his head, the fluidity of his arms. as a dancer, you want every single action to be deliberate. you need control of even your fingers in order to constantly extend energy outwards, and hoseok takes that into account
  • arirang medley
  • perfect man (aka my life) is killer bc of the required speed/stamina; there is no break in this piece. if you get off you can’t get back in lmao and you can clearly see some members struggling with to stay on time with the footwork
  • am i wrong
  • spring day i 100% agree with what you’re saying about this piece !!!! there is so much going on here, and after watching all the individual fancams i wanna say that both he and jimin are the ones who shine the most consistently thru the entire dance.

    the slide to the ground? hoseok jumps the highest, gets the most airtime. the roll up from the floor? he really pushes himself and utilizes his back flexibility & holds his core in order to make sure that his head is the last thing that comes up. i was pleasantly surprised to see him tackle this choreography, esp the move i just mentioned, just to see how he’d do. he really pushed himself with this piece, and i’m glad he got the chance to grow as a dancer; probably with help from jimin, as this is more his department.

    the only qualm i have with him is during the wedge part where their left legs are going in & out, he needs to start pulling his left side over more …… he’s no longer square by like? the second step out n his ribs are reallllly swinging open fpfahdgt it’s kinda bothering me lol CLOSE UR RIBCAGE HOSEOK !!!!! i know u can do it

despite all of these pieces being different styles, you can tell that hoseok constantly strives to take the extra step above & beyond. he’s always looking for places where he can add Something More to the piece, even when it’s not given explicitly in the choreography. he gives it his All in hype dances, and that’s what made him stand out to me from the rest.

4. yes yes yes yes yes,,,, thank you for pointing that out! some people shit on hoseok’s dance king title because he doesn’t seem to stick out during groupwork and i’m here to tell you that 1) that’s utter bullshit lmao go ahead and watch all the solo fancams i assure you that he is Up There (debatable for certain dances, but he holds top 1 for fire & bst, no question) and 2) he might not go full out bc he’s dancing in a group.

what some fans forget is that he is part of a group, and the whole point when you’re part of a group is that you “take one for the team” and don’t treat it like a solo; you’re not supposed to stick out. even dance line 2.0 (namjin) don’t draw negative attention bc they bust their asses in order to keep up with the rest of the group !!!!!! BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO STICK OUT !!!!!

the whole point is that ur a cohesive unit doing one thing !!!!!!!!!!! you’re supposed to look the same !!!!!!! like…………if you’re really on balance during a performance, you’re not going to do six pirouettes. you finish the double like the rest of the corps, and you book it to your next step. groups thrive in unity, and if you can’t even give that up in order to get your limelight, then i’m sorry: you don’t deserve a solo.

this is why professionals always start out in the corps to prove that they can work well with others, handle the roles given to them, dance as a collective, and then use their work ethic/diligence to stand out during classes & rehearsals to show the artistic director that they’re ready to be promoted to a higher ranking. you demonstrate that you can handle a group environment before anything else 

hoseok doesn’t outshine the others because that’s not his job, and that is not what he is there to do. he is purposefully coexisting with the group in order to make the dance look & feel cleaner

5. kinda going off the fourth point: i agree, once again. he still showcases that he’s pushing himself, but not to the point where he purposely outshines the others. the discipline that comes with purposeful restraint is often overlooked, and i would never slander a dancer for doing so. if i know how far someone’s able to go, i can also appreciate how far they reign themselves in.

ofc, there’s the rare moment when hoseok Really lets loose like the iconic extended choreo for fire during MAMA 16 and you can see how much farther/harder/faster/stronger/full out he’s going compared to the rest of the group. there was a comment that remarked how he made the rest of bts look like his backup dancers, and i can’t agree more. lol i ain’t even biased, just watch from 4:43 onward.

when he jumps, he jumps higher than the others. when he turns his knees in, his feet are spread farther apart than the rest of the members, even though the choreo is fast and the wider your stance is, the slower you’re able to move. he makes every step clear. it’s precise, it’s sharp. his arms move quick, but they hit every position. there is no perceived rush that comes with not knowing what’s coming next or being late

the usage of his head, the ability to go move so fast but still remain fluid (rolling through his chest, loose shoulders, placed arms), jumping farther, traveling more, generally taking up more space than the others w his limbs, making things look incredibly energetic, are all key factors that put him up on another level. yes, someone can move their head, but hoseok moves it further, yes, someone can kick their leg out, but hoseok kicks his further (even so that it’s no longer within his center of balance, and i genuinely fear for him)

not to mention!!! 9 minutes into killer choreography and he is still slaying the facials. his charisma is off the charts, and it’s clear that he’s having so much fun???? he engages the audience with his expressions & isn’t afraid to use it to work the crowd, which is something i’m missing from others bc (as with all dancers) they sometimes get caught up too much with technique instead of performance. also his stage-to-audience connection is Insane. it’s so hard to do it right w/o looking like you’re staring someone down or alienating them, so basically

the ability to keep up/go beyond with fast choreo while also making it engaging thru stage presence is incredibly difficult and is another factor that puts hoseok above the rest of bts in dance

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Random question but: Quick! Whats your fav hair colors on all the boys?

Fuck, um-

Jin: Pink

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Yoongi: Black/ Blond

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Namjoon: Blond or sliver or pink (I can’t choose…)

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Hoseok: Light brown

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Jungkook: Brown lol (very rarely have I seen his hair any different but he looks good so-)

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Is it me or Colin has many faces? On this new headphones picture he is looking so different.

I think that’s just the lighting, Nonny… although he does have different “modes” in pictures, I think this is just standard “Guileless Colin” but with sunlight obscuring half of his face. Leave it to this adorable nut to somehow manage to accidentally take an artsy-as-fuck selfie out of nowhere, lol XD

But I know where you’re going with this… and while we’re on the topic of Colin’s many modes in photos, Guileless Colin is my absolute favorite of all the Colins. It’s like the Glazed Donut of all Colins. Simple. Plain. Perfect.

He’s not posing or pulling faces… He’s just being him. This is my favorite of all the Colins, because it really lets his sincerity and inner light shine through and those are the things I love most about Colin.

Guileless Colin is a close cousin of Cutie Pie Colin, but only because Colin is a cutie pie in his most natural state. However, Cutie Pie Colin knows he’s a cutie pie and is playing it up for the sole purpose of destroying fangirls’ lives. This Colin absolutely knows what he’s doing and is a complete menace:

Note the errant lock of hair that might make one think this is Guileless Colin… but don’t be fooled! Look at the twinkle in his eye, the perfectly peeking out dimples, the precision aligned eye crinkles, and the merest hint of pearly whites. This is absolutely a weaponized form of Colin O’Donoghue.

Speaking of weaponry, that brings us to the most dangerous of Colins: 

This is Deadly Colin. If you happen to see this Colin in person, you can try to run, you can try to hide… but it’s of no use. It will already be too late, for as soon as this Colin appears, your panties will become sentient and throw themselves at him immediately. Resistance is futile. Whatever he wants, he can have. The last piece of cake? It’s his. That signed Eddie Vedder portrait you have? It’s now inscribed itself “To Colin” and is already hanging in his house. Your dignity? Yeah, that’s gone too, because you’re standing in a puddle of your own drool. This paragraph? You’re not even reading it anymore, because you’ve already gone back to staring at the GIF above. It’s okay. I know.

I really should’ve saved Deadly Colin for last, because now everyone’s too devastated to pay attention to the remaining Colins… which is a shame, as they’re the most commonly seen Colins. The next two Colins seem to be our boy’s “go to” faces for photo ops, selfies, photo shoots, you name it.

Ayebrow Colin is one of the most common Colins around. Mind you, the eyebrow lift is present in approximately 99.4362573% of Colin’s photos, because the eyebrow can sense a camera within its vicinity and immediately lifts in response - entirely of its own accord. However, while both eyebrows tend to lift, wiggle and accentuate his expressions effortlessly, it’s usually the left eyebrow that is significantly lifted in Ayebrow Colin. And while the eyebrow is utilized in all Colins, it is the primary focal point of this one. His mouth usually has either a slight smile (seen above), a slight smirk, or often no lift at all - allowing the eyebrow to take center stage. This is Colin’s patented smolder look.

…and here’s Happy Colin! This Colin’s grin is the most infectious thing on Earth. In fact, I would be willing to bet my life savings that you’re smiling right now, just from having viewed the grin above. Look at that thing. One could also call this one Playful Colin, Silly Colin or just plain Goofball Colin. Both eyebrows are lifted sky high, his eyes are wide with excitement, and his grin… well… :D

Incidentally, Happy Colin and Ayebrow Colin are the two most commonly seen Colins in photo ops with fans. I sometimes see people commenting on their photo op with him, and having seen one expression in others’ photos, they wonder why he did a different one in theirs… and I suspect Colin gauges by a fan’s comments to him and demeanor whether they’d prefer a smoldering look or a happy one (ie talking about CS or how handsome he is gets a smolder, talking about how cute he is and you’re so happy to meet him gets a grin, etc). And I have absolutely no doubt that he would happily do either one for you if you ask. So don’t just hope for one or the other - ask him for it! Knowing him, he probably worries he’s doing the wrong one half the time, so why not ease his mind and tell him what you prefer? Seems like a win-win to me :)

Finally, we have Photo Shoot Colin. This Colin encompasses all of the various poses and faces Colin pulls that simply don’t fit in the other categories. It saves me from being here all night cataloging Colins like the one above as “Pensively Looking Out a Window Colin”. Because as much fun as it is to pigeonhole all of Colin’s looks into categories, he does make a lot of varied faces and gets photographed doing a lot of different things - particularly in photo shoots (and posed photo ops) where he’s being directed by another person.

So which one is your favorite Colin?

can highschool art classes please teach kids how to properly critique art because i’m sick of people saying shit that’s just outright rude and awful bc they think they’re entitled or helpful in the least and claiming “lol it’s a critique don’t be so sensitive” when you just call someone’s work ugly and disgusting looking but also i am so tired of going through my entire current artist career only ever hearing from other students or just people in general “omg that’s so good i wish i was like you!!!” like thank you very much that’s very very appreciated but please we all know something in this looks off and i desperately need the view point of another person with a different layout to their mind to help me find it it doesn’t matter that you can’t find any tips to help improve style or technique i just need to make this look like an actual human person and not a drawing by someone who has never seen the human species before in person pls i am begging u

smtm6 collab stage vid summary

  • hash swan, penomeco, punchnello, black nine, sleepy, olltii, ignito!!!
  • sleepy asked ignito if he is ok seeing wonjae do so well, and ignito says “i don’t watch smtm” LOL SALTY AF
  • sleepy asked whose producer’s beats they want and penomeco says he wants one from zico and dean.. even though they’re fanxy child together, penomeco has never received a beat from them  bc they never had time ;-;
  • so penomeco was like “hey i’ll finally receive a beat from them” but then he got eliminated ;-;
  • ignito said he wants to show something different so sleepy suggests a love song and then olltii suggests love song+ukelele and then penomeco suggests a back screen with flowers raining down..ignito looks uncomfortable and says he’ll stick with the usual HAHA
  • olltii suggests penomeco to go on stage first bc he feels penomeco was one of the most unfairly dropped but penomeco wanted to avoid going first
  • sleepy volunteered to go first
  • they’re confident they’ll release a better song than hangzoo, wonjae, and nucksal!! LOL

Going south AU!

“It’s our presence really necessary?” Since his travel to Dragonstone to meet his aunt, Jon decided he hated the south, far too warm for him. His clothes sticked to his skin on a completely disgusting way, his hair was even more at disarray than usual, and worst of all he couldn’t wear his everyday clothes. His cousin Sansa had made him a few breeches and tunics out of gauzy silk and fresh cotton, but he felt it would be a shame to ruin such fine garments with his sweat, so he was donning a black wool tunic, the thing was in a pitful state for Jon used it to train often but he would change as soon as the reached Sunspear.

Sansa laughed, Jon was especially grumpy since they reached the westerlands and the temperature kept on rising “If you wish to keep a good relationship with the Martells then yes. You’re the King cousin, at least until all the realms can reunite again and decide if they are to crown you and if the Red Keep and Iron Throne are to be repaired or if we wish to be independent like we were before the conquest, and this is the wedding of Princess Arianne, it would give the dornish a poor impression of you if you refused to come”

“I hate it”

She laughed again, and Jon cursed to all the gods and hells, she had no right to look so beautiful. That was of course the other reason why he was despairing in this hot wheater, the vision of his fair cousin in those light dresses that exposed far more skin than he was accostumed to made him feel a green boy anew.

Catching Jon’s sour expression she stopped laughing “I am sorry your Grace I shouldn’t be mocking you so. We should be arriving very soon, then you can take a bath and change into more appropiate clothes, I bet you’ll feel much better at once”

Jon groaned “Don’t call me your Grace, Sansa.”

“But I must, it’s the appropiate way to address you, in Winterfell among my siblings is not a problem if I call you Jon cousin, but here things are different and you know it”

Damn her and her political savvyness! Damn her cleverness! Damn her beautiful blue eyes and the curve of her delicate waist! But most of all damn the game of thrones people on the south so loved to take part in!

“I suppose I should call you Lady Sansa then” he wanted to make her mad, to have at least the smallest of hopes that she returned his feelings.

“You supposed correctly”

As unreadable and proper as always, he thought dejected.



Prince Doran himself recieved them among his children and brother. He was tired and his courtesies were surely more than lacking, not that it mattered much, for only Prince Doran and Princess Arianne seemed to look at him. Princes Quentyn, Trystane and the infamous Red Viper’s eyes were immediately drawn to his cousin. How could they not? Her bright blue eyes complemented perfectly the blue of her silky dress, the one with a big V of exposed flesh in the front that he tried desesperately not to stare at, her flowing red hair bright as burnished copper, and her lovely face. Every man’s dream.

Her manners however were perfect, she curtisied graciously and smiled. Prince Oberyn stepped forward and took her hand between his.

Jon frowned what was he–?

Oberyn bent and kissed her knuckles “You have truly grown into a beautiful woman Lady Sansa”

“I could never match your Lady Ellaria, but thank you my Prince”

He couldn’t believe this! He barely dared touch his cousin, she usually never permitend such close contact with anyone and he never wanted to make her un comfortable as much as he itched to hold her and kiss her soft pink lips… But he didn’t, the last time he had touched her so intimately was when he kissed her brow after retaking Winterfell, they were brother and sister back then, it wasn’t wrong, no matter if for a moment he had wanted to kiss her senseless, it wasn’t wrong, he was as brotherly as his budding feelings allowed him to be and that had to be enough (gods knew how disgusted he had been of himself back then) and yet, here she was, letting a stranger kiss her hand and call her beautiful without flinching.

He saw red when Prince Quentyn did the same, even more when he noticed the lad blush when his cousin smiled. For a moment he was back in the crypts of Winterfell (“I love Sansa as I loved her mother”) his fists tightened, but then he tried to relax, he couldn’t do this,Sansa would surely hate him if she saw him like this, the gods knew she had had enough man that desired her… He was disgusting, even if his intentions were to protect her, she didn’t needed nor wanted his protection.

When Prince Trystane turn came he had enough sense to look in other direction.

It was more than scandalous, one thing was touching a lady’s arm to escort her and another kiss her knuckles and bow to the level of her teats! But then Dorne was famous for such a relaxed behaviour.



Sansa, as most times, had been right he did feel better now that he bathed and changed. Though his uneasiness remained, his cousin was surely changing for supper, but he didn’t liked the idea of her being alone for long, dornish man were rumoured to be bold and if the innappropiate greetings Sansa got from Dorne’s princes were anything to to by he didn’t want to think what lesser lords and knights would be like, his cousin was far too corteous to stop them, and Lady Brienne would probably be stopped from taking any action that would offend their hosts, Jon cared little for it though, he didn’t meant to start any conflict with Dorne of course but he wouldn’t just stand by if any man dared disrespect his cousin.

He walked to Sansa’s door, guarded by Brienne and Podrick. “Has my cousin settled down?”

Brienne fixed him an icy stare, the knight woman had never quite liked him “Lady Stark is getting ready, Princess Arianne invited her to sup with her”

“Brienne, is that Jon outside?” came Sansa’s sweet voice from inside the chambers.

“Yes m'lady”

“Let him in please”

The tall knight stared him down and then stepped aside. Once he entered the chambers and took in the sight of Sansa sitting in front of the vanity’s mirror, hair unbound and wild around her naked shoulders a pout on her pink lips and a frown he ached to smooth with his hands, he almost fainted from the sudden heat prickling his skin, he averted his gaze at once and cleared his throat to announce his presence.

She turned around and sighed “Thank the gods you’re here Jon! I can’t tame my hair and I am in need of your assistance”

His throat felt parched suddenly, but he still approached her and took the brush from her hands “You should really consider taking a handmaid my Lady” he grabbed a handful of her bright copper locks and started brushing them softly, ignoring how much he to bury his face in them.

“Nonsense, I can manage just fine most of the time besides I have the sweetest cousin to help me the times I can’t”

Though her tone was light and teasing, he knew the real reason behind her lack of maids: she couldn’t bare the idea of a stanger touching her in such an intimate manner, one that reminded her so of her mother and the innocence of her childhood. It didn’t made it less of a torture for him nevertheless, he longed to not only help her dress her hair but of mussing it up in the throws of passion, of having that fire-kissed hair spilled over his furs, at the same time he felt guilty for such wanton and lustful thoughts when she showed nothing but trust in letting him brush her hair he dreaded to think what her reaction would be if she knew of his desires.

“I can’t think of a better suited task for a King” he replied.



Princess Arianne was already waiting for her in her solar. The table was richly served, a suckling roasted pig among plates full of colorful fruits and a bottle of what Sansa asumed was Dornish wine.

“I am greatful for your invitation Princess”

Arianne dissmised her courtesy with a movement of her hand “None of that formalities Lady Sansa come sit by me”

She did as instructed, not knowing exactly how to behave now that Pricess Arianne asked her to leave courtesies aside.

“Your hair has the most stunning color” Princess Arianne reached for a strand of her hair and twisted it gently in her fingers “You’ve already caused quite the impresión among the lords and knights of Dorne, why even my brother Quentyn couldn’t take his eyes off you, and believe me he is not the type to fawn over a pretty Lady”

“Thank you my Princess” she didn’t liked all this talk about her looks or the Prince’s opinion on her looks.

Arianne laughed “You needn’t look so weary my Lady, though I supposed I was a bit inconsiderate, I know you haven’t had the easiest of lives and rest assured I merely wished to compliment you”

She allowed herself to relax a little “Thank you my princess, you are also very beautiful, your hair specially it looks immaculate even in this heat, I could barely brush mine”

“It’s nothing really, I use some water and a couple of oils brought from Essos for that. I’ll have someone take a bottle to your chambers”

She smiled “You’re really kind my princess.”

The princess frowned and took a sip from her cup “You’re awfully proper my Lady, not that I think that is wrong but you look so young… You know my Lady, once my cousins told me something my uncle Oberyn advised them to do, they said he wanted for them to find pleasure wherever they could for there was very little of it in the world, to this dar I think is the wisest thing I’ve ever heard, don’t you agree?”

“I think he was very right about being little pleasure in the world, but personaly I could never dare to seek for it, I have too many responsabilities to my people to go out of my way looking for pleasure, besides the North is a very different place from Dorne”

“Fuck them” Arianne said hotly “All of them grand Lords seek their pleasure in brothels why should we not?”

“I could not say my princess” she said agreeing in her heart with Arienne’s rage and even took a sip from her wine. “Then you and your cousin never…?”

Sansa blushed “No! We never, you see we believed to be siblings and Jon is too honorable to think about me in such a way.”

“I see, I guess you must have had a very close relationship as siblings for you to believed that”

“No, quite the opposite really,we rarely spoke to each other, my mother did not like for me and my siblings to spend time with him, though I was the only one who pleased her in that aspect, we only grew closer after we met again”

Arianne smiled “See? Then what is the problem? Don’t you like him? Because I admit if I wasn’t getting married I would have definitely tried my luck with him, such handsome man, and strong from what I’ve heard.”

“I do like him” her face was very hot, but it wasn’t the wine nor the food she knew, it was this feelings she had never dared to voice “but I know he would never see me in that way, he is too honorable for that” and what a cruel joke from the gods that one of the things that made her love him so was also the one that would make her feelings remain unrequited.

“Honor” Arianne snorted “the worst mistress there ever was, dry as dust between the legs and as cold as the fucking wall in her affections.”

Sansa almost spit the wine from the laughter that overcame her.

“Good to see you smiling Lady Sansa” Arianne smirked “I wouldn’t be so sure about his disinterest though, his Grace seemed more than ready to punch my kin for kissing your hand”

Her eyes widened “I don’t know what to say, why would he do that?”

“Well maybe he doesn’t know that is the proper greeting here and can’t stand the thought of another man touching you”

Sansa considered it for a moment, Jon hadn’t had much time to adjust to being King and getting the fitting education for it, so it was a given he hadn’t known about it but jealousy? her heart skipped a bit, but no maybe that was not the case he never looked at her like Littlefinger, he barely looked at her at all and se preferred it that way for fear he would see through her and know about her feelings. But then she remembered what Theon told her about Jon forgiving him for what he did for her, not to mention the way Littlefinger had taunted about Jon being the same as him… Could it be?



The very next day she got her answer.

Jon had been in a very foul mood after his supper with the Red Viper tough he could not anything but warn Sansa to stay away from him and his lover. So she proposed to take a walk through the gardens the very next day, surely not even Jon could be grumpy with such a beauty surrounding him.

She had been wrong about it for now as Prince Quentyn explained the types of flowers and times of the year they bloomed to them Jon was frowning.

“You should really see Sunspear at summer, no better time of the year for the blood oranges and lemmons, I heard you were rather fond of lemmoncakes, and we have the very best of them in Dorne, just last year he had the biggest production in 5 years” Prince Quentyn enthusiastically listing figures and lots of different data about the crops and castle.

“Are you feeling well your Grace?” she asked him in a whisper when Prince Quentyn wasn’t looking.

“I’m as well as I can be my Lady”

But she noticed he was still looking at Prince Quentyn with displeasure, her conversation with Princess Arianne came unwillingly to her mind.

“This is my brother’s garden” he led them through an elegant arch adorned with orange an yellow tiles, on both sides of the cobblestone path beautiful rose bushes stood proudly filling the air with their sweet scent “There he is”

Prince Trystane was sitted on a bench, a book on his lap.

“Your roses are beautiful my Prince” she said in awe.

“I planted most of them for Lady Myrcella” his voice was tinted with sadness, but he shook it off maybe not wanting them to see him so vulnerable. Then he plucked a white rose from a nearby bush and extended it to her “It goes well with your dress m'lady, and I know Lady Myrcella would have liked to see you again so take it in her stead please”

Before she could thank the prince, Jon spoke.

“I don’t feel very well, I think I should return to the castle” he said with pained voice. “If you excuse me”

“Mayhaps your cousin hasn’t yet acostumed to dornish cuisine” Prince Quentyn suggested.

Prince Trystanne looked completely confused “No I don’t think that is so brother, Lady Sansa did we do anything to upset his grace? he looked angry rather that sick”

She felt her heart pounding wildly in her chest “I could not say, but maybe I should go and make sure he sees a Maester. If you excuse me my Princes” se curtisied and spoke properly but her mind wasn’t even into it, she just wanted to see Jon and maybe– Well she didn’t know if she would say anything to him yet, but maybe she would know when she saw him.




Her voice made him stop, he had wanted to get as far as he could from the Princes of Dorne for fear, Sansa deserved happiness and lemmons and gallant gestures, she deserved someone who loved her freely even if he didn’t liked it, he was afraid because he had wanted to chase both Princes away from Sansa, he was afraid of her reaction would be if he did.

Damn Dorne! Seemed every man in the castle was after his cousin, he almost had punched the Red Viper when he suggested he and his llover would love to invite his cousin into their bed just to laugh it off and tease him about how in love he surely was with her to be so angry.

She catched up to him, chest heaving up and down, hair messy and unbound, eyes bright. He felt his loved her so much in that moment, may the gods forgive him.

“Are you truly un-well?” she aside her taking his hand as was her custom when she wanted him to really listen.


“Then you should see a Maester at once” she licked her lips and that was his undoing.

“No” his voice was breaking, he cupped her face in his hands expecting her to refuse his touch, instead she leaned into it. He looked her in the eyes willing her to understand “I don’t think a maester could help me.”

“Then who?“she asked breathing heavily.

“You” he breathed against her lips, closing at last the distance between them. Her lips sweeter and softer that he had ever dreamed, her kissing him back surpassed any hope and dream he had ever had, and now he vowed he wouldn’t let go, diplomacy and political matches be damned.


Gods I am sorry for taking so long in writing this but my week has been pretty busy, I am working on the rest of the prompts I swear! So I actually don’t like the over-sexualization of dornish people cuz that is pretty racist in my humble opinion, but I love angsty Jon so here! Also I would love for Arianne and Sansa to be friends. Hope you liked it and keep sending prompts my way!!!

A list of things (and reasons) to do before your classes begin.

1. Information

Gather all the information you need. Where, what and when? This refers to your classes mostly. Also, you should know where all the important places are: library, place where you can print files, stores with cheap stuff, caffes etc. This applies to everyone, not just students who are living in a new city. 

2. Shopping

I recommend you make a shopping list before you actually do the shopping. I made a mistake last year where I wanted to be spontaneous and just buy whatever I feel like I need. NO, just no. You’ll end up spending more money, time and you probably won’t get everything you need.

Shooping lists are a must. Here’s what I think should be on everyone’s list:

-obv stationery- pens, notebooks, flashcards, stickynotes

Always check if you’ve got some of these left from the last school year, so you don’t buy more than you need.

-clothes- warm, comfortable clothes you can wear in multiple occasions (jeans for school, but also for going out, see what I mean?) And also laundry and socks, because you always need them. Pjs, robes etc. - for the lazy study sessions.

-decorations for your room- don’t overdo on this one, just one or two things to kinda “cheer up” your study place (plants, candles, cute mugs)

-bed sheets- I often study in my bed, so this is a must for me + bed sheets are so underrated

I like to stock up on things such as shampoo, beauty products, pads, snack bars, coffee etc. When I get busy with classes I have 0 amount of time to go around town shopping for these and I always need them.

3. Research.

I “accidentally” found the names of the lectures planned for september and already started reading them. I’m a freak, but you don’t have to be one. It’s still a good thing to do research on topics you know you’ll have to study in the future.

4. Clean up your room.

I spent two days, getting rid of trash, organising old notes I need and don’t need, making space for new supplies etc. This way when my textbooks arrive I’ll already have a spot for them, and I’ll avoid the mess.

5. Have “the talk” with someone.

I’m not talking about the sex talk, lol. I’m talking about setting goals for the new semester and talking with someone about them. Your mum, dad, friend, dog, someone on studyblr. I don’t know why, but it feels good to have someone listen to you when you’re talking about something you’re passionate about.

6. Make a playlist.

Life-saver advice. Make different playlist e.g. “Workout”, “Morning study”, “Break time”, “All-nighter” etc. Eventually you’ll add more songs, but it’s easier to have something to start with.

7. Plan, plan, plan

I’m not yet familiar with my schedule, but I’m slowly brainstorming how my week-days are going to look like.

I know I’m like obsessed with planing and studying, but the only reason I’m doing this is to avoid the mess ‘caused by the new begining. 

One more thing: please start studying asap. Don’t procrasinate and go behind schedule. 

The fact that you even have a studyblr blog is enough to prove that you’re smart and awesome and that you’re giving your best!!! :)

I hope you all kick 2016/2017s butt! :)

Ritsu is feeding Takenaka his own kind!

For @hydrachea​, because I saw her post that said there was little TakeRitsu content after Takenaka’s first name has been revealed in the latest chapter. I bet you never expect this to happen >:”D

TBH, I planned to do this TakeRitsu after knowing Takenaka’s first name, but I ended up only drawing Takenaka instead lol. I have fun researching fashion clothes for these two kids to wear, since I really want to draw them in different clothes other than their gakuran, and I put fashion glasses on Ritsu because we all know he looks good on them! (●´□`)♡ Also, I’m experimenting on flat color painting, definitely not because I’m lazy to paint /sweats. I think I accidentally made Takenaka a bit too good-looking on this piece.

Anyway, I hope you like it~! <3

catfish - jared x soulmate!reader (part two)

quick recap,,, “Jared: They wanna meet you” and thats what u missed on catfish


my masterlist!  part one!

there will be a part three that basically just like a fluffy date lol

and some lovely lil angels wanted to be tagged so here u go my loves! @defenestrate-yourself-please @zoe—murphy @shadeswritings @goawayjules @1two-player-game1 @yikesyellow @bluestghost @singlucysing @michaelmell-protectionunit (if i forgot you im so so so sorry. reply to this part to be tagged for part 3 i promise i wont forget)

word count: 2,268

warnings: so many perspective changes, i didn’t proof read it, swears (duh), mention of genetalia (jared says dick), um and i think thats it???



Y/N: uhhhh

Jared: I can pick you up from school on Monday?

Shit, school. If you saw him at school you wouldn’t be able to just walk past without tackling him in a hug… and then he’d find out.

Y/N: i don’t know if i’ll go to school that day, i think i’m coming down with something.

Jared obviously knew you were lying. So he lied back.

Jared: But we have that special assembly

Y/N: we do??

Jared: Yeah I forgot what it’s on but I heard it’s super important.

Y/N: shit then i guess i have to go

Y/N: what period is it?

Jared: End of the day

Perfect, you could just go last period and leave and not have to face Jared confrontation until… Tuesday.

Y/N: u know what?? just remembered i have plans?

Jared: Can’t you get out of them? I feel like I’m worth it ;)

Y/N: lol of course you are! but it’s family bowling night so,,,, no

Jared: Well it’ll happen eventually.

Jared was right, it would. A lot sooner than you wished, too. After quickly convincing your parents to skip all but last period, you texted Jared good night and then fell asleep full of anxiety of the day ahead.

Days have passed. The amount of times you have seen Jared pass you in the halls and you haven’t said anything is unbearable, for the both of you.

Jared would have to pretend like he didn’t know who you were and continue just walking, Evan’s talking mumbled by his thoughts. He didn’t even make eye contact with you and has only seen you in his peripheral vision.

And, fuck, his peripheral vision didn’t give him much to go off of but you looked fucking amazing. A million times better than just seeing you on Instagram from his phone. Seeing you out of the corner of his eyes for a split second every now and then almost killed him.

Jared: Wait I have no idea how to do APBio project

Y/N: ugh too long to type and explain

Jared: Then just FaceTime me lol

Y/N: uh…..

Y/N: my hair is messy

Y/N: and im in my pajamas

Y/N: so no

Jared: and I care because????

Y/N: i care!

Jared: Fine then call me

…Should you? I mean, there’s no harm. It’s just your voice. But what if you get major phone anxiety or he thinks your voice is ugly.

Y/N: i was about to go to bed :( sorry

Jared: Bullshit it’s like 10pm

Before you could respond with a snarky comment, your phone started buzzing and Jared’s ringtone (which may or not be ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’) started playing.


You answered it but immediately muted yourself.

“Uh… hello?” You said nothing. “Y/N, I know you’re there, it stopped ringing,” he chuckled a bit. You face flushed when he said your name. “Ok, whatever. Anyways, so this project. I kinda dozed off when Ms. Years was saying all the instructions so I thought I could ask someone else from the class but the only person I know was absent and so I tried to ask Ms. Years what to do and she just gave me, like, a vague and sarcastic response and I remember you talking about Ms. Years and you’re probably a good student so…”

As Jared rambling continued you started to feel more and more guilty. You clicked the home button and went back to texting.

Y/N: jared tbh i really don’t wanna explain i barely even get it myself i wouldn’t know how to explain

You heard his phone vibrate and he stopped talking and sighed, “Okay, we’re doing this. Well, y/n, I really don’t to fail this project. I can barely hold a C so I need to get a good grade on this.”

Y/N: i thought u were like,,, top of ur class??

He chuckled, “Yeah in all of them except fucking biology. That godforsaken class will be the death of me.” You laughed and your feelings sank when you realized he couldn’t hear you.

Y/N: bio is like the one class im good at

Jared chuckled and your heart fluttered, “Of course you are. But…” he dragged out the word and you frowned.

Y/N: i know, im just nervous

He sighed, “I guess I’ll ask someone else?”

Y/N: sorry :(

“Yeah, yeah.”

And with that, the call ended.

Almost a week passed and Jared wouldn’t barely talk to you. If he did it was one or two-word answers. So when he sent a paragraph it surprised you.

Jared: Ok so I wrote into Catfish I wanna get your opinion on my letter.

Jared: I’ll just copy and paste

Jared: “Yo Nev and Max,

It’s ya boy, Jared. So y/n is my soulmate, I haven’t really talked with them for long but, get this, I’ve never heard their voice and they’ve only sent me one picture! I know. And, even crazier, we go to the same school and are in the same grade! So when I looked for a y/n y/l/n in our yearbook, I did not see the face from the pictures but someone completely different! I know, it’s wild.

If you would help me, that’d be dank lol thanks.”

Jared: I feel like it’s funny and they’d prob pick it up because it’s not like any of their other stories!

Jared was obviously being sardonic and passive aggressive. In any normal situation, you would’ve responded with wit but all the things he said started to process in your head. You could almost hear the gears turning in your brain.

Jared: y/n, why did you lie?

Y/N: i’m so sorry, jared

Jared: …y/n, why did you lie?

Y/N: i was insecure and scared? i know i know thats not a good enough excuse but i never thought id get caught

Jared: You never thought one of these days one of us would just crack or cave at school?

Y/N: i almost did plenty of times tbh

Jared: The amount of effort it took for me to not just run up to you whenever I saw you were…. tremendous

Y/N: how long have you known?

Jared: Literally since the beginning lol

Y/N: gdi

Y/N: im so sorry

Jared: Can we, like, actually talk now or FaceTime or something, please?

Jared: It’s in the middle of the day so dont say you were about to sleep


Jared: Oh no what is there more?

Y/N: im aNXiouS

Jared: So fucking am I! Actually seeing your face and hearing you speak at the same time is literally all I’ve wanted since I had a panic attack on your thigh

That warmed your heart made your goofy smile stick onto your face. Something surged within you and you decided to make a bold move.

Less than a ring later, Jared’s forehead popped up onto your screen. “Holy shit, you initiated it,” he breathed. Your camera was facing the ceiling, “Where are you?”

“Contemplating whether or not to hang up and just cry instead.”

Jared gave a shaky breath but you saw the corners of his eyes scrunch up, meaning he was smiling. “Someone grab the camera my baby said their first words!”

You snorted, “Oh my god, Jared.”

“Fucking hell.”


“Just… so much happened in a split-second, I got a little dizzy.”

You stifled a laugh but your smile was still ridiculously wide, “What do you mean?”

“You laughed, no, you snorted, y/n, and damn it was adorable and made my heart, like, stop for a second. Then, oh boy, then you said my name and my heart stopped again and then I almost hung up the call to call an ambulance.”

“Why didn’t you?” you pressed on, teasing him.

“Prop up the camera so I can, like, look at you while you talk,” he told you, not answering the question.

With a shaky hand, you obeyed and the camera showed you, cross legged on your bed, and fiddling with your fingernails. “Now you do it.” You refused to make eye contact with the camera but out of the corner of your eyes, you saw Jared look at his screen in disbelief and immediately found something to lean his phone on. You really could only see his torso and up, but it was more than enough.

You looked up at him through your eyelashes, your nerves eating away at you.

“Shit, you’re stunning.”

The corners of your mouth perked up, “I would say the same but from what I’ve seen, you’re much more adorable in person.”

Jared smirked, “Damn right, I am. But holy shit, I just want to take a moment to appreciate your… charismatic smile.”

You snickered, throwing your head back a little, “Charismatic? That’s not usually a word I hear to describe someone’s smile.”

“Not just someone, you.”

“Jared, you’re such a sap.”

“It’s a charming quality, right?”

You and Jared stayed together, talking, for hours. You only realized it when the sun started rising through your window.

“Shit, we have school, Jared.”

“Wait, just… Stay right there.”

You did and you saw his phone flash. “…Did you just take a screenshot of me?”

“The sun made your skin glow. It was too enchanting to not take a screenshot.”

You giggled at him and saw the screen flash again. “Jared!” You scolded, “You’re lucky you’re my soulmate.”

“Sorry! Your laugh was captivating.”

“Did you just pause me?” you asked him, feigning offense.

He snickered, “I wanted to see how photogenic you look in these screenshots. Just gimme a sec.”

“‘Kay but you owe me a Redbull!”

“Deal. What time is it?” he asked.

“Six. Why?”

“Maybe we should both take a quick catnap and I’ll pick you up,” he offered.

“And end our fifteen-hour call? Never!” you laughed, doodling on your arm.

“Y/N… stop drawing dicks on my wrist.”

Jared ended up opting out of picking you up because he knew he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off you for an entire car ride. So as you were waiting for Jared in the cafeteria, you bit your nails and looked around the room again as if he’d magically appear.

Jared, however, saw you. You had your back to him and Jared couldn’t believe this was actually happening. He swallowed his fears and slowly walked up to you, a Redbull in hand.

Before he could reach you, some girl he sort of recognized walked up to you and started talking to you. He couldn’t hear the whole conversation, it’s was like quiet mumbling, but he could tell you were on edge and not really paying attention to her.

Suddenly, Jared and the girl made eye contact. You only then realized it was Alana. She waved at you, “Hey, Jared! How’s your morning been?”

Both you and Jared froze.

Jared took a deep breath and cleared his throat, unaware of the blush forming on his cheekbones. “Well, I owe y/n here a Redbull and I wanted one too but the store only had one, so I guess we’ll have to share it.”

You slowly turned towards him. “Jared,” you breathed. “…JARED!” you now screamed, sprinting the short distance between you and clutched onto him, tears rolling down your face.

Jared staggered back a bit but took your embrace and wrapped his arms around you. “Holy shit, this is real. You’re real,” he said quietly in disbelief.

It felt like hours you two were just there, with each other. Finally.

Alana snapped a picture just before you and Jared slowly pulled away from one another. He held his hands on your waist and you held his biceps. The both of you just stared at each other, smiling, and taking in every feature. “The janitor’s closet next to the math wing is, like, never used.”


“If you lovebirds need a secret place,” she winked and walked away. Jared’s face flushed and you could only muster up a nervous laugh.

After lunch, you didn’t have any classes with Jared. So by the end of the day, you were craving him.

You leaned against his car, waiting for him. Once you saw him exit the building, you called out to him, “Jared, hey!”

He looked instantly relieved to see you and jogged to your position. “Need a ride?” You nodded and held his hand in yours. He squeezed it then let go, “Get in.”

The car ride home was silent, but not uncomfortable. Just being in his presence gave you joy. When you reached a stoplight, you grabbed his right hand and pulled it towards you. You held it on top of your thigh.

“It’s gonna be hard to drive with one hand,” he chuckled.

You rubbed the back of his hand with your thumb, “I think you can manage.”

He got to your house not too long after and when you let go of his hand, both of you felt empty. You sighed, “So…”


You gathered as much courage as you could in a split second and leaned over the console, giving him a quick peck on the cheek. Before Jared knew what was happening, you were out the door, walking to your house, and waving at him.

Jared raised a hand to where your lips met his skin and his felt his hot cheek. He probably was the same shade as a stop sign, but he didn’t care.

With grin basically tattooed onto his face and a twinkle in his eye, he drove himself home, feeling like the king of the world.

anonymous asked:

Question! You've introduced Lance, Keith and Pidge (or at least...a look-alike of Pidge) in your Sim AU, so what I was wondering was where is the rest of Team Voltron? And where is the original team (this being regular human Lance and the rest)?

That is a very good question!

I’ll try to explain it as best as I can without giving too much away (I want to save some of these spoilers for the actual story itself lol)

Here’s a diagram:

So, to explain–we all pretty much know about Lance already, he’s an AI, he’s powered by an AI cube that currently functions as the “heart” of his body. And he’s hopelessly in love with Keith. RIP

Katy and Hunk work together under a special organization dedicated to protecting the universe. That specific organization is dealing with a particularly stubborn Galra uprising that began after Team Voltron destroyed the Galra empire and defeated Zarkon. At first Katy and Hunk simply act as maintenance workers, but after they find Keith crashed in the simulator Keith sorta drags them with him everywhere he goes. Katy and Hunk do repairs on Lance whenever he needs it (which is…quite often actually lol). Katy specializes in coding and hacking, so she’s usually the one to update Lance’s systems and AI cube, while Hunk is best at wiring and machinery, so he actually goes in and fixes any internal problems Lance is having. And Lance himself is considered a “hacking weapon” because he has the ability to hack into systems by sending his consciousness in and destroying everything from the inside. Pretty neat, right?

Keith, Lance, Katy and Hunk all decide to help the organization stop the uprising. Directly under the leaders of the organization, there’s Allura and Coran, who are both human and therefore look a little different than their counterparts (Coran has a beard now and a different mustache, at first I thought of removing it completely but then I decided nah! Let’s just change it up lol). Allura and Coran are the leaders of the organization’s army, and basically the go-to commanders! Coran specializes in weaponry and knows all there is to know about swords, guns, and any other weapon in the universe…he’s very well-rounded there. And Allura? Don’t mess with her, she can kick your ass anytime, anywhere. She’s a lot more fierce than the original Allura and does not stand for any bullshit that goes down lol

Shiro is Altean in this AU–and I’m not going to share anymore information than that. He’s…having a difficult time right now. With where he is and what’s going on there. Yeah…

Under Hunk’s name, there’s a ??? sign! That’s indicating that he’s neither human nor any other alien species that we’ve seen so far. So…what is he? That is a secret as well! He’s basically humanoid in appearance, but he’s got some pretty wicked abilities that come into play later on!

Keith’s description says that he’s the last Paladin. (Not counting Lance, who is technically also one.) This is because, the rest of Team Voltron…

…are missing! Where are they? Where did they go? Why is Keith running into look-alikes of them? That’s a secret too! So yes, Keith is considered the only Paladin remaining since the rest have…mysteriously vanished. Dun dun dun!

I hope that helps clear things up a little! And yes, now that I’ve finally introduced…or re-introduced the rest of the team, I can actually draw them in future comics and artworks now…yes!!

anonymous asked:

Um... I know you said NSFW requests but I dont really have any on my mind ehehe... BUT! Do you think you could do the RFA and an MC who loves housecleaning and house-work? If not thats okay I just thought it would be nice >w<

This is so friggin cute! Thanks for sending this one in, I had so much fun writing it. Honestly, I love washing dishes (mindless work so I can think over plot lines) and vacuuming carpet flooring. Something about a spotless, clear carpet and those light/dark patterns that the vacuum makes going back and forth…mostly its just an illusion of productivity lol wow I’m such a weirdo ok lets move on

Pupper Yoosung:

  • If he’s not raging at LOLOL, then he’s busy dealing everything university has to throw at him or at least he should be
  • As a uni student, the poor boy has little to no time to keep his dorm room clean I relate so hard pls help so isn’t he damn lucky to have you
  • Poor baby didn’t even realize how much of a mess he made until he looked away from the computer screen and saw how different it all looked wait is that the actual colour of the kitchen counter??
  • He’ll protest when he sees you picking up after him or cooking him dinner
  • “MC, no you can’t clean my mess I’m a big boy
  • But low-key he loves being pampered. It just makes him feel all warm inside that you love him enough to want to take care of him

Baehee Jaehee:

  • She’s a pretty clean woman to begin with - a clean environment makes for a productive mind and all that - which is surprising given how busy she always is
  • Poor baby doesn’t even have time to eat decent meals or catch her breath I’m lookin’ at you mista trustfund kid
  • So can you imagine the utter relief on her face when she finally drags her ass home from work late at night only to find a hot homemade meal prepared just for her!?
  • She feels kind of bad that you’re alway fussing over her health and making sure she doesn’t need to worry about housework after spending obscene hours at work
  • Ofc you reassure her that you actually like cooking and keeping your shared apartment clean - it makes you feel useful and honestly a clean living space just makes you feel 10x less stressed
  • And it hasn’t escaped your notice how OCDish Jaehee is about cleanliness and the kind
  • The cute coffee bean that she is she’s always giving you handy lil tips just like that whole duct tape and cat hair thing - tbh it probably comes in handy when you shed a ton of hair around the house

Lovely Zen:

  • Ok this idiot - the workaholic with only beer and water in his fridge - probs isn’t a clean guy lets be honest
  • Dating you doesn’t change his crazy work schedule (and multiple workouts per day -_-) so he makes it home barely in time for dinner, if at all
  • At first, he isn’t used to eating such wholesome meals but after a stern glare on your part and a “aww, Jagi, you’re so cute when you’re trying to act all tough” from him (that got him a night on the couch for sure) he quietly adheres to your domestic side
  • His fav part is coming home early sometimes and just leaning against the doorway to watch as you vacuum the living room, your iPod blasting, and singing at the top of your lungs
  • Honestly, these little wifey quirks of yours turn him the hell on u n l e a s h  t h e b e a s t
  • Since he ran away from home, its been entirely too long since he’s really been a part of the family home lifestyle and so he really cherishes this side of you that allows him to have that in his life again

Daddy Jumin:

  • Wanting to cook him homemade meals instead of the chef? He can understand that. In fact, he loves it. Loves coming home to the smell of something you’ve made with your own hands, just for him. It’s just another piece of you that ties you to him as his wife possessive fucker
  • Getting down and dirty on the roof top garden to grow your fav flowers and herbs? He can deal with that. What Mrs. Jumin Han wants, Mrs. Jumin Han gets, yeah?
  • But then he came home to surprise you for lunch and found you washing the dishes….um what?
  • this poor little confused cinnamon roll
  • “But MC, what about the maid? You don’t need to be doing this. You’ll damage your soft skin and….”
  • You tried to explain to him how therapeutic it was for you to clean the penthouse. Things like washing dishes allowed you to just let your mind wander and it made you feel productive. Besides, being cooped up in the penthouse was boring AF. I mean, there’s only so much time you can spend being pampered and laying around on every piece of furniture before you start going bonkers
  • He was annoyed that you would do this when he was at work so he wouldn’t know about it and really wanted to put his foot down on this no wife of Jumin Han would be getting her hands dirty with manual labour but you wouldn’t hear of it. You sort of came to a compromise where you could clean the kitchen after using it, but the maid would most def be cleaning the rest of the penthouse. 

GOD Seven:

  • Oh lord this hot mess lives in an even bigger mess
  • Like it gives you actual anxiety seeing the state of the bunker Vanderwood relates so hard omfg
  • So while your precious little tomato head is working obsessively, you’re tackling the Loch Ness monster that is the dirty laundry and chip bags amassing on the dirty floor.
  • His jaw actually hit the ground when he finally crawled out of his office that he’d been holed in for hours on end
  • “MC, when did we get a new carpet in the bedroom?”
  • h o l y f u c k b o i
  • “no, Saeyoung, that’s the actual colour of your floor”
  • That was actually your first task when you came to the bunker and you kept it up ever since, all the while slowly training your husband to stop being such a piece of shit Vanderwood’s words not urs
  • Like Saeyoung felt guilty enough to make a conscious effort to clean up after himself. He felt like enough of a failure already and hating himself for making his wife clean up after his stupid ass was wholly unnecessary
  • But he also loved that he had someone by his side who loved him and stuck by him despite all his messy habits cut the bby some slack he deserves to be shown all the love in the universe so he took all your scoldings quietly and just gazed at you with hearts in his eyes, still having a hard time believing you were real

- admin Shay