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Hyped Love - Chapter 1

I swear Ill stop uploading stories after this one.. For a few hours :).

Anyways here is my newest fic for Seth Rollins/Mojo Rawley! I hope you guys like it. 

Synopsis: Y/N is in a very stale relationship with Seth. Her brother Roman and best friend Mojo try to tell her he is a lost cause and will hurt her. But she is determined to try and change him and love him best she can. What happens when she gets the rude awakening that Ro and Mojo tried to prevent?

A/N: Please let me know what you guys think! Also fee free to point out any spelling and punctuation errors :)

Warnings: Seth getting dragged and his penis being called small in a hilarious and malicious way LOL (Keep in mind this story is fiction and I am not calling his penis small. I personally wouldn’t know… Even though I saw that pic and I have a hunch its far from small ;))

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You had never felt so much pain before.

Tonight was supposed to be a night of fun and love.

But instead you got pain.

It sucked but you knew that this happened for a reason. It happened because you were too stupid to listen to reason. It happened because you hadn’t listened Roman. Or your best friend.

They had both told you time and time again that Seth was no good but you refused to listen. You thought that you could help change not only his image but his ways.

You wanted him to honestly try to care about you and maybe even come to love you as you had him in the short amount of time you who had been together.

7 months of your life was spent on a man who really didn’t even want you. He just wanted your body. He never cared about your happiness or well being. He only cared about himself. But you had been in denial. You wanted to believe that Seth had wanted more. That he had wanted love.

But this had pushed the envelope for you. This made you realize that your brother and best friend were right. Seth didn’t give a flying fuck about you.

And you knew it now.

How could he do this? You had told him after the show that you had planned something special for him. It was a dinner to celebrate him being announced as a participant in the fatal 5 way match to become number one contender for the WWE Universal Championship at Extreme Rules.

Of course your brother had been named a participant as well. But he had his wife Galina and their children to congratulate and support him. You wanted to celebrate with him but he told you he knew were proud of him. So you made plans to celebrate with Seth.

Here you were standing in your strapless red dress. With a slit on the left side that reached up mid thigh you looked ravishing. Your hair was pinned and styled into a sexy up-do with tendrils of curls falling out at certain places making it look a bit messy. You had dark eye shadow on along with a smoldering ruby red lipstick. On your feet were brand new black strapped Louboutins. You had black diamond studs strung in your ears and a black diamond choker on as well.

You had went all out for tonight. You wanted him to see you and be speechless. Too bad you didn’t realize by the end of the night you would be the one left speechless.

You had made plans to meet in the lobby of the hotel so that you could ride together in a town car to the restaurant you had booked for the evening.

But Seth had decided to eat early. And eat early he did … another woman.

You were walking towards the elevators on your floor headed to the lobby when you heard banging noises coming from the end of the hall. It seemed to be coming from the stairwell. You would have ignored it but when you heard a moan you couldn’t.

You thought maybe someone had fallen down the steps and hurt themselves. You decided to go and check it out quickly before heading to meet Seth.

Walking towards the end of the hall you looked through the glass plane of the door and paused. Well at least no one had fell down the steps but if she kept leaning over the railing like that she would.

You seen a woman pushed against the rail with her skirt hiked around her waist. Her long tan legs were perched on a man’s shoulders and he was devouring her. Well you guessed anyway since his head was moving with each movement he made with his tongue.

Loud moans fell from her lips and she had a hand curled into his hair. Tugging at his low ponytail.

The man even though you couldn’t see his face was somewhat huge. His braid back and shoulders moved to make her legs go higher as he moved to lick deeper.

You decided to turn and leave demeaning the discovery as unusual and plain gross. Nasty ass motherfuckers.

As you turned you heard the man speak and froze.

“Damn baby. You taste so sweet. My beard is dripping with your juices.”

You knew that voice anywhere.


Your heart stopped then dropped. You knew there was no mistaking it. He had been cheating on you. With some random girl in the fucking stairwell.

As you stood there you felt so stupid. You felt so stupid for believing he’d change. You had caught him flirting with numerous women in the last 7 months you’d been together but you didn’t leave. You stayed hoping that if you talked to him and let him know that it bothered you he’d stop. He had stopped but only when you were around.

Your brother had told you that while they were on the road and you home he’d caught Seth with girls at bars. And each time Seth has said they were “friends”. But Roman knew better. He wanted to you break it off before you got hurt but you were too pigheaded to do so. Guess now you knew why it should’ve been done months ago.

At that last thought you became angry. Livid even. Because you were mad at yourself for being so blind! How could you put yourself through this?! You deserved better but you settled for less. You knew Roman would never try to hurt you in any way. He was your brother. He never let his personal feelings influence protecting you. He didn’t want you hurt. And it wasn’t just him. Your best friend Mojo had been saying the same thing as your brother.

Mojo has been your best friend for years now. You met him when Roman invited to to a live event in your hometown. Backstage, you had been walking around and reconnecting with some of the talent and met Mo. He had been so animated and lively you had laughed at it. Not in a bad way of course. But a good way. You found his attitude and energy infectious. You ended up sitting down next to him and watching matches backstage. You guys talked music, food and gym routines. He even had put in an order with seamstress to make you some matching zebra print pants since you had complimented his.

Eventually you became almost inseparable when together. You weren’t a wrestler. You were a production assistant in NXT. You loved working with the fresh and upcoming talent. You also loved working alongside Triple H. He had become a father figure to you and you loved talking to him about the business. He had been asking you to go up to Raw for years but you didn’t. Not until you started seeing Seth. But now you realized not only had you moved too fast with that decision. You had made a career altering decision based on a sorry ass man.

You also realized that he wasn’t what you thought he was. And it didn’t bother you in the slightest. I guess you had finally felt free. You realized the relationship was not moving and it was stale. Hell if you wanted to be honest the relationship was basically nonexistent.

You turned once more and matched towards the door. You pushed it open and Seth broke away from the female.

He turned while his eyes were on the female and spoke. “Hey we’re sorry we didn’t realize that-” he was cut off by you slapping the shit outta him.

“You’re a pathetic little man you know that Rollins? I wasted 7 months of my life on you. And for what? A man that can’t keep his somewhat below average dick in his pants!” You walked into his personal space and stood nose to nose with him. This was only possible by your 5 inch heels. When you spoke your voice was as cold as steel and as sharp as a razor. “I’m glad I finally see you for who you are. A nobody. And i’m glad that I don’t have to give a fuck about you anymore. I hope your happy Rollins. You just lost me.” With that last tidbit you turned and walked away. But before crossing the threshold you turned once again.

“Oh and one last thing, Seth, just imagine what Roman is going to do to you when he finds out.”

With that you turned on your heel and walked out the stairwell. You walked back to your room and locked the door. You dug out your MacBook and went to Skype. While you waited for the application to load you took off first your shoes then jewelry. Taking off your dress next you hug it back on the hanger and put it back in the dress bag. Then you walked to the bathroom and scrubbed the makeup off of your face and removed your fake lashes and tossed them in the trash. You made a mental note to call the rental company about the car and pay it in full for missing the ride. You had a friend who worked at the restaurant so you would call her in the morning and explain. You were sure she would understand the situation.

After putting on a Seahawks t-shirt and some black basketball shorts you walked back to where your laptop was perched on your bed.

You saw the application was loaded, so you logged in and clicked Mojo’s contact. The call began to ring and two rings it connected.

Mojo’s face was covered by a thick white blanket and his head was on a pillow. He must be in his hotel room. He didn’t look like he had been asleep very long. 

“Hey babygirl. Is everything okay? You usually don’t call me this late.”

You smiled and looked down. You knew he and your brother had been right about Seth but admitting that outloud was hard. Your pride was one of your biggest downfalls.

Looking up you saw the face of man who truly cared about you. Granted it was on a screen but it still made you feel somewhat better. Mojo never made you feel unwanted. He always made time for you. And was always there. This proved to you that Mojo was the type of man you wanted and deserved. Someone who treated you like a queen and made you feel like a goddess.

“I’m sorry to call so late Mo but I needed to hear my best friend’s voice.” You looked down and spoke while fiddling your thumbs.

“I caught Seth with a girl in the stairwell of our hotel. He was cheating on me. I broke up with him.”

Mojo looked at you for a solid minute before shooting upright in bed. He turned on the light next to him and bright the camera closer to his face.

“What did you say? That fucker really did that to you?” Jo had never looked so scary. His eyes were filled with anger. He had his lip between his teeth biting it and you could see the veins in his strong neck poking out.

You shook your head ‘yes’ then smiled. “It’s okay. I’m not sad about it. I’m mad yes but at myself. I should’ve listened to you and Ro. You two were only trying to help and protect me. I just thought I knew what I was getting into. I thought he need saving. But it was me who needed saving after all.”

Mojo’s eyes easily lost their edge. He looked at you then smiled. “Babygirl you know I’d never want to hurt you or see anyone else do so. You mean too much to me. I know it sucks but this will hopefully show you that you can’t always save someone.”

I laughed. “Yeah i’ll try to keep my captain Save - A - Hoe tendencies down to a minimum.”

Mojo laughed then sobered. “Was he sharing a room with you?” At this question I shook my head no. “Nope. He had roomed with Cesaro. Saying that he needed some space. We had been sharing a room for the past 3 weeks. I agreed because I wanted to sleep through the night without his waking me up for sex. Not that it was any good.”

Mojo busted out laughing. “Babygirl I love you so much. So what are you going to do about work? I know you. You’re not going to want to be around him if you don’t have to. And because of that murderous temper of yours you’ll end up putting hands on him.”

“Well I already did. Granted it was just a slap but still. I should have whooped his sorry ass.”

“Well babygirl leave that to me and Roman.”

I didn’t even have time to reply because someone knocked on my hotel room door.

“Y/N open the door please. We need to talk.”

What the fuck was he doing here?

Mojo starts to speak. “Y/N you better not answer that door. Fuck that dude.”

anonymous asked:

Ok but i just noticed Saihara is singled out in Ouma's board , what does the text near his image says? (It would be hilarious if it had some hearts lol)

I’ve actually been trying to figure that out myself! Sadly, without much progress. It’s impossible for me to clear the text up all the way up until there’s an even clearer image, I think (maybe from someone recording off of the PS4 instead of taking a picture of the Vita screen or television).

Either way, it’s undeniable that Saihara is singled out on the board, and none of the characters seem to resemble either kanji or hiragana that would spell out words like “mastermind” or “ringleader,” so he definitely seems to have mostly discounted the idea that Saihara could be behind it all.

My best guess is that he probably wrote something like “possible ally?” (it does look as though the word ends on a question mark). Given how much he’s checked and double-checked that the game does, definitely end if it comes down to only two people, and how he posed multiple offers throughout Chapter 4 trying to force Saihara’s hand into ditching Momota and the rest of them but teaming up with him, it would make sense.

I think despite his cynicsm and inability to really, fully trust, Ouma thought that if he could pick any ally he wanted from the remaining members, Saihara was clearly the best pick. In addition to being a detective and a huge asset to the group, and “useful” as Ouma has emphasized so many times, he was also someone Ouma found incredibly interesting and fun to be around.

Of course, he kind of ruined his chances there because he and Momota both were practically trying to pull Saihara in half for all of Chapter 4′s trial, and it turns out Ouma doesn’t know how to say “be my friend” or “work together with me” any better than he knows how to flirt.

This is basically what I’ve been speculating on the matter. I’d love to see a higher quality image of the whiteboard if one ever comes out, so if anyone can find one with the Japanese by Saihara’s picture in good quality, please let me know!

So yesterday was awesome

well before I had to go to work lol

but I met up with Kirsten and Grace again and made some new friends as well.

This is now my new favorite picture with Kirsten (who is basically Alice btw)

but first I was wandering around by myself so I met up with some characters:

I suddenly ran into Bert and he was just my fave.

I asked how he was and he said, “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” (lol I typed that all, I can spell properly) I laughed and then he told me, “well, you kinda walked right into that one.” He asked where I was from and I said here, and then he was like, “What part of Disneyland do you live in, then?” and I corrected and said I meant California.

He asked me about what parts and I answered Anaheim, and he said, “wow, long way you had to travel, then.” And he was just hilarious and perfect and I wanted to cry.

and we all headed to the ranch so that was fun so I got to meet lots of fun characters there

Clarabelle got really mad at Horace bc he was kinda making fun of her and then she motioned for him to put a ring on it and I about died

(Horace pretended to be Ralph)

Anastasia didn’t like Vanellope, she was like, “You brought a child”

Anastasia said Vanellope looked like Drizella bc they were “both blackheads”

my favorites were Foulfellow and Gideon, however

They both took selfies for Kirsten

and then Kirsten took my autograph book and I said, “You have my pen, too?” and she said no, and I couldn’t find it anywhere.

The cast member there accused them both and asked them to both lift up their hands. 

Foulfellow was very sly, but I caught him and saw my pen, tho he still refused to admit he had it. I finally got it back and by the time I went back to take the picture Gideon had now stolen my autograph book, and I finally got both back.