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5 minute writing challenge

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I actually was going to tell you I wasn’t in the mood, but maybe this will fire me up too? Don’t know, it will probably end up being a little dark ^^U so sorry in advance. Let’s see how it goes.

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Retarded, dumb and stupid are words that make Stiles’ stomach turn. The word idiot, he abhors.

“Is he retarded or something?” After one too many random questions, he hears his first grade teacher, Ms. Anna, ask her colleagues in the teacher’s room three days before he makes him take an intelligence test.

“Don’t be dumb, sweetie, of course she didn’t say that. I’m sure you heard wrong,” his mother says before she and dad allow it.

“Stiles is stupid,“ his classmates crow for two years with more or less regularity because she made him take it in the middle of class and she explained it by saying he had special needs.

“That’s stupid,“ Scott says whenever he disagrees with Stiles.

“Are you stupid?” Lydia says when he asks her out.

“Being so stupid should be illegal,” Jackson jeers when he asks something convoluted in class because he went on another research spree and can’t find the answer he’s looking for.

“Don’t be stupid, Stilinski, of course that’s impossible,” the teacher snaps to that question.

“You’re such an idiot,” his father says frequently, either fond or angry or exasperated or tired or amused or sad or…

And he doesn’t show it, always putting an indifferent front, or sarcastic or joking, but it eats him inside, making him second-guess and doubt everything he does or says.

“I like you, Stiles,” Peter says. “You’re smart and resourceful and I value that in a person. Do you want the bite?“


“You’ll become like us,” he continues, approaching him predatory. “Stronger, faster, more powerful.” And then he adds like he doesn’t care about his decision, almost impatient to get it over with, whatever Stiles chooses. “Yes or no?

But Stiles can read between the lines, can see the greedy glint in his eyes. He wants Stiles, and isn’t that a mystifying concept? No one chooses Stiles, but rather they settle for him when there is no other choice.

Another baffling thing is that, while he bit Scott against his choice, he’s not forcing the issue with him but trying to convince him instead.

Scott was a happenstance, Stiles is a conscious choice.

Peter takes his arm and raises it to his mouth, not taking his eyes off Stiles’. His heart thunders loudly in his chest.

“Why would you want someone like me? I’m just a stupid kid,” he asks.

“Stupid? Are you fishing for compliments, Stiles?“

Stiles says yes and Peter bites.

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