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Kun: What if we all get together and help each other and hire a new guy and then we all kill him, but first we take out, like, a $100,000 life insurance policy? I bet you guys like that idea, don’t you?

Kun, whispering: I think that’s what they’re doing to me. I can’t prove it, but I wanted to see their faces when I said it. I learned nothing.

Taeyong: …I don’t know what the f*** that was.

ok so my lowkey theorizing self thought that this bit from schneeple’s second appearance back in december was interesting, in regards to the anti/schneeplestein theories. (although 99% of this is just jack being a silly lol, so these are just ideas rather than actual theory :P)

for starters, this is after halloween, so if the “anti’s been running the channel not jack” theory stands, then anti and schneeple are def separate from each other, at least “normally”

also, going along with the normal “anti’s coming back after jack/channel again” theory and “anti might have infected schneeple/working together” theory, schneeple seemed like a (mostly) good character that wouldn’t have a reason to go after jack. especially since jack thought he was “one of the greatest people he ever met”. 

So, what happened to schneeple to change him from “the good doctor” to “the bad doctor”? did anti happen? maybe anti’s using him and his doctor skills to get closer to jack, making it easier to get rid of him once and for all?

and finally, going with the whole “jack trusting schneeple” thought, AND jack’s tweet hinting at anti and schneep already being in a video together, i wanted to bring up a thing in scheeple’s bio inc vid. 

schneep says, “I have been enlisted to give my services to the great people of the internet. Oh that last guy. He was a sham. He was a travesty. He does not know how to operate.” maybe it was jack who got schneeple to “give his services”, cos again, schneep’s the greatest :D.

but ALSO, what if Anti also enlisted him? and better yet, what if anti’s the other guy schneeple’s referring to, thus confirming jack’s tweet and that anti was actually in the other bio vids? 

plus, since anti DID fail on killing jack on halloween, AND redundantly did two neck scars in the pax video for some odd reason, of course he’d be “a travesty” in the eyes of dr. schneeplestein haha…..

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Do u have any advice for me to get over kim jonghyun's final rank? I seriously need strength right now. My other biases made it but I just don't feel as happy.

I know….it’s been more than 72 hours but I’m still reeling. To be honest, I’m still a little lost. I’ve mostly been trying to think about the pros of him not making the final 11. 

Jonghyun arguably amassed the largest following out of all the Nu’est members on the show, despite his final rank. After his angel edit, he consistently ranked higher than the rest of the Nu’est members and even beat out voting powerhouses Kang Daniel and, most notably, Park Jihoon (how tf does a person who ranked number 1 not make it, mnet, what the fuck??????? he beat winkboy?????). He probably has the largest fanbase now. If he had made it, then the most famous 2 of Nu’est would be unavailable for a year and a half. If Nu’est still chose to promote then with only 3 members, and 3 members that weren’t extraordinarily popular, then Nu’est’s comeback wouldn’t be nearly as successful.

This might sound a little bit gimmicky or a bit of a reach, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Pledis and MNET organized for Jonghyun not to make it, for a multitude of reasons. If JR himself knew, I don’t know, but I think he VERY POSSIBLY could’ve.

1. Wanna One might’ve possibly received extra backlash if half of the Nu’est members who participated made it into the final 11. People love to point fingers and shout unfair, and Wanna One most likely doesn’t want controversy before they even debut (hence the rules prohibiting promoting in separate groups). So just 1 making it would be optimal for MNET.

2. Jonghyun’s number 1 priority has always been to keep Nu’est alive and prevent its disbandment. If he were to make top 11 with Minhyun, he, the member with the largest fanbase, wouldn’t be able to promote with Nu’est for 1.5 years. By then, Nu’est would likely have lost their momentum (knetz and netz in general have short attention spans , 1.5 years is simply too long a time). Even if they were to make comebacks in subunits, their success wouldn’t be guaranteed with the loss of their two most popular members.

3. Unsurprisingly, the internet erupted with anger and betrayal when they found out that nation’s leader hadn’t made it, which pushed people to adamantly and forcibly declare that they would support Nu’est’s comeback with all they had and also push their peers to do so as well. Anger fuels a lot. People’s anger that Jonghyun didn’t make it causes them to bombard Nu’est with support to give their most popular member “justice,” and many will feel as if they are helping to reverse a great wrong by giving Nu’est that extra support.

Nu’est has officially announced a comeback “by the second half of this year”.

I personally think that Jonghyun is such a selfless leader that he would’ve sacrificed his place in the final 11 for the sake of Nu’est. He wants to use his newfound fanbase on the wellbeing of his group, his brothers, so don’t let him down and support Nu’est with all of your might when it comes to it. That’s how I will cope. 


I’m selfish and I’m really sad that I won’t be able to see him performing in the top 11 where he belongs. We can be sad together, echelia, but make sure to come back here when Nu’est makes its comeback and we can freak out together and celebrate JR, ok? we have that to look forward too. WE GOT THIS OK! MOST OF YOUR FAVES MADE IT! LIFE IS GOOD FOR THEM! nU’EST IS COMING BACK! WEEWOO

listening to the beatles

Soda: I am telling you. I heard it. The devil is singing backwards on the record.

Steve: It’s not the devil, man! It’s Congress. They passed a secret law to put backward messages in our records, man! They wanna kill rock ‘n roll because they know it makes us horny, man!

Soda: Doesn’t pretty much everything make us horny?

Two-bit: Cartoons make me horny! Oh, and food!

Bill Cipher and the Memory Gun

(note: I do not own the Journal 3 special edition, so if it contains any new information, that could have anything to do with this topic, let me know
Also, i did not do any research, except watching some scenes from the show, so i don’t know if anyone said this or something similar before)

Today i wanna share my thoughts about Bill Ciphers demise. We all know what happened, but here’s a quick recap anyway:
Bill entered Stan’s mind, Ford used the Memory Gun to erase all of Stans memory’s, which also seems to erase Bill. Or did it?

The most obvious and apparently also most brought argument is, that Bill somehow survived the memory erasing process. The reason people believe that is because they are bill fangirls and don’t want him to die Stanleys memorys came back after a few weeks (i don’t know the exact time anymore, sorry). The thing is, if Stan’s memories survived, why not Bill aswell?
While this sounds plausible, it is not the focus of todays theory.

I wanna talk about this guy:

actually, i wanna talk about this guy:

Buuut they are pretty much the same person, so it doesn’t matter. Let’s go:

So we all know that McGucket build the memory gun and used it on himself numerous times (probably about 2 years)

And we all know how that ended;

He turned into a crazy hillbilly. Here is where things get interesting.
in this last memory he says:  YROO XRKSVI GIRZMTOV! Which translates to: BILL CIPHER TRIANGLE! And would you look at that

Isn’t that a triangle with an eye? Hmmm.

So we know that McGucket saw Bill when he accidentally looked through the portal, which let to him erasing his memorys. But those memorys of Bill never truly disappeared. We know he went crazy after 2 years and, at least subconsciously, remembers something about Bill. These leftovers of the Bill memorys in combination of the Memory Gun pretty much destroyed his mind.
And we know that Bill has to have to do something with this, since the other members of the Society of the Blind Eye used the Memory gun on themself to a point where they don’t even remember the founder of their organisation anymore. And they seem to be as sane as someone living in Gravity Falls can be.

My conclusion is: If a memory of Bill Cipher can survive the Memory Gun, then surely the actual Bill can survive it too (tho definitely now unharmed) That’s why i think that it’s likely that some part of Bill is still somewhere inside Stan’s mind. How much of him is left and how it would affect Stan is unknown, since we didn’t get to see that much more of them after the Memory erasing incident.

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In case your life needed tiny Lee Aigoo—I mean, Lee Junwoo!

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Why We Should Listen to Ezra!

New clues and theory alert! So, we all know that Ezra was spying on the girls for the longest time, gathering informations, folders, notebooks and at some point Aria discovers all of this and ends up reading a lot of his notes. I decided to screen shot many of those pages and let me tell you, there’s some interesting stuff in there. Now, the show explains (and at this point we all think Ali is dead) that Ezra believed that one of the girls were involved with whatever happened that night. And for the most part, after the girls discover all this information, they do nothing about it and Ezra’s knowledge is never put to good use. Well, I am here to say that we should be listening to Ezra, because he makes some pretty valid points and honestly, I think he was on to something. 

Personally, I think there has to be a reason why he chose to approach Aria out of all the other girls. As we’ve seen both Spencer and Hanna have been into older guys, but he chooses to befriend Aria and while I don’t necessarily think she’s A, I feel like there’s more going on with her than we know. 

In episode 4X22 the girls are together discussing Ezra and everything he did, including the book he had been writing. See, I love the opening scene of this episode because it raises some important questions and clues. 

Let’s begin. Spencer asks Aria if she read the book, but she responds that she only read a few pages. 

Aria goes on to explain that Ezra knew who she was and who they all were when she met him. The girls exclaim that he must know about A or must be A, or must have had something to do with Alison’s murder. While Aria explains that he probably didn’t because his whole book is about trying to discover who the murderer is. 

When Spencer asks Aria what Ezra’s theory was, Aria explains that he believes one of the four girls had something to do with it. The girls go on the defensive, but Aria even more so. Spencer demands to know who he thinks hurt Alison, while Aria says she never asked because she knew it wasn’t true. 

Alrighty, we’re all caught up so far. So tell me, isn’t it interesting that while Aria has the opportunity to check who he thinks is Ali’s murderer (and he has literally been watching these girls for “years” as she put it) she does not check because she thinks ‘it’s not true.’ Honestly, that seems like a bogus excuse. Which leads me to the conclusion that Aria actually knows more about that night than she would actually like to and she is not telling the girls. Because Ezra, my friends, was on the right track. 

You see there are two different story lies that will be explained by the end of this show. What the hell happened 'that night’ and who and why A is! While I don’t think Ezra knew who A was or is, I do believe he had discovered a great deal in terms of the girls and that night. Which leads me to my next observation:

When Aria goes through all of Ezra’s things in 4X22, she comes across a notebook that specifically has information, details and facts about her life. The camera pans through these quickly but let’s look at these pages one by one!

So, these are the facts that Ezra has on Aria. She’s independent, artistic and in some ways the odd ball. Now here’s something that caught my eye! 3 YEARS IN ICELAND…wait WHAT?! There was one year between Ali’s disappearance and the show’s beginning. Aria says she just came back from Iceland. So we assume she’s been gone for 1 year. Where did Ezra get 3 years from?!!!! 

If we continue reading we see that he states that she tends to be interested in older guys (which older guys?) and tends to carry on multiple relationships at the same time. That’s weird. 

But the background information continues in the next page!

Ahh so some information about “that night.” Finally! So the girls do go look for Alison. It’s interesting that he states “A FEW YEARS GO BY - GROUP SPLITS UP.” Once again, I thought they were only separated for one year (????). But Ezra says differently. After Ali has apparently gone missing, a few years go by. What?! 

In the next page, Ezra explains that a possible motive for revenge on Ali would be the Jenna Thing. He suggests a boyfriend of Jenna’s or Toby. But unlike his other notes, these notes make sense on the timeline. The Jenna thing happened before Ali disappeared and thus, his timeline does not seem to be wrong. So what’s going on here?

Now, Ezra is kind of like one of us: a theorist! Lol. And just like us, he has his eye on Jason. Supposedly drunk the night of Ali’s disappearance but also had so many pictures of Aria. You said it Ezra, creepy! (I know, Ezra was kinda doing the same thing lol)

It’s clear through his notes on Jason, and even Caleb below, that Ezra really did have his eye on everything and he knew how Jenna was observing the girls and what talents Caleb possessed. If you look closely you can see he writes, “Whether or not Caleb’s working with Jenna, his technical skills could come [in handy].” Is it possible that Caleb might have helped Ezra with his computer watching and hacking plans? 

Ezra! Why are you so smart? He knew, unlike the girls, that Mona was not A and he also knew that a new A had emerged. He knew there was a “new A.”

In the last of the pages we get to see, we see that he describes a close call with the girls and that Aria does not suspect a thing. 

See, these are all clues and facts about Aria and that night and Rosewood never get discovered. Why? Because besides Ezra who wrote all of this, Aria never tells the girls what she reads. She just brushes it off. And then, after reading all of this she destroys Ezra’s apartment. You could say, it makes sense that she destroys everything because she was betrayed but it almost seems that reading everything caused her to have a panic attack. 

After looking through all of Ezra’s notes, I realized that what he had been writing was not silly nonsense. He was really trying to piece together what happened that night but the show never mentions his books again and thus we forget. But I think he chose to approach Aria because he knew she knew something, more so than the other girls. I think that the person he suspected of killing Alison was Aria. 

At the end of the episode, A is reading Ezra’s chapter that Aria dropped. You can see it below and it’s actually AMAZINGLY INTERESTING. I’ll transcribe it, in case you can’t read it. It reads:

“Danger. That was Alison. Alison was different. She’d walk into a room and the room would take note and if heads didn’t turn, they were bound to roll.

She was heaven in hell. A chilling inferno. Deliciously wicked, when standing with saints. Hopelessly innocent yet laughing with sin. The capability to touch you as softly as only a child could, shaded by the power to drive you to fury filled by the wrath of a vengeful old man. No shock that she’s lost… not a wonder she’s gone. Less that she’s talked about long after her day. She’d make you laugh but rather you cry. And believe me…you would. But only in time… and always on hers. As lovable they come and as cruel as the world’s ever known.

Perhaps Aria knows best. She was the first to reveal herself to me. Or perhaps I was the one to reveal myself to her. The setting as ironic as the meeting itself, but there she sat, in the same stool as her friend, a year after her disappearance. She hadn’t a clue, as she sat their unmoved, pretending to be someone else… beyond her years. Something I couldn’t help but think she’d learned from Alison.”

Wow wow wow. That last paragraph really got to me. Because I always saw Aria as so independent, I guess I never realized the similarities she had with Alison. How she seems so much older than her years and how she pretends, just like Alison did when she first met Ezra. If that’s not some amazing insight, i don’t know what is. 

All I can say is, is that all of Ezra’s notes and writings show how much detail there is behind each and every character and how there is so much we actually don’t know about the characters. I can’t wait to see if Iceland will be explained in the future!

That’s it for now :) but please let me know, did you find anything I missed in these pages and Aria’s behavior?! 

What did you find interesting about Ezra’s notes, clues, and writing? 

Aria is A. Or IS SHE NOT? RANT!

Once upon a time in the spring of 2014 there was a pll fan who had been watching Pretty Little Liars for 6-7 months. The pll fan really loved the show. The pll fan thought everything was brilliant! Especially the mystery of A, the main plot. Pretty much like anybody else who watched it. One day, the pll fan came across a video on youtube. Called “70 reasons why Aria is A”.(My very first AriA video.<3) “That’s stupid. Why would she be A? None of the girls are A! Why would anybody even think she has something to with her worst enemy?” the pll fan thoguht but decided to watch it. Just for fun and to see what “reasons” there were for her to be A. And after that, the pll fan’s eyes were opened. There was no way back now. The pll fan became a true and loyal “Aria is A believer”. There was no longer doubts and it was impossible to ignore all the clues around Aria. Once you’re in. there is no way out. That pll fan? Was me. One of the most harcore Aria is A believers there is.

There are so many things to say about this show. About the characters, storylines, writing and e.g. other A theories! There are literally clues for everyone. But Aria is probably the one with the most clues, hints and proofs. (Or maybe except Wren?) All the theories about her are awesome and clever. Mmaking one of the victims into the actual perpetrator, that is what I call a plot twist! They’ve could have done it so very good. And they almost did. It could have been an absolutely amazing story.

After the finale I watched a video on youtube with the spoilers for the original script for 6x10. They did not mention anything about Aria… though IF that script would have been the actual episode in the end, would they reveal Aria later in the series? Maybe as Uber A. Just wishful thinking? At least I feel like there was a bigger chance that she would. ESPECIALLY since she there is connections and parallels to Wren and Melissa, they would both be revealed originally.
Now I kind of doubt it since Marlene said that the story of A is over. Just like that. Imo you can’t drag on a story for that long and then just say “game over”, then at once the story is done andimmediately there’s a time jump 5 years forward?

BUT I will watch the whole show. (Ahh…like the first seasons. The good ol’ days<3 Can’t wait to rewatch!) I will continue reading Aria theories. I will not hesitate to make my own theories about her. It’s still fun. I enjoy Aria theories more than any other theories. Actually, I would call Aria theories my actual hobby. I became so excited of the idea and now I’m stuck. Not that I want to let go either.

I’m sorry but unless I get a big ass fucking hella good explanation from Marlene and the other writers about Aria and her apparently non-shadidnes… maybe then I would sort of accept it in some way… that Aria is… innocent… (ugh) Well, OK I doubt I would truly accept it. To be completely honest.
Yes, I KNOW it’s “JUST” a show and “JUST” a theory etc. BUT it is my LIFE. My passion.

I stayed up many nights just to think about PLL, of he great mystery and I could only fantasize what it would be like when they finally revealed Aria as A. I was… I AM, obsessed OK. I had several dreams about Aria getting reveladed because I was excited for an Aria is A theory video on youtube… This show… has destroyed me. I’ve laughed and I’ve cried to this show. I’ve been so happy and so angry and of course disappointed before, not like this though. Though I still remained hopeful. And for what? Apparently nothing.

I will always stick to this “Aria IS A. NO MATTER WHAT.” Always. Because… why are they way too many clues for her to not be involved then? If they made Aria A. Pretty Little Liars would be my favourite show… thing… EVER! One of the greatest mysteries ever created. Well, even though I just can’t let go. I am not good of explaining or convince you why Aria would make the best A or why I adore it so much. It’s just my opinion. Including “some” others. I guess I can’t express my disappointment enough. *Never ending sigh*

I’m not saying the Aria theories are perfect. Because they’re not. No theory is. I mean, you can’t be right on every single thing in your theory, right? Of course some things are far-fetched and some things which were considered as clues and hints, were maybe explained later in the show. But that’s not the point. There are still too much convincing and some really huge evidence that points to Aria Montgomery. That shouldn’t be ignored.

The “worst” I was expecting about Aria…. was “if she’s not A… Then she is at least being framed or she has a big, dirty secret.” But I guess “things went from worse to worser.” (To quote Hanna.) Well… “You know what they say about hope? Hope breeds eternal misery.” :( A certainly too accurate quote said by Spencer. I used to think that they would actually make something out of the clues, hints and evidence about Aria, that’s all….

Sure, not everyone can be pleased with A’s identity. I know there are many people hating on the Aria theories. Sure, you can dislike a theory. I dislike Wren theories, Melissa theories etc. Or, no, I don’t dislke the theoires. I just don’t like the idea of them being A. But it doesn’t mean I will ignore the facts. (And never be rude to someone because of a theory of theirs.)
There are no coincidences in Rosewood.” Ahh, the (in)famous quote by Marlene King. Used by probably every theorist ever.
Buuut lol,  there were apparently extremly many coincidences in Rosewood.

Well… I guess I take this way too seriously. I am way to dedicated. Too addicted. I need a life. Pll used to be so great… I am sorry. I just had to finally say all of this.
In my dream world, the episode was just a parody or something and we will get to see the real finale soon. A finale that’s been worth the waiting.

That’s all for now.. end of rant. But; just for now.
So if Marlene & Co. decided to “nah” “the Aria thing”. The potential… well… it’s your loss then. Suit yourself. I’m done. (OK, I will continue watching in January obviously lol.) Conclusion: I don’t think they will make her A, not as much as I used to believe. But I strongly believe she really is the real A. Umm… I need some DAMN good alternative ending… so… I guess the only way: is fanfiction. For every theory there is. To make it fair, haha. And in my wildest dreams. Or I may just check into Radley at once!

To ALL of the theorist out there I LOVE YOU! YOU ARE ALL AMAZING! And a special THANK YOU to all the Aria theorists out there. Thank you so much.

xoxo –Ariathekiller

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The post you just did where you did names for Si,Se,Ni, and Ne doms that weren't nice praising names, like "Dabblers and Conspiracy Theorists" LOL could you do one for Fi,Fe,Ti and Te?? It was a funny post by the way,I really liked it :)

Okay I’ll bite, but the original post is by @eilamona, not me, so all credit for the idea goes to them. (here’s the source)

Ti: Androids - Human show affection to ME? No, me play video game

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Fi: Baits - I’m so innocent and pure. I need your protection. *fucks you up tenfold, most of the times accidentally*

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Fe: Human golden retrievers - FRIEND! HELLO FRIEND you were gone for 5 minutes but I missed you

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Te: Atlas - I need to control my surroundings or the world may collapse on itself. That’s fine I can take that responsibility. And that one, I’ll take care of it. And the other one-


Scott Seymour, the Falsetto Conspiracy Theorist, tries explaining one of his conspiracy theories, but a raccoon gets in the way!

  • a newbie homestuck liveblogger: haha what a silly comic! shit on your desk! john will fight betty crocker and she will slap him with a spoon and pour batter on him! lol i can't take dave's home life seriously it's just a silly comic and it was clearly only meant as a joke lol
  • meanwhile, homestuck theorists: okay so Echidna is a Mother of all Denizens, including Yaldabaoth, making her the equivalent of Sophia, the Aeon of Wisdom, and also possibly Holy Spirit, which was feminine in the original Hebrew according to