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Justice League, Meet The Avengers

Batsy has created a chatroom.

Batsy has added Alfredo Pasta.

Batsy: Alfred.

Alfredo Pasta: Yes, Master Bruce?

Batsy: Was it Barry or Oliver this time?

Alfredo Pasta: It was the young speedster, Master Bruce.

Batsy has added Bear.

Batsy: Stop. Changing. Our. Names.

Bear: Alfredo Pasta, you snitched on me?

Alfredo Pasta: No regrets, son.

Alfredo Pasta: Was there something you needed, Master Bruce?

Batsy: I want to know the current status of the rest of the league.

Alfredo Pasta: Inviting them over for dinner? I shall prepare the table.

Batsy: No - a meeting that involves food, Alfred!

Bear: Ooooh are we having Lobster Thermidor? Arthur won’t like that.

Bear: I’ll be back in a… Flash. Gotta take care of my good pal Captain Cold.

Bear has left the chat.

Alfredo Pasta: It seems all members of the JLA are currently preoccupied.

Batsy: Even Clark? What could Arthur be doing? And Diana?

Alfredo Pasta: Saving the world, of course.

Alfredo Pasta: Except for Arthur. He’s at an aquarium.

Batsy: Are there any criminals out?

Alfredo Pasta: I’m afraid not, Master Bruce. Master Dick has done an exceptional job of keeping them at bay.


Batsy: What’s the Joker up to?

Alfredo Pasta: He’s in hiding after your last debacle with him.

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Sleepovers with NCT Dream

anon asked: Am I allowed to request sleepover/slumber parties with NCT Dream? Just somethin cute n fluffy

okay so i’m not sure if this is like each individual member or with the group as a whole so i did…both? 

uh for each of them the other members aren’t present because just…assume that the specific member kicked them out for the night or they dont wanna bother member/reader haha

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anonymous asked:

if jk and jm really were dating, could u give us ur opinion on how/when u think they romantically started getting involved?? I never really here people talking about their friendship before and the lead up

If jikook are really dating (key word: if!!), I have a few theories about them and when or how they got together. I think it’s one of those things I imagine a lot because of how much I ship them. But I’ll share my most realistic theories (once again stressing this post is for fun, not saying jikook are actually real). This is really long (it also took me hours bc tumblr crashed 2 times when making it smh). 

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Secret Admirer || Peter Parker x Reader

Can you imagine Peter Parker being totally in love with you after being friends with you for 3 years, and finally, Peter can’t stand being ‘just friends anymore’ so he decides to win you over with love notes and tiny gifts??

Yet you don’t know it’s coming from him since you always believed he had a crush on Liz? So Petey (being your bff) gets hella embarrassed every time you show him one of the notes and/or gifts he’s given you while giving you a baffling stare at how you still DIDNT KNOW that it’s him???

Let’s write about that. ((Lol lol lol GMM ref, I love Rhett and Link so much))

warnings: fLUFF

**I apologize for any grammatical errors since this was all written on my phone. When it’s posted then I’ll make sure to edit it a few more times just in case!**

**dont repost or plagiarize this plot! Reblogs are fine!!


The first note you received happened one morning when you opened your locker to retrieve your books.

Your final year at Midtown couldn’t go by fast enough for you. Despite all of the good memories you had at this place with your friends, you were ready to get out of this school.

All you had to do was finish strong.

Heading toward your locker, you see Peter standing against his locker and gesture at him to follow you, “Come on! Walk with me, it’s been a while since the last time we talked to each other.”

He appeared hesitant, constantly shifting his gaze away from you while he ran a hand through his hair, “What are you talking about [Nickname], I m-mean, we spoke to each other yesterday.”

With a roll of your eyes, you quickly wrap your arm around Peter’s, forcing him to follow you to your locker as you linked your arms together with his. “Come on, dude, you know that I’ll always need my daily spidey fix!”

“Ssh!!! Not so loud, [Name]!”

You laugh at Peter’s flustered expression when you mention his alter ego’s nickname, finding him to be incredibly adorable as he tried to hide the fact that he was Spider-Man.

Reaching your locker, you notice from the corner of your eyes how jittery Peter appeared. While you were working on unlocking your locker, Peter’s trembling seemed to get stronger when it opened as a tiny folded note fell to the ground.

“U-uhm I-I g-gotta go! I just r-remembered that N-Ned needed me for s-something, bye!”

You pick up the note to see your name written in an unfamiliar script on it. About to say something to Peter, you face him, only to be met with his retreating form as he ran off in the opposite direction.

“Okay, that was weird as fuck.” You shrug, returning your attention back to the note as you carefully unfolded it. Upon reading its contents, you felt your cheeks turn red:

I’ve always loved you.


Your thoughts were consumed with that singular note; your mind constantly replaying that simple declaration of love.

You wondered who the author was throughout Calculus, making you completely miss the question when you were called on.

You tried to decipher the handwriting during English Lit, only to be caught off guard when your teacher made you read an excerpt from the story you were discussing.

Even when lunch period came, you found that you didn’t have an appetite as you grabbed a bottle of water with an apple to serve as your lunch for the day.

Finding your usual table next to Peter and Ned, you sit between them, not noticing the way Peter had immediately stiffened.

“You guys, I think I have a secret admirer.” You tell both boys, still looking at the note.

“Really?” You heard Ned ask while taking bites of his turkey sandwich, “I didn’t think any guys would go for girls like you.” He laughs at the joke, making you playfully punch his arm in response.

“Shut up, I’m being serious! Here just take a look at this! The dude said that he’s always loved me!” You show Ned the note, not paying attention to Peter when he choked on his milk. “I mean, it sounds sincere, but there is also a chance that this could have been given to me as a joke.”

While Ned looks at the note, you finally heard Peter as he blurted out, “No one would ever say that they loved you as a joke, [Name]! I wouldn’t- I mean-!!”

You and Ned both give Peter a look of concern, “Peter, what? How would you know that?”

“I don’t kn-know that! Anyways, I gotta go and help L-Liz with something!” Peter stands from his seat, carrying his tray that carried his half eaten food as he threw the contents away before running out of the cafeteria.

Seeing Peter freaking out, Ned was practically smirking now, realizing just who had given you the note. “Here,” he slides the note back over to you, watching you with a curious expression when you sighed.

“Seriously, if this wasn’t a joke, then who wrote it?”

Ned simply shrugs while hiding his wide grin by taking bites of his sandwich.

The boy knew exactly who the author of the note was, but he was never gonna tell you for fear of ruining the fun.


The second note you received came as a delivery to your house as it was coupled along with a cute blue penguin plush.

The note (like the first one) contained a single sentence as you read:

I love you as much as you love penguins (maybe even more so).

What that note stated was an absolute fact. You absolutely adored penguins, and seeing this gift made you even more curious as to who was the identity of your admirer. Because you loved the little blue booger so much, you decided to take him to school with you the next day.

Not caring that so many people were giving you odd looks, you continue to hold the penguin close to your chest, making your way toward Peter. Seeing him with his back turned toward you, you hold up your penguin plush so that it covered your face.

When Peter finally turned around, he jumps at the sight of the penguin plush as you spoke in a cutesy tone, “Peter Parker, I wuv you!! Tell me I’m cute and handsome!!”

“[Name], hey. You scared me.” He gently moves the penguin away from your face, smiling at you as his cheeks were tinged in a slight pink hue, “What’s up? W-was that from your a-admirer?”

You nod and show him a wide grin, “It was from him! And I also got a really cute note, this time saying how my admirer loved me as much as I loved penguins.” You laugh and hold the penguin plush close to your chest, “I don’t really talk about my obsession with penguins, so whoever is giving me these notes must have been watching me for a while now.”

“You have no idea.” Peter mumbles, but you didn’t catch his words, “What was that, Pete?”

He clears his throat and asks, “I was just wondering if you were s-scared of this guy, whoever h-he is, I mean- The f-fact that he’s been paying so much attention to you must make you nervous.”

Your nose wrinkles in response to his question, “Well, I don’t think so. I think that if my admirer ever revealed himself to me, then I would still like him all the same.” You think about it for a few more minutes before admitting, “However, if he turned out to be Flash…” you hold up your stuffed penguin and purposely loom it over one of the trash cans, “Then this little booger is going in the trash.”

Peter couldn’t stop the smile that formed on his face, “I’m sure that it wasn’t Flash who gave you those notes and that penguin.”

You laugh and nuzzle your penguin buddy, “Yeah, I think it isn’t Flash either. Whoever is sending me such sweet gifts has got to be hella kind with a big heart.” Staring at Peter, you wink at him and say, “You know, if you did sweet stuff like this for Liz, I’m sure she’d be yours in no time at all!”

When the bell rang, you cursed softly, “Shit, I’m late for my first class. Later Pete!”

You run off to class, leaving Peter alone. He stays still for several seconds before letting out a low chuckle, “God, will you ever know?

I’ve always wanted you from the start.”


The third note you received was delivered to you personally by your secret admirer.

It was the end of the school day, and you were deep in thought. It had been several weeks since you received the first note, and you still didn’t have a clue as to who your secret admirer was.

His handwriting was written in a slanted script, and you had never seen anyone with that handwriting before. This made things a lot more challenging for you, and you were beginning to think that your admirer would never appear.

Being so deep in thought, you end up wandering around the hallways, not stopping until you felt your nose run into someone’s back. Wincing to show your slight pain, you rub at your nose to see someone familiar standing before you, “Ah, hey Peter! D-Did you not go home yet? What are you doing here?”

Peter doesn’t answer you, just silently holds out a folded piece of paper for you to take. You tilt your head and slowly take the letter from him, wondering what Peter was doing with it. Recognizing the slanted script, you gasp and unfold the letter to read:

I’ve been in front of you this whole time. When will you finally begin to see?

“Peter- oh my god, it’s y-” you were suddenly cut off when you felt Peter press his lips against yours. You moan, leaning even closer to Peter when you felt him delve his fingers into your hair. His touch was soft, gentle, reverent even when he pulled away to look at you.

Your face was dyed red, making you look away from him when you murmur, “It was you this whole time?”

He laughs, wrapping an arm around you, “Your oblivious nature was seriously driving me insane. Even Ned knew. You were just so slow that I didn’t think you’d ever figure it out. So I…I had to do something. I like you so much, [Name].”

You laugh and wrap your arms around his back, “Oh God, I’m so stupid. You’re right, the signs were all there! How nervous you were, how you never looked me in the eye when I talked about the notes. Oh, and how- mmmph!”

Peter kisses you again, keeping his eyes shut as he hoped to stop your embarrassing rant about him. It took all of the courage he had to give you his last note, and he wanted nothing more than to finally have you in his arms.

He knew that his feelings were requited from the way you kissed him back, and he couldn’t have been happier when he thought,



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credit for the edit @minsvga thanks buttface

WOW SO, I don’t even know where to start but I’ve wanted to make one of these for a long ass time and I figured right now would be as good a time as any because I JUST HIT 10,000 FOLLOWERS. 10k WHAT. it’s so insane to me because when I first started writing on here I had no idea I was even gonna get passed 1k so it means so much that people have actually enjoyed my writing and continued to stay with me even when I have little moments where I’m literally doing nothing except for reblogging jikook pics and gifs (like right now its literally the only thing on my blog.) I know I haven’t said it in a while but I’m so happy that I decided to make this blog because its made me so much more confident in my writing & I’ve made such amazing friends along the way!!! ♡

under the cut will be a few little things about my closest friends on here, as well as a list of all my fav blogs that I’ve followed throughout the year that I’ve been on here. again, thank you everyone for sticking around with me ily :-)

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labbender  asked:

hey, got any headcanons for anemone ?? or maybe anemarin too???

anemoneeee i love her….

and okay so let me just make a disclaimer that most of my headcanons are completely canon compatible BUT i rlly dont know abt anythign involving anemone later in the books, so some of my stuff MAY be ….inaccurate but. whatever i like my anemone the way she is-

so anemone is like. my second favorite character in the series (burn is number one holla hollaaa), because she is SO MORALLY GREY its enthralling imo. Shes a child, first of all, which i think is amazing in itself. The whole literary symbolism of children being innocent and pure and hopeful is completely turned on its ass with anemone, because she was abused by her shitty mother (and maybe father, idk), actually killed someone (not totally accidentally either), and is potentially one of the most powerful dragons in the world. we can discuss the awesome development the animus magic ACTUALLY contributes to her in a minute, but let me finish my train of thought - so essentially anemone is this chaotic whirlwind of a dragonet, instantly marked for greatness at the second you meet her, and completely defies standard literary symbolism, acting as a HUGE thematic element just by herself…

yo like . if you want the best character development, with the most conflicted and destroyed way of thinking, anemone is ur girl. hoooooo boy lets..lets keep going. 

She was raised on Corals hip from when she hatched because of her mom’s obsessive control issues, a disgustingly abusive hover mom who raised her daughter to LOATHE the idea of being tethered to ANYTHING (hint hint, morals), and to always be the absolute center of attention. A lot of people can flatten anemone to some petty rich girl trope, which is viable, sure, at surface level, but anemone (and honestly a lot of characters that fall in the rich girl trope) live on the praise and encouragement of others. Anemone is INCREDIBLY jealous of everything (note: not envious), and fears 1) losing the few things she has (her ‘friends’, possessions, stature, etc…), and 2) being alone and unappreciated. Bc she has absolutely 0 self esteem (shes a princess (she was born into that, didnt earn it), is an animus (is isolated from everyone and treated like a weapon), and has never had the freedom to /do/ anything other than be the two things i just mentioned. and she is AWARE of this and therefore is aware of how absolutely awful her life/self is). 

okay so, lets talk about…the animus magic. So animus magic, fundamentally, chips away at ones sense of judgement the more you use it (at least thats how it worked in arc 1, god knows what the fuck tui changed in arc 2, but idc im going off the first way), so the more you use it, the more reckless, and “insane” you become. so anemone, raised as a weapon, and raise with the EXTREME desire for freedom to do whatever the hell she wants, is obviously going to have some judgement issues in the first place. this animus magic acts as a trial of sorts, pushing anemone into this really interesting and unique moral threshold, where she can either recognize her flaws, accept them, and grow from them, or silence them more and become some chaotic disaster. so really she gets put between a rock and a hard place, and she has to choose, on the spot, which way she needs to go. ill let you think of ur own ways you would want it to end, but personally ive always enjoyed the idea that she teeters towards accepting herself (not completely ofc), and ..that whole thing. yada yada. happy-ish ending. woohoo

so anemone is this volatile, manipulative kid who really just wants validation and freedom, but has been stifled and shoved in a metaphorical box since she was hatched, and labeled as a potential danger, good for mass destruction. she has the potential to represent two different themes; 1 being that (in the happier ending scenario) the acceptance of pain, flaws, and that kinda stuff allows for growth and can help mend her behavior, 2 being (in the more grim ending) that the succumbing to ones trauma/etc and allowing it to define you and how you act ultimately destroys you, and those around you. (hopefully you can see why i enjoy the first ending better…)

and…if you’l allow me to take this a step further (and longer lol…), i’d like to talk abt my headcanons for future anemone…

so assuming she gets out with the happier ending (lets not talk about the sad one), i like to believe that anemone stews as princess for a while as tsunami continues managing the school with the other DoD, really bitter at her mom for being abusive and shitty (duh, me 2 anemone) and trying to forgive her mom, but really unable to, and ends up just getting more and more vengeful. so eventually, when shes probably 8 or so, she actually challenges coral for the throne, and after a really..rlly intense battle, with a lot of passion and pent up anger from anemone and bewildered betrayal and anger from coral, anemone ends up killing her mom and becoming queen, and then has to deal with a lot of second-guessing and guilt and just. tiredness, but ultimately (after a few years) recognizes that she /doesnt/ have to forgive her mom, or ANYONE for the shit theyve done to her, and that its her choice. 

and she decides that she is gonna fucking SLAY as a queen, do waaayy better than her mom (who literally just wrote shitty fanfiction all day and let everyone else do the governing…..), and tries to be honestly? the best dragon she can be. im so proud of her. my little girl…all grown up………………………….wipes my tears

aaannnd regarding anemone and tamarin….i think its definitely a little kid crush, (i mean…in canon they are literally children) so i dont see it getting too far (tamarin is pretty gentle but i dont think anemone is ready for any kind of serious relationship until AFTER she figures herself out first. otherwise she’s probably gonna end up hurting other people. 

BUT i do enjoy the idea of her being gay. i mean ofc i called it (all my favorite characters are not straight. burn? demi/aro/gay/idk but shes not straight. coconut? gay. blaze and glacier? hahahah gay. i just call them how i see them, i dont make the rules.), and im GLAD she is gay….bc…..well duh. it works w my headcanons p well too bc my gay queen? who fucks the system because she never actually has any kids, and it ends up that her successors are either auklet or tsunami’s daughters. 

so idk i dont rlly ship it hardcore. softcore is a hard maybe, but. its a kid crush its not rlly. serious or anything lol. 

so….wowzah i talked a lot. 

TLDR; anemone is super complex and morally grey and becomes a gay queen who destroys her mom and fucks society because she can. 

Schneeplestein x Tiny!Reader

You were wandering around the home of the SepticEgos, humming quietly to yourself as you surveyed the scene.

Anti was scaring Chase, all while getting scolded from Marvin. Robbie was sitting there, watching Jackieboy-Man, occasionally talking to him and having a very confused look on his face.

Angus and Shawn appeared to be arguing over god knows what, its best to stay out of they’re way when they are arguing.

Bing (no, not Bingiplier sillies, Bingsepticeye– cause the boy needs more attention tbh) was standing there, his arms folded behind his back as he watched over the others, he saw you and gave you a small wave.

You smiled, waving back to Bing, he was the main protector of the group, sure him and Anti haven’t seen eye-to-eye but, nonetheless, Bing is the one who stops fights when they happen.

Just like now… Shawn threw a punch at Angus… Bing immediately rushed over and grabbed them both by the wrist [ Dear Users, it is not wise to engage in combat, acts of violence such as this is an extreme danger to your health. Cease this useless aggressive behavior and apologize to each other for whatever caused this. ]

Shawn and Angus sighed and nodded at Bing’s words, its not wise to argue with a robot, especially not one like Bing.

You rolled your eyes, Shawn and Angus always had a few arguments here and there, nothing TOO serious, they always settled things in the end.

Finally, Schneeplestein… He was actually walking over towards you, you looked at him curiously, wondering what he wanted, he usually never came out of the lab, well besides for food and such. “(Y/N), I need your assistance, come vwith me.”

You nodded at his words “Okay then.” It beats being up there with all the noise, the lab was very quiet and peaceful, you followed him, sighing in relief when you got into the lab, finally some peace and quiet.

You looked to Schneeple and tilted your head “So, what did you need exactly doc?” You watched him walk over and grab a vile of some sort.

“I vwas vwondering if you vwould… erm, try zhis little… serum out. It’s supposed to enhance ze body’s immune system.”

((Shhhh–yes, boost the body’s immune system, best excuse– no one would fall for that, he could literally just say ‘hey, drink this’ and it’d probably work better haha– I didnt have anything else so improvising lol))

You blinked, looking a little concerned by this “Are there any bad side effects? Or anything harmful?” You had a skeptical look on your face now. “I dunno Schneeps… Couldn’t you get Chase to do it?”

Schneeplestein sighed “Chase… izn’t here at ze moment, I believe he vwent back to see his kids for awhile und ze last time I tried to azk za ozers fo’ help ….Anti didn’t vwant to. Marvin vwanted to enhance zis serum even more with hiz ’'magic”… Jackie vwas scared, Robbie …not much can be done zhere… Angus und Shawn? ….They’ll probably try to punch me und Bing is technically a robot.“

He did have a point… …Well shit… You sighed "Fine… It… doesn’t have to be in needle-form does it?” Schneeple shook his head, much to your relief “Vwell it can be done eizher vway, drinking it or needle.”

“DRINK DRINK DRINK!” You quickly spoke, not wanting ANY part of the needle, at this, Schneeple nodded and gave you the vile. “Only drink half fo’ now. Just to be on ze safe side of zings.”

You nodded and looked at the serum, sighing, you braced for the taste of bitter and sour, quickly gulping down half of it, it actually tasted sweet in a way… Strange, afterwards, you gave him the vile back and looked over at him.

Schneeple curiously looked at you “Do you feel any….different?” …A few moments passed, before suddenly, you fell to your knees and winced “Ugh… Well… t-that’s new… S-Schneeple…” You looked up at him, concern written in your face.

Schneeple had a panicked look as he knelt by your side “(Y/N)? Vhat’s wrong? Vhat do you feel?” He asked, panic lacing his tone.

You gasped and squeezed your eyes shut, you felt weird, really weird… A few more moments passed, you slowly opened your eyes…. Everything was now so bright, the lights almost hurt to look at and– wait…. They seem a lot larger than last time… You blinked, then glanced over at Schneeple who wore a look of curiosity and yet worry.

Oh god… Schneeple was huge! He was way taller than previously, your instincts immediately took over and you sprinted for a place to hide, of course to no avail, Schneeple quickly scooped you up before you could get away.

“(Y/N)…! Calm down, its only me!…” He began whispering some soothing words in German, something about his tone made you instantly relax into his hand. You took some shaky breaths, glancing at your now gigantic surroundings…

“S-S-Schneeple… What…. What was in that serum? That…. That WASN’T anything normal! What did you do to me?!” You screamed, yelping however when you felt some shifting, you were then plopped down on the desk.

“Calm down! Liebling… I’m sorry, I didn’t know somezing like ZIS vwould happen, I don’t even know vhat could have caused zis. I thought I had created za perfect serum, one that could help everyone… So zhey vwouldn’t get sick so easily. I guess all I done vwas create somezing zat can turn people teeny tiny.”

You recognized Schneeple’s tone, his voice, laced with defeat and failure, you sighed and looked at the giant doctor “…Schneeps… Your a great doctor, honestly… Not EVERYTHING can turn out right the first time around, maybe it’ll take a bit but you’ll perfect that serum eventually. Or maybe make something even better than that, your a great doctor! You’ve saved Chase and Jack a few times ya know.”

Schneeple looked at you, smiling a little at those words, he gently scooped you up again and hugged you carefully “Zhank you liebe… Zat means a lot.”

You hugged back, well, as best you could anyways “You know being tiny isn’t all…. THAT bad…. It’s… interesting to say the least…” you admitted, looking up at Schneeple.

“Really now? Vwell… To be honest, you do look razher… adorable, meine Kleine…” He had a blush on his face now, like he had blurted out something and was embarrassed by it.

You had heard him say liebe/liebling before, you knew what those meant but meine Kleine was a different story “What does that mean?”

Schneeplestein sighed “It means 'my little one’…” He mumbled out, which made you smile and giggle “Aww, that’s cute. I like that nickname…” You had a red tint on your face.

Schneeple smiled, he then shook his head and had that serious look on his face “I vwonder if Marvin haz anyvway to turn you back to your normal size…” He stood up, holding you in hand carefully “Do you vwant to come vwith me?”

You bit your lip, realizing how loud it’d be now up there… You quickly shook your head “I’d rather not…” This made Schneeple nod and set you down on the desk “Alvright, I vwill be right back und please, don’t stray to far from ze desk here…” He said with a stern tone which you giggled at.

Yes sir” You then watched as he walked back upstairs, and then you sighed, sitting on the desk casually…

You heard the door slowly creak open from upstairs, you curiously looked over and you instantly froze when you saw Anti approaching… You quickly looked for a place to hide, noticing there was some books, you quickly dove behind them.

“Ńo̸w wh̛ere̕ the f͢uck ̨di҉d̨ t͡ha̸t͏ ͞do̶ct̡or̶ ͜pu̢t ͢i͠t҉..҉.͠.?̷” That glitchy, distorted and layered voice made you shiver, you curiously peeked from behind the books, wondering what he was talking about.

You watched him rummage through the doctor’s things, not caring if he broke something or not, you glared at him but its not like you could stop him or anything… Not right now anyways.

You quickly ducked back into place when you saw him approach the desk, you then froze in terror, praying he didn’t look behind the books… Unfortunately he did, he pushed the books aside, almost knocking you off along with them.

Your eyes widened and locked with Anti’s, he blinked in disbelief then got a little too close for comfort “(̵Y/͜N͏)҉? Wh̶at̨ t͝h̵'̀ fùc̷k͞ ̛ar͜e ̕y͡a d͘o҉i̸n̛g̷ ̸'̷e͞re̢? An’ ̨w͢h̴y̕ are ya͟ ͜so.̀…̸ smal̷l͞?͢”

You opened your mouth but all that came out was gibberish, you then began sprinting away, of course you didn’t get very far before you were scooped up in the glitchy demon’s iron fist.

Anti smirked and brought you closer to his face “̧Hey c̛'mon̵ ńow̧.̵.͟. I̴ts r͘ưde t̀’ just͡ ͞u͟p n ̀ru͘n li͏kę t̡h͞a͡t͠.҉ I ͝as̵k͠e͏d̸ ͟ya ͟à s̛i̢mple q̶ùe҉s͝t̴io͢n͝,̨ s ͜h o ̧r͘ t͢ y~”

You struggled in his grasp and stared up into his black eyes “Let… Let me go Anti.” You said shakily, now dealing with Anti was already difficult even at normal size but being tiny? This was going to be worser… Worser than ever.

Anti merely sneered, baring his sharp canines “̷Aww~ ́W̢hat͠’s ̢w͘ro̧ng ̸(Y͟/N)͜?̧ ́Y̨'̵ s ̨c̛ a ̛r̸ e̕ ͝d͞ ͜n͞o̴w?̢~”

You grumbled and glared at him “I’m s-serious Anti, this isn’t f-funny… Put me down, or else…” You tried to sound threatening which was difficult.

Anti merely laughed and dangled you by your foot, which made you shriek in horror “O̸r͜ ȩls͜e ͢w h͏ ̡a̛ t?~ Whądd͝ya̛ '̵t̢iņk ͜y͡er ̛gu͜nna d͏o?̡~ ͟Huh? ́Ì d҉o̕n’t '̴t̴i͘n̷k̸ y͝er̵ ͢in ̵A̶ N͢ Y͢ ͏p͏osit̢ion ͢t'͞ ͠b́e ţellin'͠ ͠me what͟ ̷t̸’ ̴do͘ ̨rig̡h҉t ͜no͢w~̶"̸

You struggled against his grip, grumbling lowly "Why do you have to be such an ass?…” This just made Anti smirk and swing you, which of course made you scream.

“D͢o̢n’t ͡b͡e͘ s̛o r͝ude~!̕ M̧’ ͘ju͝s͝t͞ ͜ha̶v̧i̸n̵’ sơm̀e͢ fųn̶~̢"̵ He cackled, his voice being way too loud for you to handle.

"ANTI, GET ZE FUCK AWAY FROM ZHEM!” You winced and covered your ears at Schneeple’s yelling, but a sense of relief flooded over you to hear from him.

“Let (Y/N) go Anti… Don’t make me get Bing down here… You know how he gets vwhen you mess vwith his users.” Schneeplestein hissed lowly.

Anti rolled his eyes and plopped you down on the desk rather harshly, he simply grinned “͝I͡ ͡ẁas̕ ónly̢ ́h̴av̵i͠n͏'̀ so҉mę fu͠n̸~̕ ̡Ye̕r ҉a̛ll͢ ́b̕o̵r͡i͝ng͟ y̵a̶ ̵knơw̶ ̴tha̴t̴?̶”

Schneeple growled and pointed to the door “Get ze fuck out of here.” Surprisingly, Anti listened for once and left.

Schneeplestein rushed over and gently scooped you up, sighing “I’m so sorry Schätzchen! I vwish zat door vwould have been locked…” He grumbled, looking over you for any bruises.

You looked at him and sighed “It wouldn’t have done any good you know that, but don’t worry Schneeps, he didn’t ACTUALLY hurt me… He was just being an asshole.”

Schneeps sighed “Vwell… Zat’s good at least… I’m glad I got here vwhen I did.” He glared up towards the door, making a mental note to give Anti a good scolding later ….Actually, he had something better in mind…

(( That’ll be revealed in a lil bonus at the end~ ;) ))

You nodded at his words “So, did Marvin have any way to turn me back to normal size?” Part of you wanted to stay small actually… but the other part knew it would be very dangerous with the others around and how loud they were.

“Vwell, ja, he does but, he said he needed some time to study ze spell und get it vright.” Schneeple finished, adjusting his glasses.

You nodded, you couldn’t hide the smile on your face, you get to be tiny just for a little while longer “Well, at least he HAS a spell ….Let’s just hope he doesn’t mess it up” You shivered, remember a few spells he messed up before.

Schneeple cringed as well “True…” He didn’t have much room to talk, Schneeple knows he’s had his fair share of fuck-ups in the past, but he tried not to let that bother him.

You yawned slightly “I’m tired… Schneeps, do you have a bed down here?” You asked curiously, he practically lived in the lab anyways so it wouldn’t be surprising if he had a bed down here.

((he doesn’t just live in the lab/basement-area like some kinda hermit-person trust me, he’s 50% in the lab and 50% outta the lab …kinda– just shh the man loves to work))

Schneeple nodded, of course he did…. He then walked over and plopped down on the bed with you in hand, he then placed you on his chest “To be honest meine liebe, I’m a bit tired myself.”

You smiled up at him, laying down and then curling up on his chest, your smile grew when you felt his warm hand over you, it felt like a blanket… a really warm and comfy blanket.

You yawned again and closed your eyes, snuggling into Schneeple’s chest “Sleep tight Schneeple…. …Love you big guy.”

Schneeple smiled and closed his eyes, for once he seemed to relax which was a rare sight, he usually overworked himself “Sweet dreams meine Kleine…”

You both drifted off into a peaceful dreamland, being tiny did have its perks, even if it was dangerous, you honestly didn’t mind at this point if you stayed tiny or not… You could get used to giant doctor cuddles.

Bonus: Schneeple smirked upon seeing Bing and walked up to him “Bing, I need to tell you somezing”

This made the robot blink and turn to stare at Schneeple [ Yes User 3? ] Bing awaited, making weird beeping noises.

Schneeple leaned close to Bing and whispered “Anti was messing vwith (Y/N) earlier und zhey could have gotten hurt because of him… You may vwant to deal vwith him later~”

Bing made a loud beep noise and nodded, a glare suddenly appeared on his face [ Duly Noted dear User, I will see to it that he gets what he deserves ]

Schneeplestien chuckled and patted Bing on the back “Zank you very much Bing” Oh yes, this was perfect… Although, Schneeple wondered if he’d pay for it later, Anti could be vengeful… ….Nah. It was worth it.

((I wanted to add some lab-work n stuff but tbh I feel like Schneeple would be too hesitant and worried for your safety while working, after all he DEFINITELY doesn’t want you hurt. And Bingoboy never gets hardly any attention, sure he’s not really canon technically but I love Bingsepticeye– heneedsSomeG/Taswell*COUGH*– anyways @pizsospa here’s some Schneep G/T for ya IfeelLikeitsnotpacedasgoodasIwantedBUTohwellI’llgetpacingrightonedaylmao

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Saw your personal post of your bookshelf and was wondering if you have any more books recs? (That is not Neil Gaiman's nor Terry Pratchett's 'cause I already added all of their books on my tbr list lol). I genuinely love your taste.

ahahaha I’m very flattered to hear that you trust my taste, thank you friend!! Definitely, definitely start with Discworld and Good Omens but here are some of my other all time favourites and some books that just stick out of the general mass to me, in no particular order:

the Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas - just an excellent freacking novel that somehow carried through as my main comfort book since childhood, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve reread it at this point but the last time was last December and boy does it just never lose its charm. Don’t get intimidated by the length, it reads very well (even my 9 year old self didnt find it boring hahaha) and the multiple interwoven storylines although complex are easy to follow.

Of Human Bondage by Somerset Maugham - tbh I didn’t expect to love this book as much as I did but it won me over, it’s a quasi-autobiographical coming of age story about a shy boy with a club foot going through many of life’s ups and downs and trying to find the meaning in it. Maugham’s writing style is just lovely and it’s one of those books where you’ll find incoherent thoughts, fears and other emotions that youd usually brush off and not even bother to acknowledge staring back at you perfectly put into words and you just feel understood.

The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov - Easily an all time favourite. Religious satire, if you enjoy Good Omens, check this one out next. Premise: the devil comes to soviet-era Moscow, does some people-watching and throws a party. Bulgakov wrote it to be a caricature of soviet society but I think it nevertheless passes the test of time and will be enjoyable to anyone. As far as translations go, I checked out the Burgin & O'Connor one a few years ago and recommend that one, I found it does the book justice.

I, Lucifer by Glen Duncan -  Another religious fiction. To be entirely honest I’m not yet done with this one but halfway through I do already love it enough to recommend it. Lucifer is offered a chance at redemption, the condition being that he has to take over the body of a writer who had just committed suicide and live a virtuous human life as him, with a trial period of a month to decide if he wants to commit to it. So he decides “fuck it I’m just gonna have some fun and also write a book about what’s it’s like to be me”. It’s profanely hilarious, witty and very thought provoking.

The Humans by Matt Haig - Similar premise to the last one actually, but in this case an alien takes over a scientist’s body and the book is his observations on humans. Not to sound dramatic but tbh this book cheered me up during a very unpleasant time in my life, it’s maybe nothing too elaborate and special but made me look at some simple every day things in a different light, and reading it just felt like a very good, long and comforting hug.

Momo by Michael Ende - Just a really sweet, whimsical and lighthearted tale about Time, Death and the dangers of capitalism. It’s a short childrens’ book that really sticks with you for a long time after you put it down and I strongly recommend it to anyone.

Century by Sarah Singleton - I generally have a huge weakness for cyclic storylines, and this one is just so aesthetic. I find it very similar in mood to a lot of Gaiman, like the Graveyard Book, Coraline, the Ocean at the End of the Lane. It’s melancholic, creepy, beautiful, has a nice steampunk-ish mood to it and the kind of plot that is better discovered as you go rather than described beforehand.

The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly - This one is a bit on the “Edgier” side of fairy tale retellings that I’m usually strongly against, but BoLT struck a chord with me fsr. It’s very reminiscent in terms of atmosphere (and kind of plot too) of Over the Garden Wall. If you like the “more serious takes on fairy tales” genre, check it out!

The Secret History by Donna Tartt - This book is just. So damn immersive and picturesque. When a scene is described you feel as if you’re there. It’s basically a book about a murder that isn’t focused on the investigation but rather on all the events and characters involved in it, it’s more an aesthetic experience than a far reaching story. I fell in love with Donna Tartt’s slow pacing and long descriptions and awfully pretentious but tragically likeable characters.

the Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny - An imo outrageously underrated sci-fi/fantasy series by a friend of George Martin’s, about a dysfunctional royal family fighting for the throne of their world. It’s a bit convoluted and would be long to describe but the world building in this series is absolutely incredible and very unique and different from most high-fantasy, I strongly strongly recommend it to all fans of more popular series like LoTR or ASoIF or Name of the Wind.

Night Watch series by Sergei Lukyanenko - Modern fantasy book series that I’ll forever have a soft spot for. The set up is that among regular humans there are some called Others that can manipulate energy and cast spells, and basically have varying levels of supernatural powers. These are divided into the Dark Ones and the Light Ones and both sides try to keep up a balance of good and evil in the world by surveying one another. That one too is a bit complicated to explain but it’s really interesting and the stories touch up on lots of different topics and have lots of fascinating reflections about morality done in an entertaining way through endearing and marvelously flawed characters. Here though, I don’t know how well the translation was done, sorry about that.

A general author recommendation is Christopher Moore’s stuff!! I’ve been making my way through his books to ease my Discworld withdrawal pains, and while I do still prefer Pratchett by ten miles, Moore’s books are genuinely laugh-out-loud hilarious and endearing.

That’s for Me to Know and You to Find Out

a/n: I have this posted on ao3, if you would rather read it there!
This is just something I wrote as an exercise, and to be honest, a lot of texting fics are really hard for me because of the use of italics and the bold to differentiate the characters. I find that terribly confusing and though I would take a much easier approach. I hope you all enjoy this cute and slightly angsty fic!

(866) 907-3235: hello

Castiel: Who is this?

(866) 907-3235: thats for me to know and you to find out(:

Castiel: Gabriel?

(866) 907-3235: no lol

Castiel: Balthazar?

(866) 907-3235: no
(866) 907-3235: the fuck kinda name is that

Castiel: I seem to be drawing a blank then.

(866) 907-3235: figured

Castiel: Who is this?

(866) 907-3235: told you
(866) 907-3235: me to know, you to find out

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Boyfriend! au - Wooseok

Ok so warning before I was told this has a different feel than my other aus but thats cuz wooseok is my bf & i have a different kind of love for him lol

Originally posted by yeo1

  • Ok just so yall know this is gonna be based off one of my dreams of wooseok and it was great so ur welcs
  • Now it might not sound great at first, but wooseok gonna be a fuckboy/troublemaker lol
  • Like i know wtf…..but just imagine his dark ass clothing…..& the fuckin lip ring
  • Yep that lip ring haunts me in my dreams cuz it was so hot lol
  • Ok so u & wooseok in college, u both work hard in ur majors, but in ur free time u guys are dipshits lol
  • One thing u guys like to do is prank ur friends (sorry pentagon lmao)
  • This is literally how u guys became friends lol
  • Like one night u guys both end up being at some boring lake house party
  • & u were inside for most of the night just relaxing & talking to people u know no biggie
  • But as soon people began moving inside to sleep or ;) u were like bye nasties
  • So u walked outside to see the mess of what was a party
  • …but then u see this super tall skinny guy, obviously drunk, trying to toss this other tall guy into the lake thats just laughing
  • & ur like oh shit trying to save the drunk guy from drowning lol so u grab a really large floatie, big enough for the drunk guy to lay on, and run over to them
  • & u didnt think the guy was sober enough to actually throw the other guy in the water, or realize what he was doing for that matter, but even if they both passed out right there they could drown
  • So despite u telling the super tall (& super attractive) guy he should just put him down he refuses and keeps mumbling “I…have to get…Yuto back for….putting teriyaki sauce in my drink..”
  • And ur like wtf is up with these children
  • But ur also not the type to give up a prank

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Okay just hardcore went thru this blog (I love this blog btw, quality content up in dis binch) and a certain post really caught my attention. And I wanted to tell you about it but the word limit in Asks were holding me back. lol (ignore if I’m bugging u sorry)

The post about how uf sans would react to his crush sitting on his lap. Apparently his reaction would be to eventually shove her off and say ‘lay off the chisps’ and I just internally screamed “EGDE NO!” because that kinda shit sticks with people even if it wasn’t said seriously. (I can still vividly remember when I was like 10 I was goofing around with my sibs and I fell back onto a toy my mom had gotten for my nephew and she called me a fatass in front of my brother and sisters before yelling for me to be more careful. Like I’d been called fat by just about everyone I’d met but it’s different to hear it from someone that you love, yanno?)

Now all I can imagine is them getting together as a couple waaaay down the line and he’s wanting to try some new risque sexy thing with her but it’d involve her being the one on top for a change and she’s all at once like,

“I can’t do that! I’ll crush you, Sans, I’m too fat!”

Edge boi just kinda freezes but then the anger comes and he’s just ranting and raving about how she is not fat OR too heavy for him, she’s perfect! And he’ll ring the neck of whatever dumbass told her she was! Finally he asks,

“Who tha hell gave you the idea you was fat?!”

And it’s silent for a moment but then she tries to play it off like ‘nobody’ but he knows she’s not being honest so he’s determined to find out. He finally grills her so much she just gives in and kind of timidly responds, “…You.”

Cue utter shock from edge bones here. He swears up and down he never called her fat and by now she’s embarrassed for whatever reason and brings up that movie night they’d had before they started dating where she’d sat on his lap and he pushed her off into the floor and told her to lay off the chisps.

Now cue internal screaming from edge bones. Because he remembers saying that. He’d forgotten because he’d been so hyper focused on his own embarrassment at the time but he clearly remembers telling her to lay off the snack foods. 

Now he’s mad. Mad at himself for saying that (to his fuckin crush of all humans), he’s mad at her for taking what he said offhand to heart, he’s just really mad. He wants to rant again but something is nagging at him. He’s remembering all the times they hung out and he’d offered her some of his food and she’s said no thanks because she was 'watching her figure’ or 'on a diet’. She’d said it jokingly but had she been serious? Was she too ashamed to eat around him because she thought that he thought she was too fat?


(also i hope i tagged this submission right! sorry if i didnt!)

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anonymous asked:

This isn't to start any discourse and I'm pretty sure this is actually pretty old?? But I thought if anyone I would go to you for info. I've never watched JonTrons stuff and wasn't around when he was on game grumps, but apparently shit went down? I don't necessarily care for him Bc I don't know him but what happened that made so many people stop liking him?? I have honestly no clue

This is a long post oops, ill try to see if i can edit it to include a readmore in the html after i post it

But anyway

Welcome to Rems ⭐️✨Discourse Corner⭐️✨

(Note: Yall can just google shit? Google is your friend! Dont be afraid of it! This massive, innovative piece of technology is right at your fingertips !! Lmao)

Let me preface this by saying thay i *really* liked Jon and his videos; i started watching in late…2015?? Whenever that zoo race episode came out lol. Me and my friends would watch his videos and marathon them together despite all of us living in completely different parts of the country.

So i LIKED his content! I really did! And as someone who is somewhat critical of White Men in Comedy (bc alot of them tend to fall back on racist/sexist jokes) I was pretty okay with him. I never watched the Jon era of GG (only some select episodes) but I heard that they (Jon AND Arin) used to be kind of bad. But since the newer episodes of GG (with Dan) were in better tastes, and I had no complaints with Jons videos at the time, i assumed it was just a thing of the past and that they had matured a bit.

Anyway, fast forward to the end of 2016 (beginning of 2017? Cant remember) and Jon unleashes Twitter Hell™. Mind u, the Entire time i watched Jon, i never peeped on Reddit (i just dont visit that site) and i NEVER went on twitter(bc i didnt have an account there). So if he ever posted some crazy controversial shit, i was unaware bc i never saw it appear on my dash on tumblr.

TL;DR he made some shitty xenophobic remarks regarding refugees in fleeing a wartorn city (Syria i think). And people were like hold the fuck up are u serious?? Some people at Nor//malBoo//ts (PBG in particular) called him out on how backwards and insensitive that mindset was. And i cant remember where his parents are from but his parents are definitely immigrants. So ye, hypocritical.

Hes also gone on the record of blasting people who attended the Womens March earlier this year. God i cant remember this shit word for word but it was just him rambling about equal rights but refusing to call himself a feminist bc apparently no one understands the Actual Meaning of feminist. That somehow being a feminist was inherently sexist bc you are prioritizing an entire gender over another???

OKAY WAIT HERE I GOOGLED T (like u know….u couldve done lmao)

(I dont know how to html this shit on mobile)

EVERYTHING IS THERE GO READ IT (and the article itself is also good; whatever they said was exactly what i wouldve said)

Basically…he showed his True Colors that day and whoever remains are either people who follow his ideals or people who are just now being introduced to him and have no prior knowledge on him as a person. Hes been MIA for seven (7!) months and alot of us were sure hed scurried away. But no, hes still here, he just made a new video but ill be damned if i watch it and give him views lol

Block B and all the shit they had to up with.


Comparisons to Big Bang, and many hateful comments and actions towards Block B. Not saying all VIPs did this because most VIPs are super cool, but some did. Most were korean and not international fans, but it still happened. Many death comments and threats because they were “copying” Big Bang. This continued even after debut. Still happens quite frequently. (P.O cried during an interview because of the hate messages he received for “copying” T.O.P) 


 Extremely shortened debut stages, songs cut. 
“Freeze” considered “inappropriate”, made 19+, no longer allowed to promote.
 Forced to switch to second song, “Wanna B” 
The second remade version of “Freeze” banned yet again. 

 Wanna B 

 Performances almost always cut. 
 Promotions weren’t for very long. 

 Tell Them 

 They never had even one full stage for Tell Them. NOT. EVEN. ONE. 
 The “Ukwon’s girlfriend/bracelet incident”. 

The “soy sauce chicken” incident with B1A4:

During MTV Match Up Season 1, there was a challenge where Block B had to get specific food for B1A4 and one of the foods were soy chicken. They couldn’t find it, so they bought chicken and poured soy sauce over it. The B1A4 members found it funny, and Block B and B1A4 are known to have a good relationship with each other (they’re friends, ou guys). However, K-BANAs and a select few international BANAs found this offensive for some strange reason? (Most international fans were super cool and they realized it was a joke though.) And the death threats started up all again. Don’t even ask how that was worthy or death. Don’t, because I have no fucking answer. 

 Pyo had to pay for the stage outfits. 

 - Thailand Incident 

 The Thailand Incident: After Block B’s performance in Thailand they were having an interview. This was during the time of the devastating floods. Block B were talking about how they always donate a portion of their paycheck towards the children in Africa, and how they wished they could do more to help the flood victims of Thailand. Zico remarked that he would have definitely done more if he had the financial ability to. At this, Kyung jokingly asked Zico how much money he currently had on him. At this, Zico immediately answered “7000 won?” But he didn’t even say it in a joking manner, and he was quite serious. The other members burst out laughing at this, laughing at HIS LACK OF MONEY, not laughing because he ever said he was only going to donate that much money for the victims of the flood.(Now, looking back, doesn’t it seem like it was an indirect comment towards Stardom Ent? They were basically saying that they were broke because they received no payment). The reason this became such a controversial issue is because some idiot mistranslated the interview, making it seem like Zico had said all he would donate to Thailand would be 7000 won when he was actually talking about the money he had on him. these are the actual translations. 
 After the Thailand Incident Block B was forced to stop promoting NanrinA, and they went on a break for eight whole months. They apologized MANY FUCKING TIMES. The members all personally apologized. Zico shaved off all of his hair to show his repentance, to show that he was ashamed of himself, and to show that he was willing to take whatever was going to be thrown at him because it’s what “he deserved”. Even though they didnt do anything. Yet, guess what? People insisted that they didn’t mean it. And then death threats started. The mistreatment stard. They were ridiculed everytime they showed up in public, garbage was thrown in front of their dorms. 
 Two particular idols decided they had to butt in and make the situation worse. The first one was a hypocrite, and he called out Block B wrongly on twitter, making a even bigger deal of something that was already bad enough. The second idol made a “7000 won” related joke on his twitter, and then deleted his tweet after people called him out for being an ass. 
 Block B changed the choreography slightly for NanlinA and bowed for a while longer towards fans, and at a part they did a 90 degree bow to show their apology. Also, when Block B bowed to other idol groups out of respect, they didn’t bow back. 

 Jay Park was the only one to lend them some words of comfort and actually come up to them and bow back to them as well. Also, BAP clapped for them as well! 
 Pyo hospitalized for shock after finding out about the sucide petition for Block B.
 The member’s parents, family, and even friends received death threats because of the incident. 
 An anti comes to a fansign event and hands a note to Zico that contains 7000 won. Block B are immediately crestfallen, but they hold her hand and wish her to have a good day. 

“LOL” and “Did You or Did You Not”

Banned by MOGEF and KBS. 
 They weren’t paid for apparently for the time they were inactive but still making music 

 - The law suit against Stardom. 

 Block B decided to file an injunction against Stardom on the 4th of January for the suspension of their official contract. Why? This is why. 

 When the boys originally signed up for the company, their contract promised them proper training opportunities, facilities, housing, and it said that their earnings would be paid to them on the 25t of every month. However, they haven’t been paid since April 2011. One of the members (we don’t know who) sent the company a revocation notice for their contract last March and they FINALLY paid a little bit of the money they owed to the members. All the money the guys made from showcases, fansign events, OSTs, registration fees and a whole hell of a lot more has not been paid to them properly. What’s more is that the agency director, a Mr. Lee, ripped off all of the members parents. He secretly met up with the members families and told them addition money would be required. He stole a totally of 70,000,000KRW (about 65,000 USD!) from the parents and fled. ( Mr. Lee committed suicide in the basement of his home on May 20 2013. He was found dead by a friend ) 

So do you guys see why we love Block B so much? And why we support them? Do you see why BBCs are the most loyal fans out there? Reblog if you support them too!



• to be honest you first saw him on show me the money but when you saw him in real life you didn’t judge him based on that, he seemed really cool and chill and swag and not to mention cuTIE
• when he saw you he dragged all the hyungs out one by one and told them to keep cool and not to embarrass him bc tHEYVE DONE IT BEFORE AND YOU LOOK REALLY SWEET AND NICE AND HE DIDNT WANT TO BLOW ANYTHING
• and the hyungs kinda laughed a little bc is he sure that it’s them that’s doing stuff, when he’s the one who froze and started to sweat hardcore when you walked up to say hi to him lol
• obviously wrote a rap for u when it came to ask you out but got so nervous and stressed about it bc it had to be perfect that he locked himself in his room. he eventually gave up and decided to wing it and used the sea of crumpled paper to make paper cranes bc he needed all the luck he could get. i mean u were perfect to him, if you said no he didn’t know what to do.
• when the morning of the special day finally came, rap lyrics just started flooding out of his mouth and at first he was like whATS GOING ON W ME then he realised u were his muse aw
• it was a really REALLy great and meaningful rap and you were like woah Hansol that was amazing but why did u write that?
• “because I wanted to ask… doyouwanttogooutwithme?”
• “I’m sorry.., what?”
• “I said… doyouwanttogooutwithme?”
• “i can’t hear what you’re-”
• “oh you should’ve spoken louder and- wait what?”
• tbh at first you thought he was messing with you but you realised he was serious and said yes ;;-;;;
• and he just stood there for awhile, taking the moment in in silence and having a little part inside himself bc yoU JUST SAID YES TIME TO TELL THE HYUNGS NSIDNSKDNKSNC
• took you to an amusement park for your first date and kept bragging about goin on all the rides w u even the scary ones and buying EVERYTHJNG u wanted and eating all the food there was for sale and TBH u were pretty hyped for it but u didn’t think he could pay for EVERYTHING
• but when u got there you immediately requested to go on the scariest ride there was and hansol didn’t want to seem weak so he was like “let’s start with the smaller rides” and from there he proceeded to make excuses to get away from the scary rides.
• “the lines too long.”
• “I need to go bathroom.”
• “are you sure u can handle that ride, y/n? seems pretty uh, scary… for you, that is.”
• “u see, I’m really just looking out for ur safety here, maybe it’s not such a good idea if ur scar-”
• and he really wanted to cry bc >=< why were u so brave
• but after the ride he gained a lot more confidence and went w u in all the scary rides YAYAYAYAYYY
• kept his promise of buying you everything you wanted (more like everything u looked at) food, shirts, toys, anything. but eventually he ran out of money and ofc it ran out when it was the worst time and it was raining. he wanted to buy an umbrella but u ended up buying it and he was so sorry about it and ur like NONO ITS OK OK?
• you guys sat on a bench, with an umbrella over ur heads, waiting for the rain to subside bc people weren’t allowed on the rides and talking about your life story’ how he moved from America to Korea at the age of 5, his journey to become an idol and things like that, you guys got much closer after the chat.
• + he fed u cotton candy and other stuff bc u couldn’t eat w one hand since the other was holding the umbrella aw
• then once the rain had gone the two of u proceeded for another round on all the rides yay
• once night fell it got really really cold so Hansol gave u his jacket all cool like and u were blushing so hard u were glad it was dark bc u were pretty much a tomato
• calls you babe and baby bc that’s the things that rappers say and it sounds cool and swag when he says it so
• you guys are the kind of couple that’s so buddy buddy w each other it’s like ur best friends u kno like sometime throwing shade at each other and stuff
• you two were actually too shy to initiate anything for your first kiss and it had been quite a while and the members were getting kind of fed up at how awkward it would get when you two were about to kiss but decide against it. so they pretty much secretly made a plan to ‘accidentally’ push the two of u together, therefore making u two kiss. so when they did do that to the both of u, u guys just stared at each other whilst ur lips were touching and then Hansol eventually snapped out of it and properly kissed u and u TWO WERE SO CUTE
• likes to wrap his arm around ur shoulder
• but he’s still shy about public skinship aw
• has a habit of going straight to you for help with lyrics for his rap, even if your in two different time zones he’s all like MY WONDERFUL JAGIYA WILL HELP then he reaches for his phone and calls u and it’s like two in the morning for u and ur like WHAT DO U WANT AT THIS HOUR and he’s like HELP, SEND ME A POCTURE OF UR FACE I NEED INSPIRATION and ur like MY FACE ISNT PRESENTABLE and he’s all like O PLS IVE SEEN U IN UR UGLIEST BABE JUST SEND ME PLS
• and the members are just watching u two bicker back and forth
• but u eventually send a photo and immediately he got waves of lyrics to use
• and u smile and is like “yeah yeah ily too, night, get some rest ok?”
• likes to give you shy little pecks anywhere on the face cutie
• fave hug is where he gets to bury his face in ur neck bc u find it ticklish and it’s cute when u laugh bUt onlY WHEN UR ALONE BC THE MEMBERS WOMT STOP TEASING HIM IF THEY SEE
• when he wants attention he’ll just give you like this serious face and send u a silent message from across the room that goes along the lines of come love me, I want u to love me but I don’t want to admit it… But come love me anyway
• likes (more like loves) his little sister sofia, he speaks so highly of her and the second you met her you two clicked immediately and it made hansol happy bc two of his favourite girls getting along is the best thing in the world
• + she also said that he wouldn’t stop talking about you to her and how you were the most amazing person ever awwww
• but u don’t really mind they’re best friends so u understand yay
• Seungkwan secretly had a word with you and is all like “please don’t break my best friends heart. I’d hate for that to happen to him and he’s genuinely happy with you.”
• likes to watch movies too, u guys always stay in for movie marathons and everyone’s just like dO U EVER GO ON PROPER DATES??? and the two of u just stare at them like ?? we got popcorn, chocolate, 5,000 movies, a tv and each other, what more could we possibly need for a date?
• likes dogs too, if he’s like giving u a piggy back outside or smthn and he sees a dog he’ll literally drop u and start loving the dog and he completely forgets ur there until the dog trots away and then he’s like oH DID I DO IT AGAIN and ur like mHM YA THINK
• dislikes it when people bring up or tease him about show me the money, it’s obviously something he wasn’t entirely proud of and it upsets him whenever someone brings it up
• and ur anger pretty much cheers him up most of the time bc omg ur too adorable u dork
• had secretly been going to seungkwan for voice lessons everyday for hours and ur like whERE DO U GO ALL THE TIME and he just winks at u and says “you’ll find out soon, babe.” ;)))
• and ur like “:((((”
• and he’s like “;;;))))”
• “::::((((”
• “;;;;;;;;))))”
• has an addiction showing everyone his adlibs even if they’ve seen it many times before, they gotta see it again. everyone sorta just plays along bc it makes hansol happy.
• “so jagi, you hAVE to listen to my new take on seungkwan’s adlib, it’s REALLY good!”
• “//internally sighs// okay babe, can’t wait to hear it (!)”
• couple related stuff is a big no no, it’s hard enough to get him to go shopping with you but he’ll draw the line once he sees you milling around the couple items.
• when you resort to tugging at his sleeves like a child and pleading and whining like a baby, he still doesn’t want to and just stays there vigorously shaking his head in silence bc hES TOO COOL FOR THESE THINGS OK ???!1!1!1!!
• when hansol gets jealous he’s pretty chill about it, he just goes up to the person and is all like are you serious dude, do u have to do that? and then the person eventually stops and he’s still chill.
• but when the two of you are alone he begins to bombard you with questions
• “you love me the most, right jagiya?”
• “you’ll never leave me for someone like him, right?”
• “oh okay, yeah that’s what I thought.”
• his phone background is a photo of you the one time you dressed up in his 'hip hop’ clothes and u bought some fake bling and sunglasses and started rapping to lotto and he had to take a photo bc you looked hilarious and cute
• but then u swore and he was like NOPE THATS ENOUGH DONT SWEAR
• your phone background is a photo of him dressed head to toe in couple items bc you got mad at him and he was like ILL DO ANYTHING and yeah that’s how he ended up like that
• so pretty much he would do anything to see you smile <3333
• tickle fights for days, it would start off as an accidental brush on the neck and then it would lead to screams that could break windows and kicking each other’s faces off aw
• often rolls up to ur apartment at 1 in the morning to go on night walks with you, it’s the only time he can see you due to his practicing and he really misses u all the time. you don’t do much during those walks just talking about life. he sometimes walks u back home at 4 in the morning and by then ur ready to pass out so he gives u a piggyback and plops u on ur couch aw
• then he gathers tons of blankets and pillows and makes u as comfy as possible and just sits on the floor staring at u for a while bc he’s so lucky to have u in his life ;;___;;
• one time the two of you sat down for your usual movie dates and it was ur turn to pick what to watch and u made him sit through excruciating pain whilst u guys watched his videos as a child
• “it was gonna happen one time or another, babe.”
• “whatever.’
• "u love me.”
• “//sigh// yeah, unfortunately.”
• you guys ALWAYS do rap battles and it’s so freaking adorable
• he sends you to sleep by laying you down and just cuddling w u and staring at u w ur eyes closed and moving ur hair out of ur eyes and just admiring u
• u wake him up tbh and his excuse for not waking up early is bC HES A GROWING BOY AND NEEDS HIS SLEEP OKKKK
• it’s hard enough for hansol to be a rapper, but to be one of the main rappers in the group is even harder, it means more parts, which means more lyrics to write, which means more stress, which means less sleep, which means worse health, which means more worry from you.
• he’s always insecure and upset about the fact that people always view him as the American boy from seventeen, when really he’s more Korean in his heart. he’s also really anxious that his rap lyrics may not portray the message he’s trying to get across, it’s always what the fans and viewers would think.
• but ur always there to support him which is why he’s utterly in love with you.
• ur first fight would probably be something big, considering how you two usually take shade from each other pretty well. you walked out and since hansol is slow at reacting to things, he let you and only when u were gone did he realise what had just happened.
• he was immediately sorry once reality hit him but didn’t go straight to you, scared he’d say or do the wrong thing, so he went to look for his hyungs for help. they gave him advice and he ended up apologising by throwing rocks at ur window and proclaiming how sorry he was kinda of like Romeo and Juliet (the one where his look alike Leonardo DiCaprio acted in)
• you were like “what’s that noise at my window?”, when you came to see outside you saw hansol with a basket of small pebbles and a trillion bouquets of flowers.
• and you ran down outside bc a) it was the middle of the night and he was screaming and b) to give him the biggest hug in the world bc nobody had ever done that for you aw
• you and hansol are the kind of couple that everyone would consider goals. your always there for each other, as best friends and lovers, you know exactly what the other needs at the right time and are honest with each other, you’ve forever got each other’s backs and although you two are only growing, what you have isn’t some teenage love. it’s eternal love. it’s adult love, elder love and anything older than that. there’s nobody else fit for hansol than you, because you’re always there to keep him focused, to make sure he’s keeping himself healthy, to inspire him and to love him. and there’s nobody else for you than hansol because he makes a smile stay on your face, he’s there when you need someone, whether you need to laugh or cry and he’s there to make you feel like your important to someone.. Important to him.
• “Your gestures hit right at my heart
You make me say mansae a hundred times~” -HanSOl

voltron volleyball au

ok, there were a couple different set ups that i felt would work, but this one seemed the most fitting for everybody!

keith: left back

  • super agile and flexible
  • best at covering tips
  • there is no way in hell this boy will let a ball drop without sacrificing his body for it
  • seriously he’s like. always on the ground
  • bruises everywhere
  • him and pidge switch off at libero, but he’s a really valuable hitter so he’s most often put in left back
  • lance + him are always colliding at the ten foot line whenever the set is off because 
    • “-no that set was for me
    • “it was a back row attack, i called for it!
    • “nope. dont remember. didnt happen.”
  • on the rare occasion that keith shanks a pass, its almost always lance that covers him
  • and he never lets him live it down
    • “remember that one time in the deciding set of the galra match when the outside’s hit skimmed off your platform and i had to chase after the ball, saving the day for all of us? yeah. me too :’)”
  • the most superstitious of the team by far
  • puts his hair up in a ponytail with approximately 800 bobby pins trying to keep his choppy bangs out of his face
  • after a few practices like this with keith constantly fixing his hair, lance decides to help him out + french braids his hair before every game/practice
  • becomes his good luck charm
  • if lance doesn’t braid his hair he’s gonna Suck and they will lose the game
  • one time lance had a really bad fever of like 104F and he still showed up to the game to braid keith’s hair
  • everyone then proceeded to shoo him off because holy shit lance you look like literal death please go back to sleep
  • is always too serious and hard on himself
    • can sometimes take his anger out on his teammates 
    • but normally just festers and gets up in his head  
  • been playing since he was a little kid

lance: outside hitter

  • taunts the ever loving fuck out of the other team
  • pray for the right side they always get the brunt of it
  • this boy literally just like. floats as if he weighs nothing
  • jumps like he has springs in his shoes
  • you literally can’t hear his feet hit the ground
  • surprisingly pretty good hands? his sets aren’t that accurate but you can basically never hear the ball touch his hands
    • speaking of hands his are really nice
    • that’s definitely related to the topic at had what are you talking about
  • everyone is like super impressed and admirable of him when they first see him
  • then he opens his mouth
  • always rolls up his shorts really short
  • no one complains
  • pretty good at avoiding the block
  • can always find the hole in the block
  • Notorious Tipper
  • he actually hates tipping and always wants to smack the shit out of the ball because damn it feels nice and looks cool but he knows how frustrated and annoyed the other teams get when he does it
  • an ok passer
  • most of the time keith and lance switch when they go to front/back row respectively, but the sometimes they just play all around
  • lance focuses on setting up for a hit whenever he passes and always forgets to watch the ball to his platform, so his passes are almost never perfect
  • “ball first, lance” -literally everyone whenever lance is in the backrow
  • used to be a middle blocker but switched to outside because they get set more lol
  • the type of player to jump and scream and clap after every point they get
  • team dj

pidge: libero

  • calls the shots/is in control of the back row
  • complaining 24/7 about spandex
  • always yelling at the blockers
  • lives on the ground
  • for real this child is tiny it takes them like .2 seconds to get on their belly
  • strong legs but it doesn’t really show
  • hops for days 
  • can jump super high/far both vertically and horizontally 
  • though no one expects it cause they’re like barely 5’0 lmao
    • one time during a practice match with another school everyone played their worst position and pidge was put in middle
    • the other team was all like pfft lol were gonna crush this shrimp
    • needless to say the smirk on pidge’s face after stuffing their best hitter was absolutely shit-eating
  • is actually a pretty versatile player, but can’t hit for shit so is really never put in front row
    • their timing is utterly atrocious and they have pretty weak arms
  • best float/short serve you have ever seen
  • but can’t serve deep to save their life
  • has to wear sports glasses and absolutely hates them 
  • has a really loud voice
  • is always yelling 
    • calling for the ball
    • telling others who has what ball when it’s coming to them
    • cover tips
    • tells team which hitter is getting set and where they’re hitting
    • seriously they never shut up
    • the first time them and hunk played together hunk kept messing up because he’d get fully concentrated on whatever he was about to do and then pidge would just start yeLLING AND HUNK JUST SCREAMS AND SCREWS UP 
  • probably plays pranks on other teams at tournaments (with lance, of course)

shiro: middle blocker

  • co/vice-captain
  • calls the shots/has control of the front row
  • best hitter on the team
  • like for real he literally hits straight down bye
  • everyone from other teams is super intimidated by him cause holy shit is he strong
  • but then he starts talking and they’re all like 
    • >clutches chest
  • some people hate him even more after they talk to him because how can one man be so perfect
  • feels really bad whenever he stuffs an opposing hitter
  • lance always groans whenever he apologizes for hurting someone, says that he’s being embarrassing
  • though sometimes shiro gets in this Zone where he’s a total power house and cannot be stopped 
    • gets very quiet and focused
    • can sometimes accidentally bump into/injure his teammates 
    • or steal hits/passes from them
    • gets very selfish cause he’s hyper-fixated on the ball
      • hitting the ball
      • passing the ball
      • blocking the bal
      • b a l l
    • it’s kinda scary but i mean hey… they’re winning lol
  • him and allura are the best when blocking together
    • his vertical is insane
    • really strong hands
  • incredibly disciplined
  • overreacts when others get hurt
    • “are you ok? do you have a concussion? did you roll your ankle? do you need ice? i’ll get you ice-”
    • “shiro please put me down”
  • no matter how many times keith and pidge hit the floor he’s still like “arE YOU OK OH MY GOD”
  • one time lance got hit in the face while blocking and got a split lip so he asked shiro to kiss it better as blood dripped down his chin
    • shiro didn’t offer him an ice pack
    • shiro didn’t offer him anything

hunk: right side(/setter)

  • the teams main energy source
  • constantly picking the team up when they’re in a slump
  • him and lance are always coming up with cheers
  • their favorite is when lance pretends to shoot shiro after he gets a kill and shiro falls back into the arms of his teammates while they’re all howling and whooping
  • he’s technically the right side, but allura is a bit of a ball hog in back row and always takes the passes that she should let the libero get, so he ends up setting half the time
    • (if the setter takes the first ball, the right side gets the second)
  • he’s the type of setter that knows his teammates on a very personal level, and always sets where he knows they like best
    • shiro - quick ones (short set in the middle, rarely can a wing blocker/middle blocker get there and up in time)
    • lance - x’s (looks like the middle is going in for a one, but the setter sets a low two and the outside takes in - often hard to read and time for the other team)
    • allura - pinks (like a one but for a rightside)
    • keith - sets an inside A (back row attack) to make it look like he’ll hit angle, but fakes the other team out by hitting line
    • he likes hitting nines the most (which is just ur Average Right Side Set
  • Lucky Headband™
  • is a really good blocker because he has really strong + large hands, but his vertical isn’t super impressive
  • always has extra kneepads, socks, granola bars, and deodorant in his bag
  • very social with the other teams! chats up a storm with anyone and everyone at games and tournaments
    • one time they got whooped by a really amazing team and everyone was really bummed cause that game was super important 
    • and like after the game hunk rushes up to the setter and is like 
      • !!!!!!!
      • you’reamazingohmygoodnesspleaseteachmehowtosetlikethat
    • everyone else on the team is internally screaming because fuck those guys please can we just go home
    • and then like.. shiro goes over with him and starts talking to their middle
    • and slowly the rest of the team heads over
    • keith and lance are the last ones cause theyre like *scoffs*
    • then they look at each other and sigh and head over reluctantly 
    • everyone actually ends up having a really good time just hanging out and talking with them
    • they arrange practice matches whenever they can
    • Bonds Are Formed
    • good job hunk :’)

allura: setter(/right side)

  • team captain
  • really quick on her feet
  • dives a lot despite her height
  • can set any position from literally anywhere on the court
  • she’s somewhat ambidextrous, but left-hand dominant
  • notorious for spiking the shit out of the ball when feigning like she’s gonna set it
  • the??? coolest hair??
  • like she does such intricate braids and styles and almost never repeats the same hairstyle, or at least variates the original style slightly
  • is super scary to the other team (and to her own team lbr…) 
  • cause she gets super serious and intense
  • her physical fitness is incredibly important to her
  • works out almost every day, accept days with more than three games
    • so, yeah she works out on game days cause she’s a stud
  • shiro and her sometimes work out together, she loves having company
  • very chatty during work outs, which is somewhat surprising considering how focused and intense she gets during play time
  • despite shiro’s stamina, even he wonders how she can manage to talk so much while working her butt off simultaneously 
  • multi-sport athlete
    • volleyball
    • football
    • softball
  • litearlly can do anything tho???
    • >picks up tennis racket for the first time in her life
    • >varsity coah, after seeing her play for approximately .4 seconds: hello what is your name i believe we may have an opening on our team for you if you’re interested
  • ASB President + 4.0 Highly Capable Student
  • she’s the pride and joy and envy of the school
  • but like… people really cant hate her tho tbh… cause like.. have you seen and/or talked to her……
  • ..what kind of next level godliness…………

coran: coach

  • the type of coach that absolutely adores and loves his players
  • his life is his coaching
    • congrats here’s ur new children coran
  • always has a very rigorous yet fun practice outline ready the night before
  • knows when the team needs a Break
  • makes goodie bags for every away game
  • decorates them with volleyball stickers and ribbon in their team colors
  • each goodie bagl is individual and unique for each player
  • what a sweetheart :’)
  • his players normally just call him by his first name cause he wants their relationships to be as equals
  • or they just call him coach :p
  • no one who doesn’t know him takes him seriously
  • but this man used to be (and still is, really) dangerous on the court
  • was an outside hitter
  • holy shit he was strong af he hit straight down tbh
  • was always co-captain with alfor, yet put in just as much work
  • always worked hard for the benefit of the team, not just himself
  • put the team before him
  • the first to rush to a teammates side when hurt
  • has gotten pretty good with first aid lol
  • always has his Coach Backpack On 
  • contains all the coaching necessities of course, but also specific things from/for each player
    • lance’s spinning ring that he’s almost never without
    • pidge’s inhaler
    • has so many pairs of earrings floating around in the various pockets of his bag… like are they ever going to get them back… we just dont know…
    • granola bars
    • nail clippers
    • hair bands 
  • once had to shave off his mustache after he lost a bet with a rival coach
  • they ended up losing the next four games
  • Never Again did he shave his mustache

i was working on a tomco mix on 8tracks and i started just rambling abt them in the description so . i Moved The Party here to tumblr. this post was SUPPOSED to be about headcanons but honestly its just me going thru tom’s friendenemies actions

oh my god okay like. so in friendenemies the second marco is like “wait no we’re gonna miss the marathon we have to go”, a crack forms in toms Mental Stability. his thought process is as follows: “ rather just hang here… is he not having a good time? i thought everything was going well?” and then “fuck he really wants to leave. everythings falling apart, shit shit shit” and “he only came along for the tickets he doesnt actually care fuck i thought-” and thats where theres only a strand left of his Mental Stability. when marco becomes truly adamant about leaving, tht thread snaps and tom loses it. he lashes out because for the first time since star, someone seemed to actually legitimately like his company. he thinks so heavily that marco was only there for movie tickets while he legitimately had grown to care for marco, and it fucks him up.

im not saying that he was in love or anything, but here’s the deal: tom is seriously fucking lonely and probably has equally-as-serious abandonment issues. i know that feeling well, and i know how easy it is to latch onto anyone who will give you the time of day. that’s exactly what happened to tom, whether he was aware of it or not - and im betting that he wasnt. im betting that he was just enjoying marco’s company and then marco wants to leave and theres sirens going off in his head, screaming at him that something bad is happening and to fucking fix it. the thing is that tom doesn’t know how to do that right now. his sense of ‘do this, dont do that’ is gone, and anyone whos ever experienced an anxiety or panic attack knows what im talking about. rationality leaves you in times like that. because anger is so deeply ingrained into tom, its his default when hes afraid or really nervous. you could even take it further and say tom’s anger is his armor. tom thinks that hes already lost another person that he cares about, and that terrifies him. 

aaaaaaaaanyways, in his anger and upset and hurt, he lashes out at marco. he gets aggressive and insults the very thing that got marco to hang out w him. lets go deeper into that action, yeah? in tom’s mind, the mackie hand movies are more important to marco than tom is. in tom’s mind, marco doesn’t give two fucks about tom. that is what he’s truly upset about. failing the anger management test is what tom (and marco, for that matter) thinks the issue is. the test failure really only had a small part and is what served as his mental breaking point.

from there, tom goes “u like this thing? well fuck this thing, because u like this thing more than me” and rips + burns the tickets. marco, up until this point, was in shock + trying to process everything. now, everything falls into place and marco realizes thinks that all of this was just tom being fake for a prize ribbon.

im going to do more action/thought analyzation here instead of continuing. at this point, both tom and marco think that the other person had ulterior motives and that the day’s events weren’t sincere. and honestly? thats something worthy of note. it should be noted that the day wouldnt have happened if it werent for tom’s test and marco’s love for mackie hand. ive only seen one person (whose post is way better than mine) touch upon the fact that tom picked marco for the test (im not gonna go into the test itself bc uve surely seen the episode, you know the context). and like, that’s super important. you can’t look over anything in this episode tbfh??? u cant. imo, the reasons why tom picked marco are:

          - he cant pick star (meaning he cant lie and pick someone he likes instead). hes trying to get over her and he knows she wouldnt agree to it anyways. plus brian isnt a Fool he knows how tom feels abt star

         - we dont know who tom actually Hates The Most but i very very Very highly doubt it was marco. before the ping pong episode? probably. but not afterwards. and from there, theres two different branches. A) he doesnt actually have someone specific that he Hates The Most, so marco’s the next best thing (even tho he doesnt actually Hate him) or B) picking the person he Hates The Most would mean automatic failure, so he goes with one of the few people he can actually stand the company of

for whatever reason, tom wasnt all that truthful to brian’s rule and picked marco. and mackie hand was the ribbon on the skeptical package (meaning the thing that convinced marco to agree to hanging out. i mean, there was star too but he was still skeptical even after she encouraged him). if it werent for mackie hand, i dont really think that marco would have agreed to hanging out alone w tom.

MOVING ON LOL. so marcos real pissed @ tom for being a Liar Liar Pants On Fire and kicks the door down, yadda yadda yadda. tom realizes at the “and i was dumb enough to believe it” line that Oh Shit Marco Actually Did Have A Good Time With Me, I Fucked Up. now marco is hurt while toms like No Wait NVM, so he tries to convince marco that it wasnt all about the test. he knows that the test was what sparked it, though: he knows he cant lie to him again, and all he can back up is his passion for love sentence. obviously, that didnt fix anything. so toms like Shit What Do I Do, then his mind goes “oH” and jumps into goddamn singing marco a love song. that also happens to be marcos “second favorite love sentence song, by the way”.

fuckin gay much lol

so when marco starts singing along, tom goes like OK OK THATS GOOD THIS IS GOOD and runs out to marco w open gotdam arms. he wants marco to like him so bad lmao he craves that reassurance and affection and marco’s the first person to have given it to him in a long time. marco has accepted tom’s Song Apology but hes still hurt. tom still lied to him, and sorry doesnt mend all wounds. again, tom tries to find something to fix it, and we all know what that the “something” was 

so marco’s like Holy Shit and thanks tom, and the exchange is really fucking sincere. the look that they exchange is enough to make it clear enough lmao im not even gonna bother w that

(yes i stole the picture from pigeoncoos’ post, sue me)(actually dont, im poor)

they try to see the movie, blah blah blah

also: the whole “i still dont like you” stuff? idk what that even means, honestly. the best i can do is agree w pidgeoncoos saying that it was more of a callback to how they started off. dont ask me pal i dont know shit about that one

Ooooh Crystal...

update: lol im not trying to offend anyone by this <3 this is a simple encouraging to ppl not to be so angry about the episode, just a positive view on episode 12 nothing much <3 Sailor Moon fandom has way too much hate already so this is by no means a form of spreading more ^u ^

Okay guys so much anger right now xD

I’m a HARDCORE shitennouxsenshi fan INSANE Venus fan and VenusxKunzite shipper, and im honestly NOT ANGRY with what Crystal did. Sure is dissapointing I was hoping the four would stay alive but I was expecting this already. 

Now WHY i think you guys shouldnt be too angry…not to let your anger over this episode make you trash crystal as a whole since we’ve been defending it vigorously so far….

1ST -> Remember Crystal is one of the MANY reacts of the story if you arent familiar with the sera myus and live action and games I reccomend you look into it.

This is not the first, nor the second time Venus doesnt get to kill Beryl, but for some reason it was always accepted. Is not fair to trash only crystal about it, if you’re gonna trash, better trash each of the versions she is not Beryl’s killer. Personally I still think this Minako is far superior to the old anime, like what I feel about the live action Mina, they are badasses who carry a weight heavier than any of the senshi but still manage to be as happy as Usagi. So yeah, Crystal!Venus is still friggin awesome.

2ND-> No matter HOW MUCH i adore the shitennou and what they represent (heck you guys saw how long i took to make that picture of the four) I admit that keeping them alive would turn the show INTO A MESS. Specially in the following arcs in which the senshi are faced with lonely struggles for life, Minako more than the others, remember next season black moon clan will kidnap them all and Mina will be left alone to meet King Endymion along with Chibiusa, Sailor Moon and Mamoru. Mamoru himself must suffer a good deal alone. The presence of the four with their memories of love, therefore still connected to the senshi, would implicate IN SERIOUS consequences to the characters development which honestly only starts to happen after season two, and plot line. It pains me to admit, that they must “die” physically. 

3RD- > Beryl’s Passive death. People please know your fandom…Beryl’s death is EACH FRIGGIN TIME different. In the old anime she becomes a weird mix with Metaria only to get blasted with the crescent wand not even sword, In La Reconquista Kunzite, Nephrite and Jadeite Kill her AFTER KILLING Zoisite thinking he was a traitor when he tried to rescue Ami, these to name a few cause im not feeling like gathering all Beryl’s deaths atm xD 
The way Beryl dies in Crystal is NOT uncommon either. Remember how Queen Neheleina dies?? If we consider that both are taken by Chaos, their bodies cannot endure without him. So her desintegration was awesome and logic in my opinion reminding me of Neheleina’s death as well.

4TH-> Usagi getting all zee powahs leaving none to the guuurrls, specially Mina. 
Yeah I dont think so… lets go by parts, Venus couldnt have the sword with her by the time when she and the others faced the shitennou FAR from Usagi’s location, and Usagi NEEDED the sword to kill Mamoru and herself, they had to give it away before the group was split.

If you think that her summoning the sword wasnt awesome than we can think about how RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME she already was in the previous episodes, her face off with Kunzite was really exciting and showed how serious she was about her mission, she has commanded the three inner senshi with  power and TRUE MOON PRIDE which is still part of the badass Minako we love in the manga. You guys were so angry about Usagi wielding the sword that you didnt even notice how Ami was all dymanic and powerful!  


lol now here are some other points about the future that will …or so i hope…make you guys less angry.

Much can still happen with the shitennou. what we are certain is that they are NOT dead. Kunzite is to guide Mamoru into delivering the final blow to Metalia. This might change but I dont think it will.

the stones fate can be quite uncertain, we know that Crystal will prolly go all the way till the end now, so we may see Crystal Tokyo and PERHAPS we might see them there, restored. Because their bodies were destroyed but their spirits are still strong, unlike the manga in which they are drained out from the exposure to all the power of Metaria and the Silver Crystal. Their situation is now more than ever like the Amazoness Quartet.

So we will see more of them as spirits I am certain!  

They also showed to be capable not only to talk to Mamoru in their stone/spirit form, but ALSO the SENSHI! I would like to think that Kunzite will be there for Minako when she needs him. <3

If you guys are sad cause the SenshixShitennou ship didnt sail as you expected, I would like to provide a little headcanon.

In this episode once the Shitennou are healed, each of the senshi repeats their names and says:

“that’s the true meaning…of your names” and when Jadeite still cannot recall, Rei says:
“Yes you have…Because you told us”.

Now its common in many fantasy settings the power of true names. One who knows a true name of something has power over the thing. 

If they gave their names to the senshi as Rei herself says, if they gave their…TRUE names, we can visualize how their romance went. They loved the girls deeply as to reveal their true names, their power source and who they really were. 

I felt the love.Specially when Kunzite looks over to Minako and calls to her with the most heartbreaking eyes I couldnt imagine him ever making.

So yeah, our ship is canon and even tho they might not be there anymore, they remain connected to each of their beloved.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED how they consoled the girls. Asking them not to cry, to CARRY ON (oh yeah the song better be playing in your head right now). 

Honestly each of their last messages shows us a bit of how they interacted with the girls.
Nephrite: Dont cry…dont cry sailor soldiers…
Zoisite: you still have a mission..
Jadeite: a mission to complete…
Kunzite: Stand up! Your princess is waiting for you!

Nephrite is the sweetest, not wanting to see those he love cry…a knight of comfort INDEED.

Zoisite’s voice is sweet and encouraging. a healer 

Jadeite repeats part of zoisite’s call, not as strong, somehwat frail. He knows he must let go and it hurts him, but he must be PATIENT no matter what cruel fate is in store for him.

And Kunzite … in his command he is encouraging. In a harsh way. Dont stand there! are you a scout or are you not! i can imagine him saying this, bringing Minako to her limits, pushing her further when she was weak, and raising her up when she falls. 

I hope i was able to make you guys see what was good in this episode, we already have so many bashers on Crystal, those who remain need to focus on all the good things it has brought us! The first animation with senshixshitennou! I will love Crystal for all the heartbreaking moments it has! 

Im not going to keep big hopes up, but WHO KNOWS mebe the next chapter might bring them back perhaps as regular humans so they dont interfere with the plot…is unlikely BUT I WILL NOT ABANDON HOPE!

Have a nice weekend guys!


• seungcheol would have proposed using his minions for help. by minions i mean the members bc they have to listen to their leader and eldest hyung lol
• anYWAY so he’s been like literally planning it for the longest time but u don’t notice that he’s slowly chipping away at it secretly without u knowing bc the second he met u he had a feeling u would be the one :333
• then one day he kinda just disappears to who knows where for the entire day and you thought he was kidnapped and was so close to calling the police when the members came to you and dragged you into the pledis building.
• they gave you to their hair stylist and designer and you didn’t know what was happening but went along w it anyway bc the looks on the boys’ face looked serious so you stayed where you were instead of screaming and flailing around trying to get away.
• afterwards, you looked beAUTIFUL and the members dragged you into this hella dark place and then suddenly the room lit up and it was so beautiful with all these decorations everywhere and standing in the middle of it all is choi seungcheol your amazing boyfriend :):):):):):)
• the second he sees you his jaw like drops bc he told the stylists to get you dressed up but he never knew you’d look this good osmdosnxicnsincid
• and when you approach him in caution he gets really nervous bc hE DOESNT THINK HE CAN DO THIS U LOOK TO FABULOUS UGH
• “you look… beautiful, wow.”
• then you two would have a lovely dinner together and danced the night away but your lowkey still confused bc what’s this all for ??????
• then at the end of the night he distracts you with something and when you turn back around to face him he’s on one knee with a ring shown to you and your heart just s t o p s
• “y/n, for the past few (months or years), you’ve made me the happiest man on the planet. I can’t possibly think of how my life would be like without you in it. You make me laugh, you make me cry and I love you so much. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I want to be the father of your children, the one who shows you off to all my relatives, the one that gets to spend eternity and forever with you. Y/n, would you make make me the luckiest man in the universe, and be my wife/husband?”
• when it came to planning for the wedding seungcheol was more into it than you were lmao
• you had a feeling he’s been planning it way before he proposed bc the second the two of you met up with the wedding planner he just started rambling on and on about what he wanted the wedding to be like
• “okay, so I’ve been thinking maybe we can use this as our colour scheme.”
• “oH and I went window cake shopping already and I saw this reALLY PRETTY CAKE”
• then you’d whack him in the head and tell him to slow down bc this whole thing was something the two of you had to do lol
• but seungcheol was really cute about it all, he constantly asked for your opinion on everything to do with the wedding and he made sure you really really love it otherwise if iT WAS A REALLY TO SHORT HE THROWING IT AWAY
• the wedding of the century if you ask me
• everything was flipping perfect the venue was beautiful and YOU WERE BEAUTIFUL
• everyone was there like your whole family and his whole family and all your friends and all their families like half of the people there you didn’t even know buT IT DIDNT MATTER BC THE ONLY PERSON YOU NEEDED THERE REALLY WAS UR SOON TO BE HUBBY COUPS
• then the wedding bells ring and the music begins to play and as seungcheol is watching you walk down the aisle he can’t help but c r y bc this really was it, he was gonna be yours forever :3333
• couldn’t stop staring at you throughout the whole ceremony and the celebrant had to like repeat himself a lot just coz he was too busy staring at ur entire face to hear anything he said.
• cut the celebrant off as he was in the middle of saying ‘you may kiss the bride’ and just kissed you bc he’s sO EXCITED AND SO HAPPY THAT YOU TWO ARE GONNA BE FOREVER AND EVER
• tbh father/husband!coups would want fifteen million little coups and y/n’s running round and u think he can’t handle it buT HES TAKEN CARE OF 12 FULLY GROWN BABY KINDA
• “okok fine, lets have one kid.”
• “actually, two.”
• “nope, three.”
• and when he found out you were pregnant with your first child he was the happiest man in the universe and immediately began naming the baby.
• during the preparation for the baby he bought everything like evERYTHING and it may seem like it’s no big deal but that’s where you’re wrong.
• he freaking bought EVERYTHING for BOTH GENDERS
• you just casually come home from work and see diapers, toys and other baby necessities for both genders jejdjdie
• and every night and every morning, seungcheol lays his ear on your stomach, listening for the heart beat of ur unborn child and he talks to it and it’s the cutest thing in the world
• “if you’re a boy, you’ll grow up to be just as big and strong as your daddy, and as kind and sweet as your mommy/daddy.”
• “if you’re a girl, you’ll be just as damn beautiful as your mommy/daddy and just as good with the bros and the chicks like your daddy.”
• and ofc u whack him on the head because haha no hoe he’s yours for life
• will literally give you EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING IF YOU ASK FOR IT BC IF UR CRAVING IT ITS FOR THE BABY AND HE NEEDS TO TAKE CARE OF BOTH OF HIS BABIES pretty much seungcheol would run to the ends of the earth and back just to satisfy whatever it was you needed :3
• after nine long and fun months, it was finally time to give birth to the baby!!1!!1!
• not gonna lie he was a complete mess when you told him your water broke like he was running everywhere and doing nothing productive and you like yelled really loudly at him to just take you to the hospital because tHIS BABY IS COMING AND YOH DONT HAVE TIME FOR THIS
• but seriously he was the most supportive husband ever, he held your hand while you were giving birth and kept whispering encouraging stuff to you whilst you were in pain and you honestly couldn’t have done it without him.
• “you’re doing so great, baby. just a little more. im so proud of you.”
• cried incredibly hard when he first held your baby, because this was a start of a whole new chapter for you two. and he couldn’t wait to get started :3
• cried and screamed when you first started walking
• pretty much what happened was he was working on some rap lyrics then he felt a tug on his foot and thinking nothing of it he looks down and says “not now, daddy’s working.” And he like pauses and stares at your child and stares at where he or she just came from and like thEY WALKED
• when he first heard them talk he cried then you cried then the baby cried then he screamed then you screamed then the baby screamed
• first word was mommy but seungcheol is always changing it telling people they said daddy first like uM nO
• “who are they?”
• “where are they from?”
• “who are their parents?”
• “how old are they?”
• “when do I get to meet them?”
• coups reaction when finding out you have a lover ^^^^
• continues to take you out on dates as often as he can and always sends you mushy texts just to keep that fire going
• when you two get old, he STILL has the same personality as before. though his greasy moves don’t come too often as he’s too sore and tired to do it. But he does constantly remind you of anything that was EMBARASSING or sexual in your relationship and your like BABE STOP PLEASE MY EARS ARE BLEEDING
• life with seungcheol is gr8 he’s a gr8 husband, gr8 father and gr8 soul mate for life.
• “y/n, I promise to always be by your side until I die. You’ll be the first to know all my secrets, and I’ll never keep anything from you. I would do anything for you and will go out of my way to keep that beautiful, heart warming smile on your lips. I promise to support you in everything you do, to love you through thick and thin, to never leave you and the future babies coming ;;;;;). but seriously. This is a day I will cherish in my heart forever, the day where everyone is present, a day when you become mine forever. I love you.”

girl-of-tao  asked:

Are there any Disney Songs that make you Cry. I was watching Tarzan the other day and for some reason Strangers like me had me tearing up with its beauty so I was wondering if any Disney songs ever hit you like that haha

Haha yeah there is one. It actually still can get me if Im feeling down but it always gives me the Feels

Its Heaven’s Light from the Hunchback of Notre Dame

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for me its like this, you already know how I was a kid getting beaten up and bullied but I also took some verbal hits as well from some girls at my school. I really dont want this to turn into a racial thing but these black girls in my middle school would always make fun of the way I talked cause I had a bad stutter back then and I didnt speak in ebonics so they would always say I sounded corny, and my chubby face and other crap. So they would joke on me like “yooo who would your rather kiss So and So or Jordan” and the response would be uggghhh why would I want Jordan’s corny ass sounding like mush mouth wit a frog face. I remember This ONE Time so vividly where it was a Halloween party and I was wearing my Jason mask cause He’s my favorite horror villain and everytime I took it off to get something to drink they’d be like “ewwww Jordan keep that shit on no one wants to see your butt mug face” and they weren’t helga pataking me cause all of em had these 8th grade thug ass boyfriends who’d be like “I dare you to try somethin bitch” if I said somethin to their girl and me being the weak chubby anime fanboy I just took it and tried to stay out of their way. so whenever I heard the “No face as hideous as my face was meant for heaven’s light” i always kinda teared up  But due to this which happend for at least 2 years I started being, and I still have this, REALLY self conscious about my Face. 

For the record I know today I’m not a bad looking dude I am by no means ugly That be a Massive INSULT to my parents haha. A lot of my friends always say Im Handsome but to me I honestly think I have an Average face

but a Sweet body 

so it evens it out and people are like DAMN haha. But Like if im in baggy clothes and all you see is my face. Its not gonna make most women in the room swoon and be like “WHO IS HE, HE IS HOT!” about me in my humble opinion like if they saw someone like young Brad Pitt or Zac Efron walk in.

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When people tell me they think I’m Hot. It really takes me awhile to think “are you serious or are you f**kin with me” cause my self esteem has been shot there but Im steadily building it back up. My confidence in myself is a major factor which I have a ton of since I train relentlessly haha. So i always tell myself Imma handsome muhfugga in the morning xD But I’m not upset at all bout my face I just highlight my attributes lol. 

But wow I diverged completely from the topic haha Heaven’s light made me and sometimes does make me feel stuff haha