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Jared do you enjoy eating bath bombs what do they taste like? (Asking for a friend)

“As much as I have fun watching people lick a bathbomb only to have them chuck it at me and call the store manager to get me fired, I would also like to keep this job. They have freebies.”

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I got in an argument w/ the guys at my station so I need ur expert opinion - do you think firefighters are waterbenders or firebenders


firefighters started out as waterbenders – it’s the obvious choice, considering water puts out fire. but as time went on, everyone soon realized that fire could also be fought with fire….or rather, firebending. it could be controlled more easily then, and also be directed away from things it could burn. 

a major theme in atla is that there is strength in overcoming our differences and coming together for the greater good, and for the greater good within ourselves. firefighters are a team of both waterbenders and firebenders because they can work together and have their abilities compliment each other in a way that gets the job done more efficiently, quickly, and better than before. 

EMS members on the other hand are waterbenders as well (because of the whole healing thing) but also airbenders….because honestly, you have no idea how much air-way related equipment and emergencies EMS members deal with until you go on a call/set foot in an ambulance. Cops are earthbenders (which i think was confirmed in lok??) due to how their abilities can help them quite literally stop perps in their tracks by trapping their feet in the ground, among other things. (also because they have to have “rock hard, unshakable” dispositions lol)

but yeah, anyways, firefighters are both. sorry this was prob a much longer answer than you were expecting but as a third generation emergency first responder and a huge alta this is the type of stuff i’ve thought about a lot. 

To all Zutara Fanfic writers

YOU RIGHT THERE. YES YOU. I just want to tell you that i’m right here whenever you need me. I’ll always be here for the emotional support. I’m not a writer but i sure as hell am a reader and i can give you a virtual pat on the back and the motivational speech you need to finish off that piece of fic because NOTHING pisses me off more than AN UNFINISHED FIC which i have spent forty chapters immersed in only to find that the fic hasnt been updated in like nine years. The authors of this fandom are so so so talented, i dont even have any favorites right now because there are so many beautiful masterpieces online that i’ve been reading (i just started this ship a month ago) and theres a gazillion more waiting for me. Just gimme a link right here right now and i’ll go check on it licketty split. Just please… I beg of you to finish your fics. I know it wont mean much when i say that if all your other readers have given up on you but you guys got this one reader right here who’s voice is loud enough to speak for her Zutara-needy self (hence the url). But i said it. I’ll always be checking on those nine-year-old pieces. I’ll always have hope. Love yall✌🏻️


Did some requests and things during a stream earlier as an attempt to get back into drawing. Hopefully these look okies!! ;w; 

The first two are (of course) Bill and Will, while the last one is my OC Reny! I may do another doodle stream soon, so if you have any prompts, feel free to send me some! 


I have finally finished the avatars for my Egg @nope-zero (Claptrap) and me  (◡‿◡✿)

I wonder if people would be interested in Avatar commissions from me …


It’s new avatar time again :P This time, may be something a little less morbid :o

Js, this actually turned out more glorious than I thought it would :DD